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   Chester Times (Newspaper) - May 10, 1924, Chester, Pennsylvania                                 ^CIRCULATION^  Yesterday's Net Paid Circulation was  15,660  y *__  FINAL EDITION  49TH YEAR—NO. 15,101.  CHESTER, PA., SATURDAY, MAY IO. 1924.  SIXTEEN PAGES  ^ ^  With All Latest and  Best News of the Day  I     J  i’r'ice two cents  TEACHERS NAMED BY SCHOOL BOARD FORNEXT YEAR  One Hundred and Forty-eight Apply for Re-Appointment  Seventeen Return Blanks Unsigned, and Desirt to Leave  a  99  Reception to Washington Big Pageant Feature  Kiwanis Club Will Present Interesting Play-let—County Lawyers in  (t Trial of Sandy Flash ” Noted Colonial Bandit  teach  current  boa rd are com-  were ap-remainder  Appointment of teachers and awarding 1  of contracts was the main business at the meeting of the Chester school board held last evening. At midnight the meeting was adjourned until next Friday evening.  The Baker Construction Company, Chester, was awarded the contract for laying concrete sidewalks and other cement work at tile J. G. 15. Smedle.v junior high school at their hid of $3775. S. I.. Armour Company, Chester, was given the contract for window shades at the Smedle.v school at their bid of $950. The contract for auditorium seats, teachers' desks, lockers w ill be awarded next I* t iday evening.  The board decided that every teacher of academic subjects chosen to tcadi In a junior high school in Chester shall possess Ute legal minimum of qualifications and shall have completed in addition twelve or more semester hours of college work or i's equivalent, hut holders of special certificates shall be permitted to special subjects during the > ear if they possess the minimum legal requirements.  Teachers recommended to teacn ai the Joseph G. E. Smedley Junior high school were:    Ode Buckner,  Katherine R. Casey. Sfrs. Lida. B. Ferguson Stanley J. Kolmsbee. Hope Howard, Emma Goodrich, Warren r. Guss, Nita Hows rf h, Helen McCandless, Annie McFarland, Mercy Magowan. Ida Pedlow. Isabelle rod-low Margaret Weir. Sue Williams. Adelaide. Wilson and George Wine. Ten more teaching positions are to be tilled at the Stnedley school.  cine hundred and forty-eight teachers applied for re-appointment and their appointments were recommended at salaries that will be determined and reported to the as soon as their ratings  plated..    .  The following teachers did not apii Isa for re-appointment:    Lester    W.  Atloid. Kila W. Bailey. Mae Blaine Yonis Cassell, Edith Cook, Ethel Peaky ne, Dorothea Detra, Agues L-Diane. Bertha Goode, Ll I Ila rn Greg-orv Margaret Harrison, Sophie Higgins Elizabeth Hodge, Mrs. Grace V. Hope, Helen Libby. Frieda Seemer and Mrs. Maxine Watson.  Three new teachers were recommended for appointment: Jeanette I>ewis, Miriam Armstrong and Ruth Sheffield, all of Chester. These teachers will be assigned for next year.  Miss Maude E. Miller, of Pennsylvania Furnace, Pa., and Miss Mary L Richards, of Philadelphia, pointed teachers for the of this school year.  James Ward, of the Eighth ward. was elected a janitor of the J. G E. smedley school, at a salary of $l,..oo   a  Miss’Nellie Mason. I^arkin school;  J. E. Stamford. Franklin, and CUira TA Waite, continuation school, are on sick leave and have substitutes in place.    _  (   WILL ARREST WOMEN  WHO NEGLECT TAXES     \  Several hundred women residing in Haverford township are liable to arrest for refusing to pay their occupational tax. According to ’Squire Blackburn, of Oakmont, at least that number are delinquent in their taxes. The t ixes were due on August I, 1923. and Constable Wagner has had hts hands full going around Delaware county notifying delinquents.  ’Squire Blackburn took the matter in his own hands last night and notified .all the delinquents that if they did not pay up. warrants would be served on them. The tax is $4 fig per capita, plus $2.50 for delinquency, lf an airest is made the delinquent will have to pay an additional $4.10, which represents the cost-of the warrant being served.  CLOTHING STOLEN IN SWARTHMORE “DORM”  I    —— •    ■ TTT  Two robbers broke into one of the dormitory suites at Swarthmore College on Wednesday noon and made iway with clothing and haberdashery i alued at more than $200. I pon their return from luncheon. Gaston I. Hubbard, a freshman, of Middletown.  < onn . an Julian Hunt, a sophomore, Georgetown, Md., found tho r rooms .n disorder. An lnftnedinte search repealed that a large quantity of wearing apparel had been removed.  COUNT SALM-ROGERS . ROMANCE IS SMASHED  PARIS, May IO .The great Count Saint von Hoogstraeten-Millicent Rogers forty-million-dollar romance is smashed.  MlUicent. bride for nine months of tile titled Austrian, leaves France and her husband today aboard the liner Franco, accompanied by her fat bef*. Col. H. H. Rogers, who has triumphantly ended a special pilgrimage made to Europe to bring ba ck his formerly wilful but subbed daughter,    <  RUM-RUNNERS FINED $100 IN MEDIA COURT  i    .—  —  Ixuis and Morris Molinh k. of Philadelphia, who were arrested a month ago by the pokes of Radnor Township, pleaded guilty yesterday before Judge Jidinsoy to transporting liquor. Each of the defendant'* were flued $ I «**» and costs. Ell Goldstein. of Philadelphia, also pleaded guilty an I was fined $100 and cost for transporting l.quor.  Members ofthe Kiwanis Club and ! the Delaware County Bar Association will play a prominent part in the last j two days of the Court House eele-bration to be held in this city next week. They have held a number of re- i hearsals of “The reception of George Washington enroute to become our first President’’ and “The trial of Bendy Flash’’ which will be the attraction on the closing day next Saturday.  “The reception of George Washington’’ which is to be presented by the Kiwanis club, next Monday, April j 20, 17St* when Washington, then on i his way to New York to lie lnuug- j mated as President of the United  1  States , reached chester. He arrived ! here at 7 o’clock in the morning! end breakfasted at the Washington! House. Ho was accompained by General Thomas Mifflin. Governor j of Pennsylvania:    Judge    Richard]  Peters, the speaker of the assembly i and tile First City Troop of Phila- I delphia.  Characters who history says took j a prominent part in the scenes of that morning will he included in the i play to he presented by the Kiwanis nub. Twenty-five members of the! well known organization will be in- | eluded in the cast.  John E. McDonough wrote the re- j vised manuscript of “The trial of ] Sandy Flash,” which is to be pres- j ented by members of the County Bar j Association.  One of the most interesting pro- I ducts of the 1776 period in Chester was James Fitzpatrick known as as “Sandy Flash" or “Captain Fitz," who was executed September 21, 1778, at the intersection of Providence and Edgmont roads at Twelfth street. A native of the county of Chester, as then constituted, he was at the head of a band of desperate men, or soldiers of fortune, who were at one time members of the Continental Army and at other times engaged in guerilla warfare upon the wealthy Whigs of the neighborhood.  Next week's affair is the bicentennial celebration of tile erection in 1724 of the old colonial Court House. The program is a plan of the Delaware County Historical Society to have the Mayor and Council, the public schools, Delaware County Chapter of the Daughters of tho American Revolution, Business and Professional Women's Club, Rotary and Kiwanis clubs, Delaware County Federation of Women’s clubs and tile  Next Week 9 s Program at the Old Courthouse  Monday—Opening of blcenten-tiai anniversary and reception to former Governor and Mrs. William C. Sproul and members of the Council of the Pennsylvania Historical Society. Supreme Court Justice William I. Schaffer, speaker.  Tuesday afternoon — “School Life in old Chester,” to be presented by public school pupils.  Tuesday evening—“The dinner 'given to General Lafayette when he was the guest of the city or Cheste:, October 5, 1824“ by members of tile Delaware County Chapter Daughters of tho American Revolution.  Wednesday evening—’ Incidents from the life of John Morton, signer of the Declaration of Independence by members of tile Chester Rotary club.  Thursday afternoon—"Deborah Logan's Visit,” by the Delaware county Federation of Women's Club.  Thursday evening—Grace Lloyd’s Will,” and "Meeting held July 17, 1774,” by Business and Professional Women’s Clubs.  Friday evening -“The reception to General George Washington enroute to « become our First President,” by Kiwanis club.  Saturday afternoon—“Trial or Sandy Flash,” by members of tile Delaware County Bar Association.  Delaware County Bar Association present various important incidents that have occurred in the oldest public building in the State.  The opening exercises of the bicentennial anniversary and the reception to former governor William C. Sproul in recognisation of his gift to the city of Chester of the work of restoration of the building will be held Monday evening, at 8 o'clock. The members of the council of the Pennsylvania Historical Society will he guests. fffiprelne Court Justice William I. Schaffer W'Jll he tile principal speaker. His topic will be “The OLI Court House.”  PASTOR INSTALLED AT DIBLEY PABK  SWENEY MEMORIAL AT HIGH SCHOOL  Ceremonies for Rev. Fred- Fine Tribute Paid to Dis-  erick Schweitzer in Presbyterian Church  There was a large attendance at the Ridley Park Presbyterian church, last night, the rain and other attractions notwithstanding to witness the installation ceremonies for Rev. Frederick Schweitzer as pastor of the church, succeeding Rev. D. Hughes Edwards, who resigned a number of months ago to take charge of a church in Paterson, N. J.  Mr. Edwards delivered the installation sermon, and after the exercises was greeted by the entire congregation in a renewal of acquaintances and friendships.  Rev. John Ellery Tuttle, of .Swarthmore, moderator of Chester Presbytery, presided, and after a general introduction to the exercises, read the Scripture, following with prayer. Tile choir rendered during the evening several splendid numbers.  Rev. John McCahun White, pastor of Olivet Presbyterian church, Prospect Park, in the absence of Rev. William Houston, of Chester, who was prevented from* attending the ceremonies by illness, offered the prayer of instalation.  Rev. J. R. C. Mackie, of Philadelphia, gave the charge to the pastor, while Rev. Park Hays Miller, of Philadelphia, charged tile congregation.  Prayer was then offered by Rev. Alexander Mackie, of Tully Memorial church, Sharon Hill. After singing, the newly instilled pastor, Rev. Schweitzer, offered the closing prayer.  Atter the exercises, the congregation greeted and congratulated the new minister, and a social few minutes was had by those who remained after the ceremonies. ,  I luring the evening all of the formalities of installation service were had, and the Chester presbytery conducted its meeting at the church.  ROY MYERS TO LEAVE WASHINGTON THEATRE  Roy B Myers, manager of the Washington Theatre, has been notified by the Stanley Company of America that he will be transferred ••■me time this month. H.s cessor  tinguished  Composer  Chester  Founder of  Mothers 9  Day  HOSTESS WENT OVER TIME LIMIT; HOUSE RAIDED  Chester Kiwanis Club AVERT LIST FIGHT !  Makes Perfect Record j  mm  ^FARING  OF“PADDOCK" MEN  Police Permit Set night for End of the'; Festivities  Local Organization Goes  (i Over the Top 99  With IOO Per Cent. Attendance for Ten Weeks— Will Get Silver Cup  Twenty-Seven Patrons Pay $5 Fine; Woman Pays $50 and Costs  MISS ANNA JARVIS  MOTHER'S DAY WILL BE OBSERVED HERE  Miss Anna Jarvis, Founder, Explains Real Purposes of Annual Event  Viola t ion city permit night in a the arrest and the house at after 2 o raigncd in  of perrnisison granted by for a party, resulted last warrant being Issued for d Evelyn Reify, colored, (inducting of a raid on lier 421 Edwards street shortly ('clock (bis morning. Ar-pollce court tills morn-  wiil be C. W. Wheeler, phi a. News of the caused genuine regret many friends of Mr,  of I ai Jadeite nsf cr has among the Myers, who  j opened the Washington Theatre in 1920 and established a high reput a-I lion in Chester city and Delaware counts. Mr. Myers came to Chester from Boston, and for some years lie WM a theatre executive in Wilkesboro. in 1918. he was manager of tip Casino Theatre, in Chester, now the Princess,  CHARGE GLEN MILLS BOYS STOLE HORSES  Hayfield Major and Alvin Lewis,__  sixteen-y ear-old colored inmates of I latter the Glen Mills School for Boy*, were caught yesterday at Kennett Square and gnen a hearing before Justice of the Peace Fred T. Cooper, of Media, who held the youths under $1,0»0 hail on charges of stealing two fine horses from the institution in attempting to escape from the school. They were taken to the county prison.  In an eloquent address In which he eulogized John R. Sweney, General Charles E. Hyatt, commandant of the Pennsylvania Military College, last night paid tribute to the memory of one of Chester’s most prominent men in the field of music. General Hyatt spoke before a large gathering of representative people of Chester in the auditorium of the Chester High School, where memorial services for Mr. Sweney were held in conjunction with the observance of Music Week-  General Hyatt, in his address, told of his acquaintance with John It. Sweney,approximately thirty years ago, starting with His birth in West Chester in 1837, and covered his life's story ove^ a period of sixty-two years or until ills Mouth in Chester in 1899. He told of Mr. Sweney * early aptitude for music and the ability he displayed when only beginning what was ultimately to become a great career in tile field of music. He told of his study of music under local teachers, afterwards becoming a pupil of Theodore Bower. During the Civil War, when #o was teaching at Newark, Del., lie Joined the Third Regiment Infantry of Delaware Volunteers and under lits leadership produced a band that was noted as the best in the army of the Potomac and which was later detailed to play before Abraham Lincoln.  General Hyatt spoke of Professor charge of Dr. Charles Wagner, super* in the capacity of instructor of music and of his connection of about fifteen years with Bethany church, of Philadelphia, where he was chorister.  The memorial service* were tn charge of I> Charles Wagner, superintendent of Chester public schools.  A choir of thirty-five voices undei the leadership of Carl W. Nm k l, chorister of the First Baptist Church then rendered two hymns composed by Professor Sweney, “There is Sunshine in My Soul”, and “Only a Beam of Sunshine’’ An xylophone solo "Allta.” (Bosey I, by Jane S'hloi-terer, accompanied by Anna Clayton-  A violin solo by Englobed Teucn-ert. of the class of 1926, ‘‘Thais” (Massenet) preceded four of tinmost famous composition of the former professor, which were: “Will There be Any Stars", “More About Jesus”. “Beulah Land”, and “In the Morning.’ ’  HAVERFORD POLICE END BOYS’ DREAM  Three boys, two of them brothers, were taken into custody late last night as they were wandering about Haverford township. Taken to the Oakmont police station the lads admitted that they ran away their homes and were on their way j to Philadelphia, for the purpose of getting a job with a circus exhibit- j Ins in that city.  Tile boy* gave their names ss' Frank and Patsy Oendetto, tile form-  1  er fourteen years of age and the thirteen, of 129 Island street, Allentown Pa., an'! Rudolph Pico, 1  aged fifteen of 46 Fifth street, perth Amboy, N. J.  Haverford township pol!' * wired the police st Allentown sud Perth, Amboy and the youth* are being detained to swad the arrival of their parents to take them back to their homes.  Chester will join in the annual world-wide observance of Mother's Day tomorrow. Mention of the observance will bo made in many churches.  Miss Anna Jarvis, of Philadelphia, founder of tho custom, makes the charge that greed is threatening to tear down the real sentiment of tills d a y.  “Commercialization of Mother's Day is growing every year,” nuns she. “Since the movement lins spread to all parts of the world, many things have tried to attach themselves because of its success.  The Motlier'* Day International Association has authorized no organizations, businesses or persons to solicit or promote sales in connection with Mother's Day.  "Tills is the wrong spirit," delhi res Miss Jarvis.  “Mother s Day is a personal, family and memorial day. B's a celebration for sons and daughters; a thank offering for the blessings of good homes.  “It is a constructive movement, emphasizing Hie home as the highest inspiration of our individual and national lives.  “Mother's Day is a day of sentiment—not sentimentality, a day for everybody, but is well named Motlier'* Day, for where better can sentiment start?  “Make Mother's Day a family day of reunions, messages to the absent and tile spirit of good will to all  “Go home on Mothers Day, least, write to Mother.”  That the real spirit of Mother's Day may survive the greed and <mn- i merci a liza I ion, .Miss Jarvis suggests: that it he observed, in tho true sense, ; as a (lay of deed and sentiment - a ] day to inspire deeper feeling toward i (he home and especially Its mother- | hood.  The origin of Mother's Day trices back to Civil War th.-ies when Mrs. Anna M. Jarvis, working among, the soldiers of both the North and Mouth, encouraged the soldiers lo wilt' hack home to their mother*.  Mrs Jarvis carried on the "write to mother” work after the war.  Then, upon lier death, Miss Jarvis, lier daughter, continued with the i spirit and founded Mother's Day ami the Mother* Day International Assoria t ion.  Through re ri ospondence and personal contact she Jins spread the Mother'll Da*, observation to all parts cf tho world.  LEGION PLANS FOR MEMORIAL DAY  jug. the woman was fined fifty dollars .md costs and each of the twenty-seven inmates five dollars and costs by Magistrate Berry.    ,  Permission bad been granted tim' woman to hold a social with the dis tinct understanding that the festivities cease at midnight. She ignored this provision and upon I.tuning warning given by police officer*, a w arrant vv us issued. The raiding party, consisting of Officer* McDowell, the complainant, Peterson. Prelimit h. Feeney, Dougherty. Jefferies, Owens and Cosgrove swooped down on the place and succeeded In rounding tip the number of inmate* stated, some few others making their , getaway.  At today’s herring, the proprietress I attempted to explain her reason for violating tim permission granted lier.  ! by saying some of lier gum a arrived 'late and that It was Impossible for iller to provide them with food before ! midnight. The excuse was consl-I deled too flimsy by Magistrate Berry ! tun! lie imposed the lines, aff ut which were paid.  The defendants were; Evelyn Ber ry, 421‘ladw. rd* street, proprietress; Stella Robinson, Katherine Dickerson. Ruby Powell, Mamie Grant, Liza Diggs, Lulu Dixon, Ruth Swigged. Rosie Toney, Idol Thomas, Violet Pierce, Carlie Smith, Evangeline Boyd, Mary Hammon, Libel Chapman, Charles Swigged, George Merry, Thomas Dorsey, John Morton, Aw guaius Dowell John Pierce, Rasll Thompson, Sergeant Johnson, Georgs Water*, G S. Smith. Burr! Thompson, Abraham Webster and Willie Davis.  The Chester Kiwanis Club has gone over the top" in the international attendance contest that has been going (>u for tho past ten weeks among the twelve hundred clubs of the t oited States and Canada and which (ame to a close this week.  Chester Klvv anjan* have registered one hundred per cent, attendance all during the contest. They reached tile desired goal yesterday when Mayor Turner and J Horton Weeks went lo Camden, N J . to attend the weekly meeting of the Camden Kiwanis Club,  Owing to the fact that be was attending the eoftferenee of mayors with Governor Pinohot, at Harrisburg, ((ii Wednesday, Mayor Turner was unit hie to be present at the weekly meeting aud luncheon of tho local club. Mr, Weeks was also absent, due on important business matters.  Pile contest was not waged here without a little .bit of fun. During tin* leu weeks, William ('hew has been acting as '‘chief of pollee,” and with several numbers of the club us officers has been keeping tab on the members to got them out to the meetings. “Chief'' Chow and his officers were delegated to see that Mayor Turner and Mr. Weeks attended a Kiwanis meeting this week in order  to complete the one hundred per cen! attendance record.  As iv result of the record established. the Chester Kiw ants Club will be presented with a silver cup at the International convention of the Kiwanis Club at Denver, tad., next month. The local club was the univ one in Pennsylvania to establish a perfect record of attendance for ten weeks. There are sixty-nine members,  Due member of the club. Joseph Sehlosbon, was In a Philadelphia hospital during the campaign. He left the Institution and attended the meeting of the Philadelphia Kiwanis Club In older to keep the local club's slate clean. Mr. Sehlosbon Is sill!  Ill and bas been attending the Kiwanis meetings at Lakewood, N. J . the secretary of that club reporting to Harry Katie, secretary of the local club weekly.  The record established by the Chester Kiw apian* will he a big booster for Chester The news will be carried to all Kiwanis Clubs and tho praises of tjie local club will bo j tin sung when thousands of delegates gather at Denver for the convention There are few chih* Iii the Tutted States who have maintained a one-hundred per cent, mark in attend anre during the campaign.  Attorney W. C. Alexander and Detective Bryant Pass Lie  McCoombs and Larkin Held Under $500 Bail for Court  h<  Passing of the ated argument aunties were  lie, precipitated by during which per-cxchunged. and  THREE ROBBERIES  LAST MINUTE NEWS  EARTHQUAKE SHOCKS NAPLES  NAPLES, May IO—An undulatory earthquake shock of fifteen seconds’ duration was recorded here early today.  KILLS WIFE IN SCHOOL ROOM  ULEN OAK, Okla., May IO James Keefauver, of Colleyville, Has., shot and killed his wife in a school room here while fifty school children looked on. The slayer later was killed by Clarence A. Knight, principal of the school. Keefauver and his wife had been estranged.  STRIKE TIES RAILWAY TRAFFIC  PITTSBURGH, Pa., May lo—Not a wheel on a street car turned here today and thousands of Pittsburghers walked to work. A strike of 3,200 motormen and conductors of the Pittsburgh Railways Company went into effect at midnight and was IOO per cent effective.  reported to police SELL SUN VILLAGE WORKER AND WIFE  BLOCK FOR $300,000 ARE RECONCILER  Three minor robber!** were imported till* morning t«» tin* police.  At the home of J. Plafker. 930 Madison ut reet, where entrance wa* gained by forcing open ii rear vvln-* j I daw, forty dollar* In money and (key* were Htolen by tile intruder.  When Thorne* Craft, of 1435 Elkmont avenue, ii wok** till* morning, lie made Hie discovery that a thief had entered bi* bedroom by forcing a window, and bad taken a watch and Hina ll amount of money from Id* vest pocket*.  M. ll Tompkins, 57 A1’est Eighth street, reported that the cabin of hi* cruiser launch Ii lag In Chenier river ut the rear of hi* home, had been (Mitered rind a quantity of equipment and fixtures Htolen  MOTHER’8 DAY CONCERT  In ()b*ervan< e of Mothei IDV, the Busine** Men’* Association of the West End have arranged a concert which will tie held ut (lie Macon Theatre, tomorrow afternoon Several prominent speaker* pa v« been secured for the oceusMiii .md tho** speakers combined with a well arranged musical program conipleti the afternoon* entertainment.  COUNTRY STORE AT MAY MARKET  Thirty Stores and Apart- Spent Night in Jail on Her ments Bought by Ches- Charges But Settlement  tor Group  Was Made  The North <’he*t puny of which Joint G. I dent yesterday sold to chester citizen* through  lh  ally Cum-  VV I* pl'esl-  group of < ll. Adel-  Ask Spirit of Respect and New Enterprise of Local Gratitude, Not Holiday Merchants in Chester Mood  Hospital Affair  Preliminary plan* fur the proper observance pf Memorial D y by th* member* of the American Legion were discussed at the meeting of the county committee representing the various post * of the organization Severn I other Important matter* of Interest to the veteran* of the world war were discussed.  A fine sph it of commercial fraternalism I* being exhibited by Chester merchant* in the annoum*-merit of a new enterprise In thin city on May 24, when a country store will he. openeii. Inst. i<1 of girding their loin* and trying to nut-r'll the new venture, the merchant* are re-,, .  At     ,    ,    ,    venting    tins usual procedure and ar*  It wa* the . omen*u_* of (.pinion that j  )#lrlvintf     , n    tho)l    to   make the propoHltion a sui ( ess.  limn thirty stores md apartment* In Hun Village for approximately $300,-ooo. The sale yv a a one of the largest for other than Industrial site* ever j recorded In the city.  Tho properltle* which were erected during the war are en Morton ave- i nile, Johnson, Twelfth and Terril street* ami have it frontage of 500 feet.  The properties were purchased purely a* an investment. They aiel three stories In height ami represent ! a fine business section of the city,  PHILADELPHIA GIRL  MAY DAY QUEEN  - — —C“—  A Philadelphia girl will he clowned queen at Swarthmore College In the May Illy exercise* to he held there today, weather permitting.  She is Mi** A! argil rat Levering, daughter of Mr. and Mr*. John VV, Levering, 2028 North Fifteenth street, Philadelphia, Mi** Levering wa* the over whelming favorite In an election at w Ii btl tile j.'.o co cd students of tile < allege voted She I* ii graduate of William Penn high school, where she wa* president of her ( las*,  Till ic will In i May "pop* dance on the east campus of the college, opening the exercise* at 4 o’clock.  W. J. BURNS RESIGNS AS FEDERAL SLEUTH  the American Legion should ink prominent part in th observance of Memorial Day inasmuch a* the rank* of the Grand Army of the Republic are thinning nu* rapidly with the result there are but few remaining veteran* of the Civil Wat to do all riec-c-MM.ii y to fittingly observe the day.  The member* feel that. Hie day should riot be observed merely a* a holiday, but a* a day when some time and thought should be spent In tendering tribute* of re*pe< t and gratitude for the men who gave their live* fn defense of till* country.  Following tile usual custom, the Amer Ic n Legion on May 18 w ill make a pilgrim.tee to the tomb of tho unknown s'-Idler et Washington. It is hoped to have * large representation from tin* county to take part iii the pilgrimage. The national and state commandei* of toe Legion will brand deliver addresses Post adjutant* have (barge of the arrangements for reservation*.  The committee approved of the action of the state CXO Ulive body lit it* recent meeting authorizing the creation of what is termed a* a  The second matrimonial ulvcnturo of Ernest Owen*, aged twenty two, a pipefitter* helper, at the Hun .Shipbuilding ami Drydoek Com party, almost ended this week when ids eighteen yam old wife. with whom Im reside* at 226 Kist Fourth Mired, hail him arrested on charge* of assault and battery and non support. She appeared against him at a heating yesterday morning before Justice of the Peace Allen C. VV. Mal hues, of Media who affected an amicable agicemni lit wit thw ort gila amicable agreement between the couple    who were married    Jan  uary in New Void,.  Early yesterday morning Mr*. Ow en*    made a    banty ti ip to    the  county    neat Jail    in .iii effort to    see  her husband In order that they could real ti Home agrfvnent prior to the hearing at ten ii i lock, lait Warden Allen (lid not see ids Way char to grant the rcqiie I inasmuch as he had not been accustomed to ic civil .• early    \ J m 11 OI *    Con-equ' (lily    ta-  eighteen-year old wife wa* forced to walt until the time for the *'ir' of tim hearing before seeing her sputum who I efused to recognize her on hi* entrance to Justice Maline roll ct room  Mr* Owen* declared her bonbon I hod been divorced by Iii* fir t Wifi A five year old child I* now In th" I custody of It* paternal grandmother She sa id that sin- had met Owen., {following th** divorce, and eorlv in January married him in New york After several attempt-, ti have the ''duple affect ii pearl abb* ct dement ill Justice Mat h ll cm’ (HUI (room, to pair decided that they could live j nether again. Justice m tim. < d I charged the defendant hush md aftei placing tho cost* of the case on him.  threatened fisticuffs between the de. fondants’ counsel and principal witness marked tho formal hearing of Thongs MoCoomb and Michael Larkin, Jr., before Alderman Thomas C. Ferry yesterday afternoon, on charges rn' maintaining a gambling • to bilsh merit. At the conclusion of heiling District Attorney William Taylor, who represented toe commonwealth, asked that the defendant* he held In adequate bait for court and Alderman Berry fixed tho amount of security at $500 earn.  It was then Detective Edward Brlomt, of Llnnenh, who aided the stile pollee detail in conducting the raid on “Tim Paddock,' Iii tim I si fa,yet Ie .building, southeast caner of Third street and Edgmont avenue on April 7. was giving hi* testimony, that lie became cutin oiled In a personal tilt with Representative William ('loud Alexander, counsel for Met'ocunh aud I Larkin. Bryant bad told of money and j equipment confiscated during the i laid and among other tilings men -tlolled a pair of caliper* which, he I declared, “he had been Informed were ! used by gamblers.” but that lie had j no personal knowledge of their use,  “I object,” sahl Mr. Alexander ] “You have taken an oath to tell { what you know, not what someone I has told you. lf >(>u don't know anil j admit you don’t, let it go at that.''  'There is no reason to get ugly, Mr Alexander,” Interjected District Attorney Taylor. “If you persist along that line, we can get ugly too ”  “Yqu don't know this man like T know him," replied Alexander.  Them wa* a rapid exchange between counsel and witness, each making I accusations and when Alexander L shouted, ‘ you're a liar," Bryant retorted, “I notice you are behind a railing." Alexander thereupon offered to Step out oil the floor and I settle the argument, tint cooler I heads prevented any serious outcome aud the testimony wa* resumed without tho attendance ut further excitement.    '  The prosecutor was Lieutenant Jacob K. Mock, of Troop It. State Pollee, who, with Troopers Hammond S. Kraft Mud David o. Trout testified to vialling “The Paddock” on March 20, 21 aud 24 and April 7. Tho troopers each testified to have participated in play* on the races and at tho dice table. Each described the layout on the third floor of tho lafayette building and of the number of 111 -Mi In tho place on tho occasion of each visit. Sheriff Thomas VV. Allison and Detective Bryant described incidents attending the raid on Apr I 7, of the amount of money ' totalling over $8000 and paraphernalia confiscated and concerning the hearings given Inmate* yod Imposing of fine* by Alderman Retry at n special session of alderman's court held In'tim building.  • '(Minty I Detective John O'Toole and Chief of Police Vance were called. Neither w is able to give personal knowledge of the charge against the defendants and Mr, Alexander'* objections to the witnesses testifying to he* rnay evidence were sustained. <''Tools plated his knowledge concerning tho defendants wa* from the past court case*, and I'hlef of Police Vance declared lie had no record in the police department pertaining to the defendants ami refused to led, by District Attorney Taylor, in repeating anything ho had heard a* an (a ila,. (  Individual  The list witness was William Levin, owner of a, property at la? Market street, but lie gave no testimony when it wa* established that he hoi no Interest iii the Lafayette building and had no dealings in it- idunce-lion with either M eCoom > or Larkin.  The hearing concluded with Mr. Taylor asking that the i in- Ii- sent to court and security for ii pj*e a ca nee w ia promptly furnished I ;, the <D-fendantH.  COOLIDGE BROADCASTS HIS ADDRESS TONIGHT  w.  Tit  ( I ii  If I NG  lid;:  TO,’  10  to b  will he opened Ban-lay stied* on ill ho pat I of tho I May Market. Arri  The country at Nliit ii and May 24 and v ('bester Hospiti  tide* are bring donated ny mei chimla .and other* and a fine representation of the old tithe hij nines* establishment which our forefuth-well, will be viewed. A has charge this arui expect to m dlze a return for the general  WAB HIN* IT* »N, May IO William J. Burns resigned vest-relay as ill rector of the Department of Justice.  W bite ' Hi With the VS cele.”  Ile Will  St ti 11(1.a rd  he bromic. (•astern et.  Ill  aid;  mak(  I,Ii  (I by  'He ti  at 8 p. m  md bl* aa teverul of  the  -Hon  ill  so  i cr* knew The V VV. a11 rn t Jon handsome fund.  All the other department! May Market are making tap ' re** and will he in re (dine--{ Opening (if the mammoth I (de i Aition to the automobiles,  , other valuable prizes air ; Pounced for distribution t  “special ( $10,0000, p with the V disabled ex Tile off h mittee are Lamydow tic of Nor x h U\ Neah, and J. If. treasurer.  ontart fund ' of about » be used in conjunction cterans’ Bureau in helping  service men.  cr* of the county corn-J Norman Stephens, of , chairman; A. VS*. Bouget, d, vice chairman; Robert of Lansdowne, -e. «■; ary Carpenter, of this city,  of the I prog-for the In adrad lo and •ady an-> patrons,  la costly (how-dog had been (elected i and vv.ll he given to some lucky in-i dl vidua I  Mrs. John R. Crozer, chairman, and  !  Mr s \V. W. M u f ti ! un , vh e chair-I man, are working day and night, with tho assist.dc (• of tiiA leader* of Hie other committee- ami promise the ! Sty one of the finest affair* of It.* i kind ever held iii iii.* -eetion.  M. R. TURK COMMISSIONED  Mcrvyn ft. Turk, yesterday received a commission as fist lieutenant Officer'* Reserve Dorp*, from Sec-j rotary of War Weeks The commission delegate* the attorney to he attached to the Judge Advocate-» (Jenera! I department.  Hi* resignation wa* ai tm acy <Ii nm a1 .Slope media I cly.  I Director Burns, who been one of tin■ nim iii .Senate Investlgfik loll* inept affairs, annotine. intended chieftain  I by At  •Eve. im-  DINNER MATCH AT  SPRINGHAVEN TODAY WOMEN WIN  PART VICTORY  . • a fn/ iii , ult h* cen' ct s In tin into govern-(I that In- had to retire when his former and sponsor, Attorney Gen  eral ID  igherty TRAFFIC  resigned.  IS DELAYED  Traffh wa* tied lip for twenty min ut.-* during the busy period after 8 o'clock this morning on tho Bark Blate line above Eighteenth street wh' n ; t  trolley car Jumped the track. Office-work*™, With not a minute to spare, became pedestrian* after realizing the, accident would result in a tie-up for some minutes duration.  GILLETTE SEEKS SENATE SEAT  Bv I Hit*ti t*rw§B  WASHINGTON, May l l In a brief statement, Speaker i red a k ll. Gillette, (if the House of Representative*. toAay announced himself a candidate for the Massachusetts Senatorial seat now lichi by Senator Walsh, a Democrat,  V AUCLAIN IN MEXICO  Samuel M \auelain, president of the Baldwin Locomotive Work*, has left for a two week*' trip to Mexico.  Between forty and fifty members of the Hpi india ven Club w ill t iki part In tho opening of the tournament golf piny schedule'! for till* afternoon.  It I* the beginning of the ringer contest* and M. Herbert Baul chairman of the golf committee hi re-cel veil it number of acceptances to the opening day diam r match The club membership will he divhb I im > two teams tile losing team to c t as host to the w inners. The dinner w ill he served at    Matches    vv    ,11    I"  played on handicap.  ""WET WEATHER CRASH  A touring car hearing Penn .!-vunm license 574,89$ and a .-rviC" car said to he owned by J Franc;' Taylor, of Seventh did it ■ ng streets, figured hi a slight coho iii at Fifth and Crosby streets, yesterday at noon. Tile accident vv i - th result of tile slippery cond 'ion of tho street. No one was injured.  MODELL BOY BREAKS ARM  Alvin MOdell, seven-veil-old son of Mr. and Mr*. Harry Model!, Philadelphia. whose ten-weeks baby, Corinne, was kidnapped, last night, while playing with the baby tripped over a stool  1  and broke his left ayin.  Tin  list  ’It IXG KI KL I»  general confr hurt'll her  Ma/  ■nee  a two (Ii women ti baal tins admission the iiinei  right  I- pl -Mctli-e piled ig the Ion in  md  annual  LAST MEETING OF YEAR  T     Th    I last meeting of the    ’n rent      'ear    leis' AKiv 11'ion of    al! din      •hoi    I vv.II beheld .hi Manila    v evc-      lug.    Ma v 12.          An    address will he given I-    V Miss      lur    ..ret M ruin* of Philol    c I phi a;      VI    •.I sub) by Dr A V.    P. Ore      lid    la tieing by the pupils          Th    s work af the pupil* w il!    be c x-     The Weather  Government forecast for Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland:    Cloudy today and  Sunday. Local shower*; moderate temperature.  Sun rises. 5 SO a. rn. S-'ets, S.fiJ j m. High water 726 ft. in. ani 7 50 p. m. Low water 2.22 a, rn. and 3.01 p. m.   
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