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   Chester Times (Newspaper) - January 7, 1924, Chester, Pennsylvania                                CIRCULATION Saturdays Net Paid Circulation Was With All Latest and Best News of the Day 48TH 14994 CHESTER PA MONDAY JANUARY 7 PAGES PRICE TWO CENTS ryt sjr W A Or ATH OF OFFICE AS YOR BADLY INJURED MAN IS FOUND FFiTdNVIIIF rLLlUliVILLL Ferocious Thibetans Sur roundBatang Starva tion Looms Savages Flock Over the Border Burn Loot Garrisons Flee BY RAY G MARSHALL United Press Staff Correspondent IBKIX Jan Amei leans are surrounded byThibetan bandit hordes In the city ot liatang in western Szo Chnan and arc in im minent peril of starva von according to reports lo ihe American Legion here Other foreigners arc likewise liapped The savage Thibetans poured over1 the border into China recently Ihe i eport slates and surrounded the walled city oC Batami burning and looting all surrounding towns garrisons of the district Hod or had disappeared shortly be toi o the appeaiMiiee the savants nnTrUasslstiincu is declared to bo im possible for weeks Civil otllciuls of nntaiig lied Americans who are left be hind facing death f i om starvation or capiuiti by tho Thibetan hordes are M 11 Duncan his wife and son M II Hardy wife and threo all of the foreign Christian Mission So ciety and J K Morse and wife of tho United Christian Mission Katang is in the extreme western part of China a few miles from the mountainous frontier of Thibet 11 lies J5UU miles westsouthwest ot IVkin in an isolated part of the Kze Chnan Province If the Chinese garrisons nlnngthe Thibctun r border at tills point have led as reported the missionaries have been leftin dire peril for the ferocious little fltitfaced brown men Irom the hills among the most feared of the Kasts bumlua Defending their own country and denying entry to all foreigners wjlh nil unparalleled religion1 ferocity the Thibctun hordes are almost savages when they resort to sorties into neighboring China Jan De partment ollleiils wero without in formation today on the fate of Americans reported surrounded by Thibetan bandits The department asked for a report fromMinister Schnrman at iekin REPRIMANDED BY MAGISTRATE Highland Park Resident Believed to Have Been Struck by Train Mystory surrounds the severe ln jnriiijv of tUirlan 1 iMarshall S TI2I West CiuKter juke Ihsrnlind Park who wapdoiinK arounu in a daze I He last niKlit on nuwjnil i fail a block awiy from tlie Ardmoie Junclion Million the 1hilidelphii am Western lie found by Sergeant SeU and Oliiecr Noimin who lospundcil in i UlPphoiic call winch doeUire 1 there had lieen an accident a I the A rd mo re liihctloii Rial Son at p in lliuod found thcvslation then the badly inimrd num was illri Cfjv rred stifrgei down tin rotul The top of his head was caved in his rlffhi ti e m his cheek his front teelli weie knocked out and sevcro and bruises found on his body He uas removed to ihe ISiyn Miwi hos pital A ciicck for J30U andSGi in ciUi u ere lotind in his clothes Marshall said ho was on his way to see an iiuoincy to niiUe u settle ment in a real estate deal Ho could Hive no details of Ihe accident The I liverfurd polico advince the theory that he was struck by mi electric train Ardmore Junction sta lion and are endeavorinj to locate Hit person who telephoned to the iiollce TERM OF CITY CLERK SHORTENED Lifeless Body of Daley Found Lying on Sidewalkby Milkman Exhaustion Due to Severe Cold Superinduced At tack of Heart Trouble Benjamin Newsome Is Reelected Other City Officers Appointed ACTIVE ASSOCIATION FORMED An Active Association was formed yesterday anionsj the members of Ciood Uill Fire Company at a meet ing held in the firehouse Tho aso elation plans to ittend the State convention lo be held this your nt KHe Ia The officers elected yes terday were Frank Itiviy chaHman Kay T Pinter secretary John J ICvnns treasurer Irnnk Hi ay as Kistant treasure law Johnson chairman Iolm Rean lon find ilnlin Khvnod Tlility mem bors attended ihe initial nicotine His si length overtaxed as he bat tled iiKJinst lilsli and biting wind HiiKh Daley nirid abon lliirtyoluhl yeais old of Cnncurd rnad nnd n ile Micet beiaina exhinsled and siKcnmbed U tne cold on his way home tal nrday iimht His life less body found yesterday morn Ing at Twelfth and Knifle streeis by II Miller a milUmaii An aulnpsj disclosed that DuKy hart suaered a slrnke of apoplexy superindutioU by uxhausiion Daley according to bis friends Knftered a hfart altliciion since child hood ILIKU was recniieral itiK from a recent attack His believed thp salo iiluwind that whippcl thccily Sat urday nitrht proved too much fop the man In his wrnkened condition Ills body was lonnd lylny on a concrclo sidewalk Uliller jumped A lilltiiiK of lliu Caliiuol siuiievin t Ululoiiilos and aiiiiDlntinent of ciininiltinf niailMlratc8 instead nt one with tho reduction ol the term ti ollhe ol the Clty Clcri from four mo year feat nrd tliM Iliht meeting of thti inw Council onvcntd at 11 oclock for tho L n ixaLhiii The clly otlielals will lioiiil the do partincnls in tills manner 1uMk IarUs and rrojiorly S I UIM IMnance 15 High ways and Ilihlic liniirovoinents J J K Price 1nhlK Sateiy M lovrt1 ljulilli AITnirs Mayor 1urner M 1 1JlhotL and 1lioinas r 1 y atr two aldermen named as Ity Hall commit tint uiatcitlnitiq Uow iluj will split tho diuicH ot aniuiuncid Vlriually all tho minor ollUcK were TRUSTEES New Chief Executive Continued on Page Eleven BOTH CARS DAMAGED An automobile driven by John AY Henry of 8Hi Maple avenue Hwarth more and it car driven by Kdward lluver nf 71 Tusev street collided at Seventh and Parker streets Sat urday Jith cars were badly dnm Charles OMera Fined for Questioning Authority of Detective Disgruntled when ho learned that City Detective TSaynes had been at his home scaiching for his brother les OMera twenty three yians uldj of TOOiMortoii avenue visited po lice headquarters Saturday afternoon and questioned the ollicers authority At a hearing before Police Mag istrate Elliott yesterday UMera was llneif and costs aftei his attorncy John J Stetscr had informed thu court that there was no question aboht lioing Kiiiity ol disorderly yondnct tho chaiKe pre ferred by City Detect ive Haynes OMera was locked up at two oclock Saturday He was released on bail when friends cimc to his rescue When asked what he hud to OMera told the magislrate be went to police headquarters to see his brother Up denied that he questioned the rlfitcctlvos right to visit his home I just askud him what he meant by EoinK to my honao si nil searing my wife he snid1 It was follovVins thi remnrk thnt Attorney Stetser re niarked about his client beiny guilty IIa about Lime you fellows wero takinjj notice said lJ liott heforo saddling the prlsonnr with That waul has liecii on the rampage Ior tiniCiiiow Yon have ihe residents of tliu neighborhood In a bitter rnood Try and straighten up nnd aeo how much tieople will like yon nu said Two others uf yesterdaj cltiss uf prisoners were lined Paul Kandolih 48 yera old col ored of AVatervillc airested nt Llrtihatn smdMarket Jilreets by Ser geant Miley anil JJatioiinen fefferies and JlclCerinn was taxed or len days Jelferies eslilied tlie man created a disfjirbsinjiand refused to home when tolr 10 do so Goorse Berry years old colored ot 1700 West street urrestel at Second street and Central avenue at fuur yesterday morning by Iulrolnmn Handy was lined S If and custs The ollcur snid he took Berry In custody aflor a man tuld he feared Kerry WHS going to shoot an oilier man Harrison Shorta cclored 23 years old of 11 Second street nrrcHled ai tiis homo by Detcctivre IVirmer if the Ihilndelphia aiul KeadiriB Kail road on suspicion of larceny was held n i300 bail for f further hearing bcterc Alderrniin Wflliam Carter of tho Eleventh ward COLD WAVE KILLS 50 Approximately 50 persons diedduringthe past 60 hours as a result of the intense cold wave that swept the Middle West and centering in the East and South Many the victims were frozen to death others succumbed to exposure still others were burned to death while seeking escape 1rom the cold and others met death in accidents due to icy conditions Chicago leads with a total of 18 deaths New Orleans is next with GA St Louis reported 5 casualties Pittsburgh reported 4 Philadelphia 3 and Detroit 1 STATE POLICE SUBDUE INTRUDER BROWNSVILLE Pa Jan and clerks of a local hotel wxere amazed last night when Charles Matlock came into the lobby of the hotel and started playing a Zytmer harp with points of two pistols The clerk sneaked out and brought in the State police Matlock resented this and opened fire1 Matlock was subdued with bullet wounds in the wrists and body ANTIRUM LEAGUE CHIEFS TRIAL NEW YORKJan of W II Anderson State superintendent of the AntiSaloon League will start in General Sessions Jan 18 it was announced by Justice Tompkins this afternoon Anderson is under indictment on seven counts charging perjury grand larceny and ex tortion BATTLESHIP LOUISIANA FOUND NORFOLK Va Jan battleship Louisiana has found 70 miles off Cape Henry a message here today said The battleship has been adrift off the Delaware coast with a small crew since yesterday Miy Ileik llpnainin Newsom CUistoillan of Old City Hall lu Iclnlyre onuiditlnK M I iotl TluiniHh lieiry iKhtMiiiiin Ufparttncnt of vays John I KOSH lKlratlon DpiKLitniPtU of ays H Ci biulonuix Chief of Jirp Dujmrliucnt John jauur AssisUuit Fire Chief Thomas C lorry Hi at Calhonn Jr City Jiaoteriologlst Dr 1 U T ray HupeivHur of Health Dr 11 C Jonahoo Il nmblng Inspect or Carry Bod on Health OllVeer ohn Rhi w Cily Assessor Albert H IkmhiW Two malteiK ot nutjido business vei e considered Permission to Superintendent of Pininee While Mo borrow and City Jlerk Newsnine ordered to ie Hw the license ol jilnenra in er for three months upon the recelpl if a communication from llio Iublle Service Commission which grmlcd a three months extension for the cer tirteatcs IhHiifd by that body to Iho v nurs of jitney ant mnoblles In Cheij ler lullow g Ihe conclusion of the regular order of business Ihe mem bers ofCouncil nmdo brief speeches William M Jowol accepting a warm welcome from his colleagues aftei ing introduced na tho baby mem ber Upon tho naming of tho various up poinTeois ouch was sworn In bv Mayor Tinner In Iho presence of friends and other ofllclnls MEDIA MlENTS CHANGE MINDS AND PAY ACTION TAKEN WHEN COLLEC TOR SHOWED DETERMINA TION TO SELL PERSONAL PROPERTY Prominent Persons Will Act in Proposed Tuber culosis Institution Oath Administered to County Officials in Court Today at Media Vivo prominent Delaware count IHIIP were named by lnde liur tjihnrKin during tlnv inaugural exercises In the court hiinso n i Ilils miniiliiK to HOI e as u liiml ol1 trustees for Iho propnMd county tuberculosis hos pttil They will net In conjunction with tin County rmlrollcr tiiul Coun ty Commissloners The liM IH headed bV Dr 10 Mar shal I Inrvey of Midltiwho will servo live years Col Jameh A Campbell this IKv four yearn Dr Kmnkllu Jowil llil city lltrec years Mrs John Kent of Radnortwo years and I Chalkky JnliniT of Mlddlu iown one year TinHW earing In of Uirj cininly of ficials brought on a IUIKO doleKi tlon ol leading citizens Tho mujcir lly of iIIP nnlhK were administered by 1 udKO ohnson County Conimlsmoncr I lurry M Klr niy Jr made i bi lef speech In which In told or apprcolal inn llio honor Ituil been con ferrcilmi him by the VIltkMH Of Uflll U 11C IOllllly HO pledged lie would Kltird the IntercHts of the counly most diligently and thiil lie would use hls bent efforts hi keeping up the inarch of Jin Haiti he would al all Ihnes bo fur Im provements nnd seo thai the money expended by the county wouM lip for vi 111 i ceelved JloLli tins liicniiiliiK and rellrlnx of Conlinuotl on Pago Two MANS DEATH DUE TO ACUTE ALCOHOLISM I A piistnnirtoni of I1i boilyor Wllllriin McCrsLcUon Jr Who wan found dcud al Lho homo of u ralntlvciat Hovenlh Klreol and Alor tmi avenue Saturday dlscloaod tlinl dentil was duo to ncuto Ilio fniiprnl will taljo iilacn Wcri npsday nuirnlnn from hli paroiUn residence rwcnlyfonilli and lil Icr street IJlRh jlciinlein Mnsa will lip HOlpinnlxcd HL SI Church and InlcnnciH will bi inado lit Kl iMiuiiadH LAKE MECCA FOR SKATERS Pledges Bigger and Better City in Outline of Adj ministration Aims I Offers Remedy for Finari cial Ills by Readjusting All Assessments A panacea for the financial illanl tho city In the way ot reivdjiusii sissussnientH was voiced by Mayor upon hia issuinptlons o office this morning coupled with Croup in other recnmniendationl which will IMISO Chester to groatel heights than ever known heloro carried to success lid pledged clll mlnrilioir of law violations as Jikiiniiniy possible Tho Inaugural staged in tho Colonial grandenr of tho ConucJ chambers was IminCHslvc The i Mayor William T Kamsey sat for last limo wlih hlH fouryear oftlclah Tho highhack Quaker benches Id a cupncliy attendanco and HCO filled Iho aiSles and overllowfd tl the rotunda In tno tlVo hiilll Heated In tho Iront row writs thl aged mother tho new chief excel utlvu with members of her A glitter of pride showed In the of thla aged and highly Contititicd on Pacjo Twl MAYOR SAMUEL E TURNER A public sale of articles owned by five Media women who had icCmied lo pay delinquent UIXUM was called otf Saturday by Kmlly Cooper tho boroughs delinquent tax collecU or The hodoutn changed their minds and paid taxes ranblng from lo each Twelve olher persons who have de clin6d lo pay were noltfted that will be made on their pcrsona piop erty tor public sale January T Tho taxes ollected amounted to and should have been paidHn 1I2I Tho Hchonl board Inld Mrs CoripeT sho nniHt cltlier colect Die amount or pay iho whereupon Mrs tooper wnld Hh wouhl Jevy on the personal propcity of 10U who were delinquent Mri IooperH action WIIH taken after she had learned a 1ecerit ael of the InglBln turo penultted lnito levy on pcrHonal property to recover unpaid IUXCH The women had refused lo pay their ttixcs niyiiK It was only since women But the rlKtt volo shit taxes yfir silfl was wlshed upon them riBalnMl their will DAWES REACHES FRANCE Itv Lnilrtt CHHRtiOUKCi Ian O Dawea and Owen D Yoting arrived heretoday and proceeded to Paris where they will enter immediately Into conferences paving tho way for work of tho of experts whkh aro to exnnilnr into flortnanyy apKflty to piy reparations and plan stabilization ol the late enemys flnancea Ono of Iho favorite ial herhiK spots ycHlerday afternoon and last for Hkalhif entliUHlaHls wai llio lalco at Kldley Iark llundieds of men women and youl IIH iniliilfed In iho Hport and many renuilned until a lain hour Scores of auinmohllcH frlifned frozen body ofAvater ind usful their headlight al lo Illinnln ato tho lalto Ironldent IndlcallonH point to a rontlnuunce of the aport for aomo dayji lo conn S K U D Text of Mayor Turners Inaugural Address Upper Darby Township Has Population of About 30000 Upper Darby township will be come a city of the third class wllhln the next two years if the necessary legislation can bo put through the next sens inn of the Legislature This is the generril opinion of officials andprominent business men of the Recently there was some talk of creating another Wi borough but siich a move would brlriK stront Irotest from Ihe citizens of tho township in general because It Is a well founded fact that there are already tno many boroughs in Ihe northeastern section of the conn ly which nrfc simply struggling and oxponsfvc municliuilllle The populsitkin of Kpper Darby township Is siluiut 300m and it Is contintially inowing ilundieds of now homes wiv liullt List year and i his year hundred of new homes will be Iniill tn the neW eellon of Drejcel Jlill Kirktyn Highland Vark Uy DRUGS HID THERE bin 7 A loy rubber bull owned bva Klrl was Ihe hiillnfplnte for diiiifH pohre found when they raided a plaie and arrested iho girls mother and thrrn ciislonicrH Iulici found HOV oral InrKf Illlcd Wltli Woman Leaped From Automobilo Driven by Her Husband Mrs llorence Hruties thirtytwo veaiB old uf Ky Is in the Tii j lor I loapltal Hldley ark HnT feilliK lioin a Iractnred Him 11 Ac cordlntr lo her husband ItiiHHCl Harnes ahe Icatied oul or1hlr car ai IliiHh Mill Hill near Kwarihmore 1Yldny and alighted on her head They u iie returning on i motor trip trmn lo New York Mr Russell admitted hrj and his wife had tiiil that bis wife siisitchcd him but he said tho rift mended Ions before Ills wife leaped from the niilonuibllf A G R E A B L SURPRISED Korrner son K Saturday In of City Treasurer fYank fax ii an agreeable Hiirprise his when his stafl blcd utid after li lc their rexietK over parturn Pi om the city Hull prcsonted lilm with a ririntly Uiimond emblem of In AVoodmrn of ihe World Mr laxHon was visibly nffected by the token and expreHHed Illii sincere ap prediction Continued on Page Eleven Humanity Shivers1 as Temperature Takes a Sudden Drop x Fanned by a furious wind tlie first severe cold wave of the season htrnck this citv Saturday evening one man frozen if death while atternpt K to reach bis lionic Jelirjrivllle Tho lowest temperature of the sea son was recorded at police heaiJinar LPTH Suturday intdniKbt when iho ihcrnionifctur dropped to KIVCIT de grees At noon Saturday tlio mcr cuiy vrui clocked at thirty KK and nt six oclock In evcnin had dropped lo eighteen Six oclock yestorday mornlriK thermomcier revealed elsbt iljovts 7ero and by noon the ternpir jiturc had Jumped in Ue tween noon aiil fix ociorli jjficOH were lurfl tills by lafit deirees had been reachud At six oclock todayanother notch hud been recorded nn thn wcithcr scorft boird againJirlnginK the fluid lo twentytwo The wave IH one that held the Middlo West in 114 Krfp since Frnlny nlKhi H reaches down ho eastern sea boardas fur a tno Carolirian Court House Appointments Announced by New Officials Many Changes MYSTERY oi STILL U g it tho four de Personnel of Office Forces Commis sioners Name Aldan Man as Chief Clerk UNSOLVED Successful candidates for county of fices at tho recent election louk the oatliof office at the court to day Harry M Hiriiey Jr of Chester who received the UlBheHtf vole for county commissioner ai the fall elec tion was inducted into office in tin presence of a jinrnbor of frlcndM Them wero several clisi riKci in thr perKonnl of the office force Ieter iililday Wllllrirn ami Miclmcl MiirtntiKii all of be niK druppel from the piyroll Albert Williams was reappointed solicitor KranrlH H Iaxxon of Ches Icr was clerk to micc Illnkcon Thomas Urajir f Chcttir towiiHblp wis alxo ieap ham wax approachwl point a cleik In ihu county conimlK aioncrs office John of New Contiftuecl on Pago Twelve I wax In tho river Polico Fail lo Learn Identity of Mnn Who Plunged in Watci Two Wilmington men crime to 111 hi city yesterday to obtsiln a lion of Hits man reported to luive into Chester river but the straiiKOrH de Hcrlptlon lallorl to tally with thit of tlinlr who dinappoarrnl Home llnio ago foeal police havo ailed In IlioJr nfforls tij thu nililniKlil awlmmcrK hlentlly Tho man ac cordlm trt tho idosy told ly a col ored man named Durham employed fH awatchman ulllicr Jumpeil foil or was pufdifd inlo Iho rlver last Thurndny ninhl from tho wharf of tho Klory Coal Ounpany near Third und Market Hircit hrldKfi Durham told th polico lio lionrd the Hplasli ran In thfiriver bank am xsiw a tnttii HwlmiiitnK ricrriHH the stream tho reach nd the opposite has not been ilo termliiorlSnveral minutes TnlerDur hy three othor men who Iruiulrcd If ho had xeon thru mnn Tho I Ho made a hasty Ktitrtvrny when informed that the man Tho coinploto text ivt Mayor Turn erH Inaugural followMi Rclirino Mny or Mo in bora of Council oTficinla nnd citlzuna Whcii I altuohud my Hlgnaluro to I hat oath of office to icrvo tlio people of thlsi tjood city for four yearn II wan with a keen of tlu rcHpoimlblHty that lhi act caiileswith II Infrsictlons of Ihu lavv of which lijipear to bo of coinmOn knowl edge will be corrected far as U IK hurminiily jiotifdhlo in ilu HO It will tnlte tlinetiii ilo thlH Homo wan not built In a lay ncllher can cusiloniH HO IOIIK In VOKIIC be wiped nut svltluint dlllBence ijirthi piirto lhonij Hworn to ithxcrvi llio IdWH U bi not an InnU tondiiiliilHloi1 iho lawn wlih a coHinopoliUui pupnlallon Illui wo have In ChnHtor Hut If the pub will be patient I Jtl dcMtrcd Will be jttiihied My ninblllon In lo mnlio Iho newc HOlnK out of Clhester to this ontHldi huilneiiH world of a character that will IM InvliliiK lo ciipltnl to Inveni hero and attracllvo to with lilKh Ideals A hnrxh nl KiiddunlirInning down of thi HlronB arm of lint law upon ho only andpleartnri condi llnnH certuln cliiHHen know ntlnllk Hinallpox nlol It out In one Heetlon It HUddMily and nncxpecLedly appeaiM ii a notlier only In a moro violent form AVhahwIII bn done will he with a view fur ihe IntorcHlii of the tfr innjorlty ol onr cHlxeiiH can relied with si lreat deiil of Hfi tlMfiellin upnil tho by diir city during tlio leniri yearn whirl cniiioKi acloiie ihlH inorii have rennon In Iejolco ibrxt hsivo been abb U criiinlrnct propel mhool liuildlnK for our children ib future men nnd m ihix Krcu nation Tim cradle JM the plao lo slart to Iciich fulnris rulcrn theiral IfKlancC to onr laws and Kepuidlcan InHlltlitloiiH Then follow on Inlo our xoliool rooniH and nee that condltloiiH there brsipeak thoHc HiirronhdiimH tluilwill produce MIIOUK men and vvurnen physically nientally and morally Tho School jSyotcm Our HyHteni Klatulx well with other iItloH oveii the Inllcul KtatcH iiit we ninUtHot bu content hut wo must press on for tho goal Hpolla Ihn best In tho natloii This IH 0110 sureway oC preserving law OIMUISubhalh ot nr soctiil comlllloiis and makes our wife for us to llvo In SfimiHiimS I niarvcl and wondur what wo would do in onr good old town f wo rollred at night iii fear ciC a or iitlackM liuliiK madeOn our homen by iieoplc who nru not ichooled in our ways miiMt neu that all comliiK lu our Hhoreo aro nado Amoilcan cliixenM Just as soon i IIH iiosslblij filter I hey arrlvo hern io In Chestervvo huvn a big task In this dlrccllon lor we havii nioru llmtitiand men nnd wom en who liiivii not a vailed llniiniiolvoH ol taking Iho to beiome Atner cnn1 I know what a great insk lias beforo our In this niovimient and It will lakit lime and patience to edueutu Much foreigners why they should beiMime A miirlciins These people nro uulck to Iho beniiliH I hey enjoy under onr MaK and coniUltUtlons n nd ISIWH and infiny of ihein seem u tincontent lo io nn further Tluj miuit ho IniiKhl Dial America Is for Amer IruiH whether of mil Ivcborn or by iidoptlnn and that It Is Ihe right of citizen lo demand lhal oach miiii nnd woman under our j nst tint Ions and protect ion both of which were procured a1 a great sacri fice uC life jilucu himself or herself In a position to aSHiuiii their full Khirt tho of gov ernmenl In nljrlor lime under iho llrecllon ih vijterans of tho American Jeglon of onr Illy a campaign will be stalled to make all eligible a eltitfciiH This movement should Mia helily endorsement of all God fearing eltlvcnti and thosi who desht our Kplendld foim of jierpeinated There is no siuh gov eminent in any other som other coiintrles have patterned vnr to the coufnlH of our Coa ttltiil Ion Vint llieni is imthlng lull llko onr Amnrican Institutions Ni Ionnlry ajftirds HO freedom it iln putiplo as ours and for this rea Coniinued on Pago Elovon Mrs lane Turner Attend Inauguration of Mayol With Feelings of In thu memory oC Jill Hall veteran attachos Airs Jnno Tvnl ner nightlive year old mother oCtll new Mayor was Ihe llrst mother ll wilnosH llio InaUKtlrallun of her an Mayor With loars of pi lilo in her eyes sll slit In a beautiful archway ot rudololl blooms sent by the admirers of til new oily executive Looking ut til Mowers held In one hand halt laugll IDK hall crying shn revlowed 111 years and tho achlovyrnvntsthat Ul lo liur son Inking his place i3 flrj power In the city Its wonderlnl Just wonderful sho BJild with a catch In her volcl Kamuel was a jrood boy and 1 thhl be will succeed know ho wilUslil cced it is a blessing uf God thatl luiyo been apsircd to witness i triumph I know ho nover dreamud hewould strhe ao fI until ho told nu was running for til He says ho owes it all it 1 It no xv ihnt It Is by his el irt thit he has done I his vii done niakesmo very proud linkI IULVO had sonio Shore in Italnment of his goal J know Himmy will niako a niyor tor he has been a good si ml cannot help but tlio aar rails as t puMUs olllelr as ho iino as a devoted boy tjulti and inconsplcunusly dressj i black wllii a neat black bonnet orheiid Mrs Turner aliracted rnuJ tlentlon is she was escorted to tl lace ot honor In the front of tl onncll Chatiiber to view tho oprl tony With her wsis her IrH Hruci Hlnln and lies harles si former resident of Chespj nd a known baseball pi weru grouped cr Mrs Turner in n icmarkablj wl riiMorvod woman for her elprlilyflj ears Sho tikes a keen interest uiTorit nvpnis is strictly up 11 the political of the drl Vhen sisked about tills she woul uily say I am Interested in sul Iilnprs and always have heen as Is I om sc my son 1 hhill still ronUnl o keep In touch with iltv ndSbnll help him all 1 can hut ionld be JUKI us sood an executl vlthoutmy help High Points in Mayor Turners i VlulatioiiH of tho law in CliOHtcr will bo eliminated na far as it ia humanely jioHiJblfs to do HO Aliens coming to Chester Hhould ho rnado American citizens an soon nu poHHfbhi AddllioNiil revenue can bo derived by a readjustment of some of thj aHSCSBnients Part oflicense oC automobile owners should bo returned to ho city A now of keeping tho cilyn accountH HhoultJ bo Installed A Hcparnto purehaHliiK dcpartmrjiit Vic crealed Tho IndiiKlrial lilKhwny between ChcMlcr and Ihiladelplila Bhould bo continued throughjtho city A central pnhllo lavatory should bo constructed IH foin as possible AVidenlrig ot iCdgmonl avenue between Ninth and Twelfth Hlreets Ninth Htreet bildgo over Chestr river bo safe for travel Intlcmana Jobs vlopond uiion their effort to up tt tho Inw and to render 100 per com service Nn public cuIebrulionM on thu Kabbnlh whero such can bo held oil a day lens Hiicrort t Traekit of tho BdlUtnoro nnd Ohio rUilroiid will bo depresaed Iuhllc HwimnilnB pools and general rocroalioii centers should no IOAL THIEVES ACTIVE IN THE WESTEISl Dealers Report Thefts of SeveJ Tons From Their Yards the advent uf the presentc wave coal tlnivcs have become live in this city William V 0Uelllv of hove and Uromnnll streets reported lo lollei yesterday tbit threu men hava been roiibln his i yard Ho said that tons dls durins the past few diys Om rnny vsas uriested on susplcinn of Hlealns fi om ot Ihe Philavlulpllia ard Res Ins railroad He bis name Harrison Shorts cnloreil twenll threo years old of J KiiM 80C6I ittreot He will bo prlvcn a hearil before Alderman Carter tomorrow THE WEATHER rtv Iniletl Iren WASHINGTON Jan forecast t Eastern New York Fair tontdj and Tuesday coldon tonight wave in north portion Eastern Pennsylvania and Jersey Fair tonight and no chancjo in tcmpornture frtf westerly winds Sun rises 723 A 110 P waterliOi 2no Pi 023 A Nf rind 957 P j   
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