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   Chester Times (Newspaper) - January 1, 1923, Chester, Pennsylvania                              AN HEIR AT LARGE on point folio wore of the In response to UashorV long clia nhle and trusted law wimo down at once Hasher recounted the of tho lake whose gullrwus heyond yet hud been roloaseil h G under hle no Piuticnlnr interest ho oxcopt aseable to slip out tho hands of justice so easily C of the confronting the the lawyer one Wly responsible fur the wwo of unrest and dis M miscarries so thirt our judicial machinery is tl oatencd with the loss of con which to houabout camping on this iir looked if mrnarc protected by hiiur vou youll urscii a lot of time and money bv uroppmp the mutter now rinrl else worry about it hs ns bnrt vou it tlion its time cltiuens were Lots nvikp Jitart changing this Quite obviously a friendly cloak of Iwetbeen tinown about tno men fof yrhosn punishmentHasher liad invoked expert Do they off he asked Xnt If spnie one of e sraml jury can be ihc has not been adequately presentedhe can have it reconsider with additional My impression is thai the assistant for reasons did not make much an effort to set fit the him 1 wouldnt say More likely mends of the with political merely the word to Bo light on The prosecutor owing his job to the same Influences doesnt dare take the chance of of IIK the assistant prosecutingat was ihu positive comment of no riuostion ii Ue n Mo the flaw in thu But why does the judge lot om Jot away with this kind of work exclaimed Is he crooked purposely made I think iome of our especially some who hold their Jobs by are and some lire In this you judges dont exercise tho same power of discretion as the Eng lish judges They merely follow the without using their own common and in such cases a year lawyer can make a a year Judge jump through a I dont think this judge is a party to particular miscarriage of but he probably could have Buspect the assistant painare ful of cases vhore million dollar boozo cart changing this c i m lion j10 Probably Just cogs In a n an orderly way before it retsdone K machme hits of power nnd ni If the higher hn aid the laujfwv if these crooks up with political 11 mnku it mighty unpleasant t m 11111 S XV I i i ll L i often reach evento WnslilnVtoi it f liftvt 1 Theres a particularly If tho offenders themselves arent very important and if the insiders find iont will be next 10 Impossible uul c JUSlLUr frequented hy localpoliticians the jury thtu took up the case hi examination important witnesses the in Res after a un an The big fellows iitfj I i e cheer declined to fearinc unpleasant hut Rashers liynimonv was so convincing that In dictments were ordered drawn rut when thi eaKR it t when thw case came up in court was dismissed liecause the indict ments hnd beenfaulfiiy drawn The Allen waa the clever New York de tective helping In the 1 m to him replied But theres probably nothing much we can do until after the CONTINUIDD XEXT 321 OgdenV Travelers 1 Out iii Well Played 2722 TrinttV The Reserves and Juniors will also the Juniors starting at i and the Reserves at S 00 P M Games with either team can bear raiiEed with Barclay Phone S2nl REGULARS r TV forward o forward 3 1 guard 0 forward 3 Totals 0 7 11 5 0 4 2 SWARTHMORE TRAVELERS forward 2 forward 2 center 2 guard Regulars the crack Swart hmore Travelers team on Friday night by 22 in a well played hnrd guard fought and well earned The Travelers led tho Methodists at haJi me to urfi til five led them 22 to A goal by J0rk Hulme ed the Then another lowed by one by Kimber fieri Uie 4 added foul Tiointfind guard l taok the church into lead guard 5 4 5 I mm FAILS TO APPEAR FOR BOOT Martel and Barrett Setto Featured Card at Prin cess Saturday Night George Dongh 4 ertys colored heavyweight 4 wan the most disannointofl nf 16 fol Totals 10 TRINITY RESERVES 11 F illfi Will J on just itching for a scran Viul ferward Ray Bennett fMled to Bennett haS Bennett dropped in n luckv stint with his hack to the board and KimbeKs last wasa1 peach making score 27 to22 iVKcn The Swarthmoro e whistle hoys a Totals RAMBLERS 4 TRINITY JUNIORS wonderful to the verv made trinity fight for evorythlne they center The Reserves haa a time of tt4Grimn and just laid it overfho fftiard biers hy the tune of 52 to Knowlerf1 nad tiff night dropped in Kvery mem lw of the team contributed towards the scoring ai least one field Juniors defeated the Kx a fast hrilllani by tho of 15 to Now tim they have found old Mrido the derlare they will not Bot out of itnealn this The Hlliaction for till ingis hip OIIJIOHP the Regulars is iresbytcriun rerun oC Ihila The PreshyteriaiiB si victory over the s in of the season hut Jt nearer the ond of the IPiJH is In Mrenk 0 D 0 0 0 man at most disappointed show in tha 22 Princess Theatre Saturday war there with all his lumch saw tho Filipino Hlcod mer chant outpoint Patsy Wallace on his only other appearance A num ber his admirers tho cham pion to Murray beforo the bout goes olfilitround Essington Health Officer on behalf ot the Bourd ot brought the year pf to a close with two pros ecutions before Magistrate Oejinls on Saturday The defendant the first case was Philip real estate who has for soma time persisted in maintaining two overflowing cesspools on his Pulkam nvonuo He was represented I Attorney of who contended that this case might bo settled without prosecution The mat was talked over and It wag according to the statement thut ho had made effort toabate the nuiuntico for having engaged William to perform the but for fiome reason or other Wood alwavB delayed the work In preference to other Wood summoned oerore tha magistrate and testified tnut this was An agreement was reached hy which Amsterdam is to the nuisance within a period of five and if he fails to do so ai ler that then a heavy line will be David Watts which owria tho property on Saudo whero a mlnliUure distillery was formerly When the raid wns made on this place and tho men engaged in operating it inrested and prosecuted they lott behind barrels of mash and other Through a letter it was learned that tho prose cution in this case was as tho eldor had passed away nnd the property was being administered tiy several A representative Dt these was present and admitted tnat the place ought to be cleaned but that they had engaged Philip ns their to whom they paid J18 n cash to have the out that he had neglected to do this Amster dam admitted that this was correct but offered as an excuse that he had enpaged William Wood and others to perform this but that thoy had M UV do so The representative of the Watts estate paid the costs of the suit nnd Amsterdam agreed to nave the place cleaned up withina period of five In case af fail ure a heavy will be Board of Township Commis sioners held a meeting on Friday evening and agreed on their budget for the coming year nf 1923 On account of today being New lears and also the regular meeting of the thero will be no meeting until Tuesday when the budget will be finally adopted of Treas urer 61 Jansen was tho Mecca of many who up to Saturday hod faJled to pay their and as a result the treasurer was kept busy in receiving those un paid taxes until late Saturday eve Those taxes consisted both property and In discussing the matter of unpaid taxes on Sat evenlng Williams said last notices to ail those navo not paid up will be sent out early this week and these must ob Kolutely pay up before January as I must make my returns to the coun ty commissioners by that time ns to the real estate tax remaining unpcd After that period all of the personal tax unpaid will be placed Jn the hands of a constable to be collected oy due process of law wherever such amount is So as the taxes of the women voters Is con I fear that the Legislature must first pass a law governing this and unless the women who owe taxes pay willingly or have ROIIIB property can be attached and the money secured In this there will Se a pretty mess of ltr ot that he IB gradually improving and expects to return hero by tho ter part of tho Paul a former oin Ployco of the Wcstlufrnouso who has uccn a resident of Saudo nvonuo for i on Saturday re moved his household effects to Gor ttnd A n the qtnv ere during their mSJoh lhohl aonariure 10 Community busily engaged tn hav tho Church Is soon as thla cHne Picture nm b Will he In Half Only fllms of rhown Bad to ho of the vorld P the residents nf the o to ho has very badly mo past e rapidly nnd been frac ha8 tako plnoo tomorrow evening Esstngton School Harry XJ t d ilEi Q Lester Johnson in Xew Aork 2 Friday willing man thepast few 6 box any man in the and of his time tnthe n Health has JSeen a vey busv oyen nt f oi rirt sivrncod 0 ssned a challenge to any heavyweight in the world The best bout of thp was i between Andy of Willie Barrett of Wll both boys fighting hard the six Martell 0 most experienced nghter and 0 his blows more steam than the nevertheless earned him forward forward center jjuard guard guard the Italian Jack Dempsey and Irish Totals forward foiward crntrr Riinrd guard Htn EXXEWSBOYS ls 1 5 3 0 Jack Diamond gave a rock em and sock em exhibition in the second 1 which ended in a Demp 2 scy s body punches told heavily on while la tiers lighting brought the crimson to the Italians Dfmpscy has consid erable weight on For windup Jimmy of and Arthur ot gave fans a knowledge of By Condo ledge of Colby coming out victor oits Colby possessed kick in either an Rtllrk to Kelly Ifko a lie Chfton battler would moot Colbys rushes hnlf nnrl invariably stop ru pod y stop Arthurs sledgehammer left with K Toinmy of nnd Billy in the third hout indulg ed in a scientific exhibition and hootl1 Barnes ddie in the aemi tried to Mc IrfitiShlin condnually backing away and Barnes hitting the air with the majority of his little honors there were went to Barnes Lew Bajley rcferced and Otto Trauh was the Battle in 8Round Bout at the Arena This Af ternoon Pancho tha Filipino exponent of the punch whose rise to tho Amer ican title was one of the sensations In will de fend his crown In an eightround no dec sion this afternoon in the final of the Jive Years Day si riving fpr a knockout the only manner in which he carr lift tho will bo Battling k local Tho hout will be staged at the in Philadelphia lagort winning tho til Villa has been the active of all cham He has averaged three boutr a month since ascending to the top of ihe flyweKrhf and on a number stepped out of his class to dukes with bnntamueightV whom he spotted a half dozen or more i 01 Murray him qualified as a worthy opponent for thn now oral lad hns Ihe experience taught by more tlian 100 riiifr bnttls under hla On two occasions mEt Jimmy worlds nywoichl when the IJrlton de fended his crown on an of this counlry more thnn two years Villa will encr h home cracking cllar of ha Kleeman arcompnulpd John Herrlty left fm yesterday morning f New Years with Thomas hy of OL to is Lester with J of Third and Sem S to bed tis attack of lUncna A lowlng a danco was conducted until the midnight It was ft pleasing affair all curacy at wty through and those in wcro complimented on tho oxcollenro of tlio Now Year were extended to til in STATE READY TO BEGIN SECOND HERRIN TRIAL ncna consultation was held h ho on Saturday of Miss hattan nv froni ow erected on the third of t e hnVcl aU Held was completety deMrovd o MemheiB of the jrire puny have JJBt completed the hnnrt coal on M voung men the j oung men of tnp town who hnd mlafortuno to have n can of fl5 s of the Is recovering has guest over Mr Lfn sHRhro1Jlerahonftfoed llndprs a his throat durinj his the several day B on accountof severe Btrain of the leg which he tat di j1 n op H IJtJ Uie I who admitted to the Baylor Hospital a week ago in her home in a much improved condition of Janseri avenue1 is confined to his bed sufferingfrom a severs attack ot His condi tion yesterday was improver and expects to be able to be about In the course of a Robert drayman of the Westlnghouse was compelled to make deliveries of coke to villa geiB yesterday on account of many of them being without tha coal also had his icams operating yesterday making deliveries wherever During the past week fuel has been so scarce that at times consumers were forced pay one cont per pound or per no more than two bags be ing allowed to a customer at a time whose boat nut up for the winter at jthe Canidcn Ship some thus throw inghim has accepted position With Captain Johnson on tho now boat ho rojMMitly assumpd charge of Robert of Second street wellknown has retired from business nnd a posi tion as hrnknman on tho it and of Rriude who spent Christmas at their former home in have re turned and report having hnd a verv Miss Daisy Jleln and William of New York the former a sinter to John rived here yesterday to spend New I Yoars with the Williams family The many friends of James For attache of the Housing force of the Westlnuhouse will learn with regret that ho wns strick en with a severe attack of grippe at his home In where he gone to spend the holidays with his The latest report received from the Smnkoy City JH to tho effect operations at Mnrcus Bonna n teacher In the Essington who sn8nt tho home arrived here ed toy the Town Hall on evening where Saturday mem hers of tho German Vereln conduct ed an entertainment and dance The was a varlert clpal feature being the rpndHlof i of mw of the cast wero all young girls and hoys and they portrayed their Prosecutor Indicates Chancs of Hold ino Murder Hearings Jointly nt holding two Hnrrln mutdor trials Bimullaneously vvns Indicated in a Hintouieni by Delos attor thai ho WOB ready to atari on the second case immediately If Duty explained that persona held boid must be Rivoti trial at the term of court followingtheir and consequentlyfour men now In jaJl must KO to trial before February The four men are co dofondnnts in the next two cases on the ana it was to he un llkoly that tho pronent case arid tho tivo folloivlnsr would be completed by February Four of the five defendants in tho prosont caso also held without bond and also are codefendants in tho third PINCHOT MAKES ALL AMERICAN ELEVEN A writer in the a news paper published and edited by Fred eric Deputy fcioo relnry of the takes pen In hand and picks an allAmer ican political eleven for 1822 in tbe following article Tho 1922 campaign was so full of fast and brilliant work that any selection of an allAmerican team must be open to tho following is suggested Left Now Left night North Da Ttlght Right QuarterbHCk Massachu setts Left Callfor Right hn If Wis New This team would be especially stroiiR in kicking and There are lots of bone nnd liiusclo on the team and it wilU probably average 190 pounds in Tho Smith and both as by the running November and will tret clown the Held on any however The personnelof tho team makCB it nec essary to have ends equipped to all kindsof of ip nlacncS at quarterback and will captain the probably doingmost of the Lodgn is recognised as of thn thinkers In thp game and is the lightest team in weight his ac issing und his ability to tho moot kicking and Interter out ot tho team named easily elve him the place The barks lohnson La Follette and hdwuidi are all trlplothieat Btionpr and capable of conking tho passing and Ulck SH at In t SQUIRE YERKES IS REVERSED Yei ke has had one or HIM clepisiona ami faces the of ImMng to dlsgoige as a Bocauso his Hcenso was made out In the name of Stand ard Ohnlr of which he IB Abraham Frndenheim forced O pay a fine of a day or two Now ho has a letter from Benjamin registrar at saying that his license caifl IB in legal form and lie will flash this letter before Squire Yerkos nnd nsk his alleged lllcgaljy WELCOME NEW YEAR 1 greatest ci uwd in Londons hlstory welcomed In tho Now Year this morn ing In front of Many thousands of the army of the unem ployed gathered to the Innetivltv hungry and protest aRalnst of tho Ronar on tho problems of tho Times Wnnt ASSEMBLY DANCE TONIGHT McCREAS STUDIO Seventh and Kcrlin ORCHESTRA AT D SPECIAL NEW YEAR DANCE Masonic Chester Monday 1st Dancing Until Midnight ABO Dancina Every Monday and Friday Evening Private Lessons at For all Phone maVe it TOMORROW MORNING J LISTEN Biicli footfroHcklng when Eddie Elklni cuts loose with foxtrot on Columbia Record thit youll yesterday sftcrnoonl Ort the other side is Sixty Seconds Evry At Columbia Exclusive Columbia Agent Store Closed All Day SPECIAL HOLIDAY GLORIA SWANSON Supportod by CONRAD NAGEL In The Impossible Bellew FEATURE The Juvenile Blue Curers Quiet Street Ha an Our Gang Continuous Showing 1 30 to Some Stores Make Acquaintances The McCoy Mens Furnishings Store Makes Friends To Whom Is Extended A Capital New McCOY 525 MARKET OFFICER 6FLYNN AI This Week Dont Miss This Superb Spectacular Production That Will Live Long in Your Memory No Change in Prices om STUDIO and ZZ7T5T ii ur Ml i T MM Ji KATE DOUGLAS WIGGINS Story of tha Heart A Picture will bring a smile to your a to your hoart and contentment to your LEVAN TRIO Comedy Novelty Entertainers RAY CONLIN Original Songs and HARRY MARY PAULI AND GQSS In B comedy The HOLMES HOLLISTON In a Capsule Cornedy with Song MORGAN AND BINDER In Bits of Chatter and Song Welcome Return of Walter Wroes Buds In their 1923 REVUE Tha Classiest Juvenile Act In Aesops Fables and Topics of the Day tr 25 Reduction on Clothing OUR USUAL EASY TERMS Delaware Countys Oldest Credit House NIXONS ASHBUR THEATRE CONTINUOUS SHOW BEGINNING AT Biar Hew raatlvil 1BACH QTTINXIN TRIO SennatJonal EnropAan Novolty Act on Any Direct front New York MAR LOW AND VOVJNO In Hoops My Dear McINTTRE Snorttnar ATnniri Sportlnsr Along TAXIE t 7 TJio Doff W5Oi Human VThloh Arpearod With Under laat Week In Oomody Max Kis In OW Madrid KANE QKBY Pioture GOLDEN DREAMS You Mky See At The WASHINGTON ff THEATRE The Drama I Magnificent Norma Talmadge I The Eternal Flame 8 Reels Aglow With The Playe Silent partnor O Palp of Special livery Matinee for tho Kiddles CinrtereUft and TXASic SUpnor Tomorrow Possibility NlgJit With Ten Aots Philadel Jfew York and Never Before HAS t Norma Talmadge f Created Such A For For The Art Of The f Pillar of Unique Achievement Vast Scenes Magnificent In Color f And Will Hold Your Eye BUT Ever Holding Your Heart Will Be The Romance Drama and Infallible Appeal Of Thia Wonderful The Newspapers Of Philadelphia Unanimously Proclaimed The Eternla Flame the Eternal Flame Of The We Present It At Usual Washington Prices g WITH Lloyd Hamilton 1 IN iv I THE SPEEDERS I As An Added Attraction L   
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