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   Chester Times (Newspaper) - October 4, 1924, Chester, Pennsylvania                             MEDIA GIRL SCOUTS CLOSE Local Organization Under Direction of Philadel phia Committee Scout s buc iicers Trces Camp at Media has closed cessful summer This camp Is under Ilia direction of the Philadelphia Girl Camp Committee md Scout A 9in Pennsylvania and rlcfnltj Entertained in cxoiuthe vrrtup of three ol and ten uounciloii woie in of on one humliod each week In connection with me delightful camp life m ido Mble by the sui rounding the Rirls iiere trained in nil departments of iniire liuusokvi ing first aid swimming mipnriUnt Mgiiallint weights and distances ec Many of the Scouts passed their lirsi and second class tests while camp The Scout s Own sei vices weie held on Sunday mornings and visi jioiB were welcomeUJn the afternoon i prominent women from Delaware lounty and tho Main Jne serving s hostesses and lending much to the life of tho Juns 1630 tho 1ifth National Training School was held also at this camp with a total of fortysix stu dents This bchool Is fo the training nf joung uomcn for leadership in I ho tiiii Scout movement and numy dis iricts of Pennsylvania and surround ing states were represented Special ists In the depni tmonts ot bcouUiiR wera the instructors and It is urged that communliifs needing this worl a lepiesentattv a voiu fin v week 01 moio ihlb bplenilid October fi to 11 a national con fcience will be held at cunp The 1 hlladelphia Oiil Scout council of which lUrs Horace Hare is comnus Monei will bo host to tlie vlsitois The loaders who include inurnment from KanU Mai 1 uul Connecticut M isaichu setts Rhode Island Ohio Aovv 01 K Jersey eit Virginia VliRimi the Dlstilct of Columbia be Divided into patiols just like the GuI bcouts themselves iliey will pilhci Mood Cor the files set tbo tables Mash the dishes and pcrfoim othei Katun kapeis A leartct of Ci Hulrtes fiom iJngland Doiotlix Moore be captain of the oul oor tioop and Jhs William Os boine South Oiinse will be captain of the indoor troop Many national leadeis picidc it confeiences held dm ing the vv ecU Among thorn ai e Mis At thin CK food Choate of New VoiU foi inei ly national piesident Mis his Lliul of Viiginla Mis 1 lines 1 Ktoirow of Mnssacluisetl ind Miss Majnid of Knjincl Alias Pin sons member of the national board will be chaiiiunn of the m Uience Miss i Gu ciMm in nly commissionci anil Miss lulix of the ihil ulel phla Girl Scouts will act as hoi 1 wlstants Boothwyh The Baltimore nnd Ohio Railroad Company Is planning to build a ing Into the new plant of tho Dela ware County Supply Company which has begun business on ilia Osboine tract Bltj scales aheady havo been put into place Two suspects In the holdup of Agent i G Benjamin ut tho station heie some months aio were taken 10 ccntly in retsey City N J The pic tures of tho men woio sent to Air Benjamin but he was not able to them Mranrt Mis deorso P Wort ell ot OKden attended tho funeiul Thuis day of David Rose in Chestei Afipnl IX O Benjamin has had the it O H n station heated this week on cool mornlnfr for the com ro i i of pan ons A supply of fuel foi the vUutei has been put Into the bins Uxoneradons Allowed for Women to Collector by Council FORMER MEDIA MAN AND BALL FLAYER DIES ot the death Joseph Bi en singer at Jersey Citv wis loccived 1th regret by tbo oldei icsidents of Media who remember Mr rtipn hinger when he a lesldcnt ot MwlM some yeais ago A ftei loiMivt Media be became principal of the leisey City High School nnd also adjutant greneial of tbo Now Jersey atlonal Guard He nttended the 10 convention of the One llundied IPIIHSMV una Volun leeis at AVest Chchtei uul vvhilo theio he met many of the men fiom Delawaio and Lhostei LOU n lies who had served in the ai of the Kebel lion In big youtiBor dajs Mi Bien slnsrci was a pitchci on the Media learn and riming the sixties pitched some pieat Bimes ntainst the icims in this vlcmit Amonjj iho sut of these grames aie Judifu William L JJioomall Commlssionei llui ice II Manley and IDeputy Piothonotn v Dalton who well lemembei many of theso thrillinibattles Boi uugh Tieisuier D OUev Cummingb is tha possessoi of a oon lalninET many ot these gmics some of which appealed In icccnt issues uf iho Times Clifton irelRhts Boioigh Council iPsolutionL exonerated Tax tawfoid fiom n to tho timounc 11j This amount lep tho pcisonal taxes ot about Hindi cd Women iheic was a trenciil dls ciisson ove the slate as to wlcthoi or not women should bo obliged to pav taxes Koine attorneys tliei fchouw illS heis salt Uev should not To make be mate pun tho legislature atUc last session passed a law compelling to pay a county state and Because CHESTER TIMESCHESTER PA SATURDAY OCTOBER 41924 DEATHS HARVEST Grini Reaper Claim Three Persons in Days Other Notes Tutieui isei vices will be held 01 Monday afieinoon for Will uu K Tayloi Unown of till hoiough died Thursday aftei noon in the Chester hospital foi t majoi opeiatlon foi nil NEW BOOKS ADDED TO MEDIA LIBRARY Among the new books leeentlj added to the library aie the follow New Whar Peacock Bailey Hustler H Ioitei Pollyanna of the Orange rtlossoms Fire in Springer1 High Files Lights Alonpr the I Sewarda shall Islind ot A Line a DO The II i 3h w a Mason Little Fiencn Oh wick Twelve volumes of The American history edited In A B Hart tvas added The llbiarv now has all but two ot thii series ot 2S WThe World Book n ten volume twicvclopedia nas purchased fiom given by Brook Hal Association in memory of Miss flat tie Gault received f i om John Ti ei s Atr Miss Caroline AH Rudd A G Cris Turnor an a ary Miller Lewis Jack isented Sflbooks to the libra fiction and nonfiction11 i i Were itha following persons pre bbth FAREWELL SERMON AS PASTOR Rev William Tenton Krue lias been pastor at the Mfddlctown Presbyterian Church for the thirtyfive years Will Jlnalservice tomorrow atl present place slnre 1S09 and has rendered InvnlinWe service to his conRreKiitioh and the community Hfw has requested him to become pa tor emeritus and ths Presbytery hvj ffiven Its consent to the proposition it is more than likely the esteemed Jiastor will past conduct his to BAPTIST CHURCH MEETING Tho First Haptlst church of Media will hold lis rcptulnr church mooting nnd supper Monday cvonlnif The rupper will take place it sixthirty rnd the meeting be held Immodlj ow afternoon tely after The election of officer i mndo in fnr the ensuln year will ba hold The Char collectoi s warrant specified he and not she council contended that women could not be Killed to ply a tax This decision hii now laid the path open w hei cln the Mho did pay thch 1921 Ijcs can demand the icfiindiiv 01 ihch money 01 else bin o it applied to hen 1321 taxes which undei the new law must pay Tlie decision was i cached dining Ihe discussion by membeis of council concerninc the exonerations Several of the members were of the opinion that inasmuch as they had ficed the women ot the necessity of p ij mr theii 1123 taxes thej vvei e also doing those women an injustice who had paid theii taxes foi that eu Ko to enuiilUe the matter and make aute foi he soose sauce for tho gundci H was decieed b council tint wonuui who had paid hei i cs could bj to the t ix i ultcctor liei nionev baU or have it applied to her 1921 Council will hold a special meeting next Thmsuiv Collector Crawford will mako a1 final report A nul lino oulmance aimed espe clh ut dtmk i and bpeakeasic Until reiidtnK a a meetinR oC council Accoidint to seveiil memhPis of council tbit bin decided that the time is now loiirf past these viol i tots ot the luiuoi laws should be dealt with o the teeth In the oidi naiue set foi tli that the penult v bhall be the of 1 fine not to ex ceed or sixty dajs in jail ft is hoped that thiouth the stien uoiis enfoi cement of the 01 dimmer conditions that exist especially in the iid will be vvipefl out With this oifimnncc is tbcir weapon Hie local pollie will institute a campaign tin ough vv Inch It is expected they will out evci v bootlcKhOi and spcak casy tjpoivifoin he town lorncr16unfrers ami drunltards will come under tho Iruv and will e dealt ulth just as sevclclj as theii cohorts It is announced Council decided to p iss this law onlj aCtci the results shown when local licjuor cases which taken U the Modfa courts proved fruitless and he boioufih received no icdtcss fut Us votk riio local police it is ontcnctod hive pei formed tjipii du nes in onnectuin with tbo cnfoicc ncnl nf the litiuoi laws but ob lnncil pom icsulli n om oint ti l Us Thp pi in of council is to heavily fine tile violators befoi e a loril ite and to rope it the he ivy line time the ofimloi is ar estcrl shjulcl he bo caught moie linn out e Ditls received foi the pui hasc of the lot on slieot oMicrt bv i lie boroujh Cbailes fjlb Oii of hpiingflcld avenue oflcipd HOO uii the plot Jle intends to irrt bungalows on the site AVIlllam L in ic oflerod MOOO foi the giuund vliilo IlanK offered a foot fionUcrc for the pin pose of wldcninK the street and 40fl foi the lot The lot has not been to anyone Councilmcn Cai son JJ inlel Oallen Mere iresidi nt Bern The loril a fall i elihei rtclobei Building At i pi oposcd meeting local TJrm otinls will be addiessed by lohn H Billow slate rh iirmm Poland S Mori is foimer United htatei ambis cidoi o Jipan Judge 1uRene of Ililladelphla Goi H I illcj candidate for Cantricssn fiom this dlstiict and nink TS Hhodea of Media Kci Charles A Benjamin of 255 Ciavvfoul ivenue Lansdoivno Is the ncv happointed of the Clif ton Kchurcli1 to succeed the late ncv nenjimin F JUllcr The j congregation of the local i clurch feels much pleased at having DrBenjamin as their pas or Ho ls a of wide rcptite bavin been a member of thePhlla delphia Conference for than twenty years During that time he has nccupfcd tlie pulpit in the Christ church the First M K church of Allentown the Koxboroiigb M B Rcvcll Joseph Sweeney and Chailcs in attendance with Dohcrty presiding iJemocrats aie planning inil Kettogether hei e foi or 23 in the Shoe C nian Attoinpy nom his late homo MS luomio nnd iiueimcnt will bo pi I vate Mi Taylor was emplojej ii the depnitmont of tin ddjbtone Miinufuiui Ing Conip in mid was stileken ill Monday whil u bK He vi is n mciiibei o Chester Council 30 Order of Inde pendent Ainorions Sun Kinin lie his vvdovv Mis Taj lot timl st bildi on 1ix llolsen a nUbt w ilchmni lilov cd at ihe M inu laciiiini iompiin died jcsteid shortly bcfori noon u his home 21f I exlimton avenue Tho decoasci 1iul hecn in ill health for tho pnsi siv months V son John suivhcs Ms Adeline 1 Cole who dird or Tuesdij nighi at ihe home of hoi nephew I W Allen of Savillo ave nue and Chesicr jiikc where she hiu been Ins foi the ivist thieo months was binied this moinmct from her lalo home 2131 South Oor rnncc slrcet Ihiladelphla She is survived by three nephews deiitbwas due to tho Inllrmities of Tbeie wis a niilh cililp hi mki in he of tho pisj camp iin tho Chester pike estoda It wa slated bj a tasident ncai the sien o ho camp tint some of thp no mads had ono to New Yoik to attend a celebration in that cliv The IWdjstono grammar school I to bo the scene ot the next ineetln of the Belawuo County Home ami Si hool Assoeiniion ivhich is sched nlcd to meet beio on Oc tober 3 aftcinoon and Tbo tountv association is made up or delegates fiom tho various homo nnd school leagues throughout Dola countv Eicli association ha Iwo ac i edited delCRates It Is nn del stood hit a piORratn of unusual intpicst will bo uried out at Oils inccim A box supper is the oidei of tho day I and Mis IZMvid Wilson 1315 Sav ille tvoniH hue liken then tbode in ben now homo at 110U IJrist Thirteenth street Rdvv iid Klinnctibeigcr nnd d uigh ter Miis lidnn Shonenbcisei of stone WPIO in Havie lc fiuo fainhe Mnitland is exbibiiinp Ihe Hist jiiu of 1125 uiloniobilo license tnts in tho window of his pfTl o The iriuics aie hdlmon coloicd on v hi ick b lektfiomul The Lvdics Cluild of M Lukes ICpificopai church held an entluisias lii1 meetins in he fhiiich on Thuisilij nid planned for v maim Are sile The piocceds mo to he used in the pmchase of an oiuan blow 01 foi iho church oifran Mi and Mis Aleuxndei llvit 705 S u Ille avenue amongthe oldest and much ehtecmiKl i estdents of tills lDioutrh have built u new home In Uplind and aie leaving the v ilh L liail oC loio and Mi Hiit vtis in the employ of the Edd stone Pilnt Work foi ei 10 veirs Mi nntl Mis Hatt will be jreatljr missed Miss Kathei Ine U Wnren daiiRh tei of Kev William K Wai rcn has lerlsteied at thp Lmveisitv of rennsvlvnii 1 foi hei imstei s do ijiee in histotv Miss took her A I at College last June The Siindny school of SI Ltilcs np opil cbuii h will hold a iallj Sund ly moininp Tho opening ad diess inrt rhaiffe to the teicheis will be delivered by the rector Mis line 1111 IDIcvcnth street who spent he Rummer visit ingin Sf inrivunk bis ictuinod to the boi ough to spend thp whiten with her daughter Mis Kembel Tho Ladies Otiild of St Lukes Cpiscopil rluiKh me plnnnlnqfoi tneii annual saiiPiltrout supper which Is one of the annual cuts of tho boiouRh Mivs Siri Povvlcs of Crum Lynne who bus been ipcndbiic an extended vicitlon in the White mnmmins and points of intficst In northern Kpvv York returned home Sunday Riving ulrni e of Ins had a happ vacation W K Heed nntl Oscar Tsvlor were Included imonfr the quests of Rt Rev Thomas Girlnwl U D at a linnauet in the on Thursday nisbt MEDIA MARRIAGE CEREMONY church and a number of other large churches He was born and ratatd In Scranton Pa He took ip his preparatory studies at Cazenovla Seminary Syracuse N Y and pfter Margaret Oreen dnxightei of Mr and Mrs William Green of st Kiiniflin streot was qulrtl married to Samuel Ulbbcrd formerly of Onkmont hut of Thiladel 1hia Thp ceiemonj WTS pei formed by tlip Hpv I A Minlove of the First M r chinch Media Only the Impiediate friends and relatives of the hiidc and gioom were picsent Thp newlyweds will nt jjD AVoodland aventif Mr Ilibberd Is i motor ignition expert THREE Kverythinfj ales in existence deterlor will ho In charge of the Aid Boclcty and tbo fronornl will he headed by Chalr GeorKC Keesc nsslstpd by Wqn JinaGommcll AftinKpr ill Vie chairman of the buslncss mcei Mrs Ellen Bhiil or State roarl Is entertaining Mr and Mrs ChHsKi pher McCabo and Mrj Esther Dolly of Buffalo N Y Mra SfcCahe is Mrs Bhalls sister and Mrs Dolly is her niece The visitors will return New York next Monday of the T for a number jears Dr Benjamin will deliver sermons at iboth the morn ng ami evening services in the local church MrsWilliam R Mc uho died in the Unlversltv Hospital on Thursday tnke place from her lale residem 2 oclock tomor erment will ho n 4 Rev xr n pantor f the M K church wrw ofllciateat morniriT residenceon of Mra Mary M K church tiie services loscph Onilsan son of X6 laiconllael to his home with IIInrsY Ho Is under Ihe care of Loewen John iranlcj Ur la ercctins two present Walnut more street and John McCoy of Filr vfcw avenue are rlrawn toservoTon the Jury iext M ANY people would not havo invested largo amounts of money in new curs if thoy had inspected our display of ucod models first YOU make th came mistake But Not ABUSED GALLAGHER EROS 7th Sproul Phoms 2003 Viscose Club Event in Administration Build ing Great Success Openiiiff the fall sottal season In Aijueus lloolk tho dance ffivon by iha Viscoso club in the aiidltoiluin or the Viscose iidministnulOn hulid iiiff Mas n vtj successful aifaiv at tended by one of tho Jmsest ciowds ever KiitheicO nt on 1 slmllu oc fiblon OrciHttuil music ot a high 01 noiind good floor nuiunremoiu Avoto teixuacs oC the Danclnb siai cd at nino oclo k uid cjulinud mldniBlu Tho ommlttoc In j was coninosd of Thomas Jesllo Cha les Wlibx John ODonnoU Iiul oodwvui Of now until nnd j inon upon a moio conipiohonslxo plan than has boon bnctofoiu pi opened Is untku tints Inve appKnol the In liking In evoiy 01 hi in bdl ns soods of un kind JJook The pin calls mr u bership and t smiill moutl H is proposed thai H made to enlist the suppoit of all persons faro ia bound up with Washington Camp Vo 697 P O of KibVpc Hlrn a numb ol lie camp headed bi 1 Malla band vvlll im 101 Oil Jill hill hpro I 1 W C TU COLUMN FOR CHESTER TIMES God For Home and Every Land Bow of White T Count v Convention nt Con ooi Illn in Ki lends1 Meetln Hoiso lust moxoii M1U LOMiful and helpiul Tho doMitlund eluiroh id u0v pusior of n I iho a Siuifoid o 1iotesUi oxtoiHleil bv Mis iiioUSrnt of th tho foi Marcus nioui outliiy foe effort mteiest and uiat ot the Memboi s Ihe Knlghts I wo Hits Rev books Uicitlnm Iuii i Im ii ill Inlo The iUpcilutcMulPiUs of lowing doiuumeiits icpoMs Mix Mm tiowcr ami Relief Mlsa J mill 10 Hoots Mis J JHUiuh Ilunmim Medal Contests Mi rimli Alotliws1 Moot jiiK4 riuid MIS IhonuiH Salibuh Obyoi o Mls Johiivnii depoit iciul by Mis Plum me the toi inoi bollix uimlilo to nt tondl tho Sdoiittliu Tomporanc instiix tlou Miss A nun AVoolman the n il IVmpoi inco Ltqlm Willis simlin Sihtoli Mis Han mih YOUIIK People Hiiincli MI Coiilson Oood CltUon shlt 0 Minsliall am SsoldloM Sillois Mis rhilile prayer was offorei and liinihcnn vva of the pmchis K a oliss of committee but inay oidiriff by cll Is hpfoio ho nlll inio effective uinnce of DJ nnd lie local c Tbo nnontiili bv Miss Hoots The sodiil hour Tho HPV M White pisloi of th Ilain M K ihijich ondiictPd ho tlCNOhniil at iho opoiiinf ut tho moot Im of the iftemoon scs 1 was wllb Rient Kfcict I lull hi incnuipi had lo at iopt tho leslKiin lion of MKs Abbto Kip who bus Ncupil so long nnd so ellkleiiilv n tipiisiJipi n owinjr i in Kho M ln iptlie fiom tbo otllco I no hit imiiin htilulo bor as she onteicd the hutldtnif A heiiu tlful pin uis pipsonlrd to her an a slislu itilen of the esteem In which SIIP Is hpkl In nil who have been assnditei vilth hei In this work Hie tojinlv and tbp nnnual fonvPiHlons win 01 bo Hie ulthoirt Miss Hvic buo loved hei lomr mil ndnilred hei min if roi of M IdQ i nnd Ani dou IDo roinoV kri nC T comer of 100110 ofr Upper Darby Tho Pride of Dol Co Thursday Friday Siturdny October 2 3 Hh JACKIE COOGAN In A BOY OF FLANDERS Bavld dnjs pnst indis he ountr son f lis Tamils Smith 702 hioiisht homo fiom Chtstoi IIm otcntly undei t a slight Mi nnd Ms HPV Wlhon have ov eti rioin tlj Mnket street to liMiood Heights Mr nn xjls fcntl Honiiin Kaal Inth stipct attended the in Inrjlind Thin sdny losenh Kitmuk Sixth and frects who been n jnlin Haven foi some month i Improved In heiltb visited him last Hum t it 11 ivt Mn TUESDAY EVENING OCTOBER 7 P M In Media Club House At Modia Pn SPEAKERS Hon Roland S Morris Frank BRhodes Esq Pi of D M IMolchoir Gordon H Cilley Florence L Uornfolascr The Public is cordially invited Held under auspices of Central Democratic Club nnd Committee of Deinwnrc of Democratic County rhQ mcmibois of tho con vent lo aooldcd in oeml lotteis 0110 ot jno to Minor Kciuliiclc of JPhilndel lihlii niMl mo npjirovnl te nonniJ nut or loniniondliiK 11m un tho goa ho Ins rtonu In Phlltvdolphla Ihololtpis mo if iihio i ChiMstlai 100 Union of Dclawiuo count a mnniboiahlp of housiiiiil In coiuentlon at Concoid on Soplomber 25 WPIO Uimnl In iiMiiieslinK that you lotuli H Dudoius Dlioctor oC tuli lio bnfutv not only tor tho one ynar but foi tho full four j otir tovnv We fool that lie has boon a valuabl piibllo ami lint added to tho piestlgo of iho Kpiulrlck adminis tration his dismissal would ho a loss to 3 om self and to tho Rpneinl He His zeal and effoits hiuo iin Impetus to tho cnuao ot lawPH forcomoiU which bus ovlonded fu boyond ho botitularies of rhUnifel pbia cmiivty nmrso wo feel that wo tiro thus concerned Sincerely yours O WIUTH JJol To C T U Smedlpy Dnnr Sir Tho Womnns Cbrisllnn Tomjjior IMUO Union of lloluwtuo fouii i oinprlilnir a nieinboi ship oC ono lhoUHiiid In rohventlnnnt Concord vlllo on Soiitfinbor 25 wore uimnl cers FOR And RECHARGED REPAIRED WE CALL FOR AND DELIVER SERVICE STATION JOHN J EVANS 1146 Edgfmont Ave CHESTER PA i mous in ondorsiiiB your activities couneotoawlth tho as Director ot putfllo Safety oC Ihllartolnhla Wo nlso approve ot your Jjaw En torcomont tiiothods Wo wish you GodSpecd in le lutnliiB to normal health am strength nnd alnceicly hopo It niny ho the good loituiio of tho peoplo of Philadelphia to havo you with thorn in jour pres ent capacity for somo time to comn upon Vo khcst Sincerely Yours 1 A WJIITK Serty Del Co W C T U ut y Coi nojr rtlnK and oilolc The Slnti fonvo wns dlsovtssed ami doloRivlei miulc Sdool Union if ciis to ono doloRate Tho pilro olTeiod by the supoihHondcnt of uiiupst ho siiprriniowlont h0 dip host and most concise iiipoit of tho jvoik was won by Miss Ymmil Swnrthrjioro iccenlly iold IIIK at tho home 01 ho nt PittshuiK Kroii lcr fo Tlui x roiinlv on n Mra G A Marr on iailc avenue Thp hecrotaiy Instructed to Wtlta letteis to Iayor Kendrlck and Ma or Bader proteating against the Bcuuty Show recently Thatext of tho communication wai as lol Ions ot tho Swarth moio hranch 6t the W C T U doslro to enter their protest xsilnit a lopotitton of tho soraUoa Beauty Show In Atlantic City Believlnir thut tho monetiuy return Trom such sportdclos cannot comnenaite for loworliifr ot tlio standaid of puie womiinhood for tbo utter effaaement of in dlKnlly nnd modesty and for tho ovll pffpots ot thc6 illspliya upon iho minds niul motiN of tlio public at In so wo nsk that lomembcring tho icsponslbilltles oc your high ot rieo and your riucy to promote the best nnd truest inteiests com munity and state you will do wnat Pa In jpm power to suppiess these iiidoonruut ami debasing exhibitions This acHon on tho part ot tho io Union is considered commondnblo nnfl should bo followed by other protests YOUTHS ESCAPE FROM CAR NoUrlnp u om Injcnr zij Ki wiv aloiiK West Chestei iicui Cooiicitown loud at last nlKht Soihoant Slcslp and Pa trolman of tho lluverford township police wcie about to stop nmchlno when tho occupants MMUiis Miullcd from tho car nil inulo thPir It la beltoveC lie aufomobilo was htolen oailler in nlKlH It beais Penns Ivanla 10 tup tho NOW THE IOC FRANKLIN MORE POWER With Snmo ECONOMY RELIABILITY LONG LIFE COMFORT f FKANKLINFU3SELL MOTOR CO G14 WELSH STREET CHESTER 1A Sorvco Station Fifth nnd Ponn Roatly for Von to Cn Streets Phono Chcstor 283 A welding ckparfmcul hat is steadily increasing is doniabie prpof of a growing list of saHsfied WA SHEET METAL WORKS Fourth and Kngle Strccia Bell Phono MO Dcpt H Health Means Happiness ChiropracticMeans Health Let Me Prove This to You to soe me for further Information John J Asbell D C Splno of Min CHIROPRACTOR BOt EIDQMONT AVENUE Conailftntlofi nntl Booklet Free HOURS to 12 a m 2 to 5 p m 0 30 to a p rn Bell phone 32B Opening October 17 1921 At tho Media Club House Time 3 to 5 P M Instructor MISB Marjoric Carter Assistant to Caroline Liltlefield SPECIAL ATTENTION Given to Social Dancing For Terms and Information Call Media 313W Its the EXTRA eggs you get swells your profit It costs you jusc so much for care housing and feeding your iiock andif ypu increase your egg producdon by feeding Eachexlra egg yotT8et will be extra profit That Ful0Pcp Egg Mash is a wonder J egg producer is proven by the splendid results thatpouitrymen where they i U paysj to feed Ful OPep Egg Mash in spring and summer Just as much as in wihter Ful0Pep scratch Grains com plete the ration Fftl Egg Mash CHESTER FEED STORE 153133 West Third St Bell Phone2504 TwoCar Trains Will Mean Still ovements and Accommodations THINK of the increase in values of properly near the Philadelphia West Chester Traction Companys lines and what our service means to you every day Few industries play a more prominent part in this com munitys life or perform a greater public service than this electric railway I J PHILADELPHIA WEST CHESTER TRACTil I l   
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