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   Chester Times (Newspaper) - July 16, 1923, Chester, Pennsylvania                                3 in PINCHGTS VETO KNIFE SLASHES UOCAL HOSPITALS u Governors Cut in fAppro priations of Chester anc Taylor Institutions His Method of Proposec Economy Includes the Chester Day Nursery Thn Chester Hospital and other In stitutions in this county rire afticuV riy tho cut mndo in appjoprintlni Wll by Governor Plnchot on Satur In tho Chester Hospital re ceived Thn State turo this year cut this amount in nnd tbo Governor it to Tho afrroed on lor tho Taylor Hldloy furls This is reduced to by thr Governors Tho Client or lin Nursery which was to receive UOO will only get July economy Is forced on State nrul lion pltals and homes by Governor iln thot In approving ihf appro priation bills of these institution cut on the nmounts thfty received In under Governor The Gover nor allowed them an i as comparer to allowed two ntfc and errnnted by thn 1D2S u ro ductlon of In a statement iho Governor Indi cated heavy cuts for hospitals and homes and placed iho blumu on the Legislaturo for not Imposing tniflici ent new taxes to meet his rovenuo He he repeatedly hud told tho Legislature In revenue vns but ulvori only No appropriations vero appriivod for approximately 50 most of which are listed an neetiirlan or Two years HKU were glvon but most of this amount wan Itmxrlcvrl out a Supronio Conn decision and denom inational could ceive appropriations under tho Con A total of wan approve by tho Govcrnoifor State aid a cut of fromtyd din from Iho amount sianted by tho LrjgislaturCi Kor homen Iho Ciovern6 approved compaterV to two ycara nffo nnd less than Ihb LcKlslntiiro Tho Governor voted ix ap propriation for Acnes but In tor allowed Cuts In tho appropriations for tho higher educational InstlUitlonH not so Tho University of Temple University and the University of JUtHbursh ro ceivcrl tho snrno amounts as two years tliono amountii were considerably less than tho Legislature Ktata COMORO was cut approximately from two years those IriflUtutibnn woio State Unl vorslty of and Templo Univer sity of Tho University of Pennsylvania ap propriation included f for tlio graduate school of for the school of Cor extension KMI crnl maintenance and for the veterinary The Templa University allowance coiislntod of for apparatus and erjuip and for equipment oC tho school of The appro priation granted State College In cluded for general main for agricultures and homo for research and and for lobncco Tho Governor still has tho appro priations for and institutions to announce ami Koma miscellaneous IL In estimated that the total amount ot uppronrinUons approved by him to date Is In the noightjorhood of with Iho amounts yet to lie may tho Sprnul total or two yours Thooo Thnt Wcro Rofugcd Homes and hospitals not given np were Home fnr Ageil Westmoreland county Now Columbia AVIlldnsburg DuhoiH Phllndelphla Mercy 1lltM Viurgli New Castle New Castle Iassnvant 1KlH Imrnh Hospital Association and Pittsburgh Prisbytiilan Hospital Pittsburgh Providence CITY LIGHTLESS Fur cinnrl time in two days 11ic of Chostrr nil early rang ing oonMklvrabJo j At thri City In Norvlrit for hi deslt jiirgciiut ami llnroiapltiint At I ho hospitals and other places where llKhtH WITI netdfrl in tho wen smu of hn murnlng the difllculty was HAVERFDRD WOMEN MOST PAY TAXES Township Treasurer Lee dom Says None Will Be Exempted Howard Ircamiror of Hiivorford fi rmonnroil litu dolermlniiilon to mnltu the women of Haveiford township pay Iholr mi enpallim tnxa fur tbe IlKCiil yiiir JUHI His juiit ban IH I set n fnnir ibe woinoufollt of the I I The law has now hrcn nnd signed Iiy the iov inallinL II cninptilHory for women pity No on IH The llilill road tuxes are now duo jind penally will lie added after All unpaid persona I tiixoii of fornicr yearn will be turned over to constable fur inn If not paid promptly m the undii TODAYS REVIEW OF STUCK MARKET What the Prices Included in New York Buying at Opening Tho slgnlllcamo of ileleiiiiliinlliin to Iho women pay IH apparent wlteii iipulUm In iiuido of l hi fact thai KOO woniin In the fiilbd to pay of approximately each IHHI law Is the iho township treasurer I cant nu why the women idiould want to evudo iho payment of AH n innt tor of II IH only bin your nnd thu rond which IH duo AIIKUSI IK only tint arc not over I inn dolonnlnod to KOt thin The law says that womon muni pay nnd tho nniluo for Homo finoiincod they would not a lint of tho women who had not paid Von Id county IIOWH to publlHb Die Tho iv or would not up tlio and tho Ihroat Not IOIIK auo at Lccdom announced that io WIIH Uinwomen vole In hr township jtrid that as a roiiult ho would not bo a cnndlilulo for tnmn iirer at the full It looks now mi thoiifihl II will bo up lo LoodomH HitccoHHor to follow out nr eject tho So fur thorn urn four candidates who itivu Hhlticl tliulr hats inlo thn rlnj lit liHiut Avo others lire oxpuctecl out within next two Mon Resont Exemption IJn to the primem llaverfoid him been Idnd to wom on who would not Iholr occupa tion which enircspond lo tho poll in At n neotliiK of tin Hoard CommlH of tbo township SOD women iVpro exempted from payliiK those tixoH al the of Iho The nion who had paid tholr taxes voro not pleased by thn Constables In AwUwnrd Caso Four of thcHo men when iiucsltonod H to what would do If olthor no of thorn happened lo ho ioro Vint dont lilnlc that 1 inn rroliu to iiiiliiKonlxn no women and then ask them for lielr ilo you Kakl onn can Mild hlM HontlmenU weru chood by the Tlin two coiiHtablos of llavorford Wntditp who would niitunilly pro ocil against women for nonpayment f tuxes iiro Tlionimi nnd hurled Those Iwo entle icn are iihio up fur niul lore aro candldalen In iho Held Kulam HO these two men will it commit tlieniHolvoo what would hnppon In Iliiver ord towiiBhlp If wenl urth lo ilnuv women to Jail Imnon iiymeiit of taxon In It 11 foregone no redblooded main of tbo Moulil hfH iipomio rimmed on to the pretty Hltto cilln nt Oahmont without luiltliiR up a and itM a bet that two eoiiHtnblOH would have Iholr liandH full If the HolfHamn women who did nut pay InMl yenc mmle up their minds that they would not pay aijaln Time ilotus will tvtl what iMpKoliiK li L RAIL RASH Street Journal Financial Review Amirlran and oj off Vi A off yt i Soiiilnirn off Amirlenii up Vi oft Vi up IanAmei baa I oil Tin1 opellllli of tbe SlOlh 1IxolllLIIKO today was lower in most on lonli I Im ludeil SKrl off at 1 al 11X Ameilcan Can at and n Prodiii In at I j Studibalier wns fdltfhtly al bul In tbi lust mliiuioH trading rinctod lo wblln other Itadorn Hold holow tin openlnf Tbe flfect of ITondcr iiofiened by iho mntemojit from ibu liorrlKn Ollleii that tbe wrlllon bcfoiii thn iilnlemetii by of on l opiiraUnnn and conlil not be d n reply io Tho l earl lonii ry continued on iibillvoly Hjjlil lurnover Aroiiiid a leiuliis nave indi cations of Including Ilald wln and a nurnlKr of bud In clined a polnl or more from Hiitiir 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of nniss and disorderly i ondn t lay morning In foe Court ilicy can not nurite a of ereatnu I rllHt iirbEin Ib DISABLED VETS PLAN BONUS BILL IN NEXT CONOR TO GET COPY CobbH Crock boulevard near Florence Chief the of City July Stan bf In charirr f r referred iii Comnions In charge the exon Hero1 adclpliln Scranton burgh I Ion so Marys nolaul Ilttsl of Clood Troy House nf Good Shepherd i PiltslMjiKh of Shcplurdj Germantown AUSKiab Home1 HarrlHburK 1uradlso Inilvctorvi Abbottstown Kcranton Josephs Irotrctorv Pittsburgh TlttHburKh Vincents Homo v Philadelphia Ilui adelphla Palvatlon vUari irarrlsbtiri Rellcn Jritomlon rfume i liltsburib July person n wore Injured when a iivrtuii L train into a stalled sub way tvaln nn a trestle at 07lb turoot and Jerome of tbe was burlled to a hospital siilTei iui from serious wbllo live pjisiaiiKeis wore taken to bospi t a new Co ore 1 1 Iti ley Coloreil paisuvant Helvodrn new nnv Ieun Tor Lank In dulrlal ntstic PEFTsHlNG THERE j CAMP July wore for a reception lute toilny m oral John who win rei view parade of tho inimhfis of the 2Sth National Jtrslilnj will given a salute of in SHIPS SINK CREWS SAFE July Uriklns und SvvcdlHli the was sunk by tho Hteamor Tbe two collisions occurred In North Siinrlny durlilB a The toon off KlrlnradiiH and latrr of both vfssulswtrc cs the KNOWS BETTER NOW Ul nf lIS Kifth inticd tbe authorlly Special lltn MH nl Htroot I Muiuripal Saturday urni in HiblitlMi pan biM reiiperts to tho ChcMii 1idni ii he Kirinns broihi of Kourtb wrm bv was plmid under m i res i by IVUmlmnn Ioliio Ilinn was Ciimmllloil tur in days in of lint ul JV11 eoMM anil IharbM Illvrn tin pnvlnB JlVJl 111 a i Til fur IS I 1Mwaii innnted by men and I y it Third and driuik and diMoiibrly rondini coinmittid fm10 days when not pay tin tine of J H and cusin tliiirliS TIL SixiniiliJ and John ImiiTi by l SurrT and at Sixth sui and ion iivitiuo for druiilvcnnoni md I worn each nnd i v of IN R Juiy Mlnne sola VOUTS wont to ih clioosibeiwviti a SwOllib dni farmer and J Pnus as the to the lato Knuto In States Kinitr day WIM a week of rinal by ArriKiuis tinlarmii1 partyH dirt farmr nnd tbo to be only Tht lifrht one cltv bands will perform y to Hritijh After tiie Mayor i nou to annoiijicinar a Cujiy Hmvth h lr and there will be dancin ls save for iln IIMI ineii UlU lie darn1 n t t under ihc iHyK 1 tdv ln Miss i y the jiroLissiDn will riiuvi along ihe IKW fin tuu itiilrx to the cminty line at Woodland DEAD ami tnut Av AV j July viil nniM lPntpr ihrt Arpna bo U sident many yoarn milil I a 11 inij y I FOllllCdl tr jnornbor nlo linn of und TO T P Wl1 f n O h d od With of Legislation fuund 111 f Io1 or iiiai frural ami in n h pi him undi r arroi bird bis hanils full i fur a fiiv A shm l time later rulilwll appeared a ih place and ntumpiod to trouhliand waw taken Int Kiih of the of jiaylnj I to jail fur iO Von folks must ii into heads 10 beiiaviyum Mans irate whn i n i Von think It a Kieai thliii to i trouble und Rlvc j I hut nectlon of If V sitilf bionijlii early i j 11 1 c d to tars a nd T T Care and New Methods of Disease Treatment in List By WILLIAM LOSH i i Stiff I n hisablrrl Small Horn That Produces a Big Noise at City Ha lh Irrti July null inrl iincbantrid easy Middle West 1 raw 7 on II III rffi l i U ft rutlet MO 11 OS Kliiicly 25fl12 LOIIK ntciuly 15 23j Lli 20 Ifi broil firm Htutnwhole common tu IflifjiUO Htnlo lo specials n I FOREIGN MONEY NIOW July forolsn cxohniiKO marltet oprncd Irregular C a b 1 o up 1lrt nrSG off de Cullies up lo the lollir off OFGOLFERS After Seven Atlanta Amateur Wins National Open BY PAUL MALLON Ifnttorl IYos1 Stuff ConOMpondcnl July noven yoarn Itobby Jonoti haji lton tryliiK lu win iv national nolf title nml todiiy In playoff fur tho National Open thaiiiptomhlp at tbe Inwooil try tbo llljoarolil Atlanta ainiilrUr defeated Hobby bo Scolch pinfoiiMtniial by tiVO IMllovn yearn lie doctora I old futher that bUi llioil frail find lnul only a Rlltht oliniuo lo llvo FI llbi father nut him on a nave him a driver and told him lo UMO Seven biter the yoimftrnlcr n Koiiiat ion In tin He competed later In the Na tional upon Ilunnplonshtp nnd llm National Amateur and tho marveled at bis Hln health came lint be could not Some evil Kliir luinic over him In tho tournii furnt was perfoet and bin piny nuixt bul some one al wnyM bent Snmo mild ho was too KOK to win nnd others be Just didnt have tinnerve to meet the utralii of silroiur compel Sutulny bo met the wtioriseHt ooni potltlnn a golfer ever encountered nnd he won by virtue of bis tomliiR doivn to el bint bobbles wore That lait bole was tbo A ninuit A nervouH fi meant lasn of ihn Hut JOIIOM met ibe drovo Ills ball from the toe down ihe bnt It ullcoO a bit and dropped Inlo the A youth with courage would huvo tultoiod but Hobby pulled bin midIron from bar fiuaulud hall It bit on the Krcon and rolled within a lew fiet of Ibe Then Ii nil over but ibn IriilUsliaiik was In tbo on bin nnd seriiut short of the wtitor trap lie ioiild not hupn to lualcli that wonderful millIron shot and he went over irnd MbooU blinds lu de The cards ut 1M in f u In the irailor of town nej uonun jump nlmost out of ihilr men tear their balr In and are put out of all couvfiMiLlltin nnd nerves am and then re tmxxlttt ujfalti and fiualn and UH tin llnpan chorlbK abuut Heventein wbiln an to tin of tho of all that while Iho I whines and even until tho heart of town Is down and That hunter tium does boot and bul never ihrniKh It IIHH no trtvmlx a mile of Un II IM nn Id twontv nnnrl ivorth of hooks and and other things ionneeteil wltn the hoot Uo dont believe It but wo ready lo that the whole twenty llmumiiid doltarsi was slent on and tho horn and oven if that tin thlnir is not It comfortingto reit that will Is inudc In mranco puponi dusted nnd all uiKl ehaltelii KO that those who arc left to or may take an hour seek a quiet placu In sonih boiler nnd achcdiilo tho renniinfi of our The cub reporter assigned last to the lank of KtUiK opin ion and when tbo loot of this within of l be blood curdling inilHen of ho tin A week oC InUiiHlvo woi k Kive him the opportunliy of In many of tho expres after culling out tbe un desirable sentences and exploalvo It was found that thr rr iiiainu would not mnko llvollno An paper In not used to prim our we could not think of ever nttoniptliiK to UHO the columns of stuff ovori though It wore which it In not per for wo aim to print a family this artlclo is substi tuted with tho hope that the HUffor ors will and tho thrlco city fathers will move that Inforiiivl tin away down Ninth where one tmtloiu soul by tbo is almom out f roach of tho tho only one thus far known who has a word uf for appreciates mac litlcent ability to accomplish many 1 1 1 n i fl Away with tin can nnd Its md lot Joy be unoondnod WHEAT PRICES DROP lit I July Wheat prices dropped lo now records for loss since on tho Chtcnfio Boani Trado Todays prices July de IS cents lioconibor l a lidr program of wiilili they pioini nenl on la tn of tbiniM l f M fiii a o r n a Kl fiiIm i ii Vbr d by h asbb from j l In 11 ini i ila 1 if ifi ii i i i 111i L tor irnd In Wonderful Colorless Liquid Restores Original Color Results in a Week brotitflil liiri line and ihn mod your a to houvtr i fi lo rio nil iluHo PLUCKfPlLOT FOIL Lands and Escapes With n 11 A f 01 T on ihslat aro j a clean and colorless co raVrOll A ter r ano Q m a j taming proportics which quick Cin j restore the lost color to the ha of a law providing for for all l of sbot down a lowihif nj Scioncc again has scored a triumph in the discovery of a very remarkable liquid known as If you are just apply this liquid to the hair and scalp and your hair will soon take on the actual color it had in the j Not a trace of grayness will of con jkly and givo it renewed And note that the one preparation ia for all colors of No special solution required for each color no samples of hair You will find alao that with KolorBak the hair has the same a Jij I KolorBak the hair has the same They were folbd when in j of all of eflade It does not pilot brought the to f dp vase and in iury nPPear faded or eanb nftci a effort i oui ibc tirbts 01 meilicine Every every escaped on loot modern I knows that yray hair is hair that could roiicb j ion of ilie pormaj has ceased to receive its normal rho payroll idilp wai drlvpn Hospital MulldluK 1rognim on supply of coloring matter or pip L former iDeciinnic on lurh been mont from certain tiny Cefla imo iyiI1K called follicles or in the of the iliroe yrnr period because theac cells have bccomo inactive from Humpnon incurred m shock of some sculp disease neglect of tho to sill dl veto aiii KOVI nnient n finra il mission of uomcn of the tho HiWIH rimhlnir monry rroni to 1nnoti for payment nf Inlioi ITS worUliUf on thn KOVII nnicnl tlnn project near lri aloiiK in u rapid pace Moor WIIH llyliit low nndir a blanket of A volley of from the newest of boldup Mlrn All uroiiiul UlH dlBiibled arid lie boinn In Thnniuli the nlilUcil u clrarid llfFil After u slrnjijtlp with th he broMRbt K down safely in Held and Vrcnn thn with prerbjiiH I rushed Into tbo nf thiolul Just an the miiimtod iiaiuKiM np bin doKoited A miiKlnuiu uliho civil service laws thiil vciorrtns obtain JiuMsini Blades in silfilt be placed at ihe bead of the eligible Many hems on tbe program relate to ad min 1st ia I ion of viurans llon by VoteiMiis1 all aim ed at liberalmiiL its Tbo prnnnini was capped by I1 mand for A speedy and conclusive Invostlta lion of tin United StutGH Vclerans Utiroau by tho select crini iiiiite of ibo to In and a plra that all por tirms toinid of iiroil or irreular practices should or lack of But no matter what the cause of the it is simply amazing to see how it disappears when KolorBak is It is a real substitute for the natural pig SPECBAL PR5CE 6 Day Sale Regular Price l proKecllleil and ci NEW BOULEVAKlT TOUCHES 2 COUNTIES Program Arranged for Dedicating an Important Highway Airantjcments were completed In tho Mayor Moores office on delphla Satunbiy for tbe celebration Remove Desertion Stigma An order iHsuiod frniii hoailimarlors of the Third Commander IL ami a p at removes thrnames sons of firms found of of this riiy I tlu list of allowed Order was a Irunt of tho local board for Division Urn ft rocordn show Hurt while Ktin notlllcd his local board of his cluuiRO of all notices intend ed for him were mailed lo the tlross RlvtMi by him at the tlmo of ITRIHIration and ncro returned by the Depailmenl Jn asnnich is ho bi not propurlv ilmrKo rrblo with lraft his name has been rcmnvnd from tho smbllsbocl lint as ImviiiRvrHon onononnsly en Tho reRrets tho error of tho draft olllclnls In ninH liiK notices Intended for this man to tho wronff upon rllseov ovliiij tbo factIs lo his niiniu Iromllhp published list and to give to HIPfact of such KunrllRs iiHme npponrod upon thn pilbliHhod of dntft dosei tcrs as tho rosult of the llnal report of tho draft cjtlbitiis xhriwliiK him to In a status of desert KEEPERS SUSPENDED llv fnitnt trrn July matos of cells In Sliu Slnfr oboered two In a llnlsh The Cu7h bert and wore For Itching Scalp and Failing Hair KolorBak alao worki in tho moat persistent COBOK of itching cnlp nnd fnlllnB KB It iliornughly cluangoa the ncnlp nnd Miiny who ao not need it on account of croynciin use It for tonic of of Creek completes a county to county boule vard in tho western part of Phila delphia nnd will relieve north iinrl Irani o from tbe heavy coiiKfs lion in the central part of that Stipormlindent Mills will huvej of tbe automobile1 i which is lo start at Iho Montgom ery county City and Lancaster at oclock and move nloiiK the new boulevard to the Do aware county line at Woodland avct Tbo Mayors car is lo lead j thin 1 All cars are in docoralcd with tile Aimrlojiii so far as con but Siipvnniotulen Mills Indicated ibat CLUS from cry and Delaware nlonif with those from the various an1 tomobilo would be At Ibo llrst wbeie TO GET PASSPORT Slato Grants Berg dolls Roquet for Crotlentials Approval nf the of for Jt tl visit was by the Stnto MI iment 1ilor io lili departure for his Yoik oftlee where lu will be until to Allen Property Ibomas wlio is io Infnniird 1lop riftlclnls that hf Unow of no reason why Mrs not be Duly one Ion proested the i of the Ilercdoll that tile object of lur trip was 10 see lier flra f Cleveland It Is said be is spi ndiiiK ibi sumiuei in Any Floor or House Furnishing Until You READ PAGE 8 THURSDAYS TIMES QRIGfNAl OUT HATE 607 EDGMOUNT The Best Servant in Your House par If then you should look to the methods you employ in your laborious ways make women tired and old and A Sellers Kitchen Cabinet will put your kitchen work on a timeand laborsaving Just by reducing the hours in the kitchen and making those hours happy instead of it works Why put up with methods that are tiring you out A Sellers with all its wonderful conveniences costs no more than any good Come in and let us demon strate the Automatic Lower ing Flour Automatic Base Shelf Automatic Extending Table Drawer Por celiron Work AntProof Casters and many other features of this Silverware Drawer roll Re movable plMih Occupies space that tvoultl otherwise be One of the Famous   
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