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   Chester Times (Newspaper) - July 2, 1923, Chester, Pennsylvania                                CHESTER JULY BRANCH OFFICE CLEAVE MEDIA Manager bell Telephone Media 105 FREE TELEPHONE SERVICE Tcephonc subscribers in Media district may Times free of toll charges by asking Central fur Media Alt kuiintsi it through MrJiz Iranffojjice ij RECORD CROWD IS EXPECTED AT MEDIA Fourth of July Celebration Wil Great Attraction Tho Fourth Be a TAXES MUSTJSE PAID Media Directors Decide Test Necessary in Case of Women nor yesterday at the homo of and Harry of Joss rd Thompson cnmo down from West Sal j unlay and spent the with I his ami Aiuua I Thorn of WalliNjjfortl The regular meeting of tho Kpworth service will bo hclil at the South Media Church on Tho ineetinR will lio In of the OeorKo Ho will bo assisted by several of tho younger members of tio or lloracu of was tho finest ofMichael McCarthy 1U program arnmged by the of July committee of Media promises a and cele Tlio events tho day will filart at J and continue until There wii not be an idle moment for the pleasure ArI been made by ihc police Tor one of the larjjcsl tin person nel u tin Media force and special has secure the services of policemen fium who wil Community slnjjlns will bo held early in the morning and will lie followed by an address by General Kdward the Houso Square followed by UKaquatic Media women pay their school taxes fur action will he taken against them to force the jsiii now before women in this whether or not they win bo prosecuted and made pay their taxes the same as male At a meeting of the School Board of on Saturday ICmily widow of Jerelva who was tax colled and who is actin as solicitor of taxes to i lean up the ax duplicate of her late precntod a of including in which she asked to bo exonerated from collect inir The amount Involved In tho exon erations asked is approximately The txoneratud Cooper from taxes from persons for cause causea for which she A as exonerated was for the who have removed from who have All including 2GU r Slianrion a I 10 carnival at the winre a of twelve been arranged by Chair man Howard The commiitee has also soxtirccl live champion from who will sivci exhibitions of swimminji ami fancy After a brief recess for the program wil bo lakeu tip at the rschiol where a lltKl meet has boon arranged and includes cen es The lieid meet will start at oclock ami will be fol lower by a baseball at oclock beuveen Clifton Heights and Much interest is eenlcrod around Iho track and field Some of the best runners in the county will lu A relay team of Media boys who won fame in tho dif ferent of tho country has been entered and is expected to make a olenjiup in tho Medals will be given for sec ond and ihird places in tho water carnival and ield and a cup will be pivcn to the person or per rons scoring the number of points in each tho water meet and the track and Held Tho two cups ami tho medds are on exhibi tion in tho window of the Media Tin medals are of bronze and Ai sharp the automo bile parade will form on Front at the Court The commer cial cars will flinn on one side of iho street Ihc pleasure on the other The parade will pro ceed west on Front street to down Orann1 to cast on Ktate in Providence Providence road to west on Wash ington tn iinrlli on Oranpro 1o cast un Htnte to the lire where the parade will be dis missed the judges will announce tinwinners of the following prlxuM frill for tie best decorated commer cial Sfi for tlio second for the third for tho bent pleasure for the second for the third Hkelly and Alnnzo have been appoint ed marshals of the automobiles are expected to be in After the parade tho crowd will proceed to the aviation where an unusual display of lireworks has been arransod tor by Chairman Kllwood DiekCFon lias been awarded the contract for supplying the fireworks and he lias iecnred many pieces to be put The last year attracted peo ple from all over Ihe county and the display th year will be even better than last Tile committee holding llio display Ibis year on the aviation field owing to the fact that tin1 school campus was too small last year and could not accommodate the The final cvenl of the program will lie held immediately after the firr workH in Iho Media wliero JL dance will be An ex orchestra has been U will be absolutely free and will last iiniil The Liberty Rand of thirtyseven pieces been secured for the day and will qi i in ihu SIXTYNINTH THEATRE thrilling and xmifjiie in theme and The Hustle of Unity iicwcht picture will havo its first Western Philadelphia pre sentation ai the Sixtyninth Street Theatre Tuesday and Wednes and I Conway popular leadjiiy man of lie HI a go and will uppear opposite Miss in tlio role of Arthur Englands Colonial and next in line for ihe post of Prime is the victim of a plot by one oil his enemies lo ruin his lie to Kivc up ifrant his fickle wife the aha has and marry little Lola De play ed by a smart hair with whom lie has fallen In Lola worships bul will nut consent to forstrklnjj country in t time of ami it is with her encouragement thai he wises a winning and becomes 1rimc Jliss In thia may well becredited with the performance of her The support ing cast is nrtc fiuale nnd includes Anna Xllsson and Cyril The comedy cml or the bill will be well taken care of by ariother of the Our comedies called A Plea sant On Friday and Satur July fi and photoplay version of Charles Xorris cele brated will be the at Monte Marie Prevost find frono Hish featured in the which deals a uni versal and An additional stajfc feature of un usual timeliness and attractiveness ho in Tlio Syncopated i home on lloniildson ycater frorn tho Kdmonds and Bousnll and march to lett led by tho Hoy Scouts of the tin eh child in the I nrado will bo presented with u Has for the and a llaj will take placo upon arrival at the A baseball KIIUIO will bo played by the luarrxd men against single in tho lato Kree ice cream to all iho will bo a feature of the Fireworks of variety will be iisplayed in the cvenlnjj after nine i In casu of the display s j ivlll bo postponed until Sat thej borough others wero Joseph p r o s i d e n t of tho School when inter viewed dirlared that while there is no disposition on tlio part of tho school directors to prosecute yet they for taxes and it only scorns natural that iho law pre sumes thai the taxes must ho col lected from the mala He that IhR School Directors have decided to a lejal ileclsion on the ciuosiion and that Cioorge solicitor for the Kchool will Inasked to prepare the neees Kary papers on tlio which means that an example will he made by arresliiiK Iho delimment women Somebody may bo arrfstnd and jiut in to lest out tho commented Cf no one to see a womfur KO to but how aro authorities Koins to find out whether women are exempt from paying taxes he Many of tho women will pay their Iflii taxes when they learn that the School Idroctors mean business nnd that they will support Cooper in her effort to rather than have the of probably arrested in test Tho action of School has caused much discussion by infn and but it is the concensus of opinion that the School JMrectors and the tax collector must carry out the law and do their no matter how unpleasant it may Anotlur piece of important busi ness transacted the was this awarding of a contract to James Skelty for tho HradinK of the new athletic The cost for Rradiiifj the Held will be about throo thuu satid time a movement was started to pet Iho icld and in ordei that it bo used as an athletic tiekl for tho public school and tho town in The Hold was months ago by tho School President Quinby and tho members of the School lioard believe that Iho public should contribute toward the cose of putting tho field in The citizens oL the borough will bo appealed to by the directors to form probably a Citizens Committee to lake up this part of tho It lias suggested by some that it would ijc very appropri ate for the publicspirited of the town to contribute sutliciont mon ey to have the Held made a memorial to the men from Media who served their country during the World On Tuesday morning Contractor SUeIIy will b otr in the work of grad ing the Hold by putting In operation largo steam Tho work of will take about three but this does not mean lhat it will bn to a finished Muny yards of dirt iniiNt bo Niippliud to tin j and it mtist also havo time to The field will not bo ready fur actual use until next Media Sick List Miss Ida of Rnat Second had the misfortune to trip when crossing the Media public school at which tlmo she sustained injuries which necessitate hor remaining Masior Kdwln of AYest Fourth had tlio misfortune to fall and injure his Isaac Parsons gave ihe necessary nlien Alfred Leonard of Ashland was operated on at the Chester for Ho is an only son of Irank Thomas of Manchester aventio and Washington Destler Is privati secre tary to ihe president Penn sylvania and Snyder motored down to him yesterday and found him comfort Media Town Talk Oeorpe a former stipcr Inlondcnt at the Court who was compelled to resign owhiK to heart is about as Walter of spent yesterday at the of liufns on lOast Washing ton and Alfred twin sons of and George Wash ington entertained llielr three Frank and Rob ert at dinner In honor of I ho ninth anniversary of their Their Tip each with a cako each Tho expenses of Fireworks oi largo July variety will bo OUT OF THE FOG OF LIFE Subject of a Talk by George of Bywood Taking from tho Mas luoradi as ii text ihe pastor of tho Mary Sellers Memorial delivered nn exceedingly hu man and IniorestitiK talk to iho members of tlio llywood Civic Asso ciniUm Wednesday wonhs terse remarks came as a sort of climax after iho business tf Ihe DIMwoilii niado nn earnest plea for an earnest and whobsome Christian community In citing the lefcrence from iho Masciuoradtr i scion of ill arisiocracy strikes match to jght his clgarotto uiul oul of Ihe dense Lmdon fog iippenrs iho features one of the liutimn who ruciuosiH a liglu of the log of life conies faces of men nisi iiho gavn Dillworth an opportnnitv lo tile im IHirtanco of ihe mosi snbsian kind of loi Io tho community life of ll Is good thing M tn boost and brag about the si UiinKS in remarked I I ijl biK at time we should h ourselves over in readiness bat and lo desiroy tii elemenls which hu ve tindermine and woiiki and virile communil i baseball cumo lakes of tho after During the evening Pennock avenuo is to bo transformed inio a of glory so as per form a radiant and illuminated set ling for deslro to partlci pato in the block danco avrungcd by the Several special ami novelty dances aro on tho evenings Kvry homo In on Wednesday is to no opnncei and tho openhouse spirit if hospiinlity Is lo ruio liiroiiKhoui the Brooktino Resident Hold In Bail Raymond ail years of who is a boarder on Kathmoro was arrested at tlu 1cech wooil station of tho Philadelphia AVcstcrn Traction Friday chaiKCil exposing him self to passing wumen and Complaints had been made to police of tho linvorford concerning the actions of tho and police sot watch for him on Friday even Chief Smith and Olllcer made the At least eight ranging from Hi to 1C years of anil NOV have1 lieen as witnesses against the Mar lln was given a honrlng before Mag istral i1 and In default of was connuitied to Uu county jail for the next term of Krvin Ooorgo and Thomas Klchurd Kelly the Scully Ginngo Kiddies Day at Highland Park Tho Fourth of July celebrallun at Highland Park is to take more of t In form of n kiddles the com mittee in charge of arranging the program for Wednesday lias given this Juvenile viewpoint of what con stitutes it good time more ihan passing tho kld otes1 paiade in iho morning is to be a special Tho track and ilold of which Is iiulto a number will take place during tho There will be plenty of Ice cream and homemade cake for ach one lit the evening dancinghas been provided t nlonij both sides of Iho West Chester Pike cement It will bo ru eallol tho Sixtyninth Street Uusl DCNs Aiisociaiion passed a resolution Pi otesting against tint present ragged condition of Iho West Chester Piko ami urged tho Stale authorities to construct shoulders to protect the paving from tho gradual eating in which It was Board of Health Meoting vn adjourned meeting of tho Up per Darby Township Hoard of Health takes place tonight in iho boards Municipal Is considerable routine maltors boforn jibe bomi and tins meeting was found j nceossory In order to keep up ivith j current public old to ortm o community tendeicv a lualtlirul KIRKLYNS Media Hospital Notes Xancy daujjhtor ot Colonel William of Manchester who Injured in an ati tontoblio accident at Copplos vas upon Satur day at the Media by oC aKsistod by Inaac Iarsons and Kenneth of Tho child was oinforiably who sustained a Trctnro of tho collar bone contem plates returning honiu early this Shu in from of tho ho is under treatment is Im Ijfatrlco datiKliter o and William Cloud of will sing over the radio tomorrow afternoon at 3 She will broadcast from New Turk Judge Isjrae Johnson lias returned from a few days spent along the banks of the Lawrence rector oC tho Church of the Nativity cf tho Hlessed Virgin spent last week in retreat at Overbrooko Hose of North who has boon confined to her room since owing lo has not been so well the past few Edgar chair man of the commilteo to look after ihc requests all along tho line of parade havo houses decorated for A 1 kiddies reslilin prize will bo awarded of twentyfive dollars for tlio bestdecorated and a prixe of ten for the second most at of has been tho guest of hor Jrank at her homo on Smith Orange Tippa is iho wife of Benjamin aretired navy She was cnrouto to Atlantic City for a Miss Matlio of Fast Third called on a brother in Philadelphia yesterday who is and Pirn I Dallry and of wero week end visitors at the home of ami John on West Third Harry of Fast Fourth street James Liml T North Jackson street Mrs viiirnor of Moylan and Emily of havo arrived their homes from an automobile trip to Northampton Upon their re turn trip they stopped in rind met Lord who accom paniedy them back to the county Waller of and Milton of Atlantic attended llio funeral of thoir sister Hubert in Chester Krank of fiM Soulh has purchased the Snyder prop erty at Washington slreel and Man chester lie svltli his family rxpect to lake possession September Yarnall anrl daugh Miss of West Wash ington Saturday for a months sojourn at Depan Shiill joined llnni She madu the trip by ati of la taking the rest Miss of con tinues lo fijiihT her Kelm and baby son to return lo their homo in lo Kepler and of aro getting along nice Claivnco of was treated for injuries received in an automobile Mil of was for lacerations of ihe was in an autumoblJo It necessary ree stltehes in his to piaco New Policomen on Duty The new policemen appointed re cently went on duty for the lirst The addition of these two men brings the personnel of tho Media police force up lo five four of whom aro on night duty at tho jireseni One i confined to tally during the policf all haviregular beats and report to pnllra headfiuarlfrs at Intervals whore they aro chocked and j amount South Media Tho South Media firemens fair closed last evening after ten success ful days and considerable money was lakeii in by tiie Tho CELEBRATION Arrangements Completed to Provide its Residonts With a Glorious Fourth Fourth July ceicbral Inn a ICirklyu Is being put over by iho Kirklyn Civic Association nnd n commit teo of cloven members from tho associations have every detail all sei for this patriotic put He yond the boy and his tlrii cracker no oventfi are scheduled on the program during Ihe morning nt llul after tlio luncheon hour there is niite another story lo A baseball game beiwecn teams made up of single men and bachelors and the married men Is one of h afternoons attractions and should prove a strong drawing In addition Iho trad and field events arc snftlclently diversified to prove IntoinstIng and consume whateverof tho afternoon tin committee Insists there will be a suf ficiently large nuanllty of lee cream on hand to satisfy every one of Ihe in Danc a vaudeville entortninment and card playing five hundred are to feature the evenings on Tito rjorsnniiol of IlirFourth of Julv commlliee is as followsVM wnril J Walter Klftika i Daniel II 1 S Corlihoii niniitiUL Cnnnclinn Guost Honored Miss LIIlu Pembrev cntrrlained at carib I Saturday afternoon in honor of her I Miss Helen of is her for Ihemonth of Among those present wero Miss Louise of Miss of hosier h of Urookllne Miss Janice Missj Marian Mss Miss Msi Xlckcrs ntid Miss Marjoriej i arl of 1 Tho Fisher Folk Returned tadon Those fortunatu Mnibi wlu wero Iho guests of Wallrr Mcllalchy5 on recetit trip to 1 returned lo Sixtyninth stiool wiiNj a goodly showing of the Ihiny and still rniKh Sullivans facia foalnres with a sunburn color that Is nnllhitiil ly lurid to create envy the liroiled lobsl er The is reached tho compllmini ary sum total of nluolv Mc Cbilchys giiPHlH Incbirled Sul Nearina a Settlement Thero was a rumor iolni rounds of Drexel 11 111 Hauirday lirminj a siltlemeiil would be reached in Iho pipe comroversy within a few Ihe lo this 1 won Kiiilly lln In certain usually well lu Iormid circles rather conllruud a be Wtartil was llio end of its and hu w probably alter llio a ilellnlte of II will be Llnnorch Country Club A ting tournament Is tho special vent over tin links of the Hie Country Club for the Fourth of In addition several sperial events are to bo The play will ho In as on holidays two mt threeball matches have no prefer ence over fourball There three golfing scheduled over Iho Aronlmlnk Golf Drexel Hill course for the of In tho a mixed fourball medal 18 combined handicaps dfi clod from combined Thq second event Is a flag 1G medal full A medal play match Is tho last oC Iho days 18 two thirds of a FIREWORKS BRIGGS SEVENTH AND WELSH To Put Shoulders to tbu Piko i of iho Slate HluliJ way in lppir by Township Friday lookbn ovei the pVtlons of Slate hbihwavs in It IN the Stale Highway Deparlmnl is planning he conslrneiion of a two lo llueefool houldcr of pemirallou BATTERY CHAKCINC Callod for nnd Delivered Free DARKY ELECTRIC SUPPLY MAIN Open Evoninns 852 White Shoes for the 4th th Street Theatre Cooled by rrt Polar Bruoics July 4 BETTY COMlSON In THE RUSTLE OK SILK Cast IncludcB Totirlo anrt Aiiua Nllauou Our Gnng in A Plenittuit Jouruoy Bywoods Fourth of July of aro pull rirt a realty of July Tho dolnlls of Die proctratn have previously boon printed In Ibo 1ml brlof reiteration M rleaorvliiK In thin There to ho a fliur rnlslnff at H followed by tho reading of tho Detlaral ion of after which clab oraloly nrranfjert nhildrcnH parade filln In until when a picnic under tlte trees Mirrmmrllncr Heverly mansion IK a Traoli and tlolil tho nnon nnd RED PACKAGE MIXED TEA Tons aro a must havo not unliko which o bo good every Ingredient In it Just Ko wllh if precisely b e n d o even though good bey becomo I blond my teas and I believe there Is added much to Ihem by tho ex ceeding can I uso in selecting A natnplo Is yourn on re You buy of lh Ileroy Tea ICE TEA SERVED TREE On the Way to Independence Young men who are nnd saving f raveling on their way Lo Y o u c a speed up the work of accumulating in o n e y by making regular deposits tho First Your account is FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MEDIA THt BANK OF SAFETY ANO SXKMlf KSB Open Kililay 7 to havo boon timo nnd time again on tho and quality of our Tho heel and toe and oxford lies some carry rubber soles and Materials are Kid and They are appropriate for sports outings and BRANCH and lilds rooin Iioar Ilcdford Isaljcl Asst llcll Ttrlcjihonc 4 Purifying as a Sea Breeze With tho Royal every room in the liooso is lcpt daintily swcot and fresh as tho broczokissed Icnno the hotiso tlirounh It and through with Nnturen own great Gormladon ditst and litter cannot resist tho poworfuV suction of its cleansino nir An tho Royal cleans by is nothing to injuro tho fineat rufjs or flimsiest Cash or Monthly Utenco Electric Ironers Easy Electric Washers JUDSON 22 WEST FIFTH STREET Open Saturday Chester FOURTH OF JULY At Speaking at Court House Square at 10 by EDWARD Sports al 1 SporiH at Miilln llold Ill M id Illflon lleliliti Dancing Until Aviation llolrl 4ht Tn Media Armory WATKIl SPOKPS Dniih for IK and under fillVardM djiHh for 1 i yearn aiirl unibr fid VardH 1 n all 1 r omen nnd J li IM jiVarihi for of he American VanlH for lai Men niliilmiiui Id 110VardK laHh for Men and lloyn Vancy divliiK Cor Men Obstacle for EVENTS 1 lash for i hildren under S yearn Dash for Hoy between X and yoaiH Daiili for iirln between li and 10 years for Hoyrj belwen ID and years Vj Varibi Uaiih for Cllrlrt bel ween and 12 yours loiiYaribi lintih for Hoyn belween 12 ami 1 i years liiiVnnlM 1 HiHh for llrln belween I 2 and Ifi ycafM HillVa Dniir for Men and Boys KKiVhfdH llanh for ClIrlH 100VirdH for Knt Men Minimum UK ponndx aclfi 1 ace HrlM Hand for Adclod Attractiori HwlininlUK and Iilvlniiby cliamplon i m Charter National Bank Media Title Kiicn for I Iris Kace frr MemberH of American Lesion ItuinUiiK Klep and for Men and Hoys for Men and Udav Ktice for Hrls National Bank Trust Company ICE CREAM AND FIREWORKS Childrens Games and Grand Parade at Drexel Hill Kreo ice an elaborate dis play of flroworls and an allday pro gram of will delight I In lld diOH of Mill on tho y at will f celobrato tho tth of at larrott liold bas botn put in contlition for the day and n n ato program has boon planned by Cleorso Hteixor and hlu commit The first activity on the which Is located at Itunnymcdo north of School will n a pltuhlnK open to all Tho match will al Childrens including rnccs of nnnsnal will bo enjoyod I and at everyone will aHHomlilo for the i rrand parade which Will nrocotd realized on Ihe tho present fair IK riot it Symphony of TjanoinK ihc management hnrs known nl tho present In conjunciion witii Uattor Ihoupht that it will considerable the American Studio Ihsiii Ihc Ilremen Habcr will appear in tliis dance revue Thn firemen are much indebted to the ladies auxiliary lor ihc lino work they diil In helpinff with his famous Jordan Radio Orchestra and a company of fifteen dnncinpr Gladys The Koaplane brought to tho fair prrent srranrldmifrhtcr of the j was enjoyed y both youriK famous danclus Kllworxl i and old was L Kroat help to ihe will hn rofoaturcrl with Others in the rcvno aro Fiorenco Ilidonian and eccentric Ruth and the Trotter TheRevue will be Presented nt approximately and each and Taylor and thoir Ilorkerly Tiylor and Robert have sold thoir house In CSermantnwn nnrt nrf Inpr tho summer nt nnd Ifoward and son of rrpnt yesterrbiy wllh Atwood at her homo at The ton of coal was secured by Mr of Tho fcoiuh Media ball team lost a oneHided btfttie to the flreyer yesterday by the of IS to name as lost poor fielding on the part tho South Media The services at the South Mod la Church were well attended at the ercnins and afternoon yes Gcorjjo presided at boilt In iho cvcninsr irrnched very inspiring ICnple and Ewrle Engle were entertained at din Onc Bottle Colac Pile Pills Did Won ders Says Charles Ammcrman Colac Tile 7llls surely been n CrOdsentl lo mo as 1 wriH in bad condi After taking several doses ccnili j Rpft a I cant praise thtlr value too Aly IK of loiml but one bottle nt Colru 1llcs Illltj ban done Thty flotic more for me than il tho doc 202 Howard AC 1I L1CS are a real Internal A3 uriKinmc inJ Io noil cure COIAC the clr culition In the lower and thft illivs away wllh I and Only CO at nr ecu is itofitjialrl tn wrajijirr from Colac Chuinlciil C Glens ilriii plain 800 Edgmont Avenue MONDAY AND TUESDAY SALE OF SILK AND COTTON FROCKS Exceptional TUB PRINTED LINENS AN SHANTUNGS Every Dress in this unusuitl tfroup was made to at a much higher Included are attractive Day time and Afternoon in a wide variety of and Store open Monday and Tuesday Sale on Dotted Regular Reduced to DELAWARE COUNTY 110 Tth Chester Allan College Swarthmore HO Markci Darby Morton Chester Maryland Monro Honey Brook CHESTER COUNTY Charles New Spring Waller 40 Miner West You cant beat THE BELT for Good Automobile Carl Crawford 113 8th District Agent and Chester Counties 8   
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