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   Chester Times (Newspaper) - July 16, 1923, Chester, Pennsylvania                                Saturdays Net Paid Circulation Was 4STH PEN PICTURE OF HOUSING AND OTHER WHINS Increased Colored Popij lation and Little Provi sion to Meet Situation FINAL Latest Telegraphic and Local News ALLEGED DISORDERLY HOUSES GET POLICE CALL JULY Seven But Only Three Turn Out Good n Bemg Made j h the Agency ourvey Throng of Associated Charities The miclsummor Kpaaon Is not too soon to be lookUK forward to next Chester Is Just now under going a trying condition in the hous tncl no one can the harvest will be aJoiiK the latter part of next A noticable which Is Riving no little concern to welfare workers In this Is tho influx of colored people from tho Particularly during tho last six months has tho colored population ot tho city It more so in iho southern part tho They have been coming hero pot only in single but In pairs und Sometimes whole families and sometimes only the herrj of tho family comes as an advance Como they and they coma to There seema to te work all these newcomers who want As to their living that a another In many cases they crowded In not like sardines In 1rollteoring landlords are reaping a It is as wages are high and the negro must have a place to lay his A Times reporter wfrs today tola of case in an not Car from Central where a fiveroom house is bringing in 10 per month for the Two they are not small the rental cost this place In the tenant and subtenant havo besides occupying space in his small socallcd Room rent fhroughout the colored section referred to is at a There seems to bo no evidence thax tho situation will be relieved Nobody thinks OL building homes for the colored element In Big wages havo attracted the negro from the southern farms and the cotton They como hero to make mora money than the south can afford to and tho on the part the welfare is how to pnrsuadc them to save some of their I make hay while the HUII The is that the over crowded condition will prove should an epidemic of any kind prb sent in case prosperity should take a there arj sure to be an excess oC these ntw comers thrown on the charitable or ganizations ot the To meet tho issue in it more tclHgent a survey of the negro housing conditions is being made through the ngency of the Associated Charities of Gertrude thu lias plans which call for a house to house can and which embodies the taking of a census in the crowded whore negroes arc com it will tell a story not a little startling and Reports from the Ten Georgia and Alabama state that negro exodus from the South to the North has left indus trial cities of these states with diffi cult There has also been a shift of colored labor from the cot ton plantations to southern while the expert machin of tho industrial communities have succumbed to the lure of higher wages in the states of the North and It Is also claimed that the first of movements was caused pri marily by the boll most cottonbeit farms are on the vicious onecrop the due to the ravages ot tho Jlexican left Raids on seven alleged disorderly houses in the section wost of Chester were conducted Saturday night under the direction of Detective Ser geant who had the war rants Issued on information In only three was viifllcicni evidence obtained to war rant the arrest of the They Thomas 1515 West Seeond street Frank 101 Wilson and Mike 731 West Second Arrrngned for preliminary hearings before Mag istrate Klliotl In yester day each of ihese defend ants following refusals to plead required to furnish bail for appearance irt Until hearings next Friday The other places visited were u 528 and 71t West 101 nnd 132 Haynes OIllccis par ticipating in the several investigations were Sergeant Detective Mc Kinney irnd 1atrolinen Owens and Tho biggest haul of drinkables was made at Puritys establishment whero confiscated as evidence se von and oneha If cases of high powered gallon jug of two iniirts of Cognac and 11 bottles of Jamaica SMALL HORN THAT PRODUCES A BIG SEAT CITY HALL No More Perfect Days in the Civic Center of the Countys Metropolis Cub Reporter Gets a Few Expressions of on Tooting of HROKE SPR1NGHAVEN CLUB GOLF RECORD of Carries Off First Honors on Links of Media broke the Sprlnghcvven Chili golf record on tho links uf Unit club with several oihor members of the club hul honor with a Dr vionsiy hold tlm score of 7 On Satur playing a brilliant turned in a score of which is two shots under In mixed foursome pUnod on William Molntiro and her won iho low gross event with a score of ami of unii the low not event in tho mutch turning in of The fourhall golf match also played on tho llnUs II Paul ami Manges won tho luu cross with In tho l a score POLICE ON THE ALEUT FOR CONVICTS SEEK NEWS IN DOLLINGS SUIT Many Shareholders in This Section Has Office in Chester but little recourse for the A great portion of the land has for years been cultivated by negro ten ants on the owner of tho land getting from onefourth to onethird ot the total yield oC tho cotton ex change for his tho negro crop per taking the The southern it is now is training new help he has raised his wage and is trying to keep his negroes The bigger problem is that of the planter he is faced with an entirely different He must dcvhio Rome system the nogo will be nble to do the work and cretTi liv ing out of By proper plant selection and It is argued i were plncecl that the cotton planter can brine1 In a crop before the weevil get in his deadliest nut the nctrro farmer is a hard man to they and to do the same old More than shareholders of the Dollings Companies in this city and vicinity says tho Philadelphia are awaiting with Interest the outcome of court action taken Satur day by who seek to place tho companies in Residents of Philadel Pennsylvania nnd sections of Jersey and Delaware are said to hold upwards of of tho preferred stock of the The amount of stock In the various com panies held by persons through out the United States aggregates William president of the various Dolllngs which include companies bearing the Boilings name in Indiana and Pennsylvania and the International isotc and Mortgages yesterday that the entire proceed ings were a sururise to Seated in the of the DoUings Company of 14U1 AVahuit Benham pointed out that H was a stockholders action 11 nd not ono of adding that the companies do not owe a penny aside from current Tn vTow of the allegations In tho bill of Benham said it would bo improper for him to nmk0 a statement in reply to them until the companies answer was mado to the It was intimated that the action of the shareholders will be Tho TJolllngs Companies have an on duly at Market Street That little tin horn tied on the tower of the City Hall is still thrro Tho wonder of it all Is such a horn piles up such a big When it the city fathers must have feared that there werv somo folks who forgot to got up In the and they ordained at eightthirty every morning tho bazoo must rouse itself and make a noise and start everybody going and it does so it sots itself in motion from away down in the innards of the bnsomont of the alorosald Lity and that little big horn and squawks until the whole city Is aroused and starts sweating and fuming and another day is There are no more perfect days anywhere near the civic center any Then someone about two muro or from the center of about the in starts a tire not a regular tlro in the right place and seventeen citizens and cillzcncsses rush for dif ferent lire alarm boxes and pull th IMPROVEMENT OK CHESTER AND DAKHY PIKE City and Borough Officials Will Dis cuss Clucston Tonight At tho InylKatlnn I oimnlv coin the mayor i nd momborH of City Council and I he and oounellinoii all llio on tlic chistor have been asked to meet In Cky Council this s I he piirpoup if thrashing out some Plan thai will induce the Slate HighI way Department Co not biKsy and put I lie in pnper order i traveling MoioriMts contend lhat this much used highway is nol safn fintravel m its present There Is comprehensive worked out by hit I LowIs which would meet every if imt Into It Is high time thai somethiiiK prac tical ho done nn the roadway citizens and others doclarc and the mooting tonight is calculated to the birfl on Saturday Recalls an Ad venture Some Years Ago Tho news of tho escaped oonvietM from tho Kastorti KiUtir spread wildlire over Viola ware and all police otllclals were on tho lookout for a cur an swering the description of he one In which the men escaped as it was thought they woiljd pass through this Jrovlous to Saturday there woro only four who escaped from the prison In the last liltoen They escaped in and aljwero James Chicle who Is now employ oil as oltlcer by baseball niemher of the Chester polkf in when John escaped in with Jolin on August ol thin tllenny captured a few days later when he found him loitering nlom the banks of the IVmiNylvania in this the convicts partner broke a leg when ho dropped from tho wall penitentiary and returned to the prison by a policeman INDUSTRIES WILL SPEND MILLIONS ON NEW HIGHWAY First Road of Its Kind to Be Built By Pennsyl vania State 1120Foot Route From Chester to Philadelphia to Expand PRICE CENTS TO SET RECORD FOR LONG DISTANCE GOLF rolling in tho right ilirocl and then pandemonium begins nn right in the midst of the poaeolovins I VI hardworking and business Mil 3 It 11 I 9 III i men and u OF STATE MINERS Wow ami wow some more Then the fun begins for those at a distance and trouble commences for the poor trying u make an honest and to pay the doctors bills incurred from a fialf a mile uf the little born with tho big ox PAOK Sn led For Europe William lillo nfll cer of the Cambridge Trust and Joseph a Third ward sailed of the lrench from New last for They will tour Franco and spending about two weeks in each who is a veteran of tho World will visit the battle grounds on the Argonno nnd will renew with people with whom he lived whilo in the SCHOOL Nearly T ENROLLMENT Pupils Last Thousand Term Tho school population of Chester during the last was nine thou eight hundred and It reriutree two hundred and sixty three Including a supervis ing principal to handle those One physician and two nurses are employed to look after the health of these pupils holding physical ex aminations daily in the different In the final yearly report of it is found that out of school children or over fifty per were found to have some physical Most of those defects wore remediable ant treatment of tho proper kind advised or Out of this number who were fotlnd physically ISS defects corrected before the closing of tho Good Progress on Residence The residence being erected by Maxwell on Mlddletnwn near tho old lilaelc Is well under way and is being roofed It Is colonial in Losign and in built on a elevated Just enough to command an unblemished view of the magnificent country which sur rounds A garage in keeping with the house is ncarlng completion and IH about fifty yards from tho resi 8 FLEES LIEE PLOT atlenipi 10 s illsinnco tiiinac coinso public links Mc round of i hole scoieil a nine holes as MIII ashliigicinlan afte was right ln t a record golf play at Kast IV wlicro t lie nailmiii hiimplonslilp was ulre played his llflli In iS minutis and is a world for anoi the wilii rec hlnd ol Xelther of al the end of the Tho record for a sborl course is now hold by Kudnlph of Cleve Mho last week boles In The Polinuae cuinso is Mcfiiiire ilrove off ami Tip ton al the imtor having been arrestoil for speeding on his way lo Holh uore tipping rhe scales at Mcliulro in SEEK ffKJIlisiriMlirE FOR THEIR WII 1C AT Transacting Business To day at 300 Delegates to bolsier jis nought of repre Unilnl p What is t 1 L II rears Servants in Imperial House Will Kill Him Home to Father HAD A MERRY TIME By RAY MARSHALL United press Staff Correspondent covering a plot against his life tho Kmperor of China lied over the walls of the forbidden city during Die night expected lo bo one of the warmest conventions over held In the anthracite field opened hero lo day when 300 delogatei representing the miners In District l United Mine Workers of America assembled In the andl tnrlnni for tho twentieth consecutive district Hinaldo loader of the socallQd who elected district president recently ac cnrdlng to nnglllclal will start things by asking lhat tho con vention reverse llio decision of Pres ident William Hronnan and the district board and reinstate him as an organizer for the uni so he will bo in good standing to as sume August President to day that he will contest Cappolinis election on tho grounds that various locals in the district woro not en titled to Aside from the election contesln the most important Item to come bo llte convention is thi proposal to tncruasi the monthly dues fnri seventylive cents to ono r Ml say this Is necessary and the other antliraclro districts con a dollar for some lhat sldo A Good Entertainer ISOKS Cleorgo of Park entertained party of Kwartlunore College graduates over the weekend i t Ills hunwalnw Ira vis Included party were Have H M cibHon and July lortod iiollon by farmers ui the price of w here today at n conferonco fientittvcs of five bar duoliiK T ho siiKiostlon of Jonalbau of ho fanners Urge a sollcrs slrlko was cousld i red by the Farm cooperative and olher farm niKanl of Oldnhoma ami wero repre sented al Iho Tbo confer ence mot on cull of Whllo socrelnry of thn f hurst Hoard DISTRICT CHIEF PREVENTS STRIKE llf ringing appellant tho Hinaldo newly nlectid president Unlled Mine prevented a general HtrlUn of inlnorH employed he Pommylvanla nnd Coal Companies n The minors commllloe aHo nr dojod iho at collIortcH who havo been on jitrlko a turn to work Klrike wjis tn hiv Preliminary work on the first in dustrial highway in Pennsylvania will shortly be started when engineers of the State Highway Depart mom will make a survey for Iho modern road to be oontnictod between Philadel phia and H estimated lhat survey take al least throe Tlie bill In the legis lature by State Senator Albert Dnl ton in this hits been siKiicil by The which will boom industry In both Philadelphia and I ware eonn i will bo Iho niilei In loin i h ami llln Provisions of the will be of durable This phase of road building will bo in thr of the Stale Highway ConiiinsHliinei Paul Wright has already alien a deep interest in the and was present at conferences with the KOV ornor when he measure was it is felt thai the rnad will lie a monu ment to his administration and a pride lo lho HcaiN plants a lilt crest o i i rnrol ti i I ak en up as si H MX IMN Old Story Failed IVr some Hnio past William of Koiiilooiiili strool anil IMKiniiiil has boon a roguhrr jirlsouera I eiula nt In Sunday iniirn Police bnl on most occa sions tearful pleadings ctlleo have won liiio lenteiicy Saiurday Mnyho weekend performance by lomllng up on gin or some other nl nmi then iiarailing up Kdgiunni nvoiuin usbiR vile ami In all peiloslrians I liirdma In forinoil of iiverlonli and 1 he a venue anil i ilaii RELIEF NURSE OF LANSDOWNE MAROONED On0 of Eiqht Thousand Refugees on on Island Near Athens Miss Agnes of a near cast roller la one of two Anuiieuv women mnroonod with SOOO inseasoinfoctod refugees on the Is huiil of thlriyrivo miles trom Tho Island servos HM a quarantine station through which all refugees from Asia Minor must puss bcforo rliiK homeland in1 iiuaraoilni necessary diately after tho Smyrna when onloriiiK Jroeci hrouuhl typhus nnd smallpox from the war Miss FJvon la Olgn Stas of Xo ono loaves island without tholr Sev eral thousand refugees are brought U the island tn 0110 vessel from Asi i Not only are two Amer ican women homl of tho inoillciil su hut they also direct con struction tho collection of fuel iitul many othlr Immirtanl opera noiessjtry for tlu nmlntcnace of Hit lent colony m iho Maoronlssl was almost uninhabited before the Tho ma Jorliy of ihc refugees live In touts Such imm tor Industrial are vitally prepared Hpenil vomoius In Ibolr of Hie type ruolod will bi m as Ihe Is PRESIDENT IN REAL ALASKA Others of Party Discuss With Citizens Posses sions Problem By LAWRENCE MARTIN BIRDS HOID UP Bind and Rob Antoni Exchange Clothes and Escape Convicts Tire of State Penitentiary Life and Plan Easy PrisonBreak SI xl u ma n nlroot boon called k to re gonerai I ills at tho OMO Ilik Jamos IJal feature of the outing wan tho of ji chicken potpie in tho same old wa Munwood Sails The steamship Munwood sailed from ChOKter yesterday for Salina toning thr rlrcdge In her hold she 15 ma chinery and dredging Tho dredges ind boilers were placed in tho MunwoodK Tho dredge will be used in deepening the entrance to iho harbor of Salina the Pacific terminus of tho Me Noghbor Complains and Three Pris Are Fined in Police Court When ribald conversation in the homo of Frank a IIS Wilson interfered with the HlumboiH of Oscar who lives at 130 Mill in the rear of the Wilson street he tho Patrolman investigating tho com found In the Unlllmckl hmiHU the a Andy Wol of 320 Booth atreet rtessionro 110 Mill HI and Ill iVorrls All had lioon drinking and Under arraigned on a eharge of maintaining a disorderly was lined and costs by Magistrate Elliott in police and the two girls and other Polandcr were each nned S0 and and took refuge today In his fatlurs which heartily onjoyorl i former a mile Members of tho Imperial housobohl Reported the Accident reported to the Republican police that Stealing a ride on the roar of an the Kmperor was missing early thH near resulting xcrl lng and after a he y John QUELLED A RIOT lit riot of iOI resulting from l holdno wns iiuollecl by pollen aflor a half dozon persons had been knocked unconscious The trouble began when throe dlts attempted lo force a taxi driver to help them to esciipo after H hold Other luxls overtook tin neoin iunl tho light between drivers and robbers drawing Kogers Park Police rtol arrested ton rnon after dispersing the SUMMONED FOR 111 ttnltnl of the crow of tho new United States Shipping Hoard liner woro wnnimonci today by lirlllsh authorities for desertion f nn lOxciiaiiKC frnni Yesterday morning ready with bis usiml MI but he wrm nhruplly by ivho nncil ilil and Mayho wan iry of prrsn him Hin Treasurr to bis fering from young inn n whlbi slid Xor Ankle BroUun son of Illy Is conllnoil Mill sur a Imiltiii Tho wuiiialneil ihe Injury Into liaio a gaino at few vvoeliM Tbo many friends of Iho yiiung plnyor kud to learn lhat his connilele re covery only a niatlei1 of n ila Governor Cannot See Way Clear to Sign It Chance for Children Nothing ever inure iipolnt Ing lbr nt dry and In a bgbdailvc thiin tion of Howard mi in National Tho drodjrc will be put together before she enters Salina Crux nl nearby will dredge a channel to the railroad piers at The work will be under the direction of Colonel appointed by the Mexican Meeting of War Mothers All mothfra of soldier boys nf the World War are urged to attend a meeting tomorrow evening at the Young Womens Christian Associa at S Blanche nf who is State organiser of the National American War Mothers will be present for the purpose of organiz ing a chapter of the association in ho iioo alter a searcn no V Tho Kmperor declarod that bccauno of his punishment of some of tho pal ace eunuchs hold responsible for thefts during the recent servants of tho palace planned to kill Tho plot to murder tho sol onoc more to tho forbidden city and loot thi imperial Acting upon the renunaj tho Republican police drove more than JOO eunuchs from tho forbidden without permitting them to take their Other police searched the hoping to hidden treasure and further of tho alleged The rCmpcror is ronialning under protection of the Republican polco fiUO fell West from Third laul nlprht He lie in of William Walls Third and sus an Injury to his left Walts took tho boy to Chostc pltal for and biter r tbo accident to the British graph dispatch sla Complaints havo by British operators Dial crows Now York join American vessels for higher fact ririch hlti way clear In M Morton Monument AM Blntc wan sited ID only prn vlibtho mini uf ster it nt Inlloil PIOSS Staff Correspondent WITH President Harllngi party disbanded and white the Proslilcnt look a ninety mile automobile ride over tho Kirlinrilsou i Socrolarks and returned to Sownnl for ctinroronco with Alaskan on this putisonsion Mr from will go on by river steamer lo closor ihiin heretofore to tin real Ho will return to Howard by rail and board tho lleudorwon Wed nesday or For an entire day Iho President will bp completely out of touch with Ihtj rest of HID Ho reached tho farlhesl north on tho presidential trip last night when his upoclal train arrived nl It Is tho hoart city of alinont within Iho nro Mc All nf weiitber wait an llui leniporaluri Sunday hovorod near eighty dogreoH all With hearty blown of a railroad tho President Sunday after noon ilrovo a golden uplko In the Tana narking formal complc Ibo lino from on lUHurroollon liny tour and sovontyono mllen lo Jlui npllcc WIIH prOHontod by Iho clUsionM uC Anchorageto Col ouci lrodorlck Iulloil Slates In chnrgo of the coustruo Monrs nHkod llnrilliig to drive The splki WIIH Inimedbitely drawn nnd will bo kept In a museum at ineiiiborM of llio flrlillron famous WiiHhlngtnn tlnn of newspaper held tin elubs north mooting nilil nt the at linlr Covernor Scott a inom bor of tho wan and PICH Idonl ilanUng wan AH tile I ToHldontn train stopped at Aklnk hundreds or reindeer came galloping over tin lilllii behind llio Tholr broad covered with velvety Thoy milled grunllng Ilko pigs mi the Ksklnui herder and bis two Indian boy apprenl Ices herded them In for tile benclll of Iho mnvlo Most of Diem wore cowbells a nil weru as lame ns domestic They JIIHI u few of tlm which have grown from tho 120 Im ported from Lapland twonlytlvo ago liy Doctor Sheldon Jack then conitnlMHluncr of Indian boys urn trnlnod for four yours then permitted to herds of their Hy system an Import ant meat supply for Alaska JIM been built Securely bound to a Ilia home near Ogdon on the Bal timore Ohio by two Ihe six convicts oaciipcrt from the Kastorn Phllndel Saturday and threat ened with instant death if he mado iinv Antoni halfbrother of John well known business innn of Second and Hayes this was while covered with a revolver by ono of tiiu forced in remain quiet a tbo gang ransacked his I liey took possession of every suit ot clothing found In tho removed their prison dumln and attired them selves In Schmidts They lion entering tho big tour Ing car ibey had stolon and speeding awny Baltimore I boy visited about In llio Inimediiitoly jlo to hear Iho noise of iho curs Schmidt laboriously worked his wuv to porch of his homo from whoro he callod liiHllly for somo lima inter a farmhand hoard Schmidts and wont to hlii re leaning him from his bonds Ho iitniod that when ho was Htand Ing In front ot a big rod ourltiK1 In which were seated Hlx approached and linked him directions to tho Balti more After giving Uio Infor Schmidt ways all tho men got out of Uio cur and requested drinks of llo granted tholr and ns ho turned to renumo Ills work In a field near tho found blmsolt looking Inio tho barrel of a big revolver bold by ono of his visitors who commanded him to make no but to go Into tho When ho did tho six followed ono remaining on guard at tho front Ono at tho npparr ontly tho gave nn order lo two of iho others who loft tha and noon returned with Schmidt was then securely bound to a Immodltitoly thrco of tho men be gun Hoarch of tho and n tlmo returned to the whoro Schmidt being with Hovural ut mens Ono yvaii practically a now ona nnd for It tho Hpokosintm loft nine dollars on u Schmidt declaring the man look HID blllw from it inrso Ono of tho innn also took a gold watch from one of tho but when Schmidt boggod them to lot him ra tnln an It wan a havlngf boon given him by his tho bandit placed It on tho tablo with the money for Uio Tho men then removed their prison giub and ufter attiring themselves In warned un der throul ot to keep quiet until they had gotten Thoy intirod thciicar arid Following tho ot Schmidts predicament by the farm Iho former hurried to the homo of somo distance and telephoned tho Wilmington pollco tho bnniillK having cut tho telephone wires in Schmidts In a short tlmo several Stall pollco of llela wuro and of thoso stationed In this county arrived at tho farm and getting Inrnrinatlon as to tho direc tion the car had started in but HID had too great a mart and they were not ON 1AGIS El Hos Completes Tank Barne The Klin Shipbuilding of has Htno on avo Irv I the barge built for American Potroloum and Transport of NVw The vessel will used to transport oils from New York to Inko ports of the Rollning Companys fleet Is be frig drydookodat tho Snn Changes of Time The residence originally built about a quarter of a century aco bv New lin on West Xinth street the city and was later purchased by Edwin If nnd sold by him to the government during tho World liuckman Mansion H Is operated as n As the village oncroachod tho shaded grounds of tho sion and The mothers who cannot tlnd n 01 mo mnn fter which 1 convenient to attend the meeting will and constimrd iho Jawii the for herself we their name and ad Property outlived Its usefulness is Salina to country and is S24 Glen and In that by lawn liccnme enrolled in the proposed State Highway Nuisance Residents ot Concord road and au tomobilists aro complainingabout the practice of n truck driver who makes dally practice of going to a Piggery nenr filling n fiveton truck with garbage and after getting n the nnd heading toward the releasing a phi and the liquid from the noxious smelling cargo to How the high The result is that autoists nnd residents get tho full of tho IMsmeling condition that takes all the pleasure out nf riding jlf he attempted to collect enough to give it n Stnto on Dont forget 1st annual furniture StnrtK U Fftrterman 37 Fixed His Own Price Kioreni a Porto learned today that ho docs havo tho right to place a price on goods ho On complaint of Jacob a Market street Kalibort was arrented by Patrolman In Police claimed the Porto Rlcan had been makinga practice of purchasing ci placing a coin less than the priceon a case and then When he attempted to repeat th trick last night and threatened Davis his foreigner t arrest was ordered The was lined nnrt VSk Wedding Peonies and 10 East Sixth In a Pugilistic Mood When Mlko returned to his homo at icno strept shortly last mid he his wife children from the place then broko all the Huckman lower floor wife called for help a lidSergeant Miloy find pi trolman Handy hurrying to ho place took ski into custody fn police court this rnnrnlng ho fined and costs and held In Tho wifo to thi an alderman in the Wost tending to havo a warrant him with nonosi husbands Polish Club Outin0 Several hundred Including their relatives left this morning on tho annual curslon of Kalnt Hedwigs polish Catholic They will Augustine when dulgo In a program of and visit they vvlll The committee In charrn is composed of Anthony IlinkmvHjY Frank Sulecki Stanley Szyman Charged With Larceny John of was hold imdor 1200 bail for the Orand by Magistrate nf Wihntnr Delaware into Saturday night on a charge of Annie Jacobs of 1111 Walnut Porter stole from V was do BAD WEATHER PREVENTS fir JVru July Hiul prevented Husucli L i Mauxhiin from lestlng today tho plane In which he will uttomiit to lly from Xeiv Vork to San Kruiiclsco in a OHlelalH nt Mitchell Kit Id that It probably will In UodiicHila v before weather permits the of A MURDER CHARGE KANSAS M a 21 year Country was held In Jail I May accused of M cxprizo saloo whom she said fe Mnrgurol raising an nildli ional nnd Wiis generally believed would Ihe mou lo nay norhing of tin general approciallon on tho part of both National hhi signing of the bill would brnughl Jin much Interested ii staled today that nnrs action was a dlsrippoi to thin know no other measure that have hilciisod our people Ihan Hie Morion had ijn governor Hlgnod He poiHonally mi w the satlly ncglected grave of Minlrin on hiit re eent visit lo this Mortuii ail much vahn to the Slate anil iho I nation as ho lo Tho I movi noMi to prnvidta noii umiiH in a siiltnbli place lo the moin nf the llbiiiti July statesman and old 10 bring about a dosorvd hero of bravu act In casting iho Paul i iding which mado us a froi and thin asl LINWOOI HEIGHTS PRIEST NAMED RECTOR proposd oiiH WIIH intended William Sullivan Appointed to PoUavillo Parish VVllllain rector of thrIlnirch of Iho Holy Un wind for tho past IKIM been niimed Patricks church After aiiiioliitlng Father Sullivan lo aucceeii Jali MoiiHigiior Fran cis Met Cardinal Dougherty mild Say for me that I coriKialulato Patricks imrliih upon being no fortunate to secure a piiHinr of the marked ability of Hey The Is most import Father Sullivan Is a former riniibiil of tills county and born at NEW SCOUT TROOP an 2Jyoar TILOEN REGAINS IXIMAXA July Wllliiun regained to Alt at Sldikle a week itgo bv old tha nl1 lr llomil elny Meddled With Youngsters fJregoranl Sutilino took a hantl in a unong children near Sixth and Korlin last by hitting and rondrrlng unconpcioiis ii small boy who bud slapped his nlne yoarrdd who had struck Jlttlo girl of tho Traffic Of Peterson nppvnrcd at tho plncc and took tho angry Italian Into cus tody just as ho wis about to kick tho boy he had Mriglstrnte following the hearing nf tho otllcors reprimanded Kutdlno and Imposed fine of and on a charge of disorderly co of 1 tbo In the Ilnnlw of tho nn courts Tiliien stiirted nrrvousiy but out Aloiiso In tho later Tmnt 1st anneal fnrnltnrr StnrlK PC Id or man 7 MAY BE CONVICTS July of bfing membrirs of th band of six convicts that escaped from Kiixtftrn Penitentiary Katurda werr her They told conflicting onn admitting coming from Lutheran Church Enterprise At i coiiKrogatlonal meeting of Holy Trinity K van gel leal It dcnided ID purchano ground on Kdgmont above FCievonth provided satisfac tory terms can IK made lo tircio with tho triiHteeH of Alfred Dowhong who havo full pow er to nionument to thi memory of S John an planned by the John Morton Moniuiienl soclatlon of can brought about withi ant Ilnschool children of Pennsylvania will take pi lib la i Ihir to a groat and urn others throughout Iho nation who vvlll con sider it nn honor in doing tMHr There are In round two million public school children In Ponnsy va To tills may lo added least a hiilfriillllon parochlii school milking a total of two i nil it half million kiddies of ichiil ago In the If each child contributed but a Mil cost ft tho proposed monument i would thus bo This of friend of th monu ment Let tho erection of a worthwhile monument t bo brought about by the school children of to lay in It will reflect i rfdtt upon tho State this eon i Too Ions has Mortons irrave nogloclod tho pcopln of this The children can brine thr long chrrishfd recognition of so great a nniii Starts 3 BOY FUGITIVE IS CAUGHT Youth Escaping on Way to Reforma Seized Repairing Auto After eluding capture lilnc Kolierl of who irludod Ijls guard at Thlrlyllrnt street nnd Ulr nil ho wan being tiildin to fjlon Milln Kc was Saturdaj In Th train fin which Hilr and bin guard were riding Nlallod in tho avenue and bov iHrapod when cariUaker lookeil tho window to see what was About two hours It is tin youth took poHHCHxIuii of an automobile at Jirond and a On reaching Milldalo in tho ma JHIe stopped at a for Thr noticing the notified tho towii arroHted thr Employes on an OutinQ Following IL yearly tho employiH of tho Con verting Ilosc and Walnut were taken to Atlantic City for ir days at tho expense of tholr They left Saturday morning at seven oclock nnd re turned at late hour that rmployo given a round trip ticket and a crhip flvo dollar Boys of Eddytono Hnvo Formed Organization A now Hoy Scout troop with an fmvillniont of Mlxteon hoys 1ms been at Tho troorj will bo known us Iho lJddystono troop and will meet In the grammar school of plnco every Thursday The troop committee In composed of James Johnson and Allan Ieler assistant Kcout MaMter of Troop of the and recruiting sergeant iluring Iho World is the scout master nf tho noxv ITo will have as his assistant Whit such a man is Kftrh a who In In military at Its tho troop promises to bo an nctho The members registered In tho troop arc John Arthur lninlnie John Al lan Joseph Harry Donald Jamen John John Nicholas James Clifford ami Krudorlok I Forgot His Promise week when Jerry of was arraigned in Police Court on a charge ot drunk he pleaded HO earnestly ftii another in order that ht would not lose his work that Magis trate Klllott clischargod Satur day night Casto forgot about his promises and created a disturbance at Third und Market Ho taken Into custody by Patrolman Mc Konna and at a hearing yesterday morning was committed to tho Countj Jail fur In default of a find of irnd 1 T H E WEATH E R July forecast for eastern Pennsylvania Generally fair tonfght and Tuesday slightly cooler tonight in north and wost New Jersey Cloudy slightly cooler generally gentle to moderate winds mostly Eastern New York Unsettled to Tuesday modern tem Western Now York Generally fair tonight and tem Sun High nnd 4ME and   
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