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   Chester Times (Newspaper) - October 9, 1924, Chester, Pennsylvania                             1 1 N CHESTER TIMESCHESTER PA THURSDAY OCTOBER91934 EVELT By W ROBERT FOR AN C 1S21 NEA Service Inc BEGIN EESE TODAY Foran newspaper corresjion ti Theodora Roose Into Africa in 1DOD They n Mombasa tlie Baioway lo ilaH Last Africa nrnl thon make mo loiiR rallrond Journey to Uiolr first Uttr a successful Klioot Hie SoKU coiiniry Uio ex pedition oiimps for moie limningat u faira called SnlgalSnl After several other trips Uiey tnvndo the Gunso Nycto eleiliant country and meet home more good sport Tlic jloosovcUs are given a roja reception u Kjoro and tmlebbe Now tlipy In tlio colorful land or the Banyoro people Koran ex Plains how the kliiRS of these people when they feel themselves growing m lo the point thiu their mentality Impaired commit suicide by bWMlloiv Ins a niitive poison NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY Immediately the death of ho kins is pufollo Knowledge the many sons the doceasert monarch commence to fight nmoiirj themselves brother killing brother until only one son re mains nlive The solo survivor of the battle for the honor oC becoming the next royal suicldo then tho tlirrme and attends to his late sires Hevernl the lesxpr ineeiis of Ihr president of tlio United States was ho pnu to operate upon mo in llin wilds of Africa It certainly wus unique situation H su happened thatthere was no anaesthetic available in llnima incl uskod mo it 1 could stand the opeiaUon without I told him to go ahead and he ns quick ns He could AVitli thrco uulolc Incisions ns I iny on my campbed ho laid bare tlio scat of the trouble H wns not n euso of herniabut merely a had abscesa on the abdomi nal wall The instant the absuesb had boon opened the pain was relieved AH ho operated I hml fled to whistle n lime so as to keep my mlml oc cupied What time you whistling 1Yiratir Roosevelt as he pisfcd Meiuni n hiindiBC I dont scorn to recognize it Ami 1 hen he laughed all joined in tho laughter for ho Joke was on mo I could not for ihe life of me tell him wind the nine was It uvis not tomorrow nhunliiiK we will go choi tied lletirns as ho pinned the dual hmdape Vou will be a couple of months at kist before you ran fully iccover Youve not to icmnin in your tent anil rest to Uiiv I made n wiy tare at this pio COUNTRY ROOSEVELT AND HIS dead king aio clubbed to death ns also arc the royal horsemen nnd the royal cook at the palace AH their bodies arc then placed in an enoimoua grave so that their tfhnats can minister to the spirit of tho kins I In tlie next ivorid ft in a stirring adventure to tho of the king of Unyoi as much so ns being trmt tUislty mirn arcli On Tear Day tho Roosevelt expedition broke camp it 5 oclock in Iho mouilnK murched some 20 miles to the cimp It i very hot day and wo wcie all glnd to reach tho shidc of tiio hnndas fn the camp at noon Tho following morning vve due to ieich Holnui the eaplltil ot the kingdom of Injoro and horo ivoiild he completed tho fnnt stuo oC our journev iirross Isinlu to the Albeit tho Joiitrn Ihe Alir and the Hudin CHAPTER XXVI Across tho Albert Nyanra to tho Congo IVe arrived in Tloirna rnily morning hivmslrucc crimp a tv The road wound through n htllv hut fairly open rountiy until it reached tne fTfftsiius of thc scattered Sovprnjiient station Our camp vim pitched ilonpsu ot the rcsldonro oC ihn piovlnrnl commissioner Mr lirant who hid invited Colonel Hoosexelt nnd Kei mit to lunch witli him Uo had a magnificent from this cnmp foi It overlooltcrl i drop vnlhv KepaiMl mg lloinni finm tho hills lym north of ho town The kiner if Inoyoro had huilt n flno handi for tlip nsrof ColftncJ nooKcvelt and around it pitphrd our tents ncitnd the camp on the prowof thp udcp Ihr of the native hospuaj nnd the pohce hirrark Westward wrrc ihe Kovernrucnt ot ficen and ihcIndian bazaar The Uinp or Unborn and his min isters of stale were at the camp 10 greet Colonel on nirnu innfiiinK JoolJnpr native When ho had come to the much Usi man hacrlficea voi aocortllnrr to tho cjkt mcdclrir man of the Jlanyoto iho v i nt wiich i tame the monnjrh v l reigned lirfore ihis prronl lin lie announced that the KO could onlv be plaraled If tho list peison v ho WTS eon fo come rihmjf a ntain road WHS Ullled a drum n winch humnn blood was pound aicnnlini to tribal custom nt each coronation ceromonv of a kinp ot Tile Jnctil missionaries aine to camp and ciltod upon Lolonrl rtuofp velr nnd pome lemained tr dhinei with The kinj of Unvorn caiuc TO pay an omcial cal and wjs In vited to star to tw He uns dressed for this eienioniil In manv pally colrntd robes and was at tended by a large retinue of white frowned courtiers fCon over he Kinp only in nlme nnd had no ronl pouein in liis own country After brciltfnst morninf lcarnM had defined to operue iimi me lie had In to his aid the i government doctor nt Itolmti At the last moment Colonel in Klsted on helplnK anil acted thmuifjiJ out the operation UK a dirsser find handed the two mirpooim the of cotton wool held thu Inpln f 111 liseptit KoneiMlly a BSslslnnri it nnsi lnrn new role fen rolnnnl Itootnv njt p I wan ti think that the i noiincemeJit and Colonel Roosevelt looked sympathetically at me And then they IcCL me to sleep in my promising to conio back and sco 1 was Eettlng on later in the day A couple of houis later 1 could stand thn loneliness no longer and Imade my way painfully acroas tlie banda As I stood in he cn trance 1 could ueo Rooacvclt and Kojmit buhy writing letters 7arnho Cwanri Alkubwa At my words Colonel Hoosovelt glanced up his face very concerned and then lea PCX to his feet to usaisl HIP My dear vou should not have moved he rhldcd me But hecame across the banda to nie placed us arm lound my shoul fkt and helped mo to a comfortable t fo most joffJlous uliout my connort and did not leave mo until he sure Ihat I was mitle ill iirhl Xov you junt ftiv Ilieie and dont move until Mctni lets you do so ho commanded mock an L r Dm theie a smile In hls e y e T sn confoundedly lonely I expliiiird vou neednt hr nnsinoi c ho ns he wont back to his Next Gladly Recommends Lydia E Pinkhams Vegetable Compound was mar twelve years before my hoy was born I had a lot of fcmnlo trou bles and had been treated by a phy sician for themhut they continued much the same Then I read your advertisement in the newspapers and though t I would give Lydia E Pinkhams Veg A i r Gtable Compound I5al J0 If haf others of th I071 have takcn s5 hQttlea nniil am never with out it m the house babv bov is yarB0ld now anS Jiure am f from my trou en has troubles like In a in a theVegeta will get the 3 Jon Neb countrywifjc JS Unprecedented Furniture Event ep Tonorroivs OUT OUR WA BY WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE BY AHERN EGAD MfXRTHfX DID VOU NOTICE A BOX OF PtRFECTO THAT WERE OM MVDRESSING DO NOT LIKE TO SfW SOMEBODY THE SrXNGTlTV OF HY ROOM AND OFF WITH THE BOX IT IS AN OUTRAGE QV CJDVE HES VK3UWED ABOUT GEX ABIULFOrVEM MO I OlDHT SEE OF AMD WHAT5 MORE I HOPLVOU OONT FIND THEM SICK OF1 ASHES OVER THE RUGS OLD STUBS LFNING AROUND ftMO THE SMOKED UP TO SENDEM BrXCKTOTH FACTORV AFTtR HE 3MOKEO SIX SAMPLE QMES SOME CHEAP HEMPS AM17 HELLTH1MK HIS ROMAN JlrM s ONE TOUCH OF NATURE HE SEFS OF JS BILL FDR BOOTSANDIER It Rains THE OLD HOME TOWN BY STANLEY NOW AM 1M CORft HAt UVE THE PROVEccOR CftUSE OfAVX AMYHOW UVED TOHPTO VOR t SrTFEKL1 I SAX THIS BE THE A QHAOOW TO HIM HEARD TH RRsr VOU DROP THI9 To OUWMO WHAT VT SAV Cy R THE SECOND FSoM A BOX BY SOME ED POKl DECIDED TO THE BUT IT DOESNT MEAN ANYTHING BY ItUBE GOLDBERG rHey HAMS IM JUST OM DUGAN THE ISLAND REPTILE UJAV k THE MISSOURI HOME SWEET LEFT EARLY 1023 by tlio Ey nClcato lac H J TUTHILL WAIT I WA IT I THERE VOUVE BROKEM FINE MIRROR I LEAMEO AGAINST THE HELto WHAT HAVE VOU GOT BRACED AGAINST JHE DOOR I HOPE ME DOE HEAR ME TROTTING HOME A PAU FOR DINNER AT A TIME LIKE THIS HE HAS PLENTY OF NERVE TO THINJK OF STAYING TOO DONT BLAME HE HE POLUOWEO ME AROUND SINCE NOON HE LOVES HOME COOKING AND HE SIMPLY HATfeS HUNTER IS I JVJ ACX3UAIMTANCE GETTING REAOV TO MOVE A TWO BY POUR OPEM UP GOT MRS A FEVV GEORGie DAYS so AND I BROUGHT PACKING ARE I HIM TO Atl BIOTGEST   
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