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   Chester Times (Newspaper) - March 15, 1923, Chester, Pennsylvania                             CHESTER PA THURSDAY MARCH 15 1923 by Day iFOUNTAIN OF YOUTH IS FOUND BY SCIENCE i European niicovery Easily Used at Homo Restores Vigor Quicker Thau Gland Operations SITUATION IN CHINAJEVIFMB A Hunt Vautier of Phila delphia is Speaker at Womans Club Meeting Tho situation In China both In past yeurs nud at was vr vlpwnl by A Html Yaimrr nf PhiUuiolphia Foruni ui inroiinK of tho Media Womens Club in iho First RupUsl Church yesiorday ornoon In a clear and foniblo man ner Mr Vuutler described thu Incia occurring In recent years llnally led la Chinas iitiiionul condi tion today Chiiui is and has been for some time subject to n variety of said Uic speaker A lap txnese ultrcr hrts attacked her on the oast Sho lias been the victim of German measles Kusskin scarlet fever French colic and on Kouthcrly cxtremiiy a sevevo attack of grabitls1 has set in Tho speaker used thesn terins in telling of tho of portions of China rnd her portu by foreign connI tries Jto told of i he CViinttJapanese war the oili cigu counUies saw liow easily China ivas subdued and immediately tool advantage of her by seizing what ever they pleased The question tnijjht he asked said tho speaker Why should any one be interested in China and this Is the answer China produces larfjo riUiiiuiiies of aruimohya tin load oil Jier coal and iron mines rank among the largest in thu world her anlhra oito coal mines are as larse as tiylvanias and she has yioat tles of bituminous coal Tho speaker showed that America is in no position to interfere because of the fact that some years ago this country sponsored Japans attaching lands in China Tho only solution thenfore salt iho speaker lo this nuestlon ifi by pldclnK theso foreign concessions un der international control which can he flonrt by the establishment of it world court It rould bo dnuR in that manner or else by anvnkoningthese rouniriei to their moral wroiifjdoinj Before boKlnnnip his Iccinre on China Mr Vauiier spoko at lehslh on Statn and national affairs There Is a matter of reit im portance said Mr Vauticr that I think should he brought before the Httention of all organizations and ospeclally before womens clubs and that is tho increasing tendency in America toward i minorUy rxite in stead of tho mniority That this is a ia evidenced by in tho past In 1JIO i very small number of senators fnd others together and prevented the Govern ment from ilnisihlnp our job in the I Ruhr district In 19201K21 anutlier frroup in tho Houso stopped tho passigo of the ship auhsidy bill Hisht now there ij a comparatively email which peisists in vio lating tho Kiprhteenlh nmcndmentA large number of these people are people of lush social stmdlns and whenthey arc arrested and brought before judpes iti somo cirses the Judge realizing his social obliga tions lota them po free There is KLiU another small group of men who go out in all sorln of costumes and ara against VOUKJOUR KCCIH Sup POHO the Catholics Jews and ncjroes Khould takp to theso melhodsV The result would bo chuos instead of r democratic form of government which ia I understand it states that tho majority rules hut tho In terests of tho minority must bo pro tected There in also another prroup of men who recently prevented iho passage of the imilyiichiiiif hilt which would have pievented Ivnch Ings and stll another small crowd of minnrs who go out on striken will not work nnd will not permit anyono elso to do otherwise Tho obligation to combnf tliese conditions rests upon womens clubs and churches Not that J am in favor of churches mlxins iii poll tics hut a good itixen must bo a grood Christian and tho abolishment of such conditions is necessary to Christianity You 7nust oduciio ho masses went on thn speaker and also vote for tho best mrm Tor ptiblh ofllcp Put princlplo boforr party t thn polls do be afniid to split your ticket There are people who would rather bo striijrhf I n he riglit and tills is tho reason for so inurh rotten pollllcs These peoplo wlio vote straight ticket Jiro doinR wroncr In such casos when the other candidate is a bolter Crooked bosses nro the rea sons crooked politics Tho people wont support pood politicians went on Mr VaJuler they are tliese good churchgoing people who say Oh I dont wain to fet mixed up in politics and Instead of voting 1or tho mini with prosjrea sivo pillcies thiy are allowing the crooked politician lo bo elected to olllce Tho address was morp of a lecture and was instructive nnd interesting Mr Yiiutler used a map of China 10 show the lands tuken over by fureitui countries The meethiRwna presided over by Mrs James Hunter presdcnt and was very larfifly attemled Several men imticLd airumf thu audi ence which is an object of the club lo have as many men as hear Mr Vauiiers talks who suffer from norvp weak ness iind luck of visor will lo Inlcr In at Iuropcan discovery which full physical power quIrHcr Ihnn Rlnnrl oporaltotis H IK n simple trefttmem In inWpt form nhsn lutfly harmless anil yrt tho most piiw erful Imlgoraor known Actlnc rti rcetly on Important nflrvo FRIENDS SCHOOL Collection Displayed Intcrast By Media Citizens number of the residents of H and vicinity havo visilrl the on Important nsrvo KlnmlK nnd Mood vcffplf I often produces nninzlnn hfnenis In 21 to 35 hours mi rt ratifying rMilts within ft week PhysiclarH say li Rives apfledy Isfftct Ion tn exses ihiit defy ill olher treatment Kliterly people fit It n roU founliUn of youth i 1 MslrUHitoA under Oui ivruie of eonipounrt tha iHsiovcry has been tqslort thoroughly In America nnil mnniifaeturMs Imvfl received n verltntiK lloml of letters nf pvalfo nnd pratltudr from rcvilnlliod men mill women In every Stale Intlents paM no icsltfy iluit tlio roinpounrl oukUly restored to them tho visor of ihfi jirtnie of life Knowing Hint this news may seem j Ida Kood xo true iHo dlM rUHHOvw invite any person needing com pound to Inke n doublem reiiRih tiem meni suflUieni for ordinary I wilh iho umUrstnndlni Hint It oosts FV HIllTTIJTl 1 nothing If It If you wish to try i his frtnirnnteel tnvieoi itor writs I ITI MrUt eontldenie lo tlie Melton lab Viewed With oratories CS3 Hlila Kansas Uy Mo You mny enclose 12 fir simply send your nrinie without money HIU tlm postman aiul Stnle street is tho victim ot rheu matism Thomas Himncer of South Plum street one ot the shutins of the bor ouph remains about the nnrno Mrs C II Morley of tho Balo Manor in iililo to bo out after n weeks Hleliiuss William Iwinibprt Green oC West Washington street Is vecovei Insr from a soiond attnrk of grippe to her home Vivigjjlo near Mcilin owini tn sleUnesn Mrs Ohnrlen H WtlllnmROn Jr nf j KnM Second street Is the victim of a cold Tho Eolith Media nro honso Is rcndy for iho plasters to hogln their wovJt Mr nnd Mrs MarslmU Ryors iro rorpivliiR nn the ar rival nf n liiUituinii uily Tho now ouinoi inndu Ills nppciinuup os i i tJl t l l u 1 II 1 I 111 I r MI i I Ulti l M l l1 u iiti5 select bcnool m tnyley th0l iainrarorles will Immetllnte ternico io see Hie srhool work refund your money This offer li Lh of tho Kunrnntertl by Friends nolwicly neerl hesltntr which is on exhibition work was exhibited at for six Central School wifki ilurlnK thu winter Classes ono twn mid three have been studying Japan under ihe cli roct ion of Miss KVaures I huve mailo u nmiuituro liipan the sand table they hnvo ihn small Japanese houses with the wly loria and hurvo u Hhrino with thi Idol the KlreiroR wilh rustic bnilRcs the trees in blossom and the lanterns ftround Tho teacher feels thai having tho boys and Riiis hriiiK Hie roimtriM before them with Hie bnihiliiKS streams and tho products makes u lasting impression They hrve studied HolliHil the Pllprrlms coming lo America HU th Eskimos In tlu KJOIIO way make hooks containing the coumrit tho huikli iiuil clip interoittnK which refer 10 tho hind they study Miss Atke FiiHsell Harlier eichor in an and rnijic a creditable display Tho pupils have taien tiio material from its riw Hiate bank drpoilts no to aooepl It Entertained Members of I he First Jreshyterlan Church choir had a pleasant evonins at Iho homo of Mr und Mrs Harry 1 Makivor on Kast Kourth street The quests took ihe opportunity if rchearsliiff their ICaster inuslc after which they sponl a social time with their host nnd hostess HefreshmeniH were Hervecl Mrs James lord Hlgby nnd John Vance bUtlmer wero in at loiidanrc Mombers of the choir pres ent Mr and Mrs Haker Mr und Mrs CieoiKQ B Lilham Mrs Willlnm C Patton Mrs Harry Ili iton Miss Doria Miss Lillian Alinew Miss Pomeroy Miss Virginia Alien Mlss Jane Har vey MlHs Holin Hough Cllcjive 1 and 15 Davis 1 Noxt week thf youiifr will be entertained at tho liomo of Mr nnil Mrs 12 Shirley fiorden Th X11KR uona Aiieu MI niciurrs of VI1SS IOlllHO ACT hiiri o7nc Kthel Alle Mias miss pinitm is Mn until Inlslied Cotton is one nj ihr subjects ami tlie children have also studied pictures of the couon mills and tho early manufacture of it Kach ye after vacation a lesson in memory work is nivon and ilie MTlrls nnd buys draw and color soinr place they liavu visited ine ha1 iin excellent picture of Itrooin allfl Lake E Sidney Rawson has reason lo Interest In Debate There la much rivalry in the public i school as to which sex will dominate I in Iho unrnliiK debate with Upper Darby April H Out of some twenty candidates 1iof Mlchaols has nar i rowed the selection down to six can didates Tho boys havo the advantage now of Ivtviuh four candidates in the tlnai Kolerlion namely ITayward Twylor POPULAR ELK GETS BACK ON HIS JOB AGAIN Philadelphia Man Owes Recov ery to Dr Thachers Liver and Blood Syrup I sure am glad to pet hark nn my Job asaln after months of ill and I Kindly ivo thu orcciit fur my recovery to Dr Thnohcrs TJivr m Blood Syrup sili I well known salesman employed Fecltn t Co Inc meat Mr I3avls ii a popular meirher of tho Klfc BcrJtly Iodpe Xo 27S and lives at 413 f 21st street Philadelphia My main frouhlo nin ond a weak siomach and just ahont to ct hf best of rno had no appeUto couldnt relish n thins pnd my head would mhe lilie It Tyould split patcrt fell off hardly sleep at I took four Ilver and almost InsLnnt wan badly roust I weight and cotiin of Tir Thaih Kjriif itKj puc f havent felt In a Ions time Tilood relief no pood an I do now and T am getting strongpr and hotter every riny This Is decidedly the heat tonic for weak rundown people I have ever taken and I cant sou much In Its praise Dr Thachers Liver and Rlood Syrup is sold by leirliiifr drngKislH with th puarantoo that If the first bottlo dnivi nol honeflt you the chase price will Ifumld In Chester H is hoint featuril hy MlllerH 6fn KdEmont A nnd hy Phajinacy Media Pa pur racks piruro fiMincs uid The French teacher MIHM Cotnley nnd tho instructor in linKlish MISK Louiso Hal nes HhondH havo their clJissrooniM ortlracave with tho work done in tlieir tlejiariments Tho classics have been illustrated and objects with Ihn names in French show the children understand the studies A prcoKraphy study has been made of pasteboard of the immediate vi cinity oC tho school the school build ins Gnjlcy terrace tiie homes of Ur K M Harvuy Attorney EiiRcne AVnlker Charles Singleton and John Ijatllmcr can be recognized In Colonial days a minia ture room has been fitted up jfiving nn idea of tho olden times Miss Anna Beitler Smedley tho principal extends an invitation to Die public to visit the exhibit the rcmmndeiof tiie week from t until G oclock in the afternoons Tea is served Class K has arranged a hook on KiiiK Tut which is iiilto worlh while MEDIA CLUB SMOKER Comedians in Burnt Cork Among the Entertainers IYnst anil Sullivan black face comedians of Chester were en tertainers at the Smoker at the Media Club last evening Front Imperson ated a colored soldier and Sullivan a colored olllcer of the United States Army Their many jokes reRarrllnR army life were enjoyed Koth men served in the World War They were connected with Iho lllth infantry and knew something of tho life lir the men who fought Arthur W Warner Fred Mason Jr and Howard K Jackson mem bers of the committee appreciated tho assistance oC Sanley lltbherd who secured tho talent At the con clusion oE the proprani refreshments ivere served and the men enjoyed good smokes Tuesday evening March 20 T Chnlkley Palmer will be host to members of the club with tho adult membersot their families or a guest Mr Palmer who is president of the orjyanizatlnn has arranged for nn evening of vocal and instrumental music anrt rtnncing In ihe attractive auditorium of the club house The mennd those who have been fortunate enough to receive an invi tation are unlicipatins the cveniny with pleasure MEDIA Directors SCHOOL BOARD tho Build Plan to Keep ing Warm Tho Media hoard of School Direc tors held their monthly business meeitiif Tnosday night in the board room of the Media Iliblio School lor some time in fact ever since the school has been hiiilt there hast been some difficulty in heatingsome of tho rooms on the north and west sides of the huillinRs After numerous In vestigations it was fonnfl that the windows did not fit tight and slrterable draft waa comlriK In Thin will be rcmrrlied as the school boitrd Vias awarded n contract to Straw hridRe Clothier of Philadelphia to wfalVior on all of the windows that are defective Mr Michaels secretary of the board reported that the school had plenty of coal The bin is full and there are pome 30 tons on the outside The board discusser plans to take care of tho school popula tion next year Sewing Circle Entertained Mis Warner Bennerma n enter tained mernbers of the SewlnR Ciroio to which she belongs at her home ai Moylan The ladles meet In the morn inff sew and That At the noon hour the hostess serves lunch The after noon Is spent In playinft bridge Membrs include Mrs Harvey Iratl Howard Mr Louis Ross Uttio Mrs Krnest IKoy Groen Mrs Marry KwInR Macky Mrs F Jcn nington Mrs Walter D Grlscorn aril Mrs Xorris Scott Mro Scott ivill be hostess to the ladies March 27 Wrisohedol 1InjrhiR Bonner nnd Les lie 1lotts The plrls have two candi dates Helen Smedley and Dorothy Kauin In a iirrk or so ho loam lo con sist of lliico ilibarors and one aHcr nntv will be chosen from those six cnndiihites to rcpreKcnt Media School Schuler Guild Meets Amanda beeper wnn elected president of tho Schuler Guild of the itHi Presbyterian Church at tho annual meeting which was held nf the homo of Mr and Mrs Wtllard Giahuni Hough on Wosl Statn street Mrs John Vance Lattlmer vice president Miss Mrnnnin secretary anrl Miss Arlolo Jlapan treasurer After I he oleMion the study book was taken up The younjr folUs are loarnlnK roRiirdlnR on tlic March Mias Mary ceper gave another of her delight ful talks upon women of the Hlblo Keturah AbramH wife Iho one presenlod The trensttrer reported that plx luinrtred nnrl fHty rtolhus had been rained during the year CoMtsion of Vehicles There was some excitement on AVashiiiKton Klvect Tuesclay when v Korcl coupe running north on chester avenue colltderl with n quarry truck running west on WaKhlriKtoti Btroot The Ford was operaLerl tiy a young man accompanied by a Iruly anrl another Kentlomnn The Fnnl hit Iho tmck scinare demolishing tho rear of the truck and thn front o the coupe The shattered prlasti cut tlio lady occupint Miss Oertzen was treated art tho Media Hospital Media Sick List John Thomas ono of tho undrr keepers at the Delaware County Prison is confined to hti homo at Slate and Orange streets with an it tack of Edjrar McCllntock of Went Stato street is numiifrod among Iho sick Mrs iPrestoii who fell iipon some ice In the rear yard at her horno on West fUate street ai which she sustained n bad sprain of her right nrm la Hlfll ssit ferinc troin the Iniuvy ill Mrs Joseph Seal of tho Palr Manor who lias been sick nll win ter Is recovering Mrs Jesse Baker Seal of Iho Dale Manor has recovered from sin attack of srippe Mrs Frank Mess I ok of Front And Olive streets has been a victim of grippe Jesse of tho Dale Manor has been connncd to his home tho result of bollK Miss Asnes McOKntnrk of West March Brings How to Out Unsightly Spots Remove Easily The woman with tender skin dreads March bemuse It IH likely to cover her face with ugly freckles Xo mat ter houthick her veil the sun and winds have a strong tendency to make her freckle Kortunatelv for hor peice of ml art strength makos It poKHlble for even those most SUH to freckles to keoj Uioir skin clear and while No matter how a can of Vrwkles you the double strength Othino should rerrove lii em Gct an ounce from your druggist and lianlMh the freckles Money bnck If II fails For Stiff Joints Gave a Luncheon Mrs Ernest IeHoy Green of Jef ferson and Jackson Htrects enter tnlned nt lunch at the Union League Ihllaclelphia in honor of Miss Helen Shoemaker of Philadelphia whose cnfraprement wns recently announced to Fdwud Reatty of AK Th hostess had rorsaKO bouquets of nvvept peas for her the lunch the Indies went to the Matineo nl Mirier H fin KlRinint avenue and Phnrmaolflts tlint when nil oth or MoCJillid remedies fail JolntKriso will siircfcil Its for Joint nllmcnln Is why yon sr atlvined to AIHO it for fCtrf pninful Inflamed rhftuinatlc lojnt KTIHP lirnrirrR lifi Tho in flpan niul ntainlcfis inl ipiicK rn fiilr nre Sixty ciiilH i mho Media Town Talk Mrs Freil langsiKr f of vili Now Jersey csleiday called on Media friends Mr und Mrs Asa Honsiill nir fixmi uid fxtiendod TO nintiers pertaining 10 business oii is rapidly on the 110110 houso jinl which Or Isaac Smedley Ilkn is having creciod u tlin cornniof Second and Monm lunis of Media Is Iho eonlrtuivr Miss Mary leoper of Washington nnd stveois is sojourning at Cape May 1 WiUlnn Cloud Alex ander IB havlniT iio inlerior oC Ins law oflico on South avenue ialnted Mrs Oscar Johnson nrrived from licano Illinois yesierilay Slie was called iisc owing to ihe ilealh of her Mrs Mentor Ynrnall Mrs Johnson will be remembered as Miss Ida Taylor formerly uf JViedln John K 01 JreonsvMIn SouthCarolina is In Media attending Ihe funeral nt his today Mrs 1 Wnneimiin will entertain at her homo ai Moyliui Saturday Shu is Kivlnjr serius of alternoonM Miss lloyd of West Sec oiKt strcot enjoyed a at Line of ho Phihiiltlphia playhouses Mis Mabel Wallace of Chester Heights nl tended to business mai lers Mins Wnllace and Kurov are planning10 iiavo a Mungainw built near tho railway station in iho village it U SJonn has sold hisproper v at Chester Heights tn o Air JolT or hosier Vr many VOMIJI ihe property was owned by the Into Mr and Mrs T Pnlmer Mrs inink A lanney of West sueet Is In iladdonllrld Jersey today Uci moiliPto colebratua birthday nnul versni y Ir Willlnm Carry loslln of the Venus School In Bpenii Ing tlie Knslrr at tlie homo of Mr and Mrs William Tuckerinuu on Wesi Found street Mr Jonlin wns KiipMvising principu iu Hie Media public sciiool for a number of yoam and enjos getting back lo Ihe coun ty seat Mrs Hannah Miles of Springfield spent yeslerdtiy with her daughter Mrs Coppock at her home in lies tor William Weils or SprlnjrllelcJ cnn lioast of having a Hue varlpty of lima beuiH la ho aiHumn ho took them from tho vines dried them Ho has remembered one of his Media trienda vUh Preston has nrlvcd from ManifoUl has been at Iho bedside nf hln daiiRbter Mrs ChfNloy who underwent for operation at thr Mercer Hi Pittsburgh Mrs Chcsley will the hospital for thjeo ueekn Klin will bo remembered us IVris AVare Miss ftllzabeth Jones nnd Miss Ulliiin Jones of Suite street have boon visiting friends In Chil ler Mrs Howard Tiobrpi of stale nnd Iluiu Ktreets has arrived borne frnm Ardmorc vliare she ban been spend ing forlnlsntYcslpiriny was thn of her natal day ho was eiHerlnlned at dinner by friends n Philadelphia Mrs Julius Sfnllusto of nvonue hfirt returned homn visit to her mother who IM New York City divnvfntr InBtiuotov of IowiiHhlp Is be ing omifiriiulaod on tlio rine results ho ts pelting in iiv tine of iVvawhip from ihe pupils of tho township schools Smith Media Fire Company No 1 will nuPt louidirow lolUghi Ui tho Fchool hoiiso President Car ilesires all members tt bo pivsont a there lire several ma of vnsil 1111 porlanie in be discussed Work luogresjiug on Ihe hoiise which Is bhiK imiii u Nornon a nil Lincoln sireots 1 bulhl Iveei ii Tin Id Hid it Mniii moiv hnsort u Ma nch fWilil Hoirl ls lioillt has on a iiu Tho Rinlnl persenilHy of tha do ocnsel wuii him ninny friends dur ing his llfii This wan more romnrK nUle bemiso ot the fact that ulnco he Uivon of iRe he ruvd been deprived the use of lioth lefts Nowithstanding ibis howcvor he wus married anil raised a faittlly of lift was n talented twister in the lOrslutw Mlllfl whcru worked for tunny cnrs ihfl son of Ihe John nnd lliinnah Keni mid n nephuw of the Inlc Iniiry T Kenl uil lames WiMe hoih IvMindovN nf mills In ihn community The Wllilorf Mill or the ruins of what wus ono ihrtt plant Ktill smnilH Oarby reelc A nuiubev 01 members of lou llilKlili Hose Hook nnd liidiUr went u Clioslcr Tius iluy iilKlit and Ilia Chester Vinli1 Order of ilio IiiKCf Ill buiil indoor sportsmen uji u KKIUO llshl lull worn hy ihilicli of of ilvehstars A a ii the svDre hiokeil lilllo mor In an early morning flro which destroyed two butldlnga In Market Strom ycstordny and niined a prop erty loss estimated al Tho ilro ntiirtpd in Iho four story iicctniiHl by tho Victnvy Shoo Coiniviny dPulroylnfj il nmi ho Albert Brulrm Vrodnco Company storo STRIKE IS AVERTED SCltAXTOV u March 15 The throntfntd Htriko of employees ot the Department of Public Works scheduled for yrslordny whs averiod throiiKh action of Director llnni li lontalno In HRroelnK to r litrtlHto Hovontoen men who worn ro cently ilismisxed by him iho city omployoB union had voted lo away from work unions this WHS done The vote has JS to 24 This bill otcnsionert sharp dcfe In the House when It came up final action with women mernbf pvrtictpaUng in tho discussion the first time PUT TO DEATH OUKMN March la Jainl OHoiirke who was executed chaiRed ivlvli pnriclputiiiff in attack tiiion loo troopsj aij wilh ciirryinf arms Clifton Heights Thn MmhruliKi hir nv cinnrli Uyhio I i niKcd i InMvuvt DKIH m Kills IN u11 Icnown icriMTOU rvnil MarW VIHCI Ihtlv miisli Mr as n itnvslcr of livi donn cooil work as 1rnfoiHor liforc pnl ol Iho iil ihn Clifton lloiuhiK lloiuo and School niHoolal ion ai J i Tiitrilntr Irt Uio riudllnilum if Iho sluiol u uny Oiiltp u nnmhor nttotidod incclinK ftiul nil wonropatil InliiTstlni iitk lolivrcd liy Murk Iho onU tin vclnliiMi of ilithome in i lici srliiOl iii loplilunl inllird at liUKDi on I ln ihai sliniilit l Iho liy ihn cnls ran n i o lis Hint liiclr Ihlldiin thn Cvrnlnn Vhr Ilif fait thai while tlo Uwlr in Tho siluinl rtioia It is iioiorsarv 10 havo Hi rhihfrou simlsp n luMiir Ui onlfi1 in ohlaln Hi lirnivr rosultn rrofossnr Murl ihcn wont on in show llur of child wlilln at Rrhiiol iirul Iho ptoliifinw mri dur iho Mcholaiilo 1nrior mnny nf hUh rrmiiro ilm jitiiMitlnn ol 10t iinlnls of NiM Mimlay ovcninK Mrtroh 19 a mooMuK of for Iho Uvtlvo of tho Clifton Hotchts I1 A No t wilt Ho hold In tho tire houso At IhlM timo all onndliialoi for Ihn unit rhanlfoMrH will Hn noiimv tholr tntonllini of jolnlnK chlir will ro c all MI oh applUMlnnH until tho livn iiiavhlriow nrrtvd wlion enodtdatos wtU laviKhl tho liohnionililcf f tho and alsu Imw to flRht IIIon Oilof MftiOoiijdil will hls mm wltnout parllalllv hut from Iho imitia shuvn duilnt Iho drills Victoria Plush Mills WOMEN AND TAXES U A U H J S V U 11 March lr Tlie House Hill removing exemption of wiMnen from nrresi mill jail sen euces for of laves was inIhe Semite yesterday VALENTINO WEDS AGAIN CHICAao March Ij Valentino screen firtor and Hudnul were married yesterday The couple m lined from Chicaf to Crown Point lud late todayseciil ed a marrlago liceiiM1 and were ilil ni iir P M lv huigo a justicn of thn peace Six witnessf who arcoitipaivi 1 them from Chica saw thi wrddiig The ritnrned to ill night and wnl to Hie ttlackstbil hotel wherf Valemino Is a guest Tin lnir to ii y al horn ID ukrr slroxnoil Iriuliorti will Kroo a uia Mpital bo at Xorth from a sick In South Media News VVIlllnm fjonacr was in OMt ot town yostonliy Auxiliary will iiuet nipiit Iti thc school hotjin they will rihpniflo lliclr iliffcriiit rolls In the thuy Hra tn frlvc Ininos of Turk Pluo vlKitor il he homo of Mloliirl Mo Jiirtliy Ihp olhpiovonlnj KHlH Kiijziifon f Vrrnon nnd Jef forHiii slreitl is cunllnefl to Jilw homo by sickness iJinns who Ima brpti con llnprl lo Iiln home by sickness IH to ho ouC MTH Amos Tliompsoii nurl son Lrrny oitnflnorl lo their homo on WiillhiKffinl iivfnup hijrli COKI of f urn Hiiro dors not worry William 1 liiiiiinin ol Mtm chcHtor nvoniio Hill i qultn a nt criMnot maktn Is t prcspiit making it Morris chnir whrru rppnst in liii Inljniro IIOIJTM Hnrry Onisby his liintiiUofl n ricflvlnr in his homf When in ATLANTIC CITY Stop at the HOPKINS COTTAGE MRS 3 F HOPKINS Prop 35 North Connecticut Avc SPECIAL MONTHLY AND SUMMER RATES ROOMS 3150 AND UP Tjso rrcslilort anil lowing Ilio Hltrnilauio ni tlio fol an iho of it Tloto ar hllrlrcn In not nttiiici ho ol ihi to ualn l vlsll o th but iiooonUiirv iiHHnclnilnn it IH ld ho minioroin i tht flirion iiiiHf nioctii pinion ilia ilio nni yit whai arrinrs hrivhiK ihnoi who ili s Som may 1 hri Is lltllo Iu HcwMon wuml Ih 0 ionics which dlsiMJufiril liy ulilo HhiK nf linpor JKIIVIHM of Sih nl In IdtMM thoroughly dlsiMJ lit the moHhiK tJIIUi HOI Mly l hlttlrcti hut In a A nnn of Hul n nil rriits w pnll hy lolm at a hi ng hdoro of lln John MniKau TiMKiUiy ovoaintf AniUmn aoooidlnK to lUo ovIilRiiccv flvoii wiis lcivliiR IIJH our whllo iindir ihi of liilnxiianlM i n t itrilas tvoriiliK nnd onllldril a tiUiria yih polo jind Irnm that IIIMIIK fil Inlo n tiro phitf It sall ttial li1 fit pirilfsts on tho part ol rians Ajiilnnfi iiiTuiiiVod in liy drlvfs 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111 1 rnnii i M ma do Sir iind Mrs have hoou rowlill Cnllcn and tlioy Cullon who iiK wiiii thoir won Jr havn rotnrnoit nro now occupying All Are Free their liomo on lie llaitimore piko tjuiio a little oxcllcmont wai caused when a truck owned by tile MUM mAdams Coal Company bucked douci the sleep bank on tho Lewis Hill iForlnim tely tbo driver and hli helper wivo not hurt and it did not tako long to pull tho dniniificd tiiick up In t lie road again Llitle Mary who has boon sick lu bed with scarlet fever Us Klvatly Improved Tho Ueverend ChiiilPR Hunilltarx paslor llirt Victoria tnlon Chupol atlciidod the conferoueo for Sumltiy school olllcerti held at the Norwood lie heard wom rxcellcnl iilliiioM by prominent men and later wits served with it fluo supper Tbo Tuxis bisKctbiill team rlo fentil lOlwyn team by n ocori of tJI at their lasi Mil mo played on tho Illwyn tlini1 Ihey huvo ar ranged fiir number timO wilh Klwyn iinl ihov hope to finish with tho long end if Hoi ncnre lu ibelr credit At tlie close of ihelr lait incvl Ing the TUNIS class played mi exolt Irig l game Tlie loams playing wonr the lleds and Iho Whiten composed of cliiflH moni Iirrs Hy the excellent work of WUlk Clark iho Whiten were Hi defeat by iv 272fi Mcrie Another pauie will be pluyed Tliurwduy evening and ihe Whiten livijm l lui iiiiiro siicuiSHful On Tliurrday evening a Koolnl will bo held In Iho churvih iu order to MI crmrago regular a tendance churcli tnemburs All nbsniiteeu havo hniii culled on mid It Is expected that a 1110 per cent ntlondiuico will be had nl the meeting for the Faslor ser vice nl tlie Victoria Union Chupol arc now well under Way II Is the aim of Iho Hunlay school o makii Hiis HOrvIco a most auc cesfiful ono ind tbo iiKuiibors aio giving their hearty support toward Hibi end ulu a nitmlier of bnfikiMhnll iames htivo been arrnnged belwucn Hie TuxU clnsH and other Inn inn Among these aiO tho gaTtio Company It of Chenlor to he plnyed at the Armory nnd it KfiliiO wilh tho ProKTCHM Lnd team of Clifton Silverware Linen etc We offer 164 gifts to the users of Mothers Oats All sorts of gifts for men women and children You get them with cou pons from Mothers Onta packages A Par Plate TcA spoovi for instnnce cornea for only 15 And we will send you ten coupons free when you write for this Pre mium List at their best Mothers Outs bring you oat flakes Qt their best They are flaked from jtiat the rich eat plumpest grains Two thirds of the oala as they come to ua are discarded from this brand The result is a flavor that children low It makes the oat dish tempting And that is what you who know how much oats mean to children i Here you get the utmost in this matchless food It costs you less than a cent per dish And the coupons with it bring these gifts to you 10 Coupons Free Ask for our Premium Llst picturingnil these gifts With it we will send ten cou pons free to apply on any gift you want Write today for the postal will do LEAPS TO DEATH FROM SHIP AT SEA GOITRE REMOVED Hiintinfjtoa Lady Tolls How V JomM 2731 rKlnlle A I lunl n W Vi idii wjll H IriKloM she QuHiimiile a Yon an he nnnics 1 users nl MU nni ding MI Iov 5X M f VpIlK March 15 Henry NIHliil of lUvaton iv tnoiuber nf a prombKn old Now KDifluixt committed milcltln Monday by Junip IIIR from nn upper declc of Iho tVihro llnof MurHillloH which arrived In port hore yoMloriliiy lo lhu entUaln Bllrtcl liad heon HiirfprliiK from hallucliiii tlnnn He WIIH n gnirliiailn of Prlnco tun nnlviiMliy rlaHM of 1001 7 FIREMEN HURT IN PITTSBURGH FIRE pnTSFUltCill 15 Seven Mionion were Injured one seriously gel slid TODAY GEORGE TVAISJI In BLUE nLOOD ANDHBD Aflflod Tlio Dum TOMOHTIOW Oooiran Supiiortcd by lion Clmney in DloksniJ Immortal Clajglo Oliver Twlnt Artdod A Rood Scout th Street Theatre Trltlny Sivturrtfty Mrvrcli 10 IB 17 HAROLD LLOYD In DR JACK PoatttJre Roirorn In of Tulth Week All Weak Speoln1 Attraction THE ORBAT VlolJn VJrtuoso Mothers Oats Cut out offnr to you wont forgot Only 10 couponi froe to a horaa Address Mothers Oats 80 Jackson St Chicago High Blood Pressure is Dangerous May Mean Sudden Death New Discovery Reduces It Quickly and Safety VgU rany haxe high blood and not know it A Fortunntely In the majority of Nature gives dun wnrnltur U yog a victim o headachea If you have poundintr In Ihe top of your hfnd If you havo dizzy ipelli anprlneniof brenth on exertion If you ilecppoorly wnko up IrcqueiitlyU your heart bcnla honvlly orPcundbBt llmtA tHktheed Those aro all dangor mny mean that your blood in abnormal or lilttli U la fdolldh to neglect high Wood prctaure for n wellknowh hun dlKnrvorcd a new trontment tnat In of hM been offectlvo almost at once wethodi treat high blood from nn en tirely new principle H roHulntei In natiira way the nnJ bile so that hey thoroughly claame the Byntcm of the poinonous wHHttB thatcaunc hlah blood prewuro treatment hoi bcon DO universally that It been put up In convenient tablet form and ts dls everywhere by the lilAIIN So remarkable liuve been the rrmllci from Us the American have authoriied local oruBclaU to jt with an abiolute euariintee 1 you do not receive wonderful mllef from tho very first me rom o ttle ynur money will be Instantly refunded lAlN li harmless It cannot create a habit and its n s t nre tmually permanent Jt con be taken by even the motl dellcnle II yon hove hluh blood prmaurc are rundown havo dtuy chronic conjlipsdon you may find the real rood lo vlgoroui henlih by going to any good drungist ai mentioned below and asklnK for a bottle of BiA FOR HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE GUARANTEE If you do not receive wonder ful relief from the very flrat bottle of Bialln return the empty hnttletousend wewtH refund full purchase price You are to be the sole judse Dr H H XUKE COMPANT Sole 88 While St Red Bank N 3 Sold by Zelgermaixi maoy Xellyii Filar Kil lers 807 Bdffinont JLvsj M H Biokley X A Burio holder Hickory Pharmaoy Afuslcal Club drugglata overywhqro Here It That Car You Want You have often pictured in your thoughts fhe identical car that you would like to drive You expect to own it some day Look over our used cars and you will probably find it and at a price that you can easily af ford The fact that you get it here gives you the certainty of satisfactory performance Our good name goes with every used car we sell Chester Automobile Exchange Ninth and Welsh Sts Chester Pa New Offerings in the Spring Vogues at a Brand New Shop i HE Piudcer Ladies Garment Company wishes to announce the opening of manufucturinK and at Clifton Heights and invites women and younK ladies to visit their salesroom n and view the Spring presentations of SUITS COATS CAPES WRAPS AND DRESSES The fabrics styles nnd tailoring interpret Ihu newest and best of our manufacture Selling from our own make direct to you Rives you a saving that you will not soon forget THE PRICES ARE UNUSUALLY LOW styles In nil season colors including crepes silks wool and CA to CQ some with the new Egyptian colors from the newest styles M C AA io ftft in Jricotine tweed and poiret twills v pttluv COATS AND models Prices A range from PIONEER LADIES GARMENT CO N E Corner Baltimore Avonue and Walnut Street CLIFTON HEIGHTS on Walnut Flight Up BUY DIRECT from the MANUFACTURER and SAVE tho MIDDLEMANS PROFIT   
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