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   Chester Times (Newspaper) - July 16, 1923, Chester, Pennsylvania                                 PINCHOT’S VEU) KNIFE SLASHES  LOCAL HOSPITALS  : __  Governor’s Cut in Appropriations of Chester and Tayl or Institutions  CITY LIGHTLESS  p ( i- t 1  •    a.'I (itti«• in two  days the '..ii’,!-;: ta el Ii I, • ■ f Cheater "w .tit    til'    Itlink”  early yesterday morning . ‘ Rig 'in, * I rn bio t anti < ;i' i •  A :    th- fit 11 it!! flit sit - In milt  were prs -I :i:    rvi< >- for tin*  desk .sergeant and th** complaint clerk. At the hospitals and other places where lights were needed lit th* "we sma" hours of the morn ok the difficulty was ut 1  > - .  TODAY’S REVIEW OF STOCK MARKET  What the Prices Included in New York Buying at Opening  SOCIAL  par  Mr I  VV l l *•  I a  the  t Ii e  127  MAIO CANI) \ Ii REI El VE  rioics STIKE I  IN E  ‘lit to I nj  I rd I  HAVERFORD WOMEN MOST PAV TAXES  His Method of Proposed Economy Includes the  Chester Day Nursery jXownship IYeasurer Lee-’  dom Says None Will Be  Wnb Street Journal Financial Review  Jit f nied f'fflfl#  NKW YOUK, •! a- I' 1  Open ag I price.* on the .s .ck Ka change today I im hided  -xiii  J leu ’  TIK  des  fir  Kth< I  A'n ii Mi  I'by III  i put Ii.-r h v i . >•  licit - h violin  Dan  n n< 5 <  n Kna time f J rn pm Klllott  on M  DISABLED  I)  a  55  Cobb's Ore  Bur  md  ti  •rd  Vero Marl) ti,    Bern I •    -  *. Rose Tx I 'hi! riot ta  ii Hose  “irherg, Alc < y, Mr id Mr- lit <  him  dire  fling  ii it ! Ut lien , r  riels  ,n I'  De  nd  Mr  Mr  I till*  St VI  Amel lr «n Car and Foundry, Ii>2 Vlt«  4. Htudebal - r, 102%, up Corn roducta, Ii: *, off v* Vmerlcan ‘'an, Southern I'm if Ct, 86 VS off I,-- .'higftr Refining, 664,  Mute* Htotd JO% oft I  M , up ‘A. Pall- A merit an    ,  t uri-e-i  nd .Mrs.  .i i.  The Chester Hospital ami other n-stitutions in this county ar® effected bv the rut made in the appropriation hill by Governor Plnchot on .Saturday.  In 1921, the Chester Hospital re-ceived *67.6"0, The State Legislature this year rut this amount to $62 000 and the Governor Vias reduced It to $45,000.  The j legislature agreed un $10,000 for the Taylor Hospital, Ridley J 'ark This is reduced to $$,500 by the Governor’s cut. The Chester Day Nursery which was to receive $ I,oho will only get $2,000.  HARRISBURG, July 16 Drastic economy Is forced on State and hog* pitals and homes by Governor Pin* ehot who, in approving the appropriation l>il Im of these Institutions yesterday, cut almost $3,000,000 off the amounts they ret rived in 1021 under Governor Sprout. The Governor allowed them un ngprenate of $4,271,800, us compared to $7,118,500 allowed two years age and *7,095..too granted by the 1923 Legislature, a induction of $2,823,500,  In a statement the Governor Inll-cated heavy cuts for hospitals and homes ami placed the blame on the Legislature for not imposing sufficient new taxes to inert his revenue estimate He said he repeatedly had told the Legislature $18,OOO,OOO in revenue was needed, but Was given only *16.000,000.  No appropriations were approved for approximately 50 institutions, most of which are listed as sect arian • or denominational Two years ago 44 of these were given *1,858,000, hut most of this amount was knocked out by a Supremo Court dec talon which held that sec (arian and denominational institutions eould not receive appropriations under the Constitution.  A total of *3,717,800 was approved by the Governor for State ald hospitals, a cut of *1,386,100 from two  Exempted  'I lice 11. V  lader  CC Iud  , off  Am< l iran I, United I (ah, 48VK ■ * Up* 5 cpening wan tov rely  d HH • I  “ni  ll n w a I -I  »>mg nr*  butte,n, of at At I ami ic I  dis I the Mat fecund the \ - i Centra I him Uric for a f< later Cs  Hie! a ti  was tak  Each of  pi  fen  pe  Ugli  lee ti neon Kilty of •e venue l h r arre v id I n i dwell Uipt eel  deft.  dy  i rid  Enter Political Arena With 33-Item Program of Legislation  Dire  lion  the  De I aw. Ave nu  < boulevard  ■ enue, Chiel of City I*  or (  cgins, near  baxter, .f •perty, v. ll * Here . perform the Mayor, . t or H *n y t h  U. S, TO GET COPY  un  tv s•  wiz. Th' e along t;  LON DC  y Bn bit cd ay to Ute to (; ouId be The pc  bing if  v the CB  n I • fe re  i pl e; e  an-  cns  DAVID GAMBEL DEAD  Kit  pi it  the 11 -ct*. lr  are reg! •  quais  I ta lei win, 118. cf! th- Stock I  Pi in moat Ste,, k  ive ! rad log. In -< orn tit on. off c  reft I. x- hangs  of  list  i on imps at  118, American • ii n Prod ie! a, %  Ce  HUI-  tie  be’ 1  .I line cl I IU I d  > the woman «y their on a1 i »ii r Just  id th*  PUW  the! fur  rare  hav  of and  from the amount gi anted by the Legislature. Cor homes the Governor approved $654,000 as compared to 1757,800 two years ago and *103.300 less than the legislature grunted The Governor voted a 850,000 appropriation for St. Agnes’ Hospital, Philadelphia, bul later allowed it.!  Cuts in tho appropriations for higher educational institutions v not so drastic. Tho University Pennsylvania, Temple University and the University of Pittsburgh received the same amounts as two years ago, Though those amounts were considerably less than the Legislature approved. State College wa* cut approximately 8220,000 from two years ago.  Amounts given these Institutions were: State College,*2,168,600; University of Pittsburgh. *900,000, and I Temple University, *270,OOO. University of Pennsylvania, $1,280,000 The University of Pennsylvania appropriation Included $125,000 for the graduate school of medicine, $65,000 for the school of education, 185,OOO for extension schools. $890,000 for general maintenance and $45,OOO for the veterinary school. The Temple University allowance consisted of $180,000 for apparatus and equipment. and $90,000 for equipment of) tD*-|» the school of medicine, Tin* appropriation grunted Bt ate College included $1,818,000 for general maintenance, $500,000 for agriculture and home economy a, $50,000 for research and experimentation, and $500o for tobacco experiments.  The Governor still has tile appropriations for Blate and semi-Blats institutions to announce and smite miscellaneous appropriations. It is estimated that the total amount of appropriations approved by him to date is in the neighborhood of *110,-OOO.Otic and, with the amounts yet to come, lie may equal the* Bproul total of $116,000,000 two years ago.  Tho** That Were Bet used Homes aud hospital* not given appropriations were Home for Aged, Westmoreland county, Sew Columbia ii oapital,    Wilkinsburg, Dubois,  Hospital, Dubois; Jewish Hospital,     Philadelphia    ; Mercy Hospital,    PlttH-      burgh; Hew    Cunt I®,    N*nt      Cantle; Pan    « »vant Hospital,    Pitta-      burgh Hoi*    pit al A anociation    ti lid      Pf It® burg ii    Preabyteriitn He    ’spital, I      Pittnburgh.    Providence Ii.    •spital,  •spital, !      Beaver Fall!    i; Bai i * d Heart lie      Allenton* 11;    •St. Joseph a Ile    •spital.      Philadelphia    ; Bt. Joar ph's Mc    ttpi tai. •spital.      Putnburgh,    Bt. Joseph's ii.      Reading; Bt    Marx a H..*pitai.    Phil- 1       sdelphla;    Bt. Al ary’a II*    •spital,      Bv ran ton, I    b* Pa ul luHtitut*    Pitts*      burgh; Hut    las <»f Good Mi.    •pherd,  ■pherd.      Troy HUI*;    H.,U“® of Good Sn,      Pittsburgh;    House Of Good Bin    phei .1      German!"xx i    i. Messiah Rescue    Home, •      H arri*! i ut g;    Paradise prot    ectnrx,*      Abbot tat ow I    i Bt. J* . ph’s Hi          til Tinton, I    dt Joseph's Prut    actory*      Pittsburgh;    Bt. Rita's, Pitts    burgh;      Ht. Vincent    s Home aud Mat          Philadelphia    * VU lion Arm v    . Phil-J      adetphls; B    iilv*ilion Amav Ii#*          Battalion A    nay, Pittsburgh;    H x I x . t n      Height*, ll    arr is burg, I lilted    Bx all      g.lnal Hoi    me. b® xx Ie burg;    Un ted      Zion H >me, Pittsburgh;    Lititz; erst, aden Chhcucn’N Horn® I*    Home,      Pitt.“burgh, Gore Ola.    tif w i lit'xiitf I Cirt Hen* x'ddit Atom.          Pi ’ ta vi'.b-;    Coleman Home f    •r <'niJ      tire I Du vs, I    biti “’.argil. A'iTi.d,          ley  Ce lot t«! Wo    I, Duupa a > o, nix    . 1". XX .      Paia; vant              el en * i ; P    elveder* Hospital,    Pit le      burt it, n® a    ; Cl -iinu! Ii. 1 ; ii    os* i ii ai      PIRU Irlphi:    «, n**w; Ne d it VV          Ho..-..ttn I    Kirrs.n e, Peon    A nj .ti;,i      for I d.g* *;    t, Phi lade: phi.-.; La          )lo«p i.,1 I  gf tai •*£**! II.,    LOH*;, 'ulna, new . I;    j, >* lij.      UUU lit flu  noetic 11 J    Sd tai, Phi ad*, 'ph *,    IIC X      PERSHING THERE  Ut I mud Pi. .<          camp    A NOK P. Bi'.iN. M  1     ) J •      GRETNA.    I‘elms July 16 A          merits xx ‘ J *              for a rec-;    lit Pill Jut. today t    I) I a CJ) .      era I John ,    J. Perahmg, who <    (Xiii r®.      view a pat    ade Of the 4,00(1 ii          Of the 28'    h Di via (on, Penns    y I va ii ta      National <:    lumrd. Per ahi rig          given a aah    Lite of pi gun'         Howard Le cd Haverford tow - n si I his determination to niak I of 11 averford t - >u n -IKJ' I ■ ii Patton ta xcm for t he Pe ch-sing,  His Bol cc jus* ’ I vaned, Im furoi among the womcusfol I township it I cads I "To the woho ii The law h i in- ii jar sed stud signed by the Qox -em..:    making it compulsory for  I women to pay taxes No one la . x- nip! The 1923 road taxes are now I due and penalty *>x; 11 be added after A gust I, 1923 All unpaid pet emal taxes of former years will be turned over to the constable f->r collection lf not paid promptly t-> th** undersigned.  " (, HIDA AHD LEKDOM, "Treawurei ’*  j The significance of Mi Leedom’s J determination to make the women | pay is apparent when mention I* made of the fact that Hull women is the township failed to pay tax# * of approximately $3.20 each blet year "The law Im the law." the to wit* I dp treasurer explained, "I can't see why the women should want to evade the payment of the small tax As a matter of fac t, it is only* $4 this veal and the load tax, Which Is due August I. j is only *1 Surely the women are not J kicking over that I am determined! to get this money The law “ays that j the women must pay and the notice speaks for Itself,"  Home anoil need they would get a list of the women who had not paid mid Would request county newspapers to putdish th** names. The treasurer would not give up the lists, however, and tho threat failed  Not long ago at a Commissioners meeting Mi beedom announced that ho w as aft ald of the women vol* In th** township and that as a result ho would not Ie* ii candidate for treasurer at the fall elections It looks now as thought It will ho up to Leedom’s successor to follow out or reject the beedom proc I a mn toon. Ho there an four candidates who shied their hats into the ring at bast Avo other* an expected to come out within the next two weeks.  Mon Resent Exemption  Up to the present tune Haverford Township baa I- i n kind to Its women who would not pay their occupation taxes, which corresjiond to the {Hill taxes in I ’hilndelphin At a meeting of the Bourd of Commis-stoner! of the township Roo women were exempted from paying these taxes at the request of the treasurer The im n Who had paid their taxes were not pleased by the exemptions Constables In Awkward Casa Four of these men when questioned an to what they would do if either one of them happened to be treasurer, were non-committal. "Von don’t think that I am going to antagonise the women aud then awk them for votes, do you?" Maid one candidate and bis sentiments were f*l’IMMU i by the others  Tile two constables of Haverford township who would naturally proceed against women for non-payment of tuxes are William Thomas and Charles O'Connor. These two gentlemen are also up for re-election and there are candidates in the Acid against them. *<> these two men will not commit themselves either  J us I what would happen in Haverford township if constables went forth to drag women to jail for non payment of taxes is uncertain, it I* a foregone conclusion, how over, that no red-blooded mule of the township would see his spouse drugged off to the pretty little cells at Oukniont without putting up a howl, .Kid it's i safe bet that two would have their hand* alf same women who did st * eat made up th‘ lr tti«• v would not pay again Time alone will tell what happen.  '30%; Baldwin, I i ('a a at HH %, a rid 'al 120.  Mud* baker    was    slightly higher at  I     : 'i,    hut In    th*    Him! ten mil ates  riding reacted to 102, while other j I* 'Hi. sold below tin opening levels I he effect of Premier I'olm ai e a k;i ic -Hive 11-pat athu. < speech w ch i softened i>y Bo dement from the  I ii itch Foreign Orth <■ that the speech wots written before the statement by Premier Baldwin, of Kl ic ami an reparations and could riot be regard-I er| as    it reply    to the British position.  The    i* u tlonni    tendency continued  on a relatively light turnover volume, Around lo 30 a few ha h im ga\a Indirection* of resistant'* including Baldwin and BtUilc‘hakei Meanwhile a j number of important stock* had de- . cllned a point OI more ti oui Hat iii I | day's clos**. Can got down 1% to j j 87%, Corn Product* I h and then It I Hichl under iii and Baldwin th* amt; amount bv Seiling at 117  1  * j The Copper** were dull and lower I American .Smelting common Wat, off nearly 2 points at 64% while Anaconda arid Reqnecott were both off % The rails were dull.  bf Ila Benders .etijth street, b ii ii pleasant visit to her grandmother, Mrs. Mary Henderson, in Atlantic City. Mrs Mary Henderson lr* a former resident (cf Chester, hut Im now residing In Atlantic City, recutitrating from a nervous breakdown.  of the  i of r r 30 days u folks r to behav* 1  Elliott wt think it a e and gi 1   rig L  Care and New Methods of Disease I reatment  in  List  in o  By WILLIAM J LOSH  Aik  Ie I  Ight  and  the  her  heavier ti  flit  I  WA SHB  STI  Abn  left  Hon. I a ti  M.  md,  y for a pent  a two w • el -  In Toledo, OH I*  md  arn up  ire en  KMug to (pc t hose Pat SJI cl  lit, Mich.  Small Horn I hat Produces a Big Noise at City Hall  'Cl IN TI I III) I BOM PAGE ONI >  cwn  Dull mesa, soot. 678; Coffee.  constables full lf the not pav h< minds that  ming t(  IX  SIX INU RED IN  “E” It ME CK VSH  KW V  ll* I nil*•«< ffroi  >Uk July lb s rd when a Suit 11 ashed into a st oil ( (lentic at  IU  pit lllg!  i riel to  persons  avenue at lilted suti-297th al t aet  of Bit*  PRODUCE MARKET  Ut I NilcJ J*r«M  NEW TDBK July Hi Flout .md unchanged; pork, (inlet.  26<tO; lard, easy; Middle West 11251136 Sugar, raw, (piiet, refined, quiet; granulated, 850 Blo, No 7 (en spot, ll. Bunton, No. 4. I3%®13%, billow, steady, 6%®6%; city, 5%, Hay, (inlet; No. I. 136® 149; No 3, I Id (KT 120, Dressed poultry, steady; turkeys, 25® 42; chickens.  ? 5 ‘‘I 18, fowls, lik JO, ducks, bong I y Iii nd, 25 Live poultry, stead* ,  I esse, 15; ducks, l ilt 22, fowls. 23® 26; turkeys. 29; roosters, 15, broil-(is, 32® 43; Cheese, tlrm , State whole milk, common lo specials, 194126; State skims, common to specials. 8® 174.  FOREIGN MONEY  NKW YORK, July 16 Tho foreign exchange market opened irregular. Hierllng, demand, 46o%. Cables, 46o% mi I 16; Francs, demand, 0586; Cables, 0586 4, off .0002; I.b v. de ma nil, 0132%. Cables, 0433 up 00044 Mark*. 835,300 to the dollar, off 19080.  BOBBY JONES IS KING OF GOLFERS  After Seven Attempts, Atlanta Amateur Wins National Open  BY PAUL R MALLON  I United I Toss Staff Correspondent) NKW YORK, Juh 16 U r seven ye.uh Hubby Jones has been Irving to win a national golf title and today ! tie is king.  in a play-off for the National Open Championship at the Inwood C«»un-I try Club, the 21 v a old Atlanta arnut em defeated Bobby Crulkshank, the Scotch professional by tao strokes  Fifteen years ago the doctors told j Hobby s fat hor that Ids son, then frail and sickly, had univ i slight I chalice to live a vein His father put him on a i,elf louise, gave him a driver and told him lo usa it.  I Hex en years later the youngster was a sensu,lion In the golfing world, ll* 1  competed liter iii the National Open Champion ship and the National Amntem ani the ex (lens marveled at his form ills health i came slowly back  But lie could not win Home evil star hung ovet him In the tournu-* p i tits His bu rn v* »s perfect and hi* I play most brilliant, but some one a1* j ways him. Home said he was i bio good <o Win" and others said j lie just didnt ii .**• the in i ve to meet I he strain of strong * out petit lop  Murine •*•• .ll the renter Of t ceases; nervous women jump almost out of their ck Im*, strong men tear their hail In d* per aition arid cuss, telephone* .im* put (nit of auth n -likewise ..ii i a, vci “ut ton , and nerves are frazzled. i< nuzzled, and th* ti re-frazzh’d again and (gain and as th*-Unpin chortle** about seventeen  1  times, while -Irangers inquire uh to* the "willed! > s of the whatru sx af all I that hoist " while the thing a-mu bob I blows, snorts, pun**, whines and even : backfire*- iii'*:! Hie heart of the tosxn is d wn and out That hooter sure dues hoot .md toot, hilt never scoots, i even though it has no friend.* within a mile Of it s peri h.  ll is lid the. i e twenty th".i-sand dollars worth of wires, bolti. buttons, hooks and eyes, and other tilings cptuiected with the hoot horn. NSC don't believe It; but we are ready to believe that the whole twenty thousand dollars was spent on the .iii tanks and the horn and th*' noise.  However exert if that tin thing Is not silenced, It Is Comforting to realize that one's will Is made out, ln-vuriince pa perm dusted off, rind all goods and chattels ars tagged, so that those who aru left to stiffer may take an hour off, seek a uulet place In souk* boiler shop, and schedule the remain* of our estate. i The . ub reporter was assigned last week to the tack of getting the optfl ions and expressions, when the tooter toots, of the unfortunates within the area of Hie blood curdling noises cf (tic tin h un A week of Intensive work gate him tile opportunity of gathering in many «• f th** expressions, but, if tar culling out Hie un -desirable sentences and explosive Utterance*, it was found that the remain* would net make a five lino Item An asbestos paper Is not used to pi int *uji editions, we could not think of ever attempting to use the column* of stuff" submitted, even though it wore (which it Is not) permissible for we aim to print a fa mil v  paper.  Therefore, this article is substituted with th** hope that the sufferers will accept It, and the blessed.....  thrice blessed city fathers will move that Infernal tin thing awny down Ninth street, where Ope patient soul (who, In the wax. Is almost out of reach of tho horn), the only one thus far known who ha* a word of cheer for It, appreciates its mag-nth* cut ability to accomplish many thin *  Awin with tho tin can and Its noise and let Jo* ta- upconAned'  WHLAT PRICES DROP  PLUCKY PILOT FOOS BANDITS  Lands and Escapes With Payroll After Plane Is Shot Down  e br*  ch  thev (I-  VV  111.  bl  r.rld  th*  bon u-  all  mg  men,  rn I nu, ,i v IMI  SUI". July  Bandi  IU  die*  nu*  Ai  BIMA,  yesterday shot down a low-rid a : pinna li b n with a *2<Mi | > | i pay)  They wert* foiled when Ho* dui pilot bn.ugh' tho *1 oui Ideo plane to lr- i earth after a sensational eti ort and ■,. p,;m i.Helped on foot befur*' the modern nd pirates could reach him.    Imn  The    payi ■ ll    ship    was driven    by  Lloyd    Moor, a    format mechanic    un  .in*, of the N< ’ fix ing boats, xx i., a crossed the Atlantic  Ile Was rushing in one \ fr-«m Lima to Canel** for tittymen! id labor* * xx. rklng on the government aim* thin project near t cnuagul.  Winging along at a rapid pace,  Moor Was flying !■ w Hider a lo ,v.x blanket of fog. A volley of built'-*! from the newest type of hold up nu n " Whizzed all around hun  His    machine    xx IM    disabled md    he  began    floundering in    mid ar Thnaii ti p  the haze ho si: lit* d i cb in I field  1  After a Struggle with lh* d allied     11   Craft, he brought it (town -ab ly on the etiK l gen* v fl* ld aud furn i>« d from     :  ’  th® plane with his precious irgn lit rushed Into the safety of a tin- ket ’ just as the mounted bandits d.islu-d [ up to his deserted plane.  of di  br tty. ceric v gu I ar  or  .r di  Hide  the  ne ut Hospital  xx ii a h * 41 .OOO, s;.cut.  Extension <>  r< quired for * f sumption of I si ! vice.  Authorizatic to scil all v* suranee. Admission  \\ ar to sold.i i A no it burnt SO thai (ID (bit passing grade,* ie- placed at t  Methods injury deaf medicine  the perma-’rogram on • (dy b(en  »h«  abl  vc  of worm  ir period f the precut!  in  head of  cs Campaign - rnment in-  uirses of the  service laws i who obtain nations shall tho eligible  lh I Hitrd Piru  CHICAGO lu x 16 Wheat prices again dropped to new records for loss Mdnco 1914 on th® Chicago Board of Ti ad*- toilax,  Today’s opening prices:    July de-  liveries. 9 s  cents. September, 974. lie. ember *! CO „  Remove Desertion Stigma  An order issued from lo . i.pi , •    -  of the Third Corps, Arca Comm,waler ut Baltimore, Md , removes the names of Jean Kundig, of this . v, from the list of alleged drift .a, ,  H  Kundlg. Order No 121 a, Was , regls trant of the local beet rd for Division No. I.  Draft records show th rt while Kundlg nOtlfled his local boat I of his chang® of addr. as, nil not!. < s int* adad for him were malled to the a i dress glx en by him at the tim. of registration and wa re retina cd by the Postoffice Department unclaimed* Inasmuch as he I* not pn.perlx charge (ride with draft desertion, his nam® has been removed from Dim published list as having bern errrmrrmsly entered. The War Department regrets the error «>f th® draft officials in mailing notices intended for this nim to th*- wrong address, and upon d s. .leering th® fai t »•* pie *ec*l to remove his naut® 11 Oui I he puhlijnted lls! and to give publicity to the fait of can re rn ox :r!  Kundlg* name appeared upon th® published list of alleged draft deser- I lets jim til® result of the Anal report of the draft officials showing him to be In a status of dcsertc.n  KEEPERS SUSPENDED  Mat',x items •  * admlnisti atte on by tIm- \ et.  I at liberal:ziI The program and f..r “A IX ( Mtlgatlon of etcr ms’ Bur. dIt* .< (.f the H*  :r.a ! e ii", an  Mix of firms f  * ring oi Irn . *' prosecuted  ram relate us logisla-u, all a Im-leu (ton,  I by» a de-concluslv® •d States I lect C(»m-  ized to ln-  . "s hut all per-uilty of jirotl* •uctices should v toted.**  Unit!  (Ut  j delphi t and j south traffic thin  VV  dux.  Kl  i ll*  if  Huperint charge xx I bch is t. cry county avenue, at  from th*' central pa flit Mil  th*' auto  Start al lim , City 7.30 OY!  16  lh I mini I*,,'fl-  OSSl NI NG N \ July I mates >.f death house . * !!.-* Sing cheered in two keepers a in a finish hg'it The keepers, .fart and Hart ye, were suspend!  Trie it -  along the* new axe.ire county I nae. 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A I  of hts  t VV.  •ll  t ho! dspla  int  del. at  KNOWS Bt T T E R NOW  Bill  Is bi  from ti  amploi  . test.  st (‘.im-'untried  1  [*(>UrHK®. j ighteeiit h a liotifdes xx as the | I stroke * s XV tug lh Ip.  *t ll® drove In gilt dew ii  . 24 v  •el >ji ii < HH  Mark.  •r lib  ii. ii     the f ilrxxax lait    It stir    cd i bit and      dropped into th®    i ough    V x .tilth xx th      xx Itll Ic - i <*    ■ IX."lid    hux e faltered      but Bobby pulls.    .1 his ll    a <1 ion from      hie beg amil sn    lashed    the bail 175      x anis It hit en    the gr>    < ii and rolled      xx , 11i in a I cxx fee    t of th.    .• pin      t’hen it xx as a!    i ox er I    •ut th® shout-      log Crulkshank    xx as in    Iii® rough on      hi® Orix® leu-1 h    is sec    ml xx as short      ..r t in xx ater traj    ) lie e    ou Id not hop®     ail  444  cr psi  TO GET PASSPORT  Stats  Depart rrsnt ill’s Request  Grants Mn Berg-for Credentials  >f Mi  lied  VOTING FOR SENATOR  for  SHIPS SINK; CREWS SAFE  ht r  II, I llltrj IX,11  Br  W M  dorado, the npanlxfl »* Was hi rn. if a. ink by steam*I Sheridan Ti * occurred it* th® N-uHi during s heavy f took 'iff th® Kid' at . •rears of both these vc, g Ui* J ic , (tall  “I K* e.l  d the  land  Don’t Buy!  Any Furniture,  Floor Coverings, or House Furnishings Until You  READ PAGE 8 THURSDAY'S TIMES  .lit i I hot  Woodli ne ort x  will  ADENA,  Jul  B i;  I Cl VI I  resident h  flambe trly ted?  ' Proc died h  No More Gray Hair -Says Science  Wonderful Clean,  Colorless Liquid Restores Original Color  Results in a Week  Scie nce again has scored a triumph in the discovery of a very remarkable liquid known as Kolor-Bak. lf you are gray, just apply this liquid to tho hair and scalp and your hair will soon take on the actual color it had in the past. Not a trace of grayness Will remain.  Kolor-Iiak comes in the form of a clean and colorless liquid, containing properties which quickly restore the lost color to the hair and give it renewed vigor. And note that the one preparation ia for all colors of hair. No special solution required fur each color— no samples of hair required.  You will find also that with Kolor-Bak the hair has the same shade throughout. It does not appear streaked, faded or “dyed.’*  Every scientist, every physician, knows that, gray hair is hair that has ceased to receive its normal supply of coloring matter or pigment from certain tiny cells (called follicles or papilla■) in the scalp, because these cells have become inactive from illness, shock of some kind, scalp disease, dandruff, infection, neglect of tho hair, or lack of circulation, etc.  But no matter what the cause of the grayness, it is simply amazing to see how it disappears when Kolor-Bak is used. It is a real substitute for the natural pigmentation.  SPECIAL PRICE  6 Day Sale  —* - ll™  Regular ySn,  Price  $1.50  t I  NKW BOE EEV VKI)  TOI CHES 2 C OUNTIES  —  Program Arranged for Dedicating an Important Highway  Afro n ?cin®ii! xv* r« completed In th® May or Mnnrc’s office on Bhllt-< I *• 11 xii i Saturday for th® celebration t<.in"i  1 1• xv ex (Vim;? of the openirur .if t ’n I Va Cl.. k b'-ub-vard, xvii; h complete .* i county to county boulevard in th® western part of Bhlla-  For Dandruff, Itching Scalp and Falling Hair  Holer Bak also work* wonder* in the mnn persistent case- of dandruff, itching ■calp and falling hair, as it thoroughly cleanses the scalp and hair Many who do not need it on account of gray nest use it for it* cleansing, tonic pr mea.  MILLER’S  ORIGINAL CUT RATE  607 EDGMOUNT AVE.  north and ; ix.v conges-if that city. xxiii have die parade Montgom-I banca ft et irut move to the Del-odland ave- | Is to lead  •orated with far .'im cml-  “The Best Servant in Your House* 9   SELLERS  KITCHEN CABINETS  Will Your Mirror Tell a Happy Story Tonight?  If not, then you should look lr) the methods you employ in your kitchen. Old-time, laborious ways make women tired and old and lifeless.  A Sellers Kitchen Cabinet will put your kitchen work on a systematic, time- and labor-saving basis. Just by reducing the hours in the kitchen and making those hours happy instead of boresome, it works wonders.  VVliy put up with methods that are tiring you out? A Sellers with all its wonderful conveniences costs no more than any good cabinet.  Come in and let us demonstrate the Automatic Lowering Flour Bin, Automatic Base Shelf Extender, Automatic Extending Table Drawer Section, Por-celiron Work Table, Ant-Proof Casters and many other features of this cabinet.  TUl-Ways”  Silverware Drawer  — ahint' roll j Tout. Removable plush (ming. Occupies space that would otheru ise he toasted. One of the "burnous Fifteen.’'  604EDC/nT.AVS   
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