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   Chester Times (Newspaper) - October 9, 1924, Chester, Pennsylvania                                MANUAL TRAINING IN MEDIA SCHOOL Glass i is Under the Super vision of Joseph L Peckworth The students of the Media High school re now thoroughly engrossed in their studies and the Instructors are dpljqrhted with the progress he ins made by the scholars under them branches of the school which nltl Interest for tho boys and KirIs are tha classes in domestic science and tiMiiutil training The manual training class Is under he supervision of Joseph L Poclv who a obtaining results from t lie boys in his charge Many pieces or furniiure haVe been turned out by Hie scholars and the boys arc nt work on numerous others that will bs completed before the ChrlMmas vacation days arrive Every class in the school is represented in this do liartnient there being registered one hundred and sixtytwo students nnd when ihe boys are assembled in the training room the place ro seribios a bee hive Hero la seen a busily engaged on a ultourctlo and over in another part of the room another lad is seen turning out u piece of wood which Is to be the leg uf a table while still another Is hard at work sanding a table top pre pavntoiy to applying the varnish Passing through the corridor mi the way to the niaruiil training room an appetisingaroma greets the vis itor causing him to Inquire as to the and he is shown tho Kitchen tn which the domestic science class holds forth This class comprises some one hundred and twenty is taught by Miss Myra Holuian of I hllaclelphla and tho plrls receive training in cooking baking and other matters pertainingto home duties which will lit them for conducting their homes in the years to come On special occasions where visitor have been detained it the school the domestic science class has ouokod and served luncheon ro them MEDIA MAIDENS BIRTHDAY CELEBRATED Miss Anna Gibson daughter of Mr and Mrs Thomas Gibson of liast Jefferson street Vns tendered a party In honor of her sixteenth birthday Uancinff frames nnd music were the features of the evening The color scheme in the dining room WHS white nntl pink each guest receiving n dainty souvenir Guests were present from Media William son School JjliiTm Oaklyn Now Jer sey Chester Philadelphia i DarlinffUui lenape and Atluntlc 1itV were Mr and jMr R Ktrntton Mr end Mrs Paul Shade Mrs lames Poulos loulse Mary Cum iiiinsjp Anna Rlfrby Sara Edwards Aririls Kord Madeline Gibson 1Yedn Oninill Dorothy Stlllwell Kara Slnrpless Klirlnc Smith Allno Mac IituiBlttln Anna Favinyer Anna Gibson nnd Elizabeth Gibson fliarlFo Krnc Frank Laxton Wnyne iierye Jesse Moore Llewellyn Soileh JYod iVyborger Jarler Johnson Goorye Holllnser Mark Kobinson Klwood Evorotto Vaughn William Gibson William Saudis Al fred Silverbury and Thomas Xev rliiiK MEDIA HOSPITAL NOTES Mrn Annie Lubeas uf WAllJnsToTd was admitted yesterday for treat ment Lilly Morrison of Village View who was badly burned when he Bra sped a high tension wlro at Hol lands bridge Is in a critical condl tloru JIls Losllo Lelnnd of North Media who endeavored to him is slightly Improved Mrs Clara Diliinfer Hrooko street who underwent a major operation Ivu Shockloy of East Media who underwent nn operation fvr appen dicitis is Blithering her strength Mr Art mini ot Philadelphia who sulieied a stiolce ot paralysis while oiitMKod In playing golf on tho Kprinrhaven links several weeks aft Is able to be out In tho Bun parlor Miss Minnie OBrien ot Cheyney IKIS not been so well the past few TAX COLLECTOR CRAWFORH SPEAKS CHESTER TIMESCHESTER THURSDAY OCTOBER DJ924 MARRIAGE LICENSES The following man Inge licenses were granted In the otllce or clerk or the Orphans Court yesteivlav llaiold Vi Kiiune Olenolden and Jlelen M Kcoit of Phllnclelphiir lease l Hell and JSmma T Lipphanl both of Washington U C IONIUM 1 IJurnell Hmi Cornelii Young both of Morton Alberu A Haw and Afeiies lewiss both of Pbiladelpbln fames A Parker and ICleanor kinson both of Philadelphia Joseph Iticbard Jones and Allllei both of Chchtc AVH liuii McQuillnn of Colllngsville New Jersey and 1Jllxabclh A Tnvbu vVOKlvlllo Xew Jersey i iVV rH and juhel J Moat of Linn clnrnly CHURCH ANNIVERSARY Members of the South Media Meth ndist lpicopil church ot which IIv Allan Judd ts the pastor no airitrv ing to celebrate their fortyninth in nwersary next Kunday The chinch establrshcd by the late Aluik Packard there not being any edifice lor woiEhlp in that locality The 1 alternoon will be devoted to lihtcn int to good speaking and1 bpeciiU music Those who worship nl church a KO congi cgation SCHULER GUILD MEETS At the meeting which members of the Kehuler Guild of the First Pres byterian church held at the home of Mrs Kugenq 31arry on South Monroe street it was decided to have ii roast poik supper on the eleventh of November Later they contem pllte giving a play MlKs Amanda Leeper the piesident was In the chair Tho secretary Usury Hilton read the minutes t the September meeting and MLss liPKslo Fields tol oC the amount ic malning Jn tho treasury After the business session the hostess served refreshments Among those in attendance were Mrs James Jtoss Mrs CJleave Lewis Iaker Mrs JJoffman Mrs Clifford iVans Ullss Cidney Kngle Miss Mil dred lOnglc Miss Resale Brniini Mrs fJeorge Adams Major Miss Pcs Allen Miss Sarah Miller GreLvy Msugaiet McCaixlless llisj Helen McCandless Miss Helen HiHng Mrs Miss LI1 lic liiklle Metznr Media Town Talk A Media Sick Mrs MllIIam Burgoon of street bad the Master Kdgar McClintnck r ft tale street felt from and broke his arm bns it out Miss Mary nT AVmlii and Jackson treels is among tile Mck Mrs OTooJe ivlfc of tive John OToolc is con t roc t the mimborea WaltersT M 1 tlji JltLi 1I1S I Kerlin WnKeis at HowlJ sixes leave Novtmber the lust lector Jonis B iMia Mary fnsrVroon M mam Easby Jr oilltd upon Media Uepuly Coroner William of State street duKhtc Clifton Heights Official Explains Exoneration Question Tux Collector Samuel 1 in n statement nrario exception to ihn article printed several das s aco to the effect that tax evonrrn llnV tul llle eni amounted to This amount wilil Mr ford ieprrsents tho exonerations for women deaths removals and dun III o assessments for tlio year issi Ill and In reference to Iho nf the article which stites Women who did jiny their luxes can demand the refunding of Iheirmimev or else havolt applied I o their101 taxes which under the new lru they are compelled to piy I would thjt this htrtcmetic In very misleading The women tnxpiiypis lir Kencral m the miijoilly of ihoso who have called mi me expect the re funding of their County Poor Bor ough and School nnd of these four accounts thn members of Bor ough Council hnye jurisdiction only over the Borough tnx whkh In major ity of the cases buiuugh taxes paid by a woninn amount to fl50 Quite a number oc women hive also paid their 1SLM in full Now how can I give them credit in rhesc cases Collector Crawford vont on tn say Had the borough council of tJ2 which was comprised if following gentlemen Messrs Ucvoll lir Ilawkc William Ilainarrl Jr the majority Joseph Carson and Charles Callen used good judgment nnd acted fairly on the HiosUon m that time Insteul uf pushing the buck to Ibo bororiKh solicitor The women taxpayers would have been saved Ibo money that thov have willingly paid and for which there was no penalty for their refusal lo pay One woman laxpnycr who called his week ni my home demanding four years taxes In full tcKilc me to task for Bending nut bills and also for receiving taxes from her but upon the strength of a letter from Borough Solicitor Howard M I sent bills out yearly and accept Ihe Inves whenever they to me1 1 might also state thai 1 never have sent a woman a delinquent notice to pay her occupation tiv for 1 have contended where there was no pen alty there wrrs no law Following Is the letter scut by Mr lufK to council under fate or dardi al102J beforethe bills were sent outCouncil Iniiulrctt us to the oxonerat Ion question Mr M B Kevell Clifton Heights Jn IJear Sir 1 have jour Inquiry in regard to tiro tax collector requesting exuneiiillmi I or taxes issued airainM nninen The should not be exonerated tor Iheso Tho law provides that If a person does not pay bis or her taxes that Ihe tux collector Khali levy orr tho lavihleii property and put the iiarnc up for Hale and sell U If the taxable has not sufilcienl property or has 110 property out of which tne uven lire Shnne Francis Fnlicy and Charles A McShane loeiil baseball tuns niimbered umotip tho spectators tho fourth worlds serlcs game in New York on Tuesday v Mrs Edward Huley of Ntnth Sycamoro street was taken to the Mlserleordia Hospital Philadelphia Tuesday evening where BIO will un dergo treat mem at the hands of Or Cnrdone of this borough who Is a member of Ihe hospitals modtciil and surglonl staffs Chadds Ford John H MnVey nnd Walter Armour spent Monday tlshlriK along the canal near St Georges Ufl Mrs Mary llohvorth who has been 111 for stomp time hud several vis itors Sunday among whom wcie v Dr 1 Ulirren IMlwtirth and family of riilladelphla Mr and Mrs oonfn Cnndler Mrs nilwortli nnd and daughter of rentervlHe Mr null Mrs HanilHiw aiil uatightors of Mount Cnbi wore Sun dry gueMs of nnd Mrs P 1 uulevpr 11 K CJalagher motored to Glad uln M on tu his who lias been a patient thoro for months cnndtlon doos not seem cnttnirrigliiir 1 It wlfo pliln Miiyer nml fnthcr of luster cnllij Kugonla Conper at her brotheis John Mc Mr and Mrs Alfred Crrlpr of New port Del were guests of Mrs Oraigs parents on Sunday Mrs Sirven two sons and tor were recent sviests of Ilnriuiid Mr and Mrs Campbellnf Coateavtlle called on relatives here on Sunday Mr and As of Inmaqim Mr ami Mrs Lewis laco of Ianll and Mr and Mrs nildwln and faiiiliy nf Kcn nct Stiiiiuc Ralph nf York State spent Sinuliy ai tiro home John ewnrled a number of frlciuls rnr a su cessful coon hunt Sntiinliiv iUln hirciiig caught one litigo and licVlng tlino rtliPis Ml nuosts JlcCiirinlck and suns Kllvabeth N J John Younsf and Clarence lurr if CardiiiBlon Pa lred 1 iother of Itoscmnnt Henry Little ol Ilnseinont Ment several davs Hie AifVoj buine Miynnnd Oeorgo CrYfx u called nn frloml heo Mr and Mrs Kduln Miller an I inilly of Coinin d Sunday i thehoie of NVIIIinn Mlllor Mr and Miu Kfnl en tcrtaJncd Itigglesvllle relatives ovc tne weekend Mr anl Mrs 11y Armciit an ffmlly and Mr lmi Mls Tioll Andrews motored In LannisUi ntn Mllletsvilla on Snndiiy The rovlviil cnnductod b the Ircob and VAlu lliffmai c1 IT evcntnif tbt Mrs Thomas rnlcrlnlncd n sCwiriL rlub of which she a niombei liiinch viis sfrvod at Iho noon hour u illlini Pctth and family am A IMS May Plcrco attended tlie Yoiini Sunday school at Swar 11unore list week II 1C ialagllicicntertnlnod Mr Mis lltiines of mlngton on Alondav Mrs lOmma Nowlln of West Phci ter is vlHting her sister A Mrs Miller hni been on the sick list Mrsr M Ayevs or Plillulolphla a gueit of Mrs iMlwaul MiH Darlington TAXES FLOWING IN AT MARCUS School Payments Amount to Septemher or Receiver Gcprge P Smith th following tlgures v Marcus pteinber raves eollecied nnd paid on Hook in TI7i luirnigh tftVBM JSl0940 i founty urxes The tigures are net with very IKtlo outstanding liixcs inntlnrin to How In sloii ii the the pcicent discount iier uid ended nn Soptembcr SO ACIV book nuks and a catalogue UKwno presented to die Mirrns lloolt Publlu Library by Hi and Mis Clunks A lUnst Pcpntv Cieirt Srilniu Kill of Tus illioiTi No i o U M of I Ircicv wlil Ktllff 11 tl0 at ihe rulslnir up of chiefs ot Tlllm No 17J of Mtuous Muni Ilicniiy evening Vlsltlnc from n of ntlieitrllies nnd a full wlgwnm wltnessod Uu ceieuumlal Tlio newly nitid chiefs rm Charles Kiniiison roplict IJnhnt P Cloud Saclienv ldwnl Mnrrln Senior Sagamore luiifnr was confined to his home rlay i 1 J McBrhlo Js BUfterlnif frontu sovero attack rHeuinatlsni ut his liornoj 41 Mtiplo street Mrs EUa Hutchinsorv spent sovoril rocontly with her sister Mrs John Ciuyer ut HiQliardson Iarjc Otil Mrs Charles Smith who rcuontlv uiidriwint an operatltm ut a hospital in liiiilnirtun Is conviUoijCent Mi Hnrvoy Korjosior and youtiK son of Huddcll avpiiuo Unwobd were visitors lu Wilmington recontlv Mis Vat Stilton McClonnchnn leruico entertalnod rolatlvos from Nnw jersey on Sunday Charles lhth 1ms Inslnllod a rtvillo set at his homo lUH Market street nnd lins been receiving tho results ot the wmM wlos lln ganros ueviben llumsey Bluo avenue liirsi beiMi 111 for sevonil days past McDoimoli and family of inn uvoruu have lelurriod to Allontnwn furmorly 1 01 sind Alberl Juliette HirKinuiro M einon iuard of friondi C in Saint Mrs Kiln sfrull of jisiuiV Lawrence piersol of IJast Stite jJrnTif Cl6lk L 10 KlKl list church PS a hospital In Philadelphia ZINC AND COPPER Remarkable NRW Discovery Proving Boon to Thousands Memphis Tenn Applici tlnn foi patent covering whnt Is considered to be the most unique discovery of its kind hasjust been made by the Knreka Manufacturing Co Popl P K 253 Jefferson Ave Mcmphis lenn After years of experiment then discovered that an Pirnpiiniiv on I struct eel chemically treated sol of heel plates one zinc and one copper placed in the shoes of thp sufferer will by a scientific prncoss quickly rld the wearer of rheumatic pain scirtica and stiff joints as well is tone up the system in general periments in hundred H f cixet proved this discovery lo be i to all miff ns eliminates the Wcdicme which in many to be of only temporary I hey are anxious to Piul Minnesota ittending the National luneial DIreclorsConven tion Mrs Uichard Jlandolph nt tbe ObelteulniniIievire Atlantic City who is spending this week at Ine BcUvticStralford Philidelphii was the guest of Mis Mliifhall nnd Miss nt lutnli at thoir home on AVcst State slrcel Members of Kossuth Lodge Xo J Wl ln lh Mrs Vnrnall and Miss Stanlield uf Media were guests of friends in I rnhkforil Washington Camp No T2fi P O B A and Camii Vo c o hive nmved lo the Medli Ihnniacy ball MombetH of Star of Mi din Lodge it SliephrrdH of Hetlilehem who litvp brcn meetin in icings hallon u Pht State slicet have movpd to Mpdia Plinrmacy hall third lloor it Stale iind Olive streets The lodget Kings hall have been there for a number of years msi Pieltens who Ivis purchased the property Is con sidering Improving tho thihd floor Tomorrow ATastor Ccorffe Allen son of wirden of the Delaware coun ty prison and Jlra George Allen will cplchrilc bii ninth birthday nn riivcisiy At the borough hall nt State nnd JncUhoii KliccM ibis evening there n session the members of h Lodge iVo 393 I O O rnolurcd barIt can be collected then the colv Buoal remaining suvcral follow out Iholaw bv l l1nva Mrs H T Paldwln Jlrs Plorrnce iml sicin Mrs Mary Tcmiile and daugbtcienjoyed a motr trip ID TicrUun un Suridav Ann daughter of AV C U3oth Is In fciTerson Hospital Phil foJlKwlujr an operation for pppnrltutis She is reported doing nell lollowlng tlie extended rrlnfall on Mnndny and Tuesdny of last week be waters of thp nriindywinc croolt M overflowed the meadows In the vilnlly of Chndds Kord tbrt nno cnws belonglncr li JJoff irrn were nmlortiicd on iji I Peter II Reilley and hlr sonin law Inrnes Uelahnnty of North Kdg mirit Ktiecl have been In New York attending the worlds scries games nnd Mrs Orr of Phfladcl jphra are moving lo their new resl Jx deuce nt fowling Creen have Mr and Mrs K Kcniiey Crolhers boon of riowlmfireon have enter taining Mr jirs John 0 lvnnsville Indiana of statements by o rlieiimatism a offer UTlle the tbeii any suffprer I spiv lal liberal trial u i A GRAND CONCERT Prof Leslie Principal SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH Cor State St A Manchester Media Friday Evenmo October 10 19M at a oclock Mrs Rosa Grimes Chair Lady H Lemon Pastor Tickets S3 cents We have a complete as sortment of reliable bulbs on hand for Fall planting Hyacin t h s Till ips Daffodils and Narcissus Also Narcis sus bulbs for growing in pebbles and water Will produce in a few weeks fMcCALL3 FEED STORE Phone 21982199 PIDGIN ENGLISH K SPOKEN IN GUAM Pidgin Hngllsh would sound phony tn one who had never roamed the I wilds cf Cunm I ws attached to the radio Ktitlon tlicre for nearly two years and this ovaclly thp nny the native used tf tlk to us and wo lo them writes Chnrles Victor Plslcler In Adventure Theres n peculiarity of fnfleetlin port nf a Mncnunrr jump nnd lion t the f111 m natives conversation dif ficult tr describe UQ sings von than hcn he talks to you Thh I is nwlntr to thrnarrow litn t nations of their own langnnge Thra entire vocabulary comprising not more hui too words thev havo d I 1alcr I the work nf nKUiy 5 pending more on tone of voiro than proniinrlntlon liisljiiue the word affd It moan nnv tiling they mnltp t OP a nritlve woman coming loirlnig a child hv the bnr must loilow out Iho law having the justice of the teio com mit the taxable to Jail for nonuny uient of taxes However this hitler slop cannut be done In the vase ot wnnicn i Jn the cnie of woiiicn Inxaoiea there Is only one difference between That and Uiy othei that ho cannot put her In Jailliiit ijcforo ho can bo exonerated he must Dio exoneratingaiilhorltlos that bo his gone as rir as be cin go namely up to tbu imint nf ascer taining what goods can be levied upon ur thu there Is not Mifllcten lOdK after a sale bns taken placr Iruslng this IK the Information you clcsire I Very truly yours i Signed II Hinough Solicitor t bo first fnll meeting nf the Clif ton lititMnena Mens Assocla lion will be hold On Wcdnrsdn v eveJ October In clude n bniuiuel H H cxpemcd lo be Ihe InrgoHt meeting siiuc the organ ization of tbo There are several inatlcrs of hii lioitnnco Hint will foine up for tlls ptission it this niccllngand it is Uerted that every memboiwill inalce it his duty ID bo mt hand rohn A McShane local contractor was uwirrdrjil the contract forthr tnfttullatfin ot the new boiler in tho old school The holier will be nr modern typo with uptodate equipment Tho 6ther bidders Walter Bioivn and J Uenuody both of this borough Mr McShaiK began work on the Installationof the new heating ap paratus etirly yesterday He will push ihe work throrisli so rrs to have the beating system rcnily as soon Dr nnd Mrs H Duvolsln who have bfon visiting nt lite homo of Dr OnvoIMns brotner JOilivard IJuvnliiiu on North JJIainond street left Xew Vork City yeHtcrtlay on thpiireturn trljr to Kranoo will go directly to their home nt hart res Cbrrlos R ODonnell Francis Hurry 1 Get a lOc package of Dr James Headache Powders Two minutes DIAMOND A BEAUTIFUL COLOR Perfect h o ni c dyeing and tlnl Ipg is guamntocd ivllh U i a m n n d rjycH Jusit dip in cold wilier to tint nort doll nnt K Hhildes or boll In dye rich pei nian ont colors Much 3ficpnt package contains d I r c t 1 n n s so simple any woman tlyc or tint lin gerie silks ribbons skirts drcapea coals Ktocklngs mvcrtWH drapqries cuverlnga hangings every thing new Buy Diamond tell drugglwi whetbrr the materliil you wish to color Is wool or silk or whet hoiit cotton of mixed fticuien made an early llll li a small blaze iii irnmr ruorning Tho lent nf i irdpshnionl Htuiul nn Thld caiinht o Pho tlmnex wcrr Itrtckly lNllnglllJlhOrl LeMio Am on pi csldcd nt meet iiv ff lie club Tiicsiliy ovc nine A bonllnir tcjinr ls In he loon and clubmen m ing ovi material fir n innuagcr 1bo fiillitwlng mouibiiH woi c appointed nn a ctiiniiillliv 10 buy a null act lllltuii DlggliiH 1 r riiorge Snillh lirlrn njunncll loliu Wirttpr MIIU Ixnjnrtilu Am on and Navln luu lnlck NtnicltiKs uc in u coaslnnnlnu ut the iilnnl of tbo IK iiio Is mi jtccond street at innnbci plant he other n linger bulltl Irig In the i ear of aglhitnrs wcst uf C sj invk evening a Inrgo crowd r liKitl uiiiubors if the Kn i Itrg at thr Inn Mill iilciiil lbr r icllpnt Park rim fnllowliij wcro nnuVng t onlilliutoii to ibr MsrrctiH lliik Public Mbuirr A n Cfeary aril Uowiids H h Smuv MN 1 DenlMhl Sirs L Mm K A Krwln M rs Ijss IldiiiL Conglclon MIM c jones Kdllh LUiyd MVH u ti Icii Inglon It Itnxtor Harold Dculgbt HH Oxcai iordy lius fiipon bus been III fir HOHIC Is nnw much Imiuoved s Inhn Rciiil who died rcccnllv Hved m pMt road ecu street n few yoaif flg i well knnwn sunong nldoi Aleuts Ireic A daughtcwas the f if Hie Lite James Cough funnel rc Loon baq nbhilncd Pbivincnl lVKi cnntiacllng iiny Injhitf on Itldgn road I A has purrhaHed new delivery truck i i 11 Kpincp nlicwt How do the film beau ties get that way They didnt Ret thoir looks from coLmctics But n skin that is cleansed thoroughly nnd gently has n better chance to be come gradually clearer nnd finer There is noth ing better than Sweet hcnrt because it clcnnsea with n wonderful soft lather in cold or hot water hard or soft It ia absolutely pure mild naturally creamy white soap made from finest materials Yet low priced At beltertlriigffista Give it a trial It lathers TOILET OAP MOST TOR THE MONCY lived on biLkoislleld Breotltiga to tfom 32 California old friends nnd semis In thobor Jolui Reynolds fnterlulned a sister from Jersey City on Sunday Tho final of bull nluycil at Square Saturday oflorndon Concord nml Ohadds 1ord i proved Chadds Ford won hy tho score of teen PitcherLittle struck out men COMING Unprecedented Furniture Event Sec Tomorrows Young Minds Are Alert When Young Bodies Are Nourished physical and mentaljust bubbles out ot cnildrenthat are well nourished Thats natural So if your child is a little slow in school work ask yourself he properly fad1 Authorities say that millions of achool children are not Children must have Also vitaminos Butter provides them both abundantly in a form most easily assimilated Clovcrbloom on your table is healthinsurance for your children Its pasteurized pure sweet delicious Churned In Datryland Theyll like it and oat ii just what you want them to do AHMOUK CHKAMEKIES Creamery Butter a and reliable may bo obtained through tlie classified columns nt a nom incl coct Ask Lhc WantA I for Rates Depl Bell 666 or Keystone 160 St Theatre nf Drlnwnre Comity Entlro Week of October ttli Rrulopd Valcmllno In MONSIEUR DHAUCAmE oiipnortltio cnirl Includes Dcbe Din Icli Loin Wilson Lowell Cherninn AddetJ Comedy Covorcd Wnoon 4 LOANS TO HOUSEKERPERS IN SUMS UP TO Lrrdc Irirlililin a Vdiir platiK kind of u bo pinna hnltliiK your Hint really count H bu of buiJncuH In niilvluK your Cauh ntiillirLluir with mt It In nt miuh tbuen lck Alotusy Kirvlcf our of npeclal nrivniiiaKo PEOPLES FINANCE SERVICE CO 105 Crozor BIdo Markot St CorFilth St Phono Bclf Hours 0 to 5 Sat 1 P M for thefuture y to carry out Wo havo Din if tbu make Defies Age by Using Ordinary Buttemilk to I Beautify Complexion i This Pretty Girl Tells Drunpst Not to i Take Anyones Money Unless This Delightful NewVanifihino Cream I Shows a Decided Improvement I s t r r s s i fro in any i e a d a r h o fade way your hcai clears artd ue read1 for work or piny of Di 1 i Mit her bnre Pwlpe on the In font gives the rump and v nnd softly mur lv bovs murf AITn Its nil n uio tune 0rl legends who llrth I dwn lhe illlljn Iourlors they aie safe NEW TREATMENT FOR SWOLLENGLANDS People vho hive enlargoil tlindi iRht to knnw ihit by freely applv litK JCrncKiM JI1 dfiilv th Kland can be broutrlit tn n fioad nnd nit M0 fferniH and pnixnnMiH etlons dia chnrned and destroynd Finlhermoiii the oponliiK will hoal surely nnd speedily and without lenv infr rn iinslRlrlly siir People who denim thin treatment Hhotild Hccuri a twoounco bottle of Kmer Ill Oil full Hiremthl and use us directed It a a very concentrated preparation and a fimnll tiuantltv a It IK also user to reduce Mvollm vcina nnd dissolves Coltre Carnnforidge Md East Md Hurlock Md Fcdcralshurg Md Seafood Del STOPPING AT Wyoming Polton Hsn Ovk Orovo Willlamiiburfl wcod nnrt Atroy p Fvon jorrt Dover Del eans more M m o 000 nn on OPBOIAL TRAIN Leaven Chentcr 7IB Sotitrnlnij Icavea CanUirid I P 7VI malcintf znmt I icing trip ao tyora Connnlt Affonta Pennsylvania Railroad riio asa Stnn5ard Rciilroart of tlio World SSTJJSi Cost Buttermilk Cresirn orcfitcs beauty like maslc Tho most woni thliiB about It the fact that it turns the dullest most lift less complexion to rrullant beauty nakes red or rough hands or arnifi snowy whltr yet there ia not thu Mlffhtcst nf IIR uao after p Wlration It actually vanlheM from 1KIH and Iho most healed ntrrvisphirB I will not Jproduco tho ant HhinlneHM or KrcstrfinesH of thu Hkln Nit nifiidr whether you arc troubled a Tvor complexion wrinkles t CHJi around tho eycs I own feet or lincH around the mouth nKcr or JUSL simple outfhneMs of tho face hands or armK auHod by wind or sun you will find mat any or all of these troubles will quickly disappear with the use Howard1 Buttermflk Cream Electric Co Coke Depl Chester Media WE have an extra orcfiniry rncnt of closed will servo you as new ones Tho prices tercot you Ihs unusual will in So will values Uced Cut Not ABUSED GALLAGHER BROS 7th Phone 2C03 Cheering mid Immediate All styles All sizes y Phone for catalogue or representafive I Gas Delivered Hand Control or Automatic i Ask about our New Gas Rate DARBY Pay As You Use Ic CHESTER   
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