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   Chester Times (Newspaper) - January 1, 1923, Chester, Pennsylvania                              T Olf THE HOME NEWS sad because she Is not Nature the harvest of steady work all seasons lused in due and seeds the earth for the future springtide over and above the good things i So far as time is the rrhato the the streamy seem to A i i 1 1 ich connecting Editor malo mockery of our human span er and Managing City Editor MEDIA GLEAVK J Opposite Covrt House Manager NEW YORK OFFICE iSSQ Madison n Mgr ssociation CHICAGO OFFICE H Manager The cobble we kick with our foot outlasts a hundred human genera But time is not A man can put more and treasure into his swift hour than the brutes or sense less can lay up in a And hereby is the wonder of its unique and its abiding We have all the time there is to make the heritage of which we are at once the architects and the ten in cents per flrst insertion and 5 cents per h subsequent Insei agate wHh discounts for time and OP SUBSCRIPTION ji 50 cents i a week hy carrier TIMES YOU you contemplate going out of for a weeK or don t pcr It mitViourself to got out of touch with 1 wharIa going on at home Have tho Times follow Notify the Circula Jrtlon Department either by postal card and tKe paper be mailed to any address desired The Timefi goes by mall into even P03tofflee la Delaware Count it Is delivered by carriers In Chester Kddj Marcus Tlockrtale Glen East Swarth L Moi Clifton Lans r Boothwj Falr f Ridley Vros YOU IN 1923 rum peot on New town L and and IB on sale at all Un f Ion News Stands also Subway News r 69th Philatlel P Entered as secondclass matter at the poatofflce In Chester under Act or L March JANUARY 1121 THE OLD YEAR Why call it Old Year The calen dar is old the clock may be out the plans we sketched nearly may be soiled scraps of paper but the seasons are fresh as and natures forces are as J opulent today as a million afees 4 The bees gather honey and S7 the snows still blanket the land scape in much the same fashion as if t these things happened in time of j Homer and Time is a i Time is also a Our idea of time is derived in part from phe nomena of growth and decay out side and in part from the effect of days and months upon our What does 1923 hold in store for you Better things in a money for the outlook is that there will bo more prosperity to be divided among the American As for other things that go to make up a good thought with which to start the new year is that life is what we make and real happiness n condition of heart and withpep Time is giving us a new deal with the mistakes of 1022 and begin The start of a new year Is always because it opens the door f the The curtain rises n a new act of the eternal The plot is not cut and dried in as one of the shape Many who starred n previous acts will fade to the back f the stage or be carrier out hrough the stilled he lead roles are always What new Mansfield or Irving or Jemhardt will spring into the lime ight and fame in 1923 No one The future is More thart any year Of the 923 holds promise for great spec acular events in mans penetration f the powerful undercurrent became ivident in humanity during a piritunl a renewed in erest in the in our osu here on and that mystcri us known as the subconscious T hodies and Thus for and the word time has little or no fYet when we say that time withers summer wormeats crumbles ciarble lays vast cities in the and obliterates the monuments lordlv we are really thinking more of times effect upon our faculties than its ravages among the works of rmankind or the geb of The very air which is itself life and breath of all r contains the chemicals whereby they musifmoulder and But nature there is an everlast ing principle of In our brief human day we must needs tcount every passing The year is old to us just because its op portunities fast slipping into the past cannot be They ale of memory and What is written is If we examine the content of any iyear in its relation to the age or the features of the age in relation the welfare of mankind there is a remarkable sameness about affairs century upon century Almost every word said or printec I about the Eastern Question inv1862 I it as germane to world politic this hour as itwas Change a few and the story would fit any Psychoanalysis similar phe incorrectly called all are up to sensa ional new for human Shall in with Mars or Venus by radio or mental waves we discover new psychic powers that have beenlying dor mant in waiting until Destiny is ready for us to use them All of us have been vaguely conscious that such latent powers exist Occasion ally they are manifested by mysi terious happenings ub one can satisfactorily The World was the forerunner of something new and Great spirit ual or psychic forces shook civiliza tion to its Lending up before the end of across the threshold of the DAILY BUDGET OF BOROUGH NEWS I GATHERED BY TIMES REPORTERS while employed at tup Kddystone Vrhu Fred Evans attended iintl He is nro Siesslner The Wcsleyan of Trin ity tcndcrorl if surprise party InstovenlnB to Kobeit at Ills new homo on Spruce Thoy preseniod him with a hantl somo after which they set out refreshments they with A very happy timo was Anna who hns been ill some died yester day at ho residence ofher of C14 West Seventh She was ninety years old and had lived in Chester for many A four months old child of Robert of 121H Delaware died suddenly last niffht be fore n physician could lie The death wns reported to Coroner who will make an investiga tion sometime a salesman for Cnld met with irn accident which in conveniences him with his While moving an extension the piece of furniture fell on one of his masliiiipr i About thirty members of the Dol sartc Lawn TeunlB of visited Miss Helen Osborno last and spent a pleasant Indulging in Riiifrlng and The trip wan made in one of James big stage Upland and Edward of Upland announce tho en Eagoment of their Beatrlco to George 232 Eaat Tenth The Methodists of the borough welcomed the new year In with ono of the old fashioned watch when for a of hours of tho old year there was an excellent scrv fce of song and closed during the end of the with a prayer serv Tho greetings ivhout the bor ough were rather as many of the organizations did nothingout nf the on account of tho last clay falling on Today scores of tho of the bor ough have gone to thorp to mingle with the mummers and other pleasure many of those from Upland forming theatre parties for tho i nnd Joseph of Woodsiclc left on Saturday evening for whore they are spending tho first couple nf days of the new Miss Bertha of Phila is spending New Year with the family of Joseph on Eighth Claude Booker has returned to her home after spending some time with her Miss Margaret in John of Ninth has been spending a few days with a party of friends in Miss Mary of Wilming has returned to her homo after spending a few days with Up land who has been on the sick list for ten his regular duties this John of Sixth ia numbered among those un der the care of a Benjamin Schukraft and family arc moving their household effects from Hill to tho Shaw farm In Chester of Philadel was among the vjsltors to the Ridley Park and Berlet entcr lalhcd tho members of tho troop com of the local Boy Scouts on Friday overling at their home on Morton Following a brlof business session an excellent lunch eon was Members of the uom mlttee present Carl Fred erick Harry George F Clur enco William Davis and C Turner Assistant Scoutmaster Percival of Troop took a company of Scouts to Philadelphia on Satur day to attend tho annual reunion of Delaware and Montgomery During morning some of the Scouts enjoyed the privileges of tho Central while others took hikes to places oMntorest in the At 10 oclock a parado lino Was formed anil the Scouts marched to tho Manufacturers where a fine program WHS Troop of Hldley received honorable recognition as having done the most good turns during its stay lust sum mer at Camp Miss Mnry a probationer at the University has boon spending a few days with iior Margaret of Tonic George Berlin Is confined to her home on Morton avonuc with Serious attack of tho Matthieu Dougherty will leave to morrow evening for where ho Is a student at Dickinson after sponding tho Christ mas vacation wHh his and of Chea ter This week will see tho young folks of tho boroiiRh who are students at various outoftown Institutions re turning to their after a va cation spent at their homes in the The regular monthly mooting of the fire will bo held tomor row evening at the Community Club A splendid program has been arranged for the evening and a good is Tho of and William of Delaware Is quar antined at present on account of a case of measles in the PoKtmasrer William Brooks reports that during month of December 1214 sacks of outside mail were re ceived at the local a new of the Bluebird Swarthmore has been transr ferred from the Lester to the New York pfflce of the Westlnghouso lilectric and Manufacturing Com and will leave today to assume his new Charles Collins will leave this eve ning far his home in after a holiday visit at the home of and Henry of DuPont James has 1ettirned Thirty Years Ago mornings of Constanti the Far East us and the deliberation within Dtplo matic now assembled So of the war and peace So of religious and culture and fashion v and human Inventions me chanical make slight far g any of us The capital count is human ri According as its am 5 are directed stands th and happiness of th ij era and the If we fail to re spond to the inner call luviry an vi I outer prosperity are illusions ant ft indeed signals of inaptitude ant But we could at one stroke sweep the entire paraphernalia of modem mechanics into the dust and enjoy a more contented es tate with greaterallround happi jji 1V ness if we did not icspond to tne male for sound s manhood and Theres t nothing about which more than non I sense is written than the ingredients fKt lake for human It is but in ourselves slaves and timeithe quality of put into its is the best Immoral of the Old We are apt talkas though the thoroughfare congested we cannot step speak as though the itself blows and Me human We have for this or that and all while we are not oniy emplacing as chequers of the but we arc writing a on time which totals up our J In point of arc twontyfour hours per day for Ovcry soul under and has yet found the trick making them more clastic or less The consideration is the thing we do within the time given each can or rub trie litUc bag of the only sums up out wis our folly aV regard R Often melancholy At the expense of Krlnr the members of Peter the Hermit had n set at their similar onlorlainmcnt will be pro vided next speeches and stories were Inriyigtcl In and a very merry time was had by those Henry Brown is now very much He his been improving for the past two and experts to he to ofnelatr nt Halnt faulH on the second the new year The monthly meciing of the Wom an Suffrage e of Chester will be held at the home of 406 tnmorrnw evening her home at IV after spending the end of the old year with Upland Tbn indoor sport team of Upland Kniprhts of go to Clifton Heights on Tuesday eve ning of this week for tho final game with the members of Improvement LodgeWith but throe more con tests to be Upland holds a Prospect Park Following tho removal of the date from the cornerstone of the old Gal loway at Tenth and Lin coln tha name Lincoln Apartments bus been The work of renovating and remodeling the building is now com The public schools of the borough will not reopen for the winter term until Wednesdav instead of opening tomorrow as was at first an Durine tho vacation the school has been fumigated and put in condition for the re mainder of the Tills work was under Hie directionof the John of Eighth Just how that popular Yuletlde the grows may be seen in the window of the real estate office John Here a sprig of the mistletoe IB seen growing out of the branch of an ordinary swamp gum HdrryFrame and of South Lincoln are planning to move to their hew home In Kolsom some time this comfortable lead In the Sunday school of the Method ist Church gave an unusually Inter esting Christmas entertainment on Thursday evening in the chapel ot tho Charles the popular man ager of the Prospect Field Clubs champion football entertained the of tho team at a stag Party given at his home on Tenth avenue on Saturday Those present iwcro Samuel Hugh Clinton Fulir Augustus Louis Walter Jo seph John Sloan Cor Daniel Charles Rlck Sponsor Edward Bran Philip Smith and Hnbbie Haines Tho fixtures for the new postomce are expected to arrive daily arid will he at onco so ihat jthe office may ho occupied by January ieorgo one of the well known merchants ot the who has been 111 for several weeks at his homo on lOJevejith Js improv Misses and Mildred Page have returned to tlicir homo in Bal timore lifter n holiday visit at tho homo of and Edward Gallo nf Tenth Miss Paulino oC New Jer is a holiday guest at the home ot and of Twelfth and BurnHe have returned to their home in Wilming ton after a short visit with thoir of Twelfth Norwood A movement to divide the borough of Norwood into three wards and do away with the old system of two precincts has been quietly under way for several weeks It is now thought that a meeting of the citizens of the borough will be called eomo time during the next two weeks for the of discussing the Tho total voting strength of the borough as a whole is estimated at 1SOO andthis number is considered entiMy too great to bo taken care of by tho present Several suggestions as to how the should be have been submit The ono which seems to meet with most favor is as the entire section of the borough lyingwest of tho Pennsyl vania Railroad Second that jart of the borought lyingeast of the railroad and south of Winoria avenue Third that part of the borough lying east of the rail road and north of Winona It IK understood that the meeting is to he held in the rooms of the Century Tho movement was begun at the suggestion of William of Chester a former Justice of the Under tho proposed sys each section ot the town would be represented in the Borough Coun cil by its own particular Louis a student at the University of Pennsylvania Law has been helping out in his f othersWinona avenue grocery dur ing the of New York is spending a fow days as the guest of and Freeman of West Ridley Paul of New is a holiday guest at the home of his and A of Winona avenue Miss Dorothy Christy has return ed to her home on Winona after a short with friends in ot Winona are spending tho holiday in Spring Mass John of through the real estate James has purchased the pro perty or of Mohawk and wjll in some time during the George of Chester who has ill for several is Vetported to be somewhat im Edward of Chester who has been down with the Guess He Must Have Come by of Bermuda or the Canadian Bor der From the Looks grippe for the past Is1 improving I j All the youhgfeters of tlio borough j are invited tocome to the Fire House early this whero they will I spend the afternoon the guests of j the There will be and plenty of good things to The i committee in charge consists of Midge Arthur Richard Thos James Ronz and Leonard Eddystone at All Interested nrr cor diallywelcome at this Thn brilliant year parly which the elite nf Chester will in iluljjc In on Krlday evening nrxl nt Bealo will bn presided over by the followinsr patronesses Wil liam John Orlando Ty John William Somers John Price and The Christmas entertainment of Bethesdn Church Sunday of which John of this is The church wav nicely trimmed with Tlu Christmas tree ex tended from the floor to the When the hour arrived for the open Ingexercises the pretty church was The exercises consisted of The singing of the infant department wns much A wee Miss Serv sang a The Merry Sun which was the climax of all tho other Ringing candy for the little folks was and they were made The pas on of presented to Misn or a beautiful Miles receiving a beautiful lap robe and Miles a rockinK Miles has been very successful at Tirupgisl of is still without tirtinpa of his faithful tsalch which so mysteriously disappeared a few days Hooper is now more firm than ever his that the canine was of wll commence studying for the drnmatU stage after New Ho has shown remarkuble it Is In this line on ninny antl ntiilpr poor management will advance rapid Tho of Edrlystcnc lay claim to having the prettiestChrlst mns tree In thlK section of the and thplr claim is ivoll Th tren stands In IhMtT portion of the pretty church occupied hy the Maria who nlwnys takes coiiflidcrahlc pride in tho Edrti stono Sunday school gave the school toward tho tree this Out of this sum the trimmings were pur chased nlso numberof presents Tor iho members of the infant school The tree Is enclosed with a and In the yard nro a number ot toy cattle nnd other farm stock Hugh of 715 wnfi burned on his nature is and by the Igniting of an Tha dawn of the New Year ushered bright the perspective of though beyond our pcjwer of gives us outlook to prosperity and normalcy of condi The 1922 broken and today form the oa of a cjoscd book to our por al as we crossed the por another Tho pages of the past year have made impressions on memorys For many brilliantly painted Illustrations of their years eood for others blank with no kind deeds to tholr But tho Now Year of fers us a new book of clean on which to indelibly for future our good or Let Us keep tho pages brightly glit tering with nolplo that Wo live in deeds not in Lot us rosolvo to spread mutual good inculcating high cultivating cheerfulness and optimism and may the finest experi ence wo had in 1922 be tho worst cx prience wewill hnvo In i The regular meeting of councilwill be held this evening in the town hall at 8 Many important mat ters will be disposed The burgess will present his charges to council against Thomas McNeil and Joseph who were suspended by the burgess a month ago for disobedi Much sentiment prevails in favor of reinstating the two police Tho citizens of tho borough are expected to crowd the town hall to capacity in the interest of McNeil and who feel certain that council will reinstate Tho local health authorities report that much of the communicable dis ease epidemic is owing to unsanitary Many persons do not place their garbage In metal contain others who use matat containers Keep them some pjaces persons insist on throwingthejr gar bage in back whore children frequently The health author ities request cooperation in this im portant matter and that this practice be Miss Hilda of Park visited friends in the borough over the week John Keenan and daughter of 1300 Tenth street were Philadelphia visitors Saturday and Frank Knoll enter tained outoftown guests Miss Margaret of Eleventh Is on a visit to relatives in Daniel former resident of the Is seriously 111 at his home in Th public school will reopen Tues day January thus ending the happy hoiiday Migs Helen of 1300 Tenth is now on a visit to friends in Reading over New Years John of Thirteenth has accepted a position with the Baldwin Locomotive Councilman Joseph of per has been sick the past few days with a severe Leiperville The fuel situation in the vicinity is causing the residents much In some cases entire families are due to cold and damp Boys and girls can he seen dally haSjIing coal in flfty and one hundred pound bags from Ridley Park coal yards and nearby Expresswagons and push carts arc the vehicles which carry their prized to alleviate in a small way the Differing from lack of The outlook af fords no assurance of brighter pros pects in the present shortage to re lieve distress in the fuel Many of the local Republicans at tended the New Tear celebration at given under theauspices of Miimoiu The public schools of the township will reopen on The Rose of Lima parochial school pupils will resume their studies Harry of is visiting the home of Bort Miss Mary Doolpy and Miss Mary of Pairviow were out oftown visitors the past Bert of Chester was a Philadelphia visitor the The children of and Daniel of Fallview who have bren seriously are re ported to be Michael of CJhester pike is visiting friends in Clifton Heights Edit daugh ter of of Baltimore ave nue below Bridge who was injured on when Mhe by a trolley car of the Southern Pennsylvania tinn operated by Edward of 1fid in Mfsrrieordfa early The accident happened at tho cor ner of Baltimore avenue and Bridge about oclock Sunday The in company with her Nicholas of the fiamo was walkingalong the west side of Baltimore Nospoli crossed tho street to converse with a girl leaving the child on tho opposite According to the ho saw Nespoli cross the and at that time was 50 yards away from but despite the fact that his attention was centered on tho opera lion of the ho was taken wholly when the miswiiig lior lashed across the street directly in the path of the oncoming So quickly did this happen thai tho car was almost upon the child before Dodds applied Die According to his tho raiis were and when he applied the brakes the wheels stopped revolving but continued to slide for a distance of 15 fnet bofore the oar Had it beon for the wheels sliding hlld would surely have been cut in Sho was extracted from under the wheels and ruahed to the Mlsericor dia where operation was performed and her right leg ampu Her condition seemed to im prove somewhat following tho opera but Friday she grew and despite heroic efforts on the part of she The Christian Kndoavor Society of Iho Clifton Church to extend to nil those who rendered as sistance in the good cheer work moat hearty I The packages which wore secured through the coopera tion of a number of local as well as many individuals livered by the members of the society on Christmas and many of the children who were not fortunate enough o have Snnta Glaus visit them woke up Christmas morning to find that they wore remembered by The members of tho so ciety a campaign prior to when Ihey solicited funds for this anrl In which cam paign they received the vvliolohcart eci cooperation of nearly ovory mer DRAWFUNNIES Drawingsby Bill Holhian Verses by Hal Cochran Draw in the missing lines and then color the This snowman is a sold icr A broomstick is his But when his Old Comes hell melt nnrt Borrowing Greek Gods Perhaps you remember that in very Greeks used trees as places of It was the same with the especially those who lived in country One of our shows a tree ueed as a shrine in Roman A graceful column supports the which seems to be very A man who wants to pray is There were many such shrines in The other picture shows a coop containing sacred If they were lazy when someone fed them grain and did not or ate very a bad on the other they gobbler down the grain so eagerly that some of it fell from their It was a good sign A Tree the person who was doing tho feed lug was sure to succeed in whathe wanted to That IP what the Ro mans thought you and I know It all depended on how hungry tho chickens were It is said that one Romanadmiral tried the eating test with the chick They wouldnt and he threw them into the seal The Romans did not do much of their own thinking when they formcU their They borrowed most of their gods from the Zeus was the chief Greek gotl the Ro mans took him as their chief changing his name a They called him the The way they spoke that was Zeus Pa In time they made one word out of Zeus snid Keuspater or Now we spell it Jupi The Romans spoke of the wife of Zeus as Juno instead The messenger became Mer Fights Between John Dille Sacred Chickens chant in the The funeral of William who died at his home on OaK on Wednesday took his late residence at 2 oclock Sat urday attended hy rela tives and Eleer had been il for some That he had ac quired the friendship of many here was fittingly evidenced by the beauti ful floral Oliver New rector of Stephens officiated at the In terment was made in Fernwood Cem and William of Baltimore and Springfield avc entertained and Mala clil S Pancoast arid Franklin and at the formers home last William of South Sycamore has fully recovered from her recent Sho WHS no ticed on the streets It was thought for a while that Cavanhnghs condition would be se but she very fortunately recov Aaron of Springfield who has been very ill for some shows slight Improve Rochdale handsome now WillysKnight limousinebelonging to Karl of was destroyed by in Olen Riddle on Wednes LimlKren had driven to Glen Riddle to visit her Samuel and while parked in front of Rhodes home the car suddenly took fire and In an instant was enveloped in The Media Fire Company was summoned by and responded Immedi They soon extinguished the with but not before all but tho tires had been de Tho fire is said to havo been caused by n short The Rockdale Gun Club had a very successful shooting match on Christ mas when many Christmas dinner was bagged in prize Roy Scott has purchased a fine now Chevrolet touring Tho schools will reopen next Tuesday Christmas loys have to end Maryland Clover a small daughter of and William of dted on Christ mas after an illness of seven aged six The child had the and took catnrrhnl from which It never ral Thrfuneral took place on Tues with interment in Calvary George tho Infant son of and of Glen died on ncrod eight and was buried In Cal vary Cemetery on Robert a clerk In the Pro thonotorys ofllcn the Court House In has been very 111 at his in for the past few days John of spent tho Christmas holidays the home of his brothers and sinters in The Scouts of Glen Riddle have established radio station at their headquarters in the Ambulance where the weather reports and other ant events arc bulletined every day for the information of the Forty members of Roclulale Coun indulged in a chicken supper at their meeting last when flnf menu Waa served and a good entertainment en the beiiiR furnished by tlie The old year rousing send it wns a good for the local Village Green Miss biclie of the Fourth Presbyterian pnssed a with relatives on Concord Kurtz Sucigert and former rofiidents of the have re i turned from a motor trip to Sweigert was the mechanic formerly employed by tho lato Jesse in bis A largo bread truck belonging lo Daltons skidded 011 the Concord road on Thursday ami ran into a cement culvert near the entrance to the Smeclloy Tho load of bread had in be to another Ijitlle Booth is recovering from illness which hns confined her to the house for several The village school will opon on January jiftev the Christmas GaUlwrll H is will retain the position of teacher for the ro malnricr of the Robcrt Nelling IK one of the for tunate residents whoso well not given No claims to have Five or six feet of water in it nt the present Many hornet in this section have attractively trimmed trees to delight the hearts of the The interment of the body of Krnma Minsball Mount Hope cemetery on Thursday after Mlnshnll was known in this The vahiic of a kiss depends upon the law ant What pood is your past if you dont use il for the future prosperous merchant of Marcus called on old frlrnds in Rockdalo on Christ after an abscncs of four Safe Milk For Infant Invalids Children The Original FoodDrink for All Ages flftr i atlet NourjaWncTTocookina Avoid Imitations and Subsfctutej   
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