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   Chester Times (Newspaper) - March 15, 1923, Chester, Pennsylvania                             CHESTER PA THURSDAY MARCH IB 1923 THE END OF ROUND TABLE GLORY Tha king had nephew named iMordred Ho was a mcanhesarted follow Ho hated Sir Iauncelot One day ho saw a chance to harm tho grreU kuighi With some of his companions ho sought to niake the fiuod Arthur Jealous of Launcelota lovo lor the queen Tiio did not liko to listen to their talk but at last he gave in They laid a tras There was a bloody flgVit al tho doorway to Guenevers chamber Ijauncelor the court but Kept himself not far away Ho A knight defending a drawbridge In front of a castle as pictured by an artist of the Middle Ages The two fish aro to show there is water in the meat feared that Arthur trould doom the queon to dio I urn sorry to nay that the king foreot ho should act as a noble man Jn his Jealous fury hi ordered Quone ver to he burned to death Mr Launoclot and his friends learned tho ttmo his KTIS to happen ralloped toward the spot where tho queen was hold Striking rlsrht mid Jeft at all in their way they picked her up and carried her away elol owned a prcat cnsllo It was called tho Jaynus Gard ver was carried there to lie kept safe from the anger of iho king Arthur led an army against tho castlo and laid siege Week after week the slojje went on Ons day Sir Jaiiicelot Sir Bora and other knights sallied out across tha draw bridge Thoro was heavy nghttng The kins did hla best to get near and struck at him whenever ho could Iaunceot would never return blows for ha still loved Arthur By and ly Sir rodo against tho and knocked from his horse Then Bors raised his sword as it to slay thu fallen monarch cried 1auncolot ro not kill him mi your life Ho is my lord Xever will 1 consent to his death AVith these words tho noble knlfrht Rprins to tho Kfound Jind helped Arthur back upon i horse Tho kins wept and said ho wished tbo war had never started For a time thera was a truce IjiuncelcH returned Ouenever to the king who rlid not harm hrr lruinco nt crossed tho aoa with hs knights and menatarms Then snd to Hay those who hated Launcclot led Arthur to start a new war Tho klnpr went over the sen with an army leaving Mordrecl in charpe of Enplnnd Mordred mado also report that Arthur was dead He said ho would be ktrg himself Kfriff Arthur returned to iEnsland and fouKht a battle with Mordrert who WIK killed Arthur was mortal ly wounded niu5 FOOII died hoard Ihe news nnd came back from across be sen He found that Ouenrvor Imd hocomo a nun He himself spent his last as a hermit The golden times nf Round Table were gvne Tor pnori m3 liy ihe Tobn F Co CMilcnpo OPERATION OF THE FARM CREDITS ACT Explained by Secretary Wallace m His Reply to Questions Asked A delegation ol senators nnd re presentatives called upon Secretary rf Agriculture Wallace to discuss tlio operation of tho new farm credits ict Following their visit tho fcjec jotary issued tho following Questions aro being asked as to the operation of tho new credit known as the Agricultural Credits Acl of and tho relation between 11m credit facilities provided In this ict and existing Institutions such Corns Go The iimplcst way to end 3 com it Bluejay Stops the pain instantly Then the corn loosens and comes out Made in clear liquid and in thin plasters The action is the lime At your druggist No 0ne Need Buy Girficura Before He Tries Free Samples 3an n I D Olnbonl Tnlcnro 2Sc Apply Zemo Clean Penetrat ing Antiseptic Liquid It is unnecessary for you to suffer with Eczema Blotches Ringworm Rashes and similar skin troubles Zemo obtained at any drug store for 35c or 5100 for extra large bottle and prompt ly applied will usually give instant relief from itching torture It cleanses and soothes the skin and heals quickly and effectively most skin diseases Zemo is a wonderful penetrating disappearing liquid and is soothing to the most delicate skin Get it today and save all further distress PWSTERS Works Without the Quicker Theres no sense in mixing a mess of mustard flour and water when you can easily relieve pain soreness or stiffness with va little clean white Musteroie Musterole is made of pure oil of jnustard and other helpful ingredients combined in the form of the present white ointment It takes the place of mustard plasters and will not blister Musterole usually gives prompt relief from sore throat bronchitis tonsilitis croup stiff neck asthma neuralgia congestion pleurisy rheuma tism lumbago pains and ahes of the back or joints sprains sore muscles bruises chilblains frosted feet colds of the chest it may prevent 35cand 65c jars and tubes Better than a mustard pl for example as the War Finance Corporation and the Federal AVare house The AfiTiciiItura Credits Act does not in nny way with the functioning ot the Financo Cor poration The life of the AVnr Fl nanco Corporation was extended to February 20 1524 for tho very purpose r making sure that there should be no restric tion of credit facilities io ihe farmer during the period rerjulreil to ihulld up the inachiticry necessary under the Agi iculttiral Credits Act The AVnr Financo Corporation has ample funds and nothing has been done tolimit Its work Title I of the Agricultural Credits Act provides for the establishment of a Federal IntcrmcrtlivJc credit hmk In each of the twelve Federal land bank districts These new Hiankti will bo managed by the directors and offlcera of Ihe existing land hanks Immediately upon the PHSSLIKO of tho act Hit federal Jrarm Loan 13onvd called to AVashington the presidents the land tnitks from tlio twelve districts and for a week they hiivo been making plans to start the In termediate credit hanks Each has a capital of million dollars and therefore can hogln loaning as quickly as the organization can ho perfected These Intermediate credit Panics are authorised to discount and purchase notes given to banks for ajrrlcilturjil and llvo stock purposes Also they can make loans direct to coopcratlvc associations on the basin ot uare houso receipts or mortgages on live KtocJc A local hank which has loaned money to Its farmer customers for agricultural purposes and has taken their notes for the loans can dis count these notes with tho inter mediate credit banks Jt is not necessary that the notes so discounted should have hack of them chattel mortgages or warehouse receipts The Intermediatehanks can give terms of credit ranging from six months to as much as threeyears Tho agricultural credit corpora tions authorized under Title of tho act aro not government corporations hut arc under government super vision The loans which they make will probahlyhe based on paper which has hack of it either chattel mortgages In the case of live stonk or warehouse receipts in tho cnse of farm products The United States AVarehouso Ajct has an Important relation to the new credit system It provides a permls slvn system of licensing warehouse men by the Secretary ot Agriculture At the ipreeejt timo there are 160 licensed cotton warehouses 227 licensed grain warehouses 20 licensed wool Avarehouacs and 62 licensed warehouses The licensed capacity for cotton is now sufficient to store al ono timo about onefourth of a normal cotton crop and for wool about onesixth or the annual clip Orlpinnlly the law limited licensed warehouse commodities to vcotton wool and grain On 23 the law was so amended as to re move the limitations and under the present Secretary of Agrl j culture can license a warehouse for I the storage of nny products which j he considers would constitute sound colljitornl Also can license in spectors and samplers of commodities stored In warehouses as well us graders nnd weighers Hecolpts Is sued by Federal licensed warehouses are accepted by banka and flnaneial insfitutionH everywhere is sound onl latoral and there should be no dif ficulty In making advantageous loans on such collateral Not only ihe Intermediate credit bnnkn and Ihe agricultural credit corporations but other binlts as we vill no doubt be giid In handle such paper It will he fccn from the foregoing that hankers in agricultural sections should b able io loin freely 10 far mers for productive purposes and fnr a longer term than be cause they have asaurance Hint they can readily discount farmers no too I taken for loans At thf inter I mediate credit banks Consequently II can see no good reason whv fnrmers I who arc entitled io crudil should not I tct what they need I To get the full henofil of the pro visions for marketing credit farmers j should see to It thu the warehousoa in which they expert to store their products on tho way in market are Jlcenjed under the Ferleril ITW Thero should he a very largo Incrnasn in tho number of warehouses which handle grain apd other farm pro ducts Amplo credit can be secured on all farm products stored in Verlernl licenser warehouses This makes it possitolo to mnrket fnxm products in a moreordoily way and io avoid Hooding the market aod tho price TAill Information coneernlng the AVarchouse Act ftnd the rules nnrt roeulatjons under which It in nl mlnlsterud ran he had by anyone who will write tn the Department of Agri cuJture at Washington DRAWFUNNIES by Bill Holman Verses by Hal Cochrau Draw In milling tnd then color greet tho fair toe who la clever jfoodnesR known Bho dances on tho thoater And also on her toes The Newsy Poet Around Town RADIOITIS I heard R Httlc story About a boy In town And there arc many Hlio him If you will look around Hla mother was complalnlng About tho rndlo It seems this boy would sit up Till two oclock or so Just listening to jnzz hands And concerts through the air And tryjug to set Culjn In fact most everywhere i And then when t was mornlns And time to RO to work This hoy would mumble something rittsburgh and Now York And then hed turn right OVIJT To take another Which lasts till nearly mlddayi more days work to lona Tou may not know this fellow But there aro scores the same Who play through wee sma hourii Tills fascinating enmo i Theres Just one way to otjro It 1 think voull It so Let each employer try 11 Install a radio I THA NX The Newsy Poet COLDS and a RAW SORE THROAT END QUICKLY WHEN YOU APPLY CAMPHOROLB Colda Go Over Throat in 15 Minutes Then youll know why thousands use GAM PHOROLE when once you spread H on your tlpllt chest or throat You can ftel It tykl bold and quickly breife up a stubborn coucb lud cold In the throat And chrftt At onro breithtnc U yellrred mrd tboked tip olr of the threat and lunaa penetrated ny powerful henlinK vapors which reach very neat of the disease with each breiith un phlegm nnffly thront tlcVle and Urjtated Unlnf if the throat chcfit ann Bronchial gently ind eafitly Splendid or Colds Ton Catarrh and Uroncho Pneumonia Uinulactured In Atlantic City N J NO MORE DISCOMFORT AFTER TAKING BAALMANNS OA3 TABLETS Persons ivho aro troubled with paa In the nurt bowola ciin ob tain quick relief by taking Baal manna Gas Tablets before and after meals These harmless little tnblcta net In a natural way to prevent the forma tion of erus That distressed full feeling after entlng soon rtlnappeara Pressure about the heart often CUUB InK pain or imlpltallou la promptly relieved Tou should noon get rid of anxious norvoua fcellngr clrowo iieas numbneaa In the nrmn and llmbK shortnesa of breath rumbling In dtidomcn bloating burning and other Hjinptoms duo to cxceealvo gas Baalrnanns Gas Tnblcts In the yel low package are sold by Millers 609 Kdjrmont avenue Price one dollar Railminn Chemist San Frmclnco An anfel of a girl generally plays the devil with a man Some families just will spend their money for food when there Isnt a Finale pair of flllk stockings in the house OO The man who salrl there ii always room at tho top never tried an upper berth Dr Edwards Olive Tablets Get at the Cause and Remove It Dr Edwards Olive Tablets the sub stitutc for calomel act fjently on the bowels and positively do the work People afflicted with bad breath find quick relief through Dr EdwardsOlive Tablets The pleasant sugarcoated tablets are taken for bad breath by all who know them Dr Edwards Olive Tablets act am tiy but firmly on the bowels and liver stimulating them to natural action clearing the blood and gently purifying the entire system They do that which dangerous calomel does without any of the bad after effects All the benefits of nasty sickening Rriping cathartics are derived from Dr Edwards Olive Tablets without griping pain or any disagreeable effects Dr F M Edwards discovered the formula after seventeen years of prac tice among patients afflicted with bowel and liver complaint with the attendant bad breath Olive Tablets are purely a vegetable compound mixed with olive oil you will know them by their olivecolor Take one or two every night for a week and note the effect FLIVVERINO WITH BURTON BRALEY IN JUAREZ Ely PASO In Juarez Ou tho Mexican shlo ol Jllo Gran do IB Juarez And there vrliwover you chanco to sland A bar la JJoth filflei of tho street four sides of a square Wherever you look n bnr Is there And the sound ol revelry fill tho ali In Juarez Homemade but Has No Equal for Coughs nkm n futnHT impplr Tfrnlly roujch Kna llj prnmreil and naves about fl If you Jmve n scrcra or chest colil Accompanied with aorcnona throat tickle hoarseness or cliillcuH brcftlhinp or if your cliim wakes during tuo nipht with croup and you wunt iniclc help try this reliable old lipmeuiniie couftli remedy Any Cist Cia siiiiply you with 2y2 of Pinex 1otir this into n pint bottlo and fill the bottle with plain Inted siigiir Hjnip Or you can use clarified molagsca honey or corn syrup instead of sugar synip if desired This recipe makes n pint of rcnlly romnrksble connji remedy It tnstcs Rood and in Bpitn of its low cost it ciui bo depended upon to Cvo quick nnd lastiiifj relief You can feel lliia take hold of a cough in a way that means business It loosens ami raises the pliItRtn stops tliront tickle and soothes nnil lienls the irritated niemhrnnca that linn the tbroat and bronchial tubes with such promptness caao and ccr tftinty tiiat It IB really ixstonialmiR Viiicr ia a special nnd highly con centrated compound of Rcnuinc Nor wuy pino extract and is pTobably the best known means of ovorcominR severe coupliB tliroat and clicat cnlJs Thero nro many worthiest imita tions of tliU mixture To avoid dis appointnifint nsk for ounces of Pinex1 with full direction1 nnd dont nccipt nnytliinK clao fJuaranlced to give absolute natisfactlon or money promptly refunded The 1hicjc Co Ft WnyneInd BOS EDOEMONT AVENUE But tha click of chips U hoard no moro In Juarez You Ramble not as you did of Adir 19 The licet Io when you roulette still on tbo ponies a gruy can bet Ao model city at least aj yet Is Juarez El lively full of ot JUILTOI Tho Mexicans with a la nondnscrlpt ooldleri clouoii along Unhurriedly throuRh dark 6kUneJ throng And Hie IB a of a jrlumbar In Juarez They fiffht tha flelit dho bull In Juarez And thosa aront of the JlgrhtB they pull In Juarez For thn blooil ot the Mexican swutns Ls hot Ajid a rival at Js knifed or shot Though It doesnt happtn nn awfAJl lot In Yot tn tho main Chey aro getting on In juiircK tho shadow of Obrefon In Jimrcr Anil they work at timoa they mostly piny In ft cnroless happysoludlcy way Quito unpfORrossive but blltlie and tfiy la Juarez BRALEY QopjTleht NKA Service Inc Chester County News Miss llallay Svfrt has bfou appointed to eucoood Miss EUrabeth Pattcrnon oiHlatant to tho County Probation Officer Ml31 IVlwah Jllna Patterson havingrcalRiifxt her position at tho Juvenile Homo Mrs Jlmuuo Slnclnlr Jr of KiMinott Snunrn sixnt n ilay with her parontn Mr and Mrs McKiir Mnrs hull ton Mtas Ann lanniviff of Weal Chen tor rvvho liRfi lioin Hitfferlnff for Ilio tliroo wlrli nn Infuotcil Klaiid Hhows Ilitlo ttnprovoiuont Mrs McFarlniid Mnjshnllton In conn port io tlio Junisd with a heavy on lil T HnroKl Jack nan of West Ches ter who ImR hold a prnlflon os uo archtttct n Trenton N J for Homo timo hus accepted a aluillar position In Philadelphia and will commuto from horo Truman Y Evans Jr and family CHESTER PA Hopkins Piano Company TALKING MACHINES Repaired 12Hour Service PIANOS Tuned and Repaired AJ1 Work Guaranteed HOPKINS PLJiO COMPANY 531 Market Street Phono 834 SWARTWONT PRODUCTS Pgt Your Car Under Cover Just what you havo boen looking for A Bnrajfo that Is ftro proof weath cr proof ciri be built without thu aid of a mechanic Neal in appnaranco rriorleratft in prlco and aubuintlal For circular find prlciw wrlto H I SMOUSE E Morcer Ave XlacercJi pa H W GELTZ Upper Darby Brancli U4004 Twofold Paint Service B arc two thlnga we hava for JL tbo right paint or varnish for every job and the know how of putting them on Its not u hard job to keep the home bright ened up and its not expensive be glad tell you how to do it nnd give you the proper dja Pont paint or varnish for any job big or small CHESTER HARDWARE CO 13 W Third Street GALEY HARDWARE CO Ninth Street and Edgmont Avenue Hill Kuhl Kelly farni near His parents who resido have moved from Marshallton to tho village him have long been In poor health but aro improves Ho has disposed ot hla property Jn the West BradfofA DR KINGS NewD Easier to stop itAfo w That oppressive burden on YOTT throat and cheat robs yon of sletp by night and peace by diy Surt Us evening to break tt op Even though the cold ti though pWejrm though thront and nostrils are tm New Dvsc0Terydepeiwlable50yearold family COTzh reaedr brlnn prompt Ilei Mima rear LOANS TO HOUSEKEEPERS UP TO Chester and All Suburbs Moaorn luminous that hrlngn volume rood rejmle ma baaed on BEHVICK tlio that both Bklro bftneflt In a proper tnvrto If hovinakeAplnr you crtn wet reArty caah to help nifci Uio umiiunl cant of UvInK or othor reaulrementB of the Conl nin111 ns provided ly law Usvny monthly payments Information In detnll clicorfully glven In our prlviuo olllce or at your homft SECURITY LOAN COMPANY 8OO Oroiar BtfllT TULrit Vloor Market Btu Oor Dth Bt Phone Bell Hoars D to 0 l y U I ANNOUNCING Spring Millinery Opening March 15 16 17 Beaumont and Hartmann 610 Sproul Street OPEN EVENINGS Thrifty Chester People Are Saving They mean a Cash Discount on everytMng you buy Bay from who given tlicae valuable I Copy t right f iDs i Htewnr nrn K V A Successful Policy TT is the unremitting effort of this Lank to make its service more convenient more helpful more satisfac tory to the depositor Our consistent growth from year to year is evidence that this policy is tljic right one DELAWARE COUNTYTRUST COMPANY CHCSTtH PEJVTfSYLYAWJJI Banking Txtlc Insurance Trusts THE biggest little word in the English language is NOW Whatever good thing you have to do do it now The bad Ihyigs you can postpone and about the best thing you can do is to open a savings account with this bank First National Bank Fifth and Market Streets No 1806 West Third Street Welcome At Either Bank Extra Special Only DOWN You This Splendtft ABC ELECTRIC WASHER ThhiK of It I Only as first payment and you get this splendid big size brand new Copper tub ELECTRIC WASHING MACHINE We de liver it right to your home at ajiy hour you say apd without one penny extra charge Yes Madam thla la by far the smallest first payment we have ever allowed on this famous A B G Electric Washer Just down for this won derful machine and then you can pay the balance in small easy monthly payments 30 days between each small payment And furthermore you are getting the rockbottom factory price of 5115 making this the greatest Electric Washer value in America today REWMBERThis Offer is Strictly Limited For that reason we urge you not to delay if you have any thought of getting an Electric Washer The demand is bound to be tremendoua We dont want you or anyone else to be disappointed but we absolutely must close this offer at 1 oclock Saturday March 31st Remember yon simply pay the amall sum of to bearin with and we deliver yoa B brand new machine direct from our warehouse and ftD to operate TELEPHONE CHESTER 663 Dont delay getting In touch with UB right away Dont wait until the last minute rush or until this offer doses Telephone us or if you prefer call personally at any one of our ehowrooma Delaware County Electric Co Cheater iltdlA   
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