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   Chester Times (Newspaper) - January 7, 1924, Chester, Pennsylvania                                 CIRCULATION  Saturday's Net Paid Circulation Was  15,134  'N  J  FINAL EDITION  it it it  With All Latest and Best News of the Day  48TH YEAR—NO. 14,994.  CHESTER, PA., MONDAY, JANUARY 7. 1921—TWELVE PAGES.  PRICE TWO CENTS  SAMUEL E. TURNER TAKES OATH OF OFFICE AS MAYOR; URGES CO-OPERATION FOR SUCCESSFUL ADMINISTRATE  TEN AMERICANS AT ]» * I J A    j r\  MERCY OF BAHT '     :   HORDES^ CHINA  Ferocious Thibetans Surround Batang; Starvation Looms  Highland Park Resident Believed to Have Been Struck bv I rain  FF.ETBNVILLE MAN, SUFFERING STROKE, SUCCUMBS TO COLB  TERM OF CITY CLERK SHORTENED  Benjamin Newsome Is Re-elected; Other City Officers Appointed  JUOGF. JOHNSON NAMES TRUSTEES FOR HOSPITAL  New Chief Executive  Savages Hock Over the • Border, Burn, Loot; Garrisons Flee  BY RAY G. MARSHALL  (Bribed Press Staff Correspondent)  1’KK IN, Jan. 7.—Ten Americans me surrounded by Thibetan bantin hordes in the city of Batang, in western * s z* Chinin, and arc in im ihinent peril of starvation, according . to reports to the American Legion! here.  Other foreigners are likewise ti a pjied.  The savage Thibetans poured over j tile border into China recently, iii** i report states, and surrounded the I walled city of Rat am;, burning ami 1  looting all surrounding towns.  Chinese garrisons of tim district j station lied, or had disappeared shortly before: the appearance of tile sacra -, an ‘i assistance is declared to bo impossible for Weeks.  Civil otiicials of Batang fled.  The Americans who are left behind, facing death from starvation,! or coptine by the Thibetan hordes, I life M. ll Duncan, his wife and son;  M. Ii.    Hardy, w ife and three    sons,    all    j  of the    foreign    Christian Mission So-    I  ciety;    and J.    It. Morse and    wife,    of    ,,    ,     r ,  ' I.\ans, treasurer; crank    Bray, as  sistant treasurer; law oo'nunii tee, AV. L. Johnson, chairman; John Scan Ion, and John Elwood. Thirty members attended the initial meeting.  Mystery surrounds the severe injuring of lim inn J Marshall, M.32I West Chester pike. Highland Bari., who w as found wandering a round in a dazi late last night on Wyntiw > I road, a block aw ay from the Al dm «rc Junction station of the l’hiindelphiu and Western Hallway.  He was found by Sergeant Segal and (Milner Norman, who responded to a #  telephone call, which declared there had been an accident at the Animine Juhcthm station at lo,lh) p ii). Blood was found near the station, then tile badly injured man was discovered staggering down the road  Tile ton of his head was caved ti his right eve was hanging on Ii, cheek, his, front teeth Were k "-oeked out and severe lacerations and biaiises were found on Ills boily. Ile was removed to tile Bryn Mawr bos-pita I. A ch «*ck for if JOO ami $60 in cash were found in lim clot lies.  Marshall said he leas on his way f. set an attorney to make a sett!* meat in a r< ii estate deal. He could give no details of the am aleut. Tile Haverford police advance the theory that im was struck by an electric train at the Ardmore Junction station and are endeavoring lo locate the person who telephoned to the polit  Lifeless Body of Hugh Daley bound Lying on ' Sidewalk by Milkman  ACTIVE ASSOCIATION FORMED  An Active \ssm la Hon was formed yesterday among the members of ; Hood Will Kite ('ump,any at a meet ing held in the firehouse. Tim assn • elution plans to attend the State con vent inn to be held this year at Erie, Ba. The officers elected yi s- , terday were: Frank Bray-, chaum in, Bay I'. Boner, secretary. John J.  Exhaustion Due to Severe Cold Superinduced Attack of Heart Trouble  His strength overtaxed as lie bat tied ac i in st the high anil biting wind, Hugh Haby. a god aboil’ thirty o gilt vt ars old. of Concord t oad and bingle street, bm ane exhausted and .succumbed to tm* cold while on his way home Saturday night lits Pie U ss body w as found yesterday morning at Twelfth and jangle .streets by* ii A. Miller, a milkman. An autopsy disclosed that Holey bad suffered a stroke of ,apoplex', superinduced by exhaustion.  Haley, according to hts friends. suffered a heart afllietion since childhood, and was recuperating from a recent attack It is believed tile galelike wind that yvhipped the city night proved too much for the man in his weakened condition.  His body was found, lying on a concrete sidewalk. Miller jumped  the I’tilted Christian Mission.  Batang is in tin* extreme western . part of China, a few miles from tin mountainous frontier of Thibet. It j lies loot) miles yi est -So ti th yv est Ut j Pekin, in an isolated part of the Sze (’hum Brovlnce.  lf the Chinese garrisons along the Thibetun border at tins pdlnt have fled, as reported, the missionaries have been left Iii due peril, for the ferocious little flat-faced brown nu n from the hills ;ft •• among tho most feared of Hie Easts bandits.  Defending their own country arid denying entry to all foreigners with an unparalleled religious ferocity, Hie Thibetan hordes are almost savages w hen they resort to sorties into neighboring China.  WASHINGTON, Jan. 7—-State Department oilieiaIs were without information today on the fate of Americans reported surrounded by Thibetan bandits.  The department asked for a report from Minister Sehurnmn at Pekin.  REPRIMANDED BY MAGISTRATE  Continued on Page Eleven BOTH CARS DAMAGED  An antonio!die driven by John W. lb , r.v, of IHI! M i pl** avenue, Sw n th moi", and a car driven by Edward I 11; cr, of 7 C Bosey sired, i . dialed it Seventh and Barker streets, Sat-  \ shifting of the Cabinet -Miperin 1111e11eii s and appointment of two minuting magistrates instead o; one. together with tilt* reduction ut the teen) of lithic id tin* City I lei,. from lour to one y< o, leatm.d tin* Hist meeting of tin* now Council which coti\ cut a I at ll o'clock for tie purpose of organization.  The city otiicials will bead the iii* parttnenis in this manner  Public Barks anil I‘rupert J. S. I*.  Gray. Finance, E F. White Highways and Bublic improvements, j. i*  Iv Brei . Bublic Satety, William M Bow o! Bublic Affairs, Mayor Turtu*t M. I’ Elliott and Thomas P. Ik**-ry ate the two aldermen named as City Hall committing magistrates blow they will split tho duties Was not announced.  Virtually all the minor oflbcM wort t ea ppoint cd  i ny Clerk, Benjamin Newsom*'.  Custodian of Hid City Hill, Jane Mel lily ie.  Committing MngIsti ates, M B. 1.1-liutt, Thorne t' Berry.  Hi mg, Department of High ways. John ’I'. Boss.  Beg Stratton Clerk. Department of,.John K Highway's, B. (I. I.adomim Chief of Fir** Depart anent,  Batler.  Assistant Pita* Chief, Thomas C ■Berry, first; Alexander Calhoun, Jr.   !  .second.  City Bacteriologist. Dr. J. U. 'I' i Gray.  Supervisor of Health, Dr. ll. C I fotiahoo.  Bilimbing Inspector, (larry Bod. n Ile lith (Milnor, John Wilde Shaw City Ass. mr. Albert ll Hughes  Prominent Persons Will Act in Proposed I uber-culosis Institution  Oath Administered to County Officials in Court Today at Media  John  if out*  I main*  * y  th  w et  badly dam-  Charles O’Mera Fined for Questioning Authority of Detective  Disgruntled when he learned that City Detective Baynes had been at! his homo searching for his brother, j Charles CVM era, twenty-throe > * * * i - j old, of 700 Morton avenue, visited po- j lie** headquarters Saturday aft••ffiouti ; and questioned the officer's authority j  At a hearing before Police Mag- ■ istrnte Elliott yesterday, (J Mera was ti net f and ■    -u>- aft.a hts at torn.*'\ . I  John J. J6tets*-r had infprtned th* ! court that there was no question About the def"M.bint being guilty in I disorderly conduct tho charge pre- I ferred by City Detective Bay nett.  U Mera was locked up at two o'clock Saturday, ll** was released on bail when triends came to his rescue.  When asked what he had to say, O’Morn told the magistrate lo* w * lr to police headquarters to nee his brother He denied that he questioned the detective's right to visit ills home. "I Just asked him what he going to my house and sea nu wife, - ’ he said. It was fullovgini remark that Attorney Blether remarked About his client being guilty  "It’s about time you fellows were taking notice,’’ said .Ma- , ti iii IJ bott, before saddling tile prisoner with lr flue. "That Fifth ward hue been on the rampage lot  int by  tho  mg  LAST MINUTE NEWS  COLI) WAVE KILLS 50  Approximately 50 persons died during* the past .60 hours as a result of the intense cold wave that swept the Middle West .and centering iii the East and South. Many of the victims were frozen to death, others succumbed to exposure, still others were burned to death while seeking escape from the cold and others met death in accidents due to icy conditions.  Chicago leads with a total of 18 deaths. New Orleans is next with 6. St. Louis reported 5 casualties. Pittsburgh reported 4. Philadelphia ti and Detroit I.  STATE POLICE SUBDUE INTRUDER  BROWNSVILLE), Pa., Jan. 7.-—Guests and clerks of a local hotel were amazed last night when Charles Matlock came into the lobby of the hotel anti started playing a Zytmer harp with points of two pistols. The clerk sneaked out and brought in the State police. Matlock resented this and opened fire. Matlock was subdued with bullet wounds in the wrists and body.  ANTI-RUM LEAGUE CHIEF'S TRIAL  NKW YORK, Jan. 7. -Trial of W. II. Anderson, State superintendent of the Anti-Saloon League, will start in General Sessions Jan. 18, it was announced by Justice Tompkins this afternoon. Anderson is under indictment on seven counts charging perjury, grand larceny and extortion.  BATTLESHIP LOI IS1ANA FOUND  NORFOLK, Va., Jan. 7, —The battleship Louisiana bas been found 7U miles off Cape Henry, a message; here today said. The battleship has been adrift off the Delaware coast, with a small crew, since yesterday.  Two mutt**! xx i- vt* considered Permission w i -given ti* Superintendent of l in um*' W11lli' 'ti* borrow $;><UMmi, mil Cliv (’b l k Newsom wm order * *1 to i t* mw tin I ii*'ti si' iii iitm rn-i iii eh*,' tor for tbr*'*’ months, upon tin* receipt of a communication from th** Bublic* Servile Commission which tm ti led •• the** months i*xt**nsion for till m title;* t es issued by that body to the ok tiers of jitney automobiles in i’h**s t e r.  Following the conclusion of th* regular order of business, the members of Council made brief speeches William M Bowel accepting a warm welcome from bis colleagues aflat bi Mig introduce*! is tho "baby'' member cif tim body.  L pun tile naming of the variousap pout I eon. no ch was sworn in by Mayor Tm lier iii tin* presence of! friends and other officials.  MEDIA TAX DELINQUENTS CHANGE MINDS AND PAY  ACTION TAKEN WHEN COLLECTOR SHOWED DETERMINATION TO' SELL * PERSONAL PROPERTY  Five prominent Dclawar* countian!* \\*r* num'll    bv    .Iud;*    Isaac Johnson,     1   during the inaugural exercises In t In* j court hnice    .ti    Media libs morning.;  to serve as    i    hoard ut trustees fat    ]  the propose*! county tuberculosis bos pit ii They    will act    in conjunction  with th** Count > Coni roller a lid Conn - j t y Com mission*'! s.  The list Is headed bv* Dr K. Mar shul 11 ii i \ ■ y, of Midi.i. who will serv« live years, I btl. J lines A G. Campbell, ibis city, four years, Dr Franklin Row el, this i lly, three y ears; Mrs iii K;ine, of Kadnoi livn \ i it's, mil T chalkley Palmer, of Middle town, on* y ear.  The In of the county officials brought *mt a large tieing.t 11*>ii of leading citizens. Th** majority of til*' oaths wen* administered by Judge Johnson.  County ComnusMuner Harry M Bn liny. Ji mad* i brief speech in which lo* told of appreciating the honor that had been conferred on him by iii*'! voters ut He la w ii • county, Ile pled; cl he would gull tai the Interests of tin county most diligently and that lie would use his Iii si efforts in keeping up the march of progress. Ile said he would it all times in* for im proveiuents and would see that the money expended by the county wotik, be for ‘ value I * . e|\a d. ’  Both th* incoming and retiring of  Continued on Page Two*  MAN S DEATH DUE TO  ACUTE ALCOHOLISM  A public sal** of articles owned by five Media women who bad refused t<> pay delinquent taxes was called off Saturday by Mrs, Emily Hooper, the borough's delinquent tax coll*' t« or. The holdouts changed their minds and paid tax*s ranging from $11 lo $■< each.  Twelve other persons who have declined to    pay    were notified that levi**-.  Will    ll*' made    on their personal prop  erty I 'I public al*' .lamia I y IT  Tho taxes collected amounted to $ I Oui) and should hive been paid in 1921. Tile Media school board told Mrs. Cooper sin must either colect the pay til*' taxes, whereupon aid sh*' would Jevy on ii    property of IOO women  lelinquont    .     FlUi)1   [■>< Cs action was taken tad learned a recent act stature permitted her to I annal property to recover!  \ po-' noirjeni •* xamination of tin* boily of William Met backen, .lr, who wa found dead at the home of a relative! at Seventh street and Moi ton .avenue Saturday, disclosed that I Mi Cr u ken s death was due to acute alcoholism.  The funeral will take place Wed | in -'iii v morning (rom his parents' residence, Twenty font th and Bot icr streets. High Requiem Mass will lie solemnized at St Michael's Church and interment will be made at SI Mien,ob s Cemetery  RIDLEY BARK LAKE  MECC A FOR SKATERS  One of tin tavorite gathering spots  yesterday affeer ii and last night  fur skating *nt ImHliiHt s was tin* lake at Ridley Bark. Hundreds of men, women aud youths indulged in tim sport ami many remained until a late hour. Seim of automobiles fringed the frozen body of waiter and Used their headlights at pi),bt to illuminate the lake President Indications point to a continuance of tile sport tor Mollie da v s to conic.  MAYOR TURNER ASSUMES DUTIES OE OFFICE TODA’  Pledges Bigger and Bettei City in Outline of Adj ministration Aims  Offers Remedy for Finanj cial Ills by Readjust^ All Assessments  \ pan I* ■ a foe the f.Maili'; <| ilk* *.| tho city in th' way of readjust assessments w cs voiced by Mayor K, Tm ma upon his asxuinption office this morning. Coupled with group ot other recommendation w hu ll will i.o " Cin* • :  ■ r p* gi catel heights than cvei kip'vvti lictor** carried to sum • ll" pl* aged • iii min.Ilion of c \ elations n far a|  ' humanly possible  The inaugural, staged in the quil Colonial grandeur of tho Colitic chambers, wa.- .mpi e wive.'I in c .rail Mayor, William r Ramsey, sat tor th| last time with IMH four-year oftlciaU Tile high-hack (pi,liver benches se; cd ;i ca (at cit) .ut iidun *• ami scon tilled tho aisles aud oven lowed th** rotunda n till conin of ■*« hall.)  Seated in tim trout row was aged mother of tim new chief ext** (Hive with members of hor fundi A glitter of pride shownl in the ut this aged ami highly resj»eci(!  Continued on Page Tv  AGED MOTHER  MAYOR SAMUEL E. TURNER  Text of Mayor Turner's  Inaugural Address  SKULL FRACTURED  Tit* complete text qf Mayor Turn-* er'.s inaugural address follows:  Retiring Mayor, Members of Council, j officials and citizens:  When I attached my signature t<*  s  that oath Ot office to serve tile people I of Hmm good city for four years, ll was j with a keen sense of the responsibility that th* ait carries with it  Infractions cd th* law, many of which t*> be of common knnwl edge, will be corrected as fm as it i Im humanely possible pi iii* so. It will ! take tim*' to *l<* tin** Homo was not  I built in a *la>. neither can customs Woman Leaped From Automobile long pi Vogue I . wiped nip without Driven by Her Husband    dliigenc*    un    Hi*    part of th**«<* sworn  Mrs Florence lift rues, t h ti I y -1 w<> j to ohs* a \ *• tin* laws. It is not a ii  I a mount Mrs. (be I til** pers who wet Mrs, * after sh of the  th- Ta fcring contin  Martini  1*1*1. of Covington, Ivy., is in bu Hospital, Ridley Bark, et ii r troll* a tract lire*! skull A*■ -; to her husband Russell , sh* I* * ped out of I heir < ii I  ut  T  >t til* lid. v\  I rn  •I up  <1 ti, pi  I) sine** hat tax* *n them  I at Blush Mill Hill, near Hwarthninic, tnt alighted oil her head. Tim were returning on a motor trip from Covington to New York. Mi IIH " I! admitted lo- and bls w If• • told "Words," and that ills Wife scratched hint, bul he said Hic rift fas mended long before ills wife leaped Irom tin automobile.  AGREEABLY SURPRISED  th*  x ill.  DRUGS  HID THERE  it, I mint Hun  CBKN, KHA NU  W rt * .. f,  hiding hen ti  for  dei  ■ 1***1 ti  -old u ga.  dace  aud  I urmer * it y ion Was git en -atm lay in Ii >f employes a* meshing their iit 11 tire ft urn t lim w 11 ft a *'  Ti cahill    |- l a ilk J bl X  an agreeable mn pi is* S * JU* e w ll* ll his vt ll ft  codded aud after • * regrets over ills de * t it I l a II, presented *stly lUamnnd emblem  Bo i *• found tilled w itll <1  if Iii  VV  Pi*  od III e ll of t he s visibly aff* > xpressed hit  World.  'ted b] Killeen  M r.  the  iii* -  time now. You have th tim neighborhood iii a Try and straighten up much a** ople w ill like J  Two others ut yester* prisoners were tined.  Baul Randolph, 4x yi ore ti,    of Waterville,  Graham anil Market si gentil Miley and Butroi a fbi McKenna, wits .a leu days. Jefferies est «4 eaten a tiistgii'b;* *    •  go I ome VV lieu Bd* <>  George Berry, J' year of 1700 West Se*.. i d st at Second street aud * * al four o'clock esterd.* Patrolman Handy, was costs. 'J'iie of.leer said In custody after a I feared Refry was gi other man  ii i I I ' Oil  (dil, of ll Bi ai bis holm tim I'I j lad*  • res  bitt*  and  OU,  ietlls  mo ■h  *1 r  st  rn* said. class of  old, coing*! ut by Ser-J cfTerles III.35 or tile man fused lo  , colored.  THIRD CLASS CITY I INITIAL COLO PLAN PROPOSED WAVE OE SEASON Court House Appointments  Announced by New Officials  Darby Township Humanity Shivers as    .  DUF    (    • Tpmnpriture Takes a Many Changes in the WYER .MYsi KRY  ^101^ 0      Ti    mm    mm    rn*    MSS    mm    I    ^*^    £    ^    STILL    UNS  Upper Has About 30,000  I it m iv lo administer I Im la w , wilt, a cosmopolitan population bk** we tiav** in Cluster But it the public will tx* |>.111**iit the <'1111 desired will be attained.  My ii add! inn Is lo make tho mw going out of ch*- t**r to tho outside business world, of a character that will I*** inviting to t apii ii to invest here and attractive to citizen* wait, high Moult,  A bai .Ii and sudden bringing down of t lo* strong arm of Bx* law upon Hie only living: and pl* etui** * "rid tlons certain Mush * know, ** i Ilk*-smallpox. Blot It out til one sect.on, ii suddenly and unexpectedly appeal * in another only iii a moi** violent form What will he done will be witn i vow for th*- bent interests of the gloat ma Jot By of our cit izcini.  \‘» *• * an letha l vv ttii a great <1* ii of satisfaction upon Iii** progt ess made by our city during Hie tour years I win* ii ( ain*- t*» a clos** Hits morning j We have reason to rejoice that W* have I** * n abb* to construct prop* * si 11ooJ buildings for em children lim future men and women of this gnat I ration. The cradle is -the pin* .* to stat! to teach future i iii*-* * filch I b'glanen to our laws ami Itepotdpai institutions Tfp-n w* iniiir toll ow  1  on into our school room* and se* that coml 11 ions tiler*.* Ic speak those surrounding:- that will produce strong | iii-ii and women phys!* lily, mentally ami morally.  lint we must not tx* * on tent with that; w <• must press on for the goal! vvhfHi -pells the best in th** nation. | Till* p. on*- sure way of preserving i* sport of law, of.oui Sabbath, of our social conditions, ami makes our •immunity safe for us to live in. .sometimes I marvel and wonder what we would do iii oui good old town it w «• retired at night in fear of a (evolution or attacks being made on our home* bs people vv im ar*- not choule*! in our ways \\ *■ must se*' Unit all coming to our shores are made Anteri* an citizen* Just ai soon as possible aft**t they arrive here. licit' in ('luster w*' ii.iv*' a big tusk iii this Mil collun, ftii we have more than H< ven thousand limn and women who have n**t availed themselves ut laking til*- *-!• p to lx * ome Amor i I* aux. I know what a great task lies before our citizens iii tills movement ami it w.ii ink*' time ami patience to  educt* to should I  These  the (xii It ii! ami tuftily o to go I  such foreigners why they (•come Americans. people tire quick to realize •tits they enjoy under our constitutions ami laws, and tip-ill seem ti) tie content a further Tho must be angili Holt America is foi Amel ins, whether of native born or by doption, ami that It is tip* right of very citizen to demand that each Ian and woman living under our ll>(t it ut lolls ami pi Iltei-t toil, both of > 111 e 11 w*re proeuicd .it j* gi* sa* rl f Ilf*-, plain himself or herself J" it i * * is to .I - anni*' I heir f ult of th*' i * - poll si hi Ii t y of guv-  Mrs. Jane iurner Attend Inauguration of Mayo With heelings of Joy  Iii    the memory    of til'Voidest    Bi  Haji veteran attaches, Mis. Jan** Tut IPT, eight ItV • ■ va ll old mother of t. new Mayor* wa* th*' Hist mother witness tip* inurn urution of her » as Mayor.  Willi tears of pi bl** in lier eyes si sal ilia beautiful «I * 11XV . i y of I a-doU'l xloonis sent by Hp* admirers of ti Hew City • \. - ut I v < I .* lowing a t ti dowels hold in one hand. bud Hug ll    half I    I X JI    .'lie I CV lowed    ti  * ii ■■ a lid th. a : i: vein* al-* ilia t W to lur "ll ta I, Mig IMS pi O'* a* fir power in the city.  ‘Its wonderful, just •wonderful site said with a catch in her void Samuel was a good boy. and I Hill ii- will -ne ■*'*■. I I k •v Ii*' vv til SU'  . l i d    ii is    a I■    <    -ii*. "I (1***1 that  I, i v *•    I** i ii    .-I'.11 "*l to    witness til  triumph.  I    knew    ic    wax ,- t  mbitloiis,    b  i x • v ** i dreamed ip* would striae so f ant ll lo toi l in*- v\ * i mining for t att *-    ll* rays    he onus    it all to n  "ll! I    kl",    I a    I ll I'    . his *.\vn e  hat    that to    lie    ibex    till-    Am Hill  I Ila v * ■ lion* 11 O.' in" very 11: aud ; :.isi I i    ■    i    "i ■    .-hi!* Mi    t  attainment    of ids gnu I.  I I ll* IV.    Si"    VV    I ll’ ll*.' I g*  Ina    I "I    ’ •    I    ft*    g'"*d    St  ami    cannot    help    but    sh/ivv    th* J  I r.i i! i * ■    ; "i ’ 'M'-    * .’ti    (    ." h  done its a devoted    boy."  *,*ii ■ *■ .e l    ..ask.    dress  IO black VV III! a ll* at Ilia* Iv bonnet •    ! NI Til'.    i    '"I    mil  I ' , I: I , . "I    •    I    '    - ' I lo t  A*.  in  six  moi  Mn  amt < ithe her, Mi tires. yea r  of honor in the front of ii Chamber to view the Vt iii Ii*'! wa lier d.night I; a* .. I.... a ml bel s • ■ i a .    • . :a.- t of (’hest  widely known baseball play relatives were grouped ne  currei all th  VV ben  «. Turner Is a ten r\e*l woman for ii She takes a ke*  ut events, and is i |h>! 111 ch I qucsrtlo!  ill  •f tim*-, umle  of J *  Bizel! lie b*  r city iuak'  mow  peri*  .men t PT C*  illy ••mJorsemen ■ l imens ami Hp piendhi for  (luted. The i ti u n y  ut fie* ll  t ho (iii ci t ton  he American j uinpuign will eligible Willits t should iiwvt* t of alt God ai** vv ho desire i of government * is no such gov -it her la mf; sum* v* patterned very  thing-  sk  in'!  ll t t Int® i hav  keep  md  arkably i e urlity-fl  a interest  strictly up ohs of the ti  h'x sip* wot rested in nu c been, as is, ta  city questio I I can, but t un circut!  COAL THIEN KS ACTIVE IN THE WEST EM  Sudden Drop  Bpp  be  tilled  n t< g to  of ti  third it. if ti  leg  be |  I by a fut*  old wav e o: Saturday  oz* ii Id dc * ach ins ii j vv * St temp  Personnel of Office Forces — Commissioners Name Aldan Man as Chief Clerk  of rh  d, 23  Rail  orts, color Second sn ion.** by Detect iv a I la J cl pi) la* ami lh n suspicion of larceny, was $3uo bail for f. further hearing Alderman William Gaiter, of Eleventh ward.  Ices at th* atli' of off* ay. Harry  old  ad (ll  * (   11   DAWES REACHES FRANCE  HERI  Ii» I in int l‘r -ft*  DURU. Jan. 7,-d Owen D. Ye y and proceed*  u y will enter renees paving     docked ut I    thirty d» Kl ees ! w ho i e*    -eive.l the I      o’clock in I    bo; evening it county    conirnlssion*      I to eight*-    SII- lion wa    s inducted      k yesterday    morning the' present*'    '■ of a large      r revealed    eight digress: There    : were sever      and by no**    ii the temper- persorm    el of the *,      imped to tw<    * 111 y -1 w Oft i i t* - (I u i I cl a y    William      and h.x o’*    bock four de- I Mn bael   ;  ,»i **•* s # I 11.* * > I ■ nm ilf .it    M ult a ugh. *ix* I from lf          J I r I. 11 : --  1  J IJ * J * I. : iii**' 111 G I  I been re ie!,cd. Alber    t J. William!     I the court hoi im my, J r .of  1  highest* 1  vc [*r al Hp* fa Into office  r of friend* u,M'S in Hi force, Bel* log**! an  I ’iiester, be  NSOLVED  Police Fad to Learn Identity of Man Who Plunged in Water  Two Wilmington men came lo tills city yesterday to obtain a description ut the man reported to have plunged into Chester r<v<> several nights ago, but the Strangers d* hi riplion ta!)**! lo tally with that of their I od sin w bu <i n*.J pp* a i *<i aum** time ago,  lax al puli* ** iiav* failed in ll.••ar efforts to o.tttblish tile midnight swimmers identity. Tip -  loan, a* (Hiding id Hp story told by a color* *1 i til nan • (I limb,am, employ*- I as it watchman, ell lier jumped, fell or was pushed into tbs river last Thuiuola ’. mg *t 11 oui til* -  VV barf of the Minrv Coal Company im,ir Thud ami Market street bridge.  I turban  !  Hie splash, rail saw ii man stream. Whet I cd the opposlt*  The School System (lur school rystetll -lain!- VV' ll With rd lier cities oven tip* Bulled Htut**s,  , e to t ll  st Hut ion, like our  country i  PH pcopli  nit* ids of our ( ut 111<r*j.• is nothing <|t mcriea ri institut puis. urds so much freedom is ours, and, for tills r  Dealers Report Tnetts of Seve Tons From Their Yards  ore*-ut QI  Continued on Pago Eleven  •I ti  poll* i rlv i  IVV III  *1*1*  Hr  IX-d.  ii  d B  Bi  >t lire lait  finances.  Continued on Page Eleven  Frida  at* far as ti)  if flee John Hanley of New-Continued on Page Twelve  im rn was appt men who imp timt man.'  getaway wf  bn beard bank am 1  ptosh the m r reach ■  I be.-n do-minutes later bur ie*! by titres other I if "he bad seen Th** trio made a hasty n informed that tile man  in th* river.  High Points in Mayor Turner’s Address  Violations of tho law In Chester will be eliminated as far as it is humanely pon-bd* to do ho  Aliens coming to Ch* Mer should be made American cit!/-* us as soon as possible    ,  Additional retinue tan be derived b a readjustment of some of th assesr.ments.  Bart of lie* nne fees of lutomobile nvvncis shout*! he returned to tho city,  A new system of keeping Hie city’*, a-, omit * Hiould I **. liiHt.illed,  A separate purchasing departm*fit Y*e cr* P* - d  The industrial highway b* t vy*'*n t’* i and Bib ideiphla. sliould lie continued througlidhe city.  A central public lavatory should he coiistru t**i hooii a p'issiiile.  Widening of Kdgmont avenue atween NinUi ai I Twelfth Ktreetn.  Nm Hi sti*-et bi cig*’ over Cie st*a rivd i>" made y    if*- I”. Havel.  I’oil. • fip-ns jobs dep«*mi upon Heir effort to bv*    up to the law and  to render IO*) per cent. service  No public celebrations on Hie Ka bhat ii when; nu* h can be held on a day less sacred.     t   Tracks of Hie Baltimore md Ohio Raibuad will lx* depressed.  Bublp swimming pools ami general reel cation    centers should he  established.  Wit! wave i live in WHI ami Bi P  have I* He said d during  Hai  Hit'  He  Ald*  i ri  A .  THE WEATHER  ll I i lr J Hi if WASHINGTON, Jan 7 —Waatl foreca«t:    ,  Eastern New York:    Fair tomt  and Tuesday; colder tonight; wave in north portior  Eastern Penn*> i<. ar*.a and N Jersey:    Fair to    t    and    Tuescf  no change in tr    u>•    mtare:    fr  westerly winds.  Sun ri«’« 7.23 A. M -da I I * B, High water .’2 04 A    M,    and    2 30    I*  Lour water .9 23 A.    M.    ami    9 a?    I',   
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