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   Chester Times (Newspaper) - June 23, 1923, Chester, Pennsylvania                                 Y csterday’ a Net Paid Circulation IVas Va 14,0 0 0  ®ime@  FINAL  Latest TelegraphicI and Local News  48TH VK AR—NO. 14.828.  ("HESTER, PA., SATURDAY. JUNE 23. I <>23—SIXTEEN PAGES.  PRICE TWO CENTS  POLICIES OF THE GOVERNOR MEET WITH FAVOR  WILL CONTROL AIR  FLEET IN FUTURE WARS  Women Voters of County . League Approve Edu- j obi t ic cational Program  Conference at Sleighton Farms, Darlington, Well Attended By Members  Governor Plnrhot's educatlomrl policies were approved In a rennin- | tlon adopted by the Delaware County I League of Women Voters, at a meet - i mg held at SMghton Farms, Dir- j Ington, yesterday. The resolution  1  further expressfs confidence in the | Governor, declaring that the women voters fully realize the Executive is standing firmly to continue the present high stamdard of I’ennsyl-vanla’s educational system and that the Governor In appoini ing ar.d removing officers connected with the state educational department, does so. having in view only the very best interest of the continued development of tho educational system of I’enn-sylvanla.  Mrs. Paul Lirrhenniyer. of Lansdowne, presided at the meeting.  More than sixty women attended the conference. The women were greeted and entertained at the Institution by Miss Morrison of the school One of the subjects crf discussion was that of men tend women who do not pay their taxes. Mrs. John Kent Kane. of Radnor; Mrs. A. It. Geary, of Wallingford; Mrs J O. Hopwood, of Upper Darby; and Mrs Humbert It. Powell, president of the Womens Republican <^«ib of Delaware County, we re among the women | who talked on the tax question.  The speakers said th;rt women as .well as men should pay their tax***, and that no person should escape from this Important duty. One of ! the women said that she knew of a j tax collector in this county who has paid the taxes of four hundred men in the hope that he will be reimbursed by the persons for whom lie paid tho tats* s. It is said thai several tax collectors have been in the habit of \ paying taxes for citizens.  The discussion resulted in the rep- ; resentatives of the different leagues being requested to ascertain from the tax Collectors in their respective districts, the number of men and women who have not paid their taxi-*, and that the result be reported at the next meeting of the league In order ; that the county leatgue may aet intelligently on this important matter.  Some of the women who discussed the tax question, made It plain that; women should not sh'rk their duty of paying taxes, and that the tax coiler- j tors should do their duty and collect the taxes, and have no fear of hurt- j ing the feelings of the women In this respect. It was ti 4 !so pointed out ' that some women decline to pay taxes, because they believe if they pay taxes they will be forced to serve on the Jur es. It was pointed out that j women are subject to Jury duty whether they pay taxes or not.  A resolution was adopted endorsing Senator Albert Dutton MaeDade for supporting the Ludlow Pe turf Rill County Commissioner James M. Hamilton was one of the afternoon's speakers. His subject was "Duties of County Officers". Mr Hamilton handled the subject in a splendid manner.  Albert R Marls, a Philadelphia lawyer, spoke on the question of Improvement in county offices. SCHOOLS CLOSE THEIR DOORS  Text of Rules Being Prepared at The Hague for Guidance of All Powers  fly I'nitrd  WASHINGTON June 23. — The F nited States Government is preparing to submit to the Senate a treaty with the other powers containing drastic regulations to curtail the horrors of the use of airplanes in time of war, it was learned today.  A commission of Jurists sitting at Hague, in accordance with res-ions of the Washington Arms rence, has completed this I agreement between the powers. John I Bassett Moore. American Interna tional law authority, and a judge on the World Court, was the United States' representative  As soon as preliminary arrangements have been made with the j powers. President Harding, after returning from his tour to the West j and Alaska, is expected to submit the treaty draft to the Senate for approval.  The text of the comprehensive rubs to govern aircraft In times of war has been received here. and also is being studied by all the powers party to the deliberations at The Hague.  LEVIATHAN HAS BROKEN SPEED RECORD ON SEAS  POLICE SEARCHING  FOR JEWELRY THIEF  NEW PASTOR OF SECOND CHURCH  Rev. W. Potter Van Tries, Presbyterian Minister of This City  Expected to Average 28 Knots an Hour for 24 Hours  Will End Trial Trip at!J New York Tomorrow, Is the Report  23 (By wireless to the United Press) The American flag Is being carried through the waters of the •Plant ic aboard the reconditioned Dm ia*:ban today faster than any merchant steamship flag ever traveled  speed  w h e ii ship • 20 04  Vacation Season Arrives and Teachers and Scholars Have Holiday  Yesterday was the school. It has been c years past to hold et  In the schools on tHe* a*, t final session, but. cl excessive heat which vailed during the p ist f jierintendent of Schools A Wagner, deemed it dismiss the schools at day. Between drinks and sweat mopping ta  last day of  uat Omar y In itertalnments ernoon of the hie to the i has pre-ew davs, Bu-, Dr Charles advisable to noon. yester-of ice-water rties the su  perintendent decided that an afternoon in the shade where the kiddies would be more comfortable would be more beneficial for the children Consensus of opinion among the teachers and pupils was that Dr. Wagner used good Judgment.  The schools will remain closed un-  Ik  •en  til Tuesday, Sept* in now until Labor Day “Randy bottom" and will be the daily rei more adventurous h sooner he w ith the “ole swimmfn' hole," advance guard of the follow later wa way along the banks Creek, shortly after soh yesterday.  The vacation season affords the employees of the jc-hoMs an opp■ r tunity to make repairs to the s boo properties also to paint and give th* different buildings a thorough re novating  LOITERING GERMANS SHOT  4, so from thong Bond.  “Turtle Rock," dezvotis if the ys who would  gang”, at the than eat. The crowd that will wending its  of Uhcster »1 dismissed  Rev. W Potter Van Tries, the new pastor of the Second Pi* shyterian Church, of this city, comes help to- i morrow for his first regular service Arrangements have been made to ; have a large congregation greet him. The Presbytery under which the church in this city comes, this week approved of the change The committee of the church have pur- I chased a new home for Rev. Tries at j 325 West Ninth ntr#*t and he will j shortly bring his family here and take iii) his residence, 'i he people or the Second Church are delighted that they are securing such an able : and haul working pastor aa Rev. ;  Tries.  Rev. W. Potter \*hn Tries is a native cif Bellefonte, Centre Co., this State After graduating from Princeton University with lh*' class of 1903, ; spent a year in teaching in Lawn - I encevllle Propitiatory School located ut Lawrenceville, N. J. and also in Trenton, N. J. lie entered Princeton Seminary and graduated with the chess of 1907. Was called to be associate pastor of the Six fin Presbyterian Church, of Newark, N J., where lie served until such time as lie accepted tile call of the Trinity Presbyterian Church, of Berwyn,  Chester Co., Pa. After three very successful years in that field he accepted the call of the Broad Ave. Church, of Altoona, Pa Hero the work was greatly blessed and the church was built up in many ways. In the full of 1916 Rev. Yan Tries a sept cd Die call of the Parkesburg church win ie he has been exceedingly successful in his work. About 200 members I have bean received during a pastorate of almost seven years which  1  is a most noteworthy fact inasmuch as it is in a community of only 3000 population and there are three ethel I day morning i churches In close proximity. The ti- ing the ti p to nancial side of the church has received especial attention and help , fnfm the pastor and the benevolences which totaled only $200 in 1916, iii ; this last year mounted to almost '  $2,600. Church expense funds also  !   Increased in similar proportion and the Parkesburg church today stands well within the first fifteen churches In the Presbytery in per capita giving During Rev. Van Tries poster its in the Parkesburg field, stre-s was I laid upon evangt Ham and mission- I ary work. Quite a number of nils- I eionarles home on furlough have I spoken from tho pulpit of their own work and fields also illustrated lectures, sermons, etc., were Instru- ] mental In creating a missionary enthusiasm. As a result of this pro- I gt'4pi of missionary education and stress upon the principles of Chris* tlon stewardship the church reports a large number of tithers and helps in the supporting of a mission sta*-tion In the Hhantung Province in north China. Two young men have bien taken under the care of the Presbytery as candidates for the ministry and a young lady expects to take up Christian work in Japan.  The church at Parkesburg was vc v loath to part with their aggressive and able leader but realizing the larger opportunity In this city, relinquished all claim to his services with great regret.  The Second Church is most fortunate in securing in Mrs. Van Tries a most excellent pastor’s wife. She Is a niece of Rev. Thomas Aiken who was some years ago the successful pastor of the Second Church Mis Van Tries has taken a prominent part  ;  in the work of the Woman’s Mig-i slonsry Society and In the Presbyter^! Society. Rev. and Mrs. Van Tbies have thee children, Thomas Aiken aged eight, Eleanor Jane, five and Clara Louise three months.  liefer*  The record of the British liner Mauretania was broken the new American passenger reached a max mum Friday, o  knots.  The ship's average for 12 hours front IO A M to IO P. M Friday win 27.94 knots The same speed was maintained this morning and prospects are that she may average 2X knots for 24 hours.  Elated American shipbuilding experts are going without sleep to watch the battle against other records previously held by German and British vessels.  “For Iii years we have waited to  heat the British and Germans on ’lie seas," \V. F. Gibbs, supervising in the recondltiouin _ this morning. "Now we are the fruits of our labors."  Chairman A P Lasker, of the Shipping Board, revealed in ti speech to tile passengers Fridav night that the reconditioning for speed bud long been planned and kept secret. Weeks .ago It was known the ship would tear down the previous records, he said.  (»e«upa 'if passengers throng about the bulletin board for the antiounce-tnen of developments every two hours. The sweltering heat is forgotten as the race goes on There is a continuous buzz of comment on the decks. Chairman Lasker is beaming. GI wa and Captain Herbert Hartley have not slept for forty eight h ultra, so that they might devote their continuous attention to the race  Members of tile. Shipping Board believe Congress may tie prevailed upon to appropriate funds for building to more giant liners like the Leviathan. to make America foremost In speed travel on the wean,  The Leviathan is expected to reach New York Sunday morning.  Hi red a Taxicab and Pawned Watch and Cham in Wilmington  Chester polite are still searching for an unidentified colored man who stole a gold w itch and chain from the Kepnet Jewelry store, Sixth and Market streets, yesterday I* h e stranger committed the tin ft while a clerk was showing hail Bever.ti watches    ,  rho Chester pollee learning that « negro mswerlng the description of the thief had hired a taxicab and started for Wilmington, got in touch  1  with the police cf that rite, giving a description of the stolen articles and of the negro  Captain of Police Kelleher. of that ity, at once sent motorcycle men to each of the pawnshops Captain of Detectives Benson also sent his men out only to learn that the thief had pawned the watch md chain earlier In a shop near Second and French ; streets Wilmington He had re reived $20 on the w itch and chain, va I Qed at $mo. Word of the theft had arrived too late to catch the thief  Following the location of the stolen goods by. Motorcycle Officer A ll Carey, it was learned that the taxicab bnd gone to Fourth and Market streets. Wilmington and after dropping the passengi r, had started for Cluster The motorcycle men at once started In pursuit and overtaking the taxicab, questioned the driver, but could Ie im nothing tional regarding the thief  NATHAN 7  CHERNOFF NOT GUILTY OF VIOLATION  Another Chester Man Acquitted by a Med a Court Jury  No than street, tills of selling jury at Mi case tried  add!-  ALL HELP POSSIBLE GIVEN DEY VST ATE I) AREA  Lava Flow From Im. Etna Slowly Subsiding as Rel ef Work Progresses  23  Re-  on tho if lava nt for-  I nitre/  ^ AT A-NIA. Sir; Iv, J uh habilitation and relief, work area devastated by the flow In the eruption of Mt Kina w work said j ward today  reaping ] American Ambassador Child J visited the region and Investigated the situation. Premier Mussolini has returned to Rome but other government officials an* remaining until the situation is improved  Comma rider Perera. general delegate of the United States Red Cross conferred with Senator Clraolo and it was agreed that relief funds collected in the United States would be repaid by subscription  The lava stream Is still slowly nd-vanrlng.  Chetnnff. of blk Penn  . tty. \\ as found not guilty intoxicating liquor by a iii Tins was the first iii the Delaw ire county criminal court under the recent ti0-saloon taw  Officio > of the Penn - Seaboard Steel Work- - o:upl,a Tied to the Chester polloi that titer employees were getting nit oxic.i: i tig liquor at the id ice Following the complaint, Detective Arnold McNeal assigned William Catty to get evidence  Carty was the chief witness in tho trial before Judge Barnett He tes titled that he had gone to the place on April 26 and pm chased whiskey McNeal testified that the place of tin- defendant s was raided on Vpill 2x hut .-ald that no liquor was found To defendant said that he never sold any liquor, hut that he kepi san amental wines in the place. Ile also said that he had a number of boarders, and thev brought liquor into hts bouse for their own use Tho ciists were placed (in the county.  EIGHT MODERN BRICK DWELLINGS  Permits Issued for Erection and Improvement of Other Buildings  Permits for the erection of eight  two-st ory modern brick dwellings.) which will represent an outlay of ap-pros inuit cly $60,(Mti), were issued tills week by Pudding Inspector .I A Devlin to J lier si i ad The dwellings are to tie erected on the East side of Rd gin on t avenue, between Sixteenth and S • « lithe.nth street.  Permits for four two story brick  PRESIDENT IN HEART OF TRF. WHEAT FIELDS  Will Gain Technical Knowledge By Operating Binder  Wheat He Cuts Will Be I Served in Bread at Dinner Tonight  ROY A. MAYO ACQUITTED  Not  BY JURY  NEWSPAPERMEN’S GOLF ASSOCIATION AT SPRINGHAVEN  Proposed Frolic on the Greens of Editors and Journalistic Chaps  X Ut jut! fit PMI *' « xn r\  ■pc VttI'rnev'wdiM.^ j 'Outing Planned for Mon-  ;iiii I .John In* ti -iven    “  day at Club Grounds at Wallingford  Guilty of False Pretenses and Conspiracy, ss Charged  Roy A M on promoter of an ink manufacturing concern, was found not guilty nf (cise pretenses and conspiracy in (he sale of ink stock by a Jury late yesterday,  The case went to trial on Monday morning before Judge Piddle, of ('a i silo. I a  There were nineteen Indictments 'gainst the defendant. He was tried on Hie indictment In which it was charged he swindled Mrs Vd:i I Derrickson, of Uhe-ter, out of $760 which she paid Im IOO shares of P inker Ink < q poi it ion The slat nut Diet rh Maet "arter White. The th rented by \\ F Whether Hie  Indictments will 11 let  «t ock  Iepre-  d vs ( $12.  H ,s  "PIKE" TO IOWA  Chestor Youth Getting His Experiences on the Road  "I picked up eight "hops" which brought me to Pittsburgh a dlrtane*  of 320 rn!leu. Not so bad? I am a ‘‘wee bit weary."  Quartered at the Young Men's Christian Association at ljjttsburgli, James ll Baxter, sun of Jaipi a Baxter, of ("uncord road and Central avenue. Hum describes the til.*: day of his "pike" to Des Moines, low), a distance of 1500 miles.  Young Baxter, a Chester High school student, left Chester, Thurs-6 o'clock Ile is mak-ittend the c r,v* tition of the Christian Endeavor Society. He will represent tho First Baptist Church. Ile may cantino as far aa Colorado Springs and up Bike’s Peak.  Iii addition to hiH cm rn ut ini a from the Christian Endeavor Society, the youti.ful traveler has a m> fro ii Mayor William T Ram- y The greetings are fur deli very to the M iynr <*f Dea Moines. Baxter is confident he will reach his destination by July 3. The convention opens July 4  An Attractive Musical Event  Tile l uge and wed-trained Madison street choir of 4o voices under the direction of Karl W. Nooky will render Gaul's "Holy City" in Aho church auditorium tomorrow evening at 7.30 it being the closing musical event of the season. The chorus will be assisted by several popular soloists, among them being Miss Veronica Sweigart, of Philadelphia, alto, Fred A. ltrindley, of New Yolk tenor md Reinhold Schmidt, of Philadelphia, bisso. The event promises to lie one "f great musical merit. Miss Florence M Bot t nm ley*, whose work always gives the highest satisfaction will preside at the organ.  Ming OOO . . •  ton siree ' all  (it her I follows To K j brick dw  1  side of ]• and Rig I buist ( for (niche erect of Greet  to be erected at a cost of "ti tile East side of Lindsay •tween Sharpless md Hmm tx» was I fumed to J R Woodier rn I ta granted were as  Mct 'ullough for two story oiling to coast $.5,200 on East ult mi street between Seventh nth streets.  ai Manufacturing Company, story brick boller room, to 'd on Pie northeast Corner i and Caldwell streets at a  cost of $3(100.  Robert Howarth, for brick garage. to be erected at rear of 716 Edgtnont , avenue, at a cost of $'. ..OO.  M P I ll iou, for otic story brick I bungalow, to be erected at 120 Wuttn I  st of $1200. ti, for concrete garage  Sa in k of Nos I first street Altsulet for concrete garage I • f 3025 West Third street, to  JO and 122 East to cost $400.  Library to Close  Following the usual custom, the West End Free Library, Fourth md Jeffrey streets, will be close I on Sat unlay evenings during the months of July arid August. Notices to fills cf-* feet were posted $n the Went in stitution today  Closing Exercises  Commencement exercises will be held at the Church of the Resurrection parochial school tomorrow nft<*rr%"*n The diplomas Will be awarded by Rev Augustus I, (In fist or, rector of th*-Eleventh ward (airish. An int* res' ng program has been arranged.  £ A R L Y  One of  MORNING FIGHT  Let the Times  Have Your Views  the Participants Hit on the Head With a Lamp  About 3 o’cl ie k tilts morning, a fight occurred in a house on Hast Second street between Revan and We I all street* and one of the participants, Will Ie Epps was taken to Chester Hospital to receive treatment for lacerations of th** scalp, inflicted w h«qi h** wa - struck on th*-head with a heavy lamp.  Patrolman McKenna, notified of the trouble, started fur the place, heard a revolver shot. Reaching the home of George Diggs, colored. 20 East  ll the w 111) f tills gnat* The  ll  Second on Hie th*-  h |d*  at a he; in polio  sin it et  et, in* found I MKF- seated  * and a revolver lying on  * Diggs was arrested and before Magistrate Elliott  irt was firi'-fi $10 and mistj* *• of dis" derly conduct  • lets  ut w a. ma I told--W * et VV ay” ii I in* -t lins d t lino •ch  y a  YALE DEFHA I ED HARVARD  Hi I laird Sr#M  NEW LON I MJN, Conn., June 2? The Yale 'varsity crew easily defeated Harvard iii their annual four-mil** race on the Thames Friday evening  Yale made a complete clean-up. taking all "f the three races of the day. The blue 'va feint won by six boat leng.lia from tho Crimson. Tho Freshmen won by four lengths and the Junior 'varsity by five  A QUICK DESERTION  WEST CH ERTER. One day of married lif• for IMIU Kila Renwick, Spring City, who has  F'a.. June 23.-— • was sufficient a resident of applied to (he  HORSE BU'' NEO TO DEATH  W EST  'HESTER, was hurtle  I'a  I to  Jun 2!  ft  divot * is ti  •cnrdl  It- I mud Hint  PUSSELD  Tw  Ge  by Y  uhr A  Ger-  'upa-  tod;  Kr<  h p  KH  Et  ench ' bf  Chester County Court from Edward S. Beawlck, uh* a resident of Norristown, a* to tin petition fileij iii court I The petition states that th married on July 12, 1922, and tha they lived together until July I' 1922, when she avers that he desert*' her. At the time they were living to gf-ther, or rather their single day a married bliss, they were at the horn of the bride's parents, in Rhoenixvilb  LEAPED TO DEATH  ffv I mini Hr*»»  NKW YORK June 23 Mi Loser 21, with her three-mo son In her arms, leaped to de; the roof of a five-story t house The child died instal ifher succumbed later.  woman's husband ary Insanity, induced aused the act.  IS t str;  new ha’  d. (  re  w 111  i of  irn mach ti i a fir* lestroy ies L  cr y w * ce of unkii'j d the .ar, Ben nock,  from a  anding I d at $6,t*0i  19 Ult IN CHICAGO  chica*;  J U I  Mat  W  IAI  Surg cal Operation  ti  Th(  nip'  Red  (lief**  Tribe  Men to fred  nesday ntgi  Ilk  aud  Wedding AU Lewt  Run  bulb  I. A S eussi -  People  -Adv.  Of  a large class tge H ribe. Ni thatine street 'ompanled by the members  lad* d r of  113  Hi  Tay  fipbe  liou  Robbed the  d ire  of  >32 E  *r Hospital. Mon than performed  *f her  To ascertain Just how tv Times Is serving Its read<-i dail> featurenfthe readers Journal are    asked to do  their likes    ami dislikes.  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Joseph R Gamble, for corrugated Irmi gal u:e, ;11 rear of 8002 West  Sixth Street, lo CONI $|00  Too Boisterous  Charged with drunkenness end din- I prderl) conduct, Michael Talbot, of 4"4 Kist Eighth street was arrested shortly before last midnight by patrolmen Burn* and Homllton Tai-i bot, by bls led teroUMic s, pad tim neighborhood awake and it was on torn pin Int of rn v a a1 of them that uffln-rs Were sent to the place Till* morning, in police court Magistrate Elliott committed til*, prisoners for IO days In d> flult cf payment of Bilio fine and costs  EDR MANY YEARS  I HAPPILY MARRIED   ------  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H.  Mirkil Wedded for 72 I    Years—Glad of It  By LAWRENCE MARTIN  t Frilled Br ess Staff * 'orresponden I i FN ROUTE WITH BRUS! DENT HARDING TG 111 T*'HINSON. Kin. June 23 President I in rd Ing came to Kansas today and planned to turn "dirt farmer."    *  Entering the vei l heart of the great wheat fields Mr Harding and Governor Davis, of Kansas, a teal dirt farmer," Intended to ink** a hand in harvesting the wheat crop that stretched for tulles in every direction, fields of gold under a burning sun.  lf tile sun burn he suffered in Kansas t'lfy yesterday Is not too painful. the President will (nit on overalls mid straw hat and become farm band Mr Harding cam** to Kansas almost. as huh burned as a native He was forced to rest yesterday afternoon and put lee on bls sun blistered lips Ile vv is much better today anil expected, w Itll Governor Davis, to fur uish the fie,'ens.try technical knowledge. to climb aboard a binder in a VV lie a t field about a mile from town and start cutting iii*' crop. The grain he cuts will b*> thresh,'ii at once and rushed to a flout mil! and at dinner tonight he and Mrs Harding will eat biscuits made of this flour  Having thus been Initiated Into the "dirt fanner" tanks, Mr Harding will proceed upon I he mission that brought him iq Kansas on his western trip a speech to tho farmers of tin* whole Middle West, Southwest and Far West, lie will deliver his agricultural message at the fair gi Olinda on tho outskirts id Hutchinson and H xx 111 ba broadcast by radio  Senator Arthur l apper and Hover nor Davis w i i o hosts to Rio party Hutchinson, a town of Jh.OOO, Is olio of the nerve centers of tho wheat producing Industry. It bas grain oles (tors ibnir mills aud one of tho livest Boards cf Trade in tit,* Middle \\ est.  Two speeches were on today's program one an informal talk In th** morning to si-Iliad children, and tie-nth* r, the a el p ultural speed, al IWO  o'clock this afternoon.  Mr Harding was given a Avernal ion In Kansas (Tty last ii Iff H t when he arose to sprytk. Thera v. is no disguising the dfHuppolut merit that followed his falkire iii tho i speech to mention ii railroad rate ie*  I ductioii for agriculture That is nits thing about tim transport )I iou oner- >  ! Hon tile great funning wen* Is In- !  I terested and Senator Ca riper said i I today the President made a mbit uke I In not covering the poln' in so n** I manner Th** disappointment his H- I I lance ca me *1 Is likely to be redacted I as he con!limes thiough toe fanning (  ; country, rapper and others oellev* '  Speaking to a large audience thai President outlined Mn udminlstra- j thin railroad |«.dlcy (lased on two i points mandatory consolidation of th** country’s lines Int i a f< vv gnat j system;, and enact merit of a law to i prevent railroad strike* until dis- I pules have been submit! d to ar bi-  1  t rn t Iou.  In doing tills, lo* flew In the face  of public opinion In this section of Iii** country on both points, its the Middle VV * s I Is reported stion.Tv on pi,N» d to tile consol I t ion plan ll* said In th* speech that he had been \ 'very nm Ii warned’ not to make It .ti Kansas (Tty  Labor is opposed bitterly to th** anti strike suggestion, which Mr Harding Indicated clearly, ne Is go ■  'aidant was A lax a rider remaining eighteen be pressed bv DU' Attorney Taylor, remains t" bo Neon It Is alleged that Delaware county people lost ahold $'.'2,000 In the purchase of Rankers ink .stock.  FATAL FALL OF A PAINTER  Harry Norton, of Morton, Plunges From a Scaffold and Breaks His Neck  To  happ and ly pr Y**  ond  aion bom* whet J tot h I lie.,Ii  1  Th Hun  ■' I!"  I Marl He  md still  Then  ed for    reverify  be hale, hearty it I net Ion of which as if Mirkil at  t we*  and  Mr.  Ing ti  road  that  a tor,  i ho hr ' of f<  \ Ink ; been the I refun I I ll ll ll  1  Th  i try to have    put    into    th*-    tablow ll*' recalled    Mis    Vote    for  provision when lo- .vis a Benami sa I*! (ie    was    sorry It    had  att irk, ii from    the    law    Ile    slid  ped It still would lo, possible to ‘•ucli i plan a trial, not a means  Harry Norton, age 62 of Morton,  I met an untimely death yesterday I morning while engaged In (glinting the bn rn on the property* jpf Dr Gerald SY I Tendei ga st at Baltimore 1  and Waverly avenue. Springfield township Norton was employed Ivy M A Hnn *•• ti, local contractor of Springfield,  | and wan working about t went y TI vc I feet above the ground on a scaffold when he lost his balance and fell over ! bmvkwardf*. bls head striking the edge of tho paint pot which he was j Tits impact bield' till* neck of tho 'matt, killing it i I ii Instantly.  The ittubohinco of th* 1  Media Fire I rom patly w in summoned and made I a record run to th** place and conveyed the man to (lie Media Hospital whore ho was pronounced (bad ny ; Dr. diaries Nchoff  I Norton was unmarried and vv is a life-long resident of Morton, where I he lived tho pane* fill life of ii ! bachelor In a small bungalow. II**  ! worked around Morton for a numb**! i of yours. Ho caille lier** from th-i northern part of tile state some years ; ago. where lie has people now liv ing I Norton stalled to Work fur ll it-sen on Monday and would ha vc r--| calved his first Week s nay today. If i is said try friends of the stricken man •(.at (ie is worth considerable money*.  tin the scaffold at the time Notion fed was Ilia buddy and friend I 1 ' A. Kingsley, a painter o# Bull* tao, who ,'i libbed n rope nu 'tie nc.i fluid ta cm ! to reg to keep p mself from fa ii I mt  RcjAjty i"or* I • William Rigby took charge of the body ami notlfl* I a sister, Mrs Harry l.aubaeh, of Darby. The body will lie turned over to lite sister nome time today.  I  Proposed Fishing Trip  Four employes of the Delaware County Electric Company will motor to Rowers Reach, Del., this afternoon, where they will engage iii a fishing i content whi-ti will last over the week end. A prize will lie awarded to Hie one lo,(king the biggest clitch. John Sullivan, one of th** quartette, who Is u past toaster at the sport holds the record from las! year. According to Sullivan, who has frequented the i * ort recently, bsh an* so pl* ut I f * j I there that a traffic cop Is iii ulol ti* keep the finny tribe in John Kudenbn ugIi, Joseph Burke md John Itodenbugh, Joseph Burke and Edward Flounders an* th** other competitors  A Popular Plat®  Since real warm weather set In. Ridley (’ii ck at th** foot of Shoe maker Hill, In the northern section of th*- city. Ins In i n torrid) Into n i« :;ular bathing re* ).| t .VI tov hun (beds visit tiiei#* nightly^ unit enjoy I a dip Iii th*- cooling wut* is* Rn cot Iv it bas been brought to tho attention  Tim Sp'inghaven Chih. at Wallingford, will entertain the members  of tile Philadelphia Newspapermen's Golf Association on next Monday, June 26, when the editors, scribes, cartoonists and everyday reporters representing every dally and worth vv hill* publication in th** Quaker City ! will do their utmost to go around the | wonderful celli at Springhaven I vv itll a card that would make Jim Barnes, ct a1, rub their eyes and  1  wonder what it's all about.  From • ally Monday morning until I th** twilight hour arrives, the four I score members of the Philadelphia i New :q>apenncTi'.s Golf Association I will forget all about things Journalistic and try to better their golf. Notwithstanding tin* name of this organization there tire several dozen neivNp.tperivotio ii numbered among tile **luti members. It might be well to stale Here and now that most of the records lichi by tit® Individual members are to be found credited to the fairer sex.  Sprltighav * ii promises to do the honors in royal fashion That every promise VV ill exceed the fondest expect a I ions goes without saying Tile Springhaven Club will entertain men Whose fame hits traveled to the four corners of the earth through the field uf Journalism.  That the members of the newspaper frntemltv Iii Philadelphia arc looking forward to a banner day can truthfully Ii** attested lo by simply visiting any of th** editorial departments of tile various I’hiludeiphla newspaper offices and listening to th** threats tieing mad** as to what the rom se can, and will tie covered. Each Monday tin* members of tho Philadelphia Newspapermen's Astomia! inn play at one of the clubs In mid about th*- city. This. however, will be t(i<. fit t. visit, paid to Sprlng-  1)111 ell  I GON TIN UH!) GN RAGE 12)  HEAT IS TKMHKUED  HY COOLING BREEZE  Summer (ugli ti yesterday, hot enough for anybody, Our cooler by four degree.) than Thursday, Spring's last day, aud tile hottest day iii four years  The day averaged from five to ten degree, cooler than /Thursday Nevertheless, then** tl$cures did little to console a gi m ini public, which weakened by the debilitating heat of Thursday, $ «• 11 Just as bad or worse today, oven though the breezes were a little stronger and a little cooler.  Th) nu rem v rose slowly throughout the day and yesterday afternoon touched >*.,, toui teen degrees below the temperature Tliur day at tho same time.  i  I wo Slight F ires  Two st 11 a i I fires gave th*- district firemen a run yesterday One was at tile of the S' i boa rd Steel Work which was distinguished 'n short time The damage was slight. \n automobile belonging to tho Debt-\.,itt County El* "trie Company, r tit,Tit lire on the streets In ti)** lower section of til** city. Waller Barlow, who was operating tile m.i-hlrie turn***! iii an alarm quickly aud tio ii >ievol*d In * tim** to (tattling tn*» Maims Tho • utile trout <T’ tho car  of tile police authorities, that a  1  of young ni**n congregate the Hiitord-iy afternoon and Hund-t’ make a mislain *• of th**m .e|v  •bld*!)  ted  i-mu  tip  ii*  I ut lh*  th  den  iud t  ud * rd) <-dl  tv .is their  annlver •fly nbser in! Til irt ave resid 'lying ex*  ir  de  ■la int  •veil  Th*  at  Rh  sine     Just-    tram          I Ilion*      • *    OI iou      orr'i -their    ing      ! hook      It reef.    I road      1866     1  a ss u i     need fin >o iirdiiiuflng th )<• Inland waterways lortatton. it is foolti r on deepening of ch water improvements lid, unless the wati  strikes, but cif aoli  lint ll arbitration h rs aimed a criticism at ma Railroad for its 'Tit and annie by til** Railroad I at bor Bourd Rho emphasis *1 I lo  T  holding pi ex Im! swirl  Kl to la*  O' er will flit ur«  hootch parties 1 ' to where th* ie police have been ik up tim* habit a be stationed th*  w d  and  was it I the I •I • xtlngti The fir heated a mount  •et (ling rn Fa * dud t!  wa *  VI  e x en  Movies  'WD of  i* railroad > system of h to spend anrifla and Mr. Haul-•rways ara  up  and  •rr*  •ti V( fair  ut  the  on  rn d  Ute  mal gooti  to  iXj  d *  d h  th**  din  R fir * *  and MIS arri**! b June 20 I lr v Ma y-thr *•* n At tin water, wit ted for u , itll** to Che  Moriah Squire 20. I 651, at M Irk ll "ii (**t Square  Aft'  noon, Den vi Bund. I ten V(  sp* I  d.  r his farm the President I No speech Is y Ile will delly r Monday on hr  aft*  ch th Will leg V* fop scheduled for '*1 a speech In v enforcement.  8t*ck« Missing Son  Henry Rclnhold. of Aldm"  appealed ti, the lo* <1 police t" his secentcu \ . a r obi *n w ti to oilily Was part of the crew S. K Sun. wdtieh docked at lf a few days past The parents alarmed when t(ie (my did not | home a ft ei tile vex el mad*, p vestigattoii I*-veiled that th* ('hooter with th*< Intention of g Wilmington, Del, fur th« pm seeking a berth on one of Hie ar*] Oil (mats  •rduy  cc tm or pu t 111 <  dm  of  Hie  the  Th  ma-*:, of Manus wharf i imp i n arrlv <*d a lid rein with (.In in lea I*.  caused by an over-The d (mawall it on hundred downs.  PMC Event  ('(Mnrneneement day B M )'. were ex-  Washington Theatre e mutton pictures Ptnchot and other icr with prominent t**r. it th** exercises. re taken by a titan-Ii lie fell* (ted at Hie  \\ ai  THE WEATHER  Government  Pennsylvania,  tun . In Lf  and  and  and  lion  iligi  Delaware  Sunday.  forecast for Eastern  New Jersey, Maryland Generally fair today Warmer in east por*  IU 41  md  M  M  M.  * r-  old  Mr  SERVILE MAN FREED OI FORGING PA Y< IIE< KS  Jamss Corwin No! Guilty, Undid States Court Jury Decides  Failed to Prov*  When t (tug*- plate g i ll til** f I "fit of the (i building at (kl? Wes) S  It  Why the W eat her?  ■r In  Th  ph  Mn  Did t* fill  Mint Ii*  As  iud Hie  lf t.  md hi  Jam*  md |.  l.rok*  in th  poi)  W,  int  the I erday g Go  ■d I  •iud  to f*  finer servile .'■quitted by (ates. District <*-h of fui ging t pay < he* k* ■ servlr  drip  111**0 »s at .f Gptofnc-  br  t he arr**  Ba lr i  Dr. Charles F. Brooks, Secretary, Amt* an Meteorological Society Discusses:  H <  to T cst for  A t ult.  tali  th*  wind'  un  Joseph R  d*-d  Re  .f the K  ll upon 'ill will'l ■stifled ed to fu a his h  Bure Ut sa  irrnei i t (i e lid p  theft  issei}  d ti  the »d ll this  M em ■  fon  T ak en  -cared on >n who ch battery a t Flatter! I. was ar Elliott iii in IPH I Alderman Ward UL IHtody las  a rgi  Warrant  urn  '.ml i  t T«  M IL  by  Thunderstorms  armers in harvest  d piikntekers who  .■(it. warm, sum-tow the likelihood before night, may o* from a shiny r glass tilled wqth n e, and a ther-  iiibl  put  i ump louie  at  of  ’cr.  By  jug i Tit  MAY BE TRIED SECOND TIME  Patrolmen i'm  96t  ARK  Iti I mud Piru  . N J J un# uxccutlng at  23 ->rn*  Bol,  On® of  rig the  f roo  night at hts bi tom and Dona  th® Graduates  pupils who a ta  Vessel to the of the ten this  it are of  is what  K  (IU a  air  is  lie (  liikng  th*  qui  mot her  <1 in  as Join  urk Git  ulnlun,  It*  ,'sloru  milan  Stud!  Campus  nk K. ll’  att re-  On#  ie of  D seas#  con tag <<  Ca*  Greig);  Th*  of  (arg  the  r* del*  md  ie plate  pitch#  Cut out and send to Chester Times, 418 Market street, Chester, Pa.  pat ienl yea rn 'et, who  Dent I U*“ii 2112  w if.  >t hei  held  ald QI -st  • hu win V by ll) of I ’i DI  Poll* e  lur in*-  quit  Mi  ip t.  un luna* p likely >r morn the alif tho morn*  A- so*oat on  Ch*  flat  Til  Adv  Want Ad  rid!* '(merit  results —  Market street  be dispos members have be* n urged t  busmens  A* there f imported of, all > attend.  and  All Right  de -mnd ela • the air un-  Re*  •d by   
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