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   Chester Times (Newspaper) - July 2, 1923, Chester, Pennsylvania                                CHESTKR Eitablished HRST OP ALL THE HOME NEWS iily Except TIMES 418 Market Street TELEPHONES fell tnd connecting Advcrtuinj aod Job Printing FRANK C City Adveriicipp YORK OFFICE fc fclidiicn MB CHICAGO OlTlCH R MiniRcr mcllrr at Ini if it Cheiltr under Ad cjMarch TEKMS OF SUBSCKllTJONi itpra u 13 cnt it by I DISASTERS The falling of a train from the Brooklyn elevated lino Ihe other day may be taken as typical of all dis One reads the account of the itself with a sort of Kick hor ror which dries the throat and holds the It when ono comew to swift shold of the forces of order that one finds the eyes It seemed for a moment that lire add to the then the fire apparatus in Brooklyn seemed to arrive In u few moments the fire was In no time tho police reserves had run a cordon of 175 men around the Taxi drivers threw their I reckless skill into the job of petting patients into the Bed tho Salvation Army tho organized forces of a great city jumped into Jn forty five minutes the last victim had been II cared When San Francisco was toppling and the thing over all else was the and speed with which Unc1 men from the tooHtvhpld tho In the Looters were food was being the work of clearing and straightening hud In every American disaster the tale be it lire or earthquake or railroad Amer ica has trained its forces to expect to just what to do to mitigate their and to do it Could not with is IT1 its genius for do something to prevent its disas Workmen building replac ing rotting timbers with sound new Wood or fireproof stool may bo less appealing to the imagination than men in uniform coming to the But are the constructive preventive in less heroic SSma THE TEMPTING SURPLUS Many n who wouldnt think I jiiiiMiniHnm mum iininiiiiiimu iHiiiiiJiuiiitiiimiiiinKiiiii ninummiEimiiiiiiiiicji is shower bommH of brul tl rones GATHERED BY TIMES REPORTERS have purchased the propery of the on Saturday cvcnJng at the Wo saw a presidential possibility M lose two votes when n kind i of auto hit n This wrathfr seems to ho crass y with tile It is not that qnakps were caused by u liriile ping i l it fi nil I ii n I ill Vf of 1 lH I ami When 1 I Amundsen may not try to fly to the north If summer keeps we miy try Tho quickest way to reduce is have you ever KOCH a fat postman Cold cream helps lint nclhing helps UnoflVifil Ipporl sayrt several June brides urn learning to Ooctors claim a new siiUin limbnrn litiff jninls than sitting on a ii I t ri iniilnH I il iifnl 1 In IrK il I i i o t ricpt ion of AIr 1inuilKc luM u n y report and of Jersey found their way Into the Failhaur hurriedly Ievamluski to and id I Ihe Hfriit be turned Adelaide i has 111 d tn the Inline ill I e Kdwiiiil if Milllin III weeks al leT Ids I in I alk n a i1 blii I II Inilav for Vetlnll Mum1 ii lia 1 where In Ktiry lil a number nf il we kri ami bexii r I 1111 MernhnnM Mini M William of II IIIII I ee III II i II Hie lljovimc thi he a vi for lie in i li f 1 lie I I1 bark I lie Insisted in I H II Ii i ml a iirniv IIH I hie lial en V lie i n II Tie1 in i aT 1 h In l i ra 1 I u II I rhihbn l lie f n r ii a 11 l hi i 1 Hie M t It f1 Ihe Ill Il i ainl i Wdrl the I S mini VitUrUin Join nous lire n I UaNillllKllCI Ill i heii t e i i V a n inoon le Kitchen it can i if Mud lire a i ii ISC 1111 111 a W f i I lie anil emi sworn Smith immemm that the nf reiuseil to put in nn ap tor InilM ami later on was taken bv at Mnnlrn tmm I ho 1 nil i Friday eviiiini fli i r a lira n l ill hell a e She nriler an sh i i nf ri in II ar They say one barl pffect of tho war in crup Tlio bud is tho unlucky While most other countries need it tho the United States uses the most New Hnrnpshiro permits divorce on 21 all battle King George is a stnmp but is considered Goatskin is the favorite jimlpriJil for orient water much to tho goals A walchspring in more likely to break during a and a rolling pin during an California operates about 200 s but the movie ntars have the best stage Only one farmer in fiO in the Unit ed States hns n showing how few truck farmers we A penniless man who went to tho Kansas oil fields to get rich owes Many June college graduates are still trying to prove Ncjit to had a trijilnnc mak ing 300 a second IB tho fastest nianmndo Wolves often raise 13 and usually hang around tho doors of other large Engraving on plates begnn MO years but always have had finger prints on In one respect the surplus de veloping in the Federal treasury way prove to be a Con gress is never much interested in except as talking points in political campaigns ami even then Congressmen are likely to claim more credit expenditures than for They are likuly to got awny with such because of the delusion affecting so many classes and localities that it is always a commendable thing to spend the nations money when they themselves arc in position to derive soma incidental Surpluses breed public extravag That is true now no less thun it was when the country be ginning to recover from the effects of the Civil They not only tempt the lawmakers to vote motn liberally for unnecessary purposcli but they tempt executives to rclnx Franco has worlds ah not counting Owls cannot inovo their so owls have a hard time Basket mnkinjr is one of iho oldest almost as old us just loafing 1 wllli me Hntnrday from ician N t the of LukeiiH to Samuel Ynl look pi n ruii y Hllse and tier daughter to thn idiore they will lime lo spend tin Koland liiise will today to Mlns Mary of Hwitrtllinoro iiviium and on Hlreel iliilalned al iiinchena thi1 Arono mlnk tlouiilry lull iit honor of Miss ChilHlIn of Ici The of Mlsn Kclin to Kolierl SniHlfoid IIIIK been The at Ihc luncheon Included Miss Miss Aniii Adss Iaillli Miss Miriam MlsM Uoroiln Mlns Marian Mlmi Alnrnnoilto Mrs Cmnerford ami ttaymond of Harlol returned honv yesieribiy afler Hpind several days nt I rimiltH of Ridley aVe IFI lriday motor to hln William I of nml Hoberl lleally hnve reuirmd from Ihelr wiMfdlmr I rip and oreiipyln Ihelr new linnie on Iliriier Hially wtiu MlMM Tvlarlon iliiiiMlttcr of nml Snmuel nf bolorti her recent inar IlalCt Ilio Allisons have pr Ihelr linmi at for the Hull and family ha ye ffono lo wliern they will and ami the MhiMen Alitrlula and of left Siiturduy for tho and Brandt will Hliiy at for n The da UKlilers will enlor a camp up in the mountains for n monthH and laler Ihe will upend another week at the aflrr which nil will ru lurn Mr John nml William Krsklne and have Ioiiiiiicd from a trip to Ocean I and Holier 1eel Benlley und children have taken a summer for tlio suason at Ocean I i1ilay Hnssell nml vlHltlnx hln ami of Tenth Hyolt and from llaltjmore I rn i er In ependence Day al Ihe Cniikllti Alland of conlrailed an Illness of iniiisbvi while visliln relatUen In NIXV r1 cu pera tl at his parents home Misn Kdllh and icr tllidi of will he jueslH al the liomo of over Hie Steuber ind plan to work al onci on an of liouiOH on Nintli II The Melhinlist Chnrch tinrH riir in smoke llimis tinut Die chijn inv gninn who lives op an lo of Ilii my and turmd in an A iiilliiber of were bitll ni in i he JIOM iilMiK a aAa I1 urn 1 hiv a ml without vniiini in ihflr bathing suits hurried scene ami liad a whlcli waii rap jidlv in than tlnec minutes had veccivtd lie As a risnll of tlnlr pi oinpi ne1 tlie llatnes were cbeiUed will niparal ively Tile lire is believed to cau I i I h e 1 1 h i I n 1 1 Clikf I Ilili terday morniiit was called to Kail s ml avenue by Ihe of revolver whleb lie iu liad been tired in an arKu heiwetii three Tin ail went hut tlie po in the park last nljflit were greeted by a luiKi 1lif final mirtlMK of Ihe Kourth of July Committee belorf the biR day will lie held The money for the celebration is romlnii In riipidly more than being reported at Ihe Norwood Thf public appropriately decked In fid Innt nifrlit the scene nf a larpely tittcmleil Ioin pafriotlj forming a lit inf prelude lo Ihe observance of d liy in tlie early yes licemen cnrrahed all thr marched them lo lltcn where they furnished ball for Ihelr appearance at further hear saiil tn bn from IblM village nrreHted nster iiay nftfrnoon In Hldlnv ru n tinlley upbn Ibe fnlleil In Ktnn for him a street not rtprular The have matters nf mnre nr UHH Ini IKirtniice at tnnljfhts acs Minn al nf Hiflley held Ihls rvenlnj at ihc line of the matters which will til seemed to join in the services and iconic up will be the election of a see the pastors of thefour jntnvy and I rtasiirrr for the fiscal Stanley Iakeivel ear as reiraired by Ihe of Joseph Smilh anil Key The lulilrenn if tln niiHle hy Ialvin nl nnd n ciiminnnliv clinrhH leil liy Irestnn Klve line The fur Die Tiiylor All nf Ih ciinrcheii their evening nervice fur tho community nni Percy nf und Sylvan n ycNterihiy fur Allnomi lo reimiln over the mtlor ami nf rlill of thin will upend over the Fourth with and Ida nf left nbtht on a molnr trip tlirnUKh They will return lomurrow Harry I of ave hni none in Halthnnre for a vacation will lie joined hy of Wlllliini Harvey and family moved Salnnlay into their new home Ridley nml Trltes Ihe The present benls are Harold Quiun and Cjuinn will not a candldato for Keire is eNpressed that Crnm Ljmie liaptlsl folks hnve de cided not lo hold their wiimmer Illble school its had been Thomas eu I is envilnyd in Miss Anna o and ol Sycanini i vlsiied Ullham Jribbniirt in Ihlit vesl inla Syca mare si Iliiladelphia TlnpiniiH of North Sycamore m left Kritlfiy he will Home lime with his as of llallimor nf lelalives In Sroii KOfnm lo mnre active a Ihis tane than 11 been in ibelis rhimod mrrily at the of Mi and TREAT SICK CHICKEN Dont Rive to the hen only a dozen ell fine c k e n s on t fiare RtcU siid Tf c ci i their Mis th of hn of Ani her in llanvnoth 1epart he in a receiu performed by the I i of cliick mnr of Ikirrisou wis Hiiklitly injured when he fell from i t on Tlie rnminaKc sale hrld lridny nnd Saturday last by members of Aldan netted a sum to ihe tw fmifj now raised this manual trrin IfiR coach of this yctr Kuccessfiil baseball IVIIK pre Hentnil with pohl hnsehall wadh charm by the members nf Ihe In appreciation of IKK efforts In iifT life V and ii M i huppily pros iho inoflioino fopjirato tlio InL he sirk ihilcns in iho former as thr saving trues ami Irarhor and tho in mar tliy Lester Th Clifton Heights i of u small minority of aniiuiinlille drivers anil IUIJHI in wtiiju are local rsltlipnts or who opernio Irncka fill local lirins irnl business de spite the preiautlonn taken by lural will he vespon for arrldenta 1C HIP matlor is the not MUs ollv south side Bakhnore avenu Council has ROIH jo Ihe nnd trouble of having regulat nml placed nn Baltimore dis linclly rend tlurt parliinj is ed on tlie side of An ortlinnnee alsn been by Cunmil pnsitlvciy iin followint ih newly ed otHcrH lie Aerein the eiusuinjc year lutsch Vice Knix Keller Koi Mneiisam Trnsi anhl Eteinert and John der Adolph Koeiijjj lritx Uissl liohr ami Adolph Schi Robert lias a now j Alfred who I spent the winter months in Ihis lion returned to their homo in ami Rudolph ioiirlli have for their I Nelsou and Miss Mary nfj expect blay two jind n week ntlv the home of and M Michnel of Second and Seneca re lapre ai Browns for the This is a most opportune time to be gin for July 1st is the beginning of a sixmonths period and by the first of the year the interest will be added to your We cordially invite Savings Ac counts in any amount from up Unquestioned safety and cour personal attention are assured and we urge you to avail yourself of this opportunity for saving the parkinK of vehicls Sens color ia flue to film lion of suns while its wiUlncss is due bathing claims ho is still president rjf hut cant prove I hi Ircshyierliui fhtiivh of j tween Summit slreel and ireached nt the 1reHh I erhui here In ihe ol II uiiluei ial Prospect Park The rrnspecl Iaik Open Air Mus ical A ssocia I inn in any lira ted MOXMHII here AnioilK tho nrrlvals nl Ihe 1enn sylvnnlii Stale litilldlitK al the from thin bering from in porsniui B the tnct thai this has ac j cnmpliihed what no oilier munlcip l j lily in IHlauare connly ever altlioiiKh man have atlempted nml tlint smvessfuUy hand inre year aflcr year wilhout H break and each year Ihe North lljivid lliih ami rlauirhlor sailed from rhlladclphii for a two weeks cruise lo Savannah and Bus Ullliam of lor Is aide to a vvnne for Ihe cfj loading or and In mieh ihe sliall not he perrnitleil lo sinnd for ir M PA Often Monday Evenings 7 fo and William JtoVso Heminnle ha month of Miss thirty why some people cannot cv wn siinv I lonl1 lhir lo tlie local j aul lioriries In enforcing the law is not i Arthur Henpenny Is Home From College to Spend His Summer Vacation With His Parents their vigilance available V T u i 1 Fortunately Secretary Mellon proved himself a good Harry Havld McAvoy and bulb uC am deputy factory in in Ibe cxperimriit to e it and Joseph lo hone who have witnessed of ami Knleeway llrtvr ho 1 enlertalned u l a five hundred alonhthe south side of Saturday Their quests w re i iiomh ihesej and Frank are sometimes for and leore i nv minutes al a of V lhilt William Mrs Mnrrii happen In and Phaps lives may he and lred Tallma ami IH Jreai y hlicki Samuel by parlccd a ml when a ma and of Iljrrison are a weeks al liie I executive insistence trolley car approaches in either di reci is not much chance for another machine lo proceed cither up as atier perhaps wo or or west iee worn in Chesler j ihrce uilh Prospect and Joseph I f i m Ihelr Mr The fnoc will spend over uV for v budfCfS up to AVOV and has spread in the and the Fourth 1 the r o them has a wholesome Into the harness hreaili of county from MarI At tin of the ivort bv molorn everything it millit liave of Jolioo f ius llool in and service last IUhi i n and been just aa well if the present Smlth ban none into llmoiieds of an plus had been a little in ap To many of our I tn violent athleilc exercise t it is merely a signal for a raid tin weight slncn lie feed business his I lined up ihe various exchief has been tak frontages of Ihe Park aMesled to the A STAMP FLURRY fact ibat town flo the ami he has decreased it j abom twentyfovir who Jias a photo from many nhcr t o hear i he had i re ula t local drivers al least IXclld some CO ope I i t amounted to Xot in r IOIIK lime has the lirc Iroleetive Association j 1 1 coiiiliiited a more sue essfnj CdClyStOne Mian be summer which a most close on Sin Mr I Mrs Mr i ml unlay on th on the op wlll iiut bluo Ml Haskell is d nilic nave their flurrips and their bullish inuidim now pallery with the the At iirst the and bearish The Chil f Vlla1 i noi leicued as ean government recently putout a I11 llc IV1 H1 K new iisue nC stumps to commeniorj The of 1Mrirk Burns look i ate the fifth PanAmerican oonfer iiare his lnn It was hoiiRht up by ll nuh no a ihe vroimi t inns of Ihe recent the j lris ml i by i cults were Indent BT if v i Much credit is due ihe members Jind f hc are nt erlatnmi M a ion rendcrid the Ini Namecs ami fact it as the women who shnul her derid the larest portion of Die buri Ianvcii and MarKarei j Thev in charge of lie dif I nf are lales a ami Some of bona stamps for Other buying was purely spcriuaja car iho track il shakes the purchasers standing in line to ho annoyame of get whole sheets of the Mumn si at hotline onll i V i11 permission Hoping io sell them to collectors has been at a goodly ured from tho Wellman Frank of nnrrnwlv 1 it proceeded to a second down the mail ISSUe Of the Bftme express at the ernsnhiK nt Hint j p n i I Collectors nnd speculators ar now wondering just they and just how yond its original ib sue of stamps will Quantity production of so bad if he also yestenluy was hnrrylnK to the nrcommrxtnllon s lhl for which had imllod I KKe up at He Intent h1 the the r callhint ihe train befoin it left Ion il1 notiio tnsB train rushing down upon He nt oneo not Tlie lMdvStone Fire romnany ria Is i well frcm whirh Hill 1 line to a close on Sat unlay i i ovicc i v n run of a It is Thomas p k 1 i ill report of the net results linan chiidi liy will he ninde at the niont In the lim of the romptiny on Thursday i t e anil innioix roilnciMvill hold its inonihly Iharips Is oveniiiK In tho luiroiiKh 1 i n i nid A s on he anil too rngino hy iiluioRt touching as lio lii o come before Iha ipelroutine in nature The Ituly Iommitiee wiH in ail have us Imrrl hell if III I 1 vr I nf 1 u MiKjure COT IN AT TO ROOM MATE wilh hidcncc Day This ivrralh of She rarrlfri gor   
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