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   Chester Times (Newspaper) - June 23, 1923, Chester, Pennsylvania                             Yesterdays r Net Paid Circulation Was 14000 EINAL Latest and Local News POLICIES OF THE GOVERNOR MEET 1TH FAVOR i Women Voters of County League Approve Edu j cational Program Conference at Sleighton Farms Darlington Well Attended By Members Governor Plnchots educatlona1 policies wero approved In a resolu tion adopted by the Delaware County League of Women Voters at a meet ing held at Sleigh ton Farms Dar lington yesterday The resolution further expresses confidence In tlio Governor declaring that the women voters fully realize tho Executive Is standing firmly to continue tho present high sunulnrd ot Pennsyl vanias educational system nnd that tho Governor in appointing and re moving officers connected with the state educational department does ao having in view only tho very best in terest of tho continued development of the educational system of Penn sylvania Mrs Paul Lnrchenmyer of downe presided nt tho meeting Moro than sixty women attended the conference Tho women were greeted and entertained at the Insti tution by Miss Morrison of the school Ono of tho subjects nt discussion was that of men mid women who do not pay their taxes Mrs John Kent Kane of Radnor Mrs A B tJenry ot TVallingforrt Mrs J O llopwood of Upper Darby and Mrs Humbert B Powell president of tho womens Republican of Dela ware County were among the women who talked on the tax question The speakers said thct women as well as men should pay their taxes and that no person should escape from this important duty Ono of tho women said that she knew of a tax collector in this county who has paid tho taxes of four hundred men in thu hope that bo will be reimburs ed by the persons for whom he paid tho lasos It is said that several tax collectors have been In the habit of paying taxes for citizens Tho discussion resulted In tho rep resentatives of the different leagues being requested to ascertain from the tax collectors in their respective tricts tho number of men and wo men who havo not paid their taxVs and that the result bu reported nt the next meeting of the league In order that the county lergue may act in telligently on this important matter Some of tho women who discussed the tax question made It plain thnt women should not shirk their duty of paying taxes and that the tax collec tors should do thoir duty and collect the taxes and havo no fear of hurt ing tho feelings of tho women in tills respect It wis also pointed out that somo women declinc to pay tax es because they believe if they pay taxes they will bo forced to serve on tho Juries It was pointed out that women aro subject to Jury duty whether they pay taxes or not A resolution was adopted endors ing Senator Albert Button MacDade for supporting tho lUidlow Pencl Bill County Commissioner James M Hamilton wns one of the afternoons speakers His subject was Duties of County Mr Hamilton handled tho Hubject in a splendid manner Albert B Maria a Philadelphia lawyer spoko on tho question of im provement in county offices WILL CONTROL AIR FLEET IN FUTURE WAES Text of Rules Being Prepared at The Hague for Guidance of All Powers HiUnltrJ fVM WASHINGTON June 23 The I lilted States Government Is pre paring ro submit to the Senate n treaty with the other powers con taining drastic reflations to cur tall tho horrors of the use of air planes in time of war it was learned totiaj A commission of jurists sitting at The Hague in accordance with res olutions of the Washington Anns Conference has completed this njrreement between the John Hasseu Moore American interna tional law authority nnci a judge on the World Court was the United States representative As soon as preliminary arrange ments have been made with the powers President Harding after re turning from his tour to the West and Alaska Is expected to submit tho treaty draft to tha Senate for approval The text of the comprehensive rules to jfovern aircraft In times of I war has been received hero and also 1 is being studied by all the powers party so the deliberations at The Hague NEW PASTOR C1MT1IR DOORS Vacation Season Arrives and Teachers and Scholars Have Holiday Testerday waa fhe last day nf school It has been customary In years past to hold entertainments In the schools on the arternoon of the flnnl session but duo to tho excessive heat which has pre vailed during tho past few days Su perintendent of Schools Dr Charles A Wagner deemed it advisable to dismiss tho schools at noon yester day Between drinks of icewater and sweat mopping tactics the su perintendent decided that an after noon in the shado whero tho kiddies would bo more comfortable would be more benefclal for the children Consensus of opinion amongthe teachers and pupils was that Dr Wagner used pood judgment Tho schools will remain closed tm tll Tuesday September 4 sofrom now until Day DoshongPond Sandy bottom and Turlle Rock ba tho daily rendezvous nf the more adventurous boys who would fiooner bo with Iho at the olo swlmmfn hole than eat The advance guard of the crowd that will follow later was seen winding its alonj tho hanks of Chester Creek shortly after school dismissed yesterday The vacation Benson affords the employees of tho schools an oppor tunity to make repairs to the school properties also to paint and pive the different buildings a thorough re novating LOITERING GERMANS SHOT Iy lnilrd Irrti DUSSE1VDOKF June Ger mans wero shot by French occupa tlonists Jn the Ruhr Valley today A French pntrol cominpr upon a German loitering in the neighborhood of the railroad station i t Wesilintrop opened flro and he fell wovmded Another accused of attacking n German laborer engager in French work was shot at neckllnghausen The food shortage has not yet reached tho crisis which was ex pected Officials who are checking up on tho Biipply however say that Iho hunger situation is Increasing In seriousness and that riots are in evitable 18k Wedding Rungs A N PeoplML I 10 East Sixth Rev W Potter Van Tries Presbyterian Minister of This City Rev W Potter Van Tries the new pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church of this city comes hero to morrow for his first rcgular service Arranccments havo been mado to havo a largo congregation greet him Tho Presbytery under which the church in this city comes this week approved of the change The committee of the church have pur chased a new homu for Hev Tries at West Ninth slrwn and ho will shortly brlnhis family here and take up his residence The people or tho Second Cbtirch aro delighted that they aresecuring such an able and hard working pastor as Rev Tries Rev TV Potter Tries la a native of Bellcfontc Centre Co this State After graduating from Prince ton University with the class of 1903 spent a year In teaching in Lawr enceville Prcpaiatory School located at Lawrencevlllo N J and also in Irenton N 7 Ho entered Princeton Seminary and graduated with the class of 1D07 called to be UK sociate postor of the Sixhi Presby terian Church of Newark X J where he serveduntil such time as he accepted the call of the Trinity Presbyterian Church of Berwyn Chester Co Pa After three very suc cessful years in that field ho accepted the call of the Broad Ave Church of Altoonn Pa Here thu work wan greatly blessed and tho church was built up in many ways In the fall of 1916 Rev Van Tries accepted the call of tho ParkcsbuiK church whero he has been exceedingly successful in his work About 200 members have besn received during a pas torate of almost seven years which is a most noteworthy fact inasmuch as it fs In a community of only 3000 population and there are three other churches In close proximity The fi nancial side of the church has ro especial attention and help frrfm the pastor and tho benevolences which totaled only in 191G ii this last year mounted to almost 2GOO Church expense funds also Increased in similar proportion and the ParkeslniiR church today stands well within the first tlftcen churches in the Presbytery in per capita giv ing DuringRev Van Tries postoratc In tho ParkesburpHeld stress was laid upon evangelism iuul mission ary work Quite a number of mis sionaries home on furlough havo spoken from the pulpit of their own work and fields also Illustrated lec tures sermons etc wero instru mental In creating a missionary en thusiasm As a result of this pro Erapi of missionary education and stress upon the principles of Chris tion stewardship the church reports a large number of tlthers and helps in tho supportingof a mission sta tion In tho Shantung Province in north China Two young men havo been taken under the care of the Presbytery as candidates for tho ministry and a young lady expects tn take up Christian work In The church at Parkeshurff was vnry loath to part with their aggressive and able leader but realizing the larger opportunity In this city re llnnuishecall claim to his services with great regret The Second Church Is most fortu nate In securing In Mrs Van Tries a most excellent pastors wife She is a niece of Rev Thomas Aiken who was some years ago the successful pastor of tho Second Church Mrs Van Tles has taken a prominent part in the work of the Womans Mis sionary Society and In the Presby terlal Society Rev and Mrs Van havo three children Thomas Aiken aged eight Eleanor Jane live and Clara Louise three months A QUICK DESERTION WBST CHESTER Pa June 21 One day of married life was sulllcient for IXMI Kiln Reswick a resident of Spring City who has applied to the Chester County Court for a divorce I from Kdwafd S Bos wick wio is now a resident of Norristown according to the petition filed in court here The petition states that they were married on July 12 jfl22 and that they lived together until July n 1922 when she avers that he deserted her At the time they were living to gether or rather their single day of married bliss they wero nt the homo of the brides parents in Phoenlxvlllo LEAPED TO DEATH HY Unllnl NEW YORK June Mary looser 21 with her threemonthsold son in her arms leaped to death from the roof of a fivestory tenement house The child died instantly and the mother succumbed later The womJmfi husband belie temporary Insanity induced by the heat caused the act LEVIATHAN HAS BROKEN SPEED RECORD SEAS Expected to Average 28 Knots an Hour for 24 Hours Will End Trial Trip at New York Tomorrow Is the Report wireless to the United Press The American flag Is being carried through tho waters of the Atlantic aboard tho reconditioned 1rfviiilhan today faster than any merchant steamship nag ever traveled before Tho record of tho British speed liner Mauretanla was broken when tho new American passenger1 ship reached a maximum Friday of 2001 knots Thu ships avcrago for 12 hours from 10 A M in 10 P M Friday wiri 2701 knois The same speed was maintained this morning and pros pects aro that she may average 2S knots for 24 hours Klated American shipbuilding ex perts are going without sleep to watch Hie balllragainst other records pre viously hold by German and British vessels For Iri years wo havo waiter to heat the British and Germans on ihe seas F Glhhs supervising archi tect In the rccnndlt Irmlng work said this morning Now wo aro reaping the fruits of our labors Chairman A l Iaskor of the Ship ping Board revealed in a speech to tho passengers Friday night that the reconditioning for speed had long been planned and kept secret Weeks ago It was known the ship would tear down the previous records ho said Groups nf passengers throng about the bulletin board for tho announce men of developments every two hours The sweltering heat is ottcn as the race goes on There is a continuous of comment on tho decks Chairman JLaskcr Is beaming Glvvs and Captain Herbert Hartley have not slept for forty eight hours so that they might devotithoir con tinuous attention to the race Members of the Shipping Board brs lleve Congress may bo prevailed upon to appropriate funds for building to more giant liners llko tho leviathan to make America foremost In speed travel on the ocean The Leviathan Is expected to reach New York Sunday morning POLICE SEARCHING FOR JEWELRY THIEF PRICE jTWO CENTS NATHAN CHEKNOFF NOT GUILTY OF VIOLATION Hired a Taxicab and Pawned Watch and Chain in Wilmington Chester police aro still searching for an unidentified colored mini who stole a gold watch and chain from the Kopnor Jewelry store Sixth and Market aliveis yesterday The stranger committed the theft while u clerk was showing him several watches f Tho Chester pollen learning thnt s negro answering the description of the thief hud hired a taxlcah and started for Wilmington got in touch with the police of that city giving a description nf the stolen articles and of the negro Captain nt Police Kelleher of that 1 city at omn sent motorcycle men to I each of the pawnshops Captain of Ietectlves Benson also sent his men out only to lenrn that the thief ul pawned the witch 1U1 haln earlier m a shop near Second and French streets Ho bad re ceived on the watch and chain valued at Word of the theft had arrived too lain to cirb ib thief inn i m Followingthe location of the stol en goods by Motorcycle Oillcer A H Carey it was learned that the taxlcah had gone m Fourth and Mar ket streets Wilmington and after droppiig the passenger had started for Chester Tho motorcycle men at onro started In pursuit lml overtak ing the taxicab nestlonrd the driv er but could 11 Uonal regarding the thief ALL HELP POSSIBLE GIVEN DEVASTATED AREA Lava Row fTom Mt Etna Slowly Subsiding as Rel ef Work Progressed llv I nllrj CATANIA Sicily luln habilitation and relief work on tho area devastated by tho flow of lava In the eruption of Mt Ktna went for ward loday American Ambassador Child visited the region mid liivoptlgatod Another Chester ivinn Acquitted by a Meciia Court Jury Nathan Ohernoff of lort Penrt street this city was found not guilty if soiling intoxicating liquor by a jury at Media This was tlio ilrst disc tried in the Delaware coiinly criminal court under the recent no saloon law Ollhvrs of the PonnSoaboard Stiol Works complained to the Chester po lice that employees were get ting intoxicating Hnunr nt the place Following ihe complaint noted Ive ArnMil MiNcnl assigned William Curiy to gel evidence Carty was the chief wltnesa In Iho trial before Judge Harnou He tes tified that ho had gonn to the place on April Ct and punbased whiskey MrNeal testified thnt tho placo of the defendants raided tin April S but Mild thit in liifiiur was found Tlio siild that he novel sold any liquor but that he kept Kfirrnmenuil wines In the place Ho nlso said that Inhad n number of boarders and bey brought liquor lnti bis bouse nrlhclr own use Tho cnsts weni plumed on tlio roimly EIGHTMODERN BRICKjWELLINGS Permits Issued for Erec tion and Improvement of Other Buildings the sltiiitln Premier Mussolini has returned to Home but other govern men ofliclals are remaining until thai situation is Improve1 I Commander 1erera general deleL gate of the United States Red rro 1 conferred with Senator Clraolo and It was utfrood that relief collected in the United Slates would be repaid by subscription The lava stream Is still slowly ad vancing Permits for tho erection of eight iwoslnry mndcrn brick dwellings which will represent an outlay of ap were Issiied this week by Hpildlng liuipcctor 1 A Devlin to 1 Korshad The dwellings an lo lie erected on Iho Kait sldn of Kdgninnt uveinn between Sixteenth jind Sc street IcrrnltH for four twontory brick dwelling to ho erected at a cost of 000 on the ICaHl wldo of Umlsay street between ShiUplosf and Houti rml j mil strocto was Insticd to It Wood Olher 7ormltj grunted HIS PIKE TO IOWA Chester Youth Getting His Exper iences on tho Road I picked up eight hops which brought me to Pittsburgh a dlrtnnca of 320 miles Not so bad I am a woo bit weary Quartered nt thn Tounfr Mrns Christian Association at Pjttsbiirgh James H Baxter son of Jaiuoq Tiax ter of Concord road and Central avc niK thus describes the llrt dy of bis pike to Des Moincs a dis tance of 1500 miles Young Baxter a Chester High school student left Chester Thura ciay morning at fi oclock ile is mak ing the trip to attend the convention of the Christian Endeavor Society lie will represent tho First Baptist Church He may continue as far us Colorado Springs iincl up Tikes Poik In addition to his credential from tho Christian Kndeavor Society the youtrful traveler has a menage from Mayor William T Ramsey Tin greetings are for delivery to the Mayor of DosMolnos Baxtor is con fident he will reach his lostlnallm by July 3 The convention opens July 4 Red Men to fivil Tho chiefs degree team of Mor oponoca Tribe No no of this city will trail to Philadelphia next nesday night and confer the decree on a large clans of candidate of the Osago Trihe Vo HSnt Broad and Catharine streets The team will hji accompanied by n large dcleijatloa of members of the tribe PARLY MO R N i N G FIGHT One of tho Participants Hit on tho Head With a Lamp About 3 oclock this morning n fight occurred In a house on inst Second street between Uevan and Welsh streets and one of the partici pants Willb KPPN was taken to Chester Hospital to receive treat ment for lacerations of thcA scalp inflicted when he WIK struck on the head with a benvy lamp Patrolman McKenna notified of tho trouble Htartfd for the place heard a revolver shot Henchlnij the homo of George Dggs colored 20 Rant Second street he found Diggs seated on the steps and a revolver lying on tho sidewalk DigrgH was arrested and ot a hearing before Magistrate Elliott in police court was lined 510 and costs on a charge nf disorderly conduct YALE DEFEATED HARVARD Initftt Irett NEW IOVnuN June The Yale varsity crcw easily defeated Harvard in their annual fourmile race on the Thames Friday evening Yalo made a complete cleanup Inking all of the three races at th day Tho blue varsity won by six boat lengths from tho Crimson Tim Freshmen won by four lengths and the Junior vrusity by five HORSE BURNED TO DEATH WBST CHIJSTICR Pa Jun One horse was burned to death and IS tomi of hay a new hay lodder much straw feed harness and 1 amount of machinery were yesterday In a fire of ori gin which destroyed Die iirx stone barn of James 1 Pcnnook of mar Chatham Firemen from Avondalr saved much surrounding propTry loss is estimated at lartly covered by insurance 19 DIE An Attractive Musical Event Tho large anJ welltrained Madison street choir of 10 voices under the di rection nf Karl W Nocka will ren der hauls Holy city inithc church auditorium tomorrow evening at 7 30 It being tho closing musical event if the season Tho chorus will be ns slstvl by several popular soloists among them being Miss Vei Kwrlgart of PhltadolphatHo Fred A Brlndley of New York tenor and Hcinliold Schmidt nf Philadelphia liaaso The event promises to bo one of great musical merit Miaa Flor ence M Kottumlcy whose work al ways gives the highest satisfaction will preside at tho organ Library to Closo Following tho usual custom the West End Freo TJhrary Fourth liid Jeffrey streets will be close J on Sat urday evenings during the months of July and August Notices to this ef feet were posted Jn the Went Srlcin stitution today wcro Closing Exercises Commcriccrnotit excrclnes will be held at the Church of the Heaurroctlon parochial nchool tomorrow aftenipon Tho diplomai will he awarded by Rev Aiigustus I Gansler rector of the IMoventh ward parish All intoreslin program has been arranged Let the Times Have Your Views To Ii McOullough for twostory brick dwelling to coast fiinot on Rant side of Fulton street between Seventh and Ulghtli streuts Houston Manufacturing Company for onestory brick brdlor room to bo erected on the northeast corner of fireon nnd Caldwcll streets at a cost of Hubert llownrlh for brick garago to bo erected nt rear ot 715 Kdgmont Voronira at a coat of JllfiOO M P reiliolt for onestory brick I bungalow to bu erected at 120 street al a cost of A H Kancken for concrete garapo at roiir ot 120 and 133 Bunt Twentyfirm allnet to coat MQO Ij BAIlHuler for concrete Barago at rear of 1025 West Third Htroct to cost William Huckloy for concroto sar age at roar of 30r Went Hoventh street to cost Charles Oartslde for concrelo gar at rear of 1D07 West Klghlh utrrjol to cunt Joseph H fiamhle for corrugated ron garago at reur of 3002 Wont Sixth slreel to cost Too Boisterous Charged with d ru nice n ness and dis orderly conduct Michael Talbot of 401 ICnsl Klglith HI reel wns arrested shortly before last midnight by patrolmen Hums anil HomlUrm Ta hot by MM 1iolHlirotlNiioti burl ho neighborhood and 1 was on complaint of mvoral nf them thin olllcers wero imp I lo the placo This morning In poltco court Kllldll committed iho fnr lo imyniirnt of tho To ascertain Just how well tho Times is HcrvJng its with daily leaturui tho f ihls Journal are asked to deslgnato thoir likes and dislike Tho Timos has no other purpoao than glvo Its readera what they would llko to have In tho way of comic strips and other illustrated features and tho uno way to ascertain this for tho naders to give expression to their views Begin with tho Old Homo Town carefully peruso berns comic Home Hweet Jlome a Htrip Out Our Way ami the Boarding llousu illurt trated features spend somo with Uncle Uiggliy M Uodtimj Stories antl tho comic atrip each day featuring Undo Wiggiiya morion waton Kverett True Of courtic we Know you never miss Thirty Years Ago on tbi editorial page but we want your opinion on tnla feature as well the othcru Tho dally Btory of Jackie our ually serial mory give us your opinion on the llriHjiin Letter oui or Wasn inbton every day Tbo Automo bile tjimplmcu each dally cartoon on tho editorial page and dont forget It give us your views on our loud MeiiiK a Hervant or tno public the Times will ulrnily accept any Hiiggctitions on tno part of lii reuuers tor maklnj mm Journal mure Intereiting if potiHioie to Its patrona f MarK your prefcrencea X Old Home Town U o I d o e r Q B o m i c a Mome Sweet Homo Uut Our Way CHICAGO June Ll Four more deaths from the heat wave woc re ported yesterday bringing the total this week to nineteen The Bureui predicted coiulnucM high temperatures Surgical Operation Mrs Fllzabeth Hrmpt of 2032 Kdg mont avenue this city underwent an operation at the Taylor Hospital Rid ley Park Dr D J Monihan and TJr K A Campbell performel the operation Mrs Honpts inany friends will be to learn of her good condition after the operation Robbed the Compus I lent Colonel Frank K Hyatt re ported to the police today thnt KOrne ono had trenpisnorl on the campus yestfrday ard removed from the baseball diamond the home plate and pitchers box Our Boarding Uncle Wiggilys Cornor Uncle Wiggily Kunny Strip bvcrett True Thirty Years Ago Jackie Coogan Our Daily Sorjal Story Haskin Letter Daily Automobile Simplified Sat Food News Suggestions from Readers Mr and Mrs Thomas H Mirkil Wedded for 72 of It To be married for ae veritytwo yeirs and still be hale hojirtv and happy is a distinction of xvhlch Mr nnd Mrs Thomas 11 Mlrkll ly Yesterday was thelr iieventyser ondwddlng anniversary Tilsorca iiifetly ohnnrvrjd at home Kast Thlrtenth a I reel whero Ihey hiive resided wlnco 18M Holh are enjoying exceptional good health for peopk KO old ThrumiH II Mlrkll nnrl Misn Mariah Uunwucker married by Sfjnli rredrrlck lrlamh June 0 at the home of Isaiah If Mlrkll on Market sire below Market Kriuar Jle wan then twentythree yearn old times Mr Mlrkll followed thi water which oc cupation he rnntlnuril ol years Ho nrst raino Chester In 1R4I when but flfnin yeifrs of ag anrl has remained a citizen for eighty At one lime h his rrrr he waq policeman of fhexter The foil thrr paid nine lollars a week nnl tlic cop hnrl tn bo lamplighter too It was In KifiG that Mr Mirkil p lo nurlI as a In tlio PhlldM Phla Mint Hr iirlvaincd himself tr he posit f gold refiner and thirty In thr mint If retired lived in a aiVI omfort ever r Mrs Mlrkll c brrr from j Pa wbrre family tree dates bark fuvr ionary days AR a girl of Kh uf hiindsrirnri and attractive ir which am todp a though In now 11 her nightv Jilnth ye while Mr Mlrkll will celebrate hin acth birthlay D cember shruld he be spared until then Both are as hippy as bo Kvrv fifty flnrtf them up anrl about the bouse and occasionally bile rfdibreaks the monotony of hi loor life for tliern PRESIDENT IN HEART OF THE WHEAT FIELDS S Will Gain Technical Knowledge By Operat ing Binder Wheat He Cuts Will Be Served in Bread at Dinner Tonight By LAWRENCE MARTIN ilnltod Press Si a if CorrospondiMin KN KUlTI PIIKS1 MKNT HAUniNC TO HUTClllNSON Kits June 211 Presddent Iturdlng came to Klinsns todtiy and planned to turn dirt farmer 4 Interlug the very heart of the griat wheat lilds Mr Harding and ov ernor of Kansas a real dirt farmer Intended to tnko a hand In harvesting the wheat crop thnt ulrtteliod for inlles In every dtrevtlnn lields of gold under a burning nun If the nunburn he miiTered In Kan sas City yoHlerday IH not too painful the Ireslilinl will put on ovcratlw and si raw hat and become farm hand Air Harding came to Kaiuian almost as HtmbiiriKd tin native He was j forced tn rest yesterday aftornnoii and put Ice on bin sunbiintered llpn He was much better today nml ex pixled with livirnir Oavls lo fur nlHh tho tiocoHsary technical Hnowl edgn tn climb aboard M binder In a wheat HiId aboul a inllit from town ml start cutting the crop The grain ho culi will bo lhrsbid at nmu and rushid In a Iliuir mill at dinner tonight ho nnd ftfrH HurdlnK will eat biscuits mado of this Hour Having thus hren Inltlnled Into the dirt fiumir ranliH Mr I larding will jirnceid upon the mljsliui that Illought him Knntni on bin wentern tripa npeeclr in Hui fnrmers of Iho wholt Mlditlu Koulhwist and Par West ite will drllver bin ngrtrultiir al mcHsago nl Hie fair groumbi nn tho riultiklrts of and It will n bv rncllo Semi lor Arthur Capper nnrt Gover nor 1avlti worn lion In 19 Iho party lliitcblnxiin a town of 20000 Is oiij of Iho nervo centorii of Iho wheat producing Industry It ban grain ol evatorH Hour mjllw and one of Iho llvost Hoards ot Trado in tho Middle Two npeochoH worn on tndiiya pro an Informal talk In tho morning to nchoul chlltlrnn and tho otlu r the agrtculluraUHpoech in two oclock this uftcrnoon Mr wan glvon 1 llve nUUiiW ovation lu Kaiisau Clty hint nlffht whon hu arono toenonk Then wits no dlMgulfilugtho meiit that followed hln falHiro In tho speech to mention u rallrnfid rale re duction for agriculture Vhiit JM ono Ihlng about the transporfilion IIIIUK llon tho great farm In west Ii lu ltrnHted and Capner said today tho president miuio tv mlulalcu In not cnvtrlng thn point In maniur Tho dlsappolnimeu hlH sl lencn cauiivd la likejy tn bn reilicled UK he contlntioa through firinlnir iuiinlry Cupjior and olhnrs Speaking to a largo nudlnncn tho rriiHldent otilllnod nn iLilmlnltlra tlon railroad biuied on two coniiolldation of thn rDtinlryM llniii Intr a fw great Kysteniii and enactment ot a law lo prevent railroad MlrlkM imlli dbi putii hsiVM bttrn aiibiniltd to arbi tri 11 tin In doing thin ho lew In Ihe facu of public opinion In this unction of Iho country nn boll pninta IH til Middle Wtit in ropruud strongly dp IHyKd tn Hie conHnldtiui piin Ho said In thi upoech that he had bin very mitih warnorl not to niak Ii In KniinaH jitv Labor IH oppnwod bitterly tn the antlstrlki riiiggrMtlon which Mr Hirdlng Indicated clmrly inli go ing tn try to have put Into Hirill rnarl law Ho rfiilleil hli vote for llial nrnvliiluri wlun ho a Srn alur and said ho wan worry II had iioiii Htrlcken frnm the law He sild IKiKifiid u would hn ponHlliin to glvsuch a plan a trial tint a mcaim nf forbidding Hlrikon bill of inl liiff them ilp mull arbitration been tried He aimed a lit thn IoiiiiHylvanli Hailrnad for iis rrfimnl In accevt and abldo by tiio rullngH at OK KallrnarJ Mnard Tho nltn einphaHlzed Hio iinrrl ftr tinrallrnadi and tlio inland walirwajH nynteiu of trnnUMirtntinn It In fnollHh tn Hpinl money nn fleeprnlng of hannelH and rithsr water Imprnvommils Mr Hard Ing thn watrrwayii ri hnnked up rfferHvcly with the rnil roalH and a fair dlvlHlon on ralon aHfturrrl After hlH farm Rpeerh thlH aftor nnnn the PnHldont leave ir Denver Nn In HChrduled for Sunday llr will rleflvcr a npech In iJciiver Monday law SER v i BE D OF FORGING PA YCHECKS ROY A MAYO ACQUITTED BY JURY Not Guilty of Falso Protonses and Conspiracy as Clinrped Roy A May n promoter of an Ink manufacturing comim was found not guilty of false pretenses anil conspiracy In tho sale of ink atock by a Jury Into yesterday The case went to trial nn Monday morning befnro Judgo lllddle o Curslle I a Thenwovo nineteen Indictments against iludefcndnnt Mil was tried on the Indictment In which It was charged be swindled Mrs Ada I I HrrickMiii of Chcstir out of f7fifl which she paid Im1 lOi shares of llankfr Ink torpnratlnn stock Tho iriMi was pniseciitid by As slslniit DiHtrlrt Altdrney T MacCarter and John li Haven White The difciubmt was repre sented by C Aluxiinder Whether Hie rimaiiilng eighteen ludliimonls will be p runs ml by Dis trict Attorney Taylor in bo seen It Is atlogiil that Delaware county people aboul 000 In t bo punhuso of Manltirii inlt stock FATAL FALL OF PAINTER Harry Norton of Morton Plunges From a Scaffold and Breaks His Neck Harry Norton OKO nf Morton met imitmcly doiilh yesterday morning whllo engaged In pulnllng tho barn nti tUe propertyof Dr leruld W PriiiderKiirsl at Haltimoro and Wavorly Hprlnfilleld lowiiNhip Norton was omptoyed by M A Han iHii local ciinlrantnr of Sprlngllokl and was worlilni about twentylive feel nluvn thu jround on n scatTold whim ho lost bin lialance and fell over bin head nlrlklng tho edge of tho pa lut pot which be was lining Tho Impact broke ihe node of tho man killing him Instantly Tho atnhiilanco nc the Media Flro Cniiipany wni Hiimmnned and mndo a record run lo Ihn place nnd crm voyod tlio mini to llin Mndla Hospital whcrn ho pronouncid Iriid by Ur Charles Schoff tjjnrtou wan uiiiunrrlod mid was a llfdloiiK roHldonl of Morton whern tin lived tho poacefnl life of n bachelor In a small biniKaliiw lle worknd around Morton for u uumhiir of ycnrs Ho caino hero from thn norlhern part of Iho Hindi nnine auowhere has pnnplo now livhif Noripn Hlnrlod to Work for Ilnn sftn on iVtimday and would htvvu re ceived liln firm weiilcsi nay loday Ii Is Miild by of Iho Hlrlukun man lint ho worth conhidernblj On thu HcalTold at tho ttmu firl wan lilit buddy and tiiinl Ii A IXIiljiMoy d palnlcr of uhn riilbrd a rrJifo lte lugin to Kig In koep rlnmilf from fiiiln Deputy Con reWilliam 7 Htgby took liiirgi of In body and notlilrI n nliitor Mrs Harry laubiich of Iiir by Tho body will bo turned over In Ihn ulster rmmu lime today Proposed Fishinii Trip Knur employes of tho ulawnro County ISIcrclrlc Cninpitiy will inntfir to owern HeiKih Del ilili attirnoon where they will In a Hulling content which will last over tho A prlxo will bo nwnrdeil tn one niiikliiK the biggest iiulcli Jolin tjulllviLii one of tho who Is IL past miiMler at tbn Htmrl holdn tho recorci Irnm IIIH yoiir Ac curdinglo Sullivan who has fre UUKiited Dm romirl recinlly aro no plentiful thorn that a rattle cop Is inided to keep Iho Iliiny Irlbo In John KoitcnhiiiiKli JoHeph Rurke and John IlndenbiiBli 5lurki jm Kdwnrd lloinidori aro thn otlnr compitltoiH A Popular Plnco Hlnco real warm weather not in Ridley Creitk at tho fnnt nl Sline Hill In he northern section of tho city has been uiriKirl Into ix regular bnlhliiK resort Many hun dreds viitlt thero and injov a dlji In Hie coolingwntniii Hccently It him been brought In the nllinUoii of thn police nutliorll les that a cviwd of yoiiiiK men congregate Hicro on Salurdny aftornnnn nnd Sunday and mako ft nuslannnf Ihomielvei by hnlrlliig hootch pnrtleii in rinse proximity to whero tho bitlun HWim The police havo lnrn InHtrnct ed lo break up Hits liiblt anl nn of flccr will Jxi Htatliiiicd llvic In tlio future NEWSPAPERMENS GOLF ASSOCIATION AT SPRINGHAVEN Proposed Frolic on the Greens of Editors and Journalistic Chaps Outing Planned for Mon day at Club Grounds at Wallingford Tlho Rpringluiven Club at iingfnrd will entertain tho members tho Philadelphia Newspapermens liolf Asiocliition on next Monday June 2fi when the editors scribes arloonlKtn and everyday reporters rcprwmiiig every daily and worth while publication in the Quaker City will do their utmost to go around tho wonderful course at Sprlnghaven with K curd that would mako Jim Harneti et al rub their eyes and wonder what its all about Jtom early Monday morning until tho twilight hour arrives the four scoro memborM of thn Philadelphia NewiipapermenH Holt Association will forgot all about things jourpnl IMtli and try to hotter their golf Notwithstanding tho name of this organtxatlon there aro several dozen noWHpa poiwomcn numbored among the club members H might bo well to Htato Heroand now Unit most of Iho records held by thA Individual members am to bo found credited to the fniror KOX SprliiKhaviu promises lo do the houoiH in royal fashion That every promise will exceed Iho fondest ex pectations goes without saying The Sprltighaviii Miib will entertain men whoHo fame hiis tiTivclcd to tho tour cornerM nf Ihe earth through tho field of Journalism That the inembers of Iho uoXvspapCf rraternity In Ibllmlelphla arc look Ing forward tn a banner day can IruUifully bo ntloHlod to by simply vlAlllnjf nny of the edltarliil dcpart nicnla of the varlmm Ihlliulelphla nltlce and Untuning to tho thleata bolng made as to what tho uourie can and will be covered Kacli Monday Iho members of the IhUndflphliL NiJwKpnpormenH AHSOU piny at nno nf thu clubs in nnd about Ihe city ThlH however will bo the Hi1 si visit pnld to Hprlng htiven CONTINUIOU ON PAfilC 12 HEAT IS TEMPERED JJY COOLING BREEZE Htinininr bojjan yesterday hot enough for anybody bui cooler by lour dufrrocH than Thursday Springs last day and the hottest day In four years Tbo day avorafoil from live to ten cooler than iTlnuHClay NeverlludenH them Hfeurus did lit lln lo commit a HciKral public which weakened by lh debilitating heat of Thursday felt Just as bad or worse today oven though tho breezes wero a llttli mrongcr and n little cooler Thu mercury IDHO slowly OiroUBb oul the day and yesterday afternoon touched S5 luurloen degrees below Iho temperature Thursday at tho name lime Cut out and lend to Chester Times 418 Market street Cheater Pa James Corvvin Not Guifty United Stalon Court Jury Decides James forwin a former man of I tils city wan nrquitted by 11 Jury In the 1nllod Stales Olslrlct Court yrHiorday of charges nf forging unit llovrrnmenl pay rheckn payable Id former Mrrvlce men taking vocational training conrnoK at Philadelphia College ot Optrmu try oseph Hockey another former Her tho theft passed them ihe checks but said I ml Cor win forged upon Mem bern of Cnrwlnit family and friends t entitled t the lliiio ho WIH alleged to hv jiasserl the checks ho wan in his homo In city Seeks Missing Son Henry Itetrihold f Artlmnre appealed lo Ihi local police to lurnle neventenyerirold HIIII who until reietitly wan part of tho crew on I Ill s S Sun uhlh docked at thin port a fnw days past The parrmH bicinir alarmed when the boy did not return home nfiir the rividn port In vrrNtlKntlin that the lul ln CbeHtnr with the Inlcntirm of to Wilmington IM for tho pnrpoii uf Hooking a bnrth on ono of tluStand ard Oil boats Two Slight Firos Two mnall gave the district a run yenlordiiy One waa nl lln plant of tin Seaboard Steel Works whichWON listIngulshod In short time Tho ilnmago was slight An autninoblle belonging tn tho Dela ware County Kloctrle Cumpaixv light Ilr nti tho tureolH In llm inwer Hirt Ion of the city 1iirlow npcratliig tho ma ililiiis turned In an alarm ijuirUly and then divntid bin lime to battling tno llameH Tim enure front uf tho car i Heelhlng mass of llamcH when Hie Iiltim Ire arrived and extluguhthiil them with chemicals The tiro wnt cauicd by in uvcr hiiilid nglno Thn damino will amount tiv nbnnt on hundred Movica of P M C Event of the rommncoment day at tho p M C wero ex hibited at the Washington Theatro yentirday The motion pictures Hhow Governor Iliuhot and other notables with prominent Iitlvins of Cliiuler at the exorcises Tho were taken by a Stan ley man and will lie repeated at tho WashlngUin luiliy THE WEATHER t Government forecast for Eastern Pennsylvania New Jersey Maryland antl Delaware Generally fair today and Sundny Warmer in oast por tion Sun rises rZ2 A M Sets S32 P M IfOS A M t 1041 P M A M and 535 P M Illlgh water I Inw water fi0 rrIiner and I JosephHockey another form f employ of Ivlnr man pleaded guilty lo tb 1MB indhiK f and Failod to Provo It When a lurge plate glans window In tins front Ihn I InilldlnK at 1817 WeHl Nccond mrrctt broken lant nlKht Waller Meshlelds In the frimt of the colorij Klks was pointed mil IIH the man nipniislhlo for the and was placed iijil rler arreit by Patrolman Handy Al a harlnff bifori MagiiUrrte iCIllottj tesllrnony of witnesses failed to conj with the window an lie waH discharged One Disease Case Ono case nf rontnfrloTjH disease was reportr1 to the department f hrnkh The piUJfriT ia Wllllfrrn Herbsler seven yars old of 2112 West Fourth Rtreet who IK ill with scarlet fever MAY BE TRIED SECOND TIME llr x j nnil the prosecuting attorney con ferrcd tndny to whether John Croiffhton Khali be tried on Ihe rhiirgo of killing her mother inlaw with poiKOn rntp ycKterdny the woman and her husband wero acquitted on a chfrrgo of poisoning her ISyearoId brother Chrirles I Avfry Crelgluon wns re leased tmt hlKwlfir is belriK hold pending decision on whether to try her on the second murder indictment Times Adv Want Ad bring rflsults Taken on a Warrant Arrested cm warrant sworn by I his mm who charges him with assault rind battery and disorderly nonduet Albert fjalfrbuck of 210 Kntt Tenth street was nrralgmd bcfonMagls j Irate Klllott In police cnlirt today and I held In bail for a hearing boj fore Alderman Murtauirh of the Su I cond Clatterlack was trikcn inj to custody last night at his home by Patrclnieii Cannon and Drnildwm Ono of the Graduates i Among the pupils who graduated i from the St Hose of Lima parnchlal school Kddyjfione Thursday nlghl was John Quintan In appreciation of arnNt atudlos and HIIUCCSH In school John was given a trip to Xew Vork City by bis mother Aim Annio tjtilnlan of Crum Lynne Polico Assoclitioo A regular mooting nt the Chester Police Association will bo held to morrow night at the association rooms f2H Market striet As Ihero Is a considerable amount of Import ant huilneiiH to bo disposed of all members havo been urged to attend Why the Weather Dr Charles F Brooks Secretary American Meteorological Society Discusses How to Tnst for Thunderstorms PorsitiH Hiirh as farmers in harvest tiinf or and ptckmckera who arc anvioiis nn bright warm sum mer iimrnmcK to know the likelihood of a ihundrrHiorm before nljht may much asslsta nie trom a shiny nurtal cup or it thin tlllel with water a lump of ico anil n ther rnomoier Thn water should bo lukewarm at thistart Then put In tho lump of Ico and stir with he thermometer Hy and by the outside of the vessel will berin to sweat duo to the cinutinsa tlon of the moisture of tho air nil IIS cold surface When this happens observHu ttinponituro of the That triujnraturiIs what Is known IH the If it is abnvc 05 dcsreis Kahren heii it Indicates that tho air hag abundant moisture which under or dinary circumstances In combina tion wilh 11 hot HUH U ciuite likely lu inoiin the biiedljis of one or more local heat thunderstorms in the af ternoon Jenerally sponUlnK if tho is above 70 in tho viiorn IIIK a thunderstorm is likely to de velop before nlKht On the other hand if the ihwpolnt is found to bo rela tively low say below l0 decrees tho nnuMint of water carried by the alp Is low and a thunderstorm Is un likely All 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