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   Chester Times (Newspaper) - June 25, 1925, Chester, Pennsylvania                                CHESTER THURSDAVjUNE 25 1925 EASTERN DELAWARE COUNTY NEWS DISCUSS ZONING OF HAVERFORD Argument Over Business Section On South Eagle Road finally lesohed Into discus sion of residents ot Eagle precinct had puichased land in Haverfoid for Cbtmeiu purposes or for the establishment ot homes took pljco at tho open meeting held Tuesday evening at Hie Ig school to eunsuler the pipllm mary report of tlio llavciford zpn ms commission The argument ended in a dinv with the lesldents of Bon Air strongly opposed mil most 01 the other residents of Eagle precinct strongly favoring the zoning of Eagle road from the West Chester pike south ro the Bon Air tract as a busfness section There was no argument about restriction in the other sections of the township more than a few objections by individuals vho declared thru the zones as laid out at present would decrease the value of their land Throughout tin pastern Delaware county the subject of zoning Is of frrent has been working on a zoning ordinance for tho past three months Upper IXirby nas approved the riiipolnUnpnt ot a zoning commission to prepare an ordinance and iho completion of the ordinance in Haverford township nas followed with conaidenible interest One of the best points made at the meeting last night was by George Deeves who said that the town ship could not expect added improve ments it building was restricted too closely Several years ago Upper Darby township not in a very strong financial condition but at present they have money to give the tax payers the improvements they need simply because they havn encouraged building Mr Beeves declared U we make the restrictions HO severe here as to discourage building taxes wll be trebled within the next few years Jh the discussion whether Eaglo road should be encouraged ns a business thoroughfare or kept iresi dential street personalities were ireely indulged in and the speakers on the two sides of the qucstionj were greeted with hisses and ap plause on several occasions Tlie discussion had progressed past tlie most fiery part when a large prominent appearing man arose and in a convincing voice spokn or the advantages of developing the road as a business thoroughfare ten years T predict that Eagle road and the West Chester pike will ba a centre of as much activity as Sixtyninth sired he declared I roperty owners anvwhere within 1he vicinity will Increase their in vestment many He sat down amid applause no ticejible by its absence and L Itttla woman arose immediately and cried In 3 thin fthrill voice Wei thank goodness theres something in ho worldfor some of us money Applause halted the meet ing for a few minutes Tho root at the bottom of the ob locllons of Iho Kon Air folk seems to be that Hie business zone on Eagle road extends only to Bon Air so that the section how mapped out is RVer built up with stores it will dealroy the value of Ron Mr as a residential section and yet it will avnioble con struntion of business houses My property Is Just outside the boundary of the business section hMfWOnJin a store is built on Iho property adjoining jiihe my Ipt will b worth nothing as n residential site and r will no be permitted to sell It for a business Bite If hero is to be any business Action NI road I want it to Include my property clown in Bon Several other persons told ot their s i Delaware County Office of the Chester Times is boated at 6836 Market street Upper Darby Pa Telephone Boulevard 422 e of business sections One man was complaining bitterly us fate when Dovvitt Robinson H of the meeting Interrupted Mr Kobinson explained that the zoning bill as passed by the legis lature provided for a board of ad justment to decide exceptions to the terms of the ordinance and to re imburse property owners whose up to bea business centre Thats ivhat letl Philadelphia to Set away from the speaker de clared Trie only ones Mho want a business section along Manoi road are those who have not yet learned to thours Mr1 WeNsiuxer tpoke of the which the elopmeiu of a busi ness section alongEasle road would liasp foi the tcsfof the vicinity nnd denied that he had any selfish wishes in iiUocatlns Hie 4onlus as pioposed tie wis Kieeted with hlsaea when In meellns Mr Schlossois leumiks about the beauty of Don Air as a residential section he sintl 1 ouve been living up there a horn two years now and dont oa that jouio done much to beautify the MI r round except to plant a little truss J he Kagle commissioner said that the township should be allowed to fallow Us natural growth nnd pblntui to the development of certain sec lions of Phllartelphla and ton where building had been nn courugrec The people living a mile or moro irom the proposed business section of taprlo road have nothing to kik about Mi Weissinger satd The question should be settledby tluise vno live Iri the section concerned After each classification of the BKlH tl stiicls hail been discussed Air Robinson the chairman read the legislative net which provided rr jho zoning ordinance Another read ing of tho proposed ordinance will By wood At the meetings held bv the Club of I3ywood ihin vOeek it was reported that the caraival held bv the club Friday and Saturday ove liiffe June 12 and in was a Kreat success both financially and socially The Junior Club willgo on a picnic Saturday July n They hope to have every member go with them to enjoy the fun There has noL been anv definite place sol for Ihe picnic but they will roam around until a suit able place Is found Miss Helen Lockrey 1onnock avenue Is spending the summer en Joying the ocean breeze at the shore Mr and Mrs Amos Coath 7U01 tellers at hrlclse Tuesday evening Jn honor of Mr and Mrs Charles Unite who will leave for the shore Saturday where thev willspend UK remainder ot the summer The gueslsi included Mr ind MrsCharles Duke Mr and Mrs StevensonMr and Mrs Wil llam Reid Mr and Mrs Percy Klch arclsoiii of tt ox bo rough and Mr and Mrs Mallle Ralston will ail for Europe ac compnnierl hy Misalivelyn Trout oC Potlstown They will leave Snlurdav on the Catnan la tobegone the re mainder ot the summer ATLANTIC CITY TRIP FOR HOSPITAL BENEFIT The wajs and means committee of the Stonehirst Auxiliary of the Dela ware County Hospital haia special outlns to Atlantic Cltv b way of the Pennsylvania Kallioad ednesday July 15 A special train leme IhiUrlel phia Market tureet wharf at 7 1 icturnlng leaving Atnnfi Citv Kouth Cnollni avenue at p in Infoi mallon about the tup may b obtained Horn Mrs 11 C KamMjoi per 77 llampden road Stoneliuiil Inlinun Mia C R Mccloltan Klkihilchl road Mrs W i rees 4 Richfield road Mrs W Wells 5 llampdon road Mrs Theo IVan 100 Ashby road Mrs w Mcicalf 1 Ashby road Mrs J K Kulp ii a venue Sharon M411Mr C Alford I 63 Chatham road Alrs J R dishing Heather roal Mrs A K Nichols IIS Heather roivd Mrs I ij Boric IS Co pipy road Mrs II C Avery IB Alarlhorouah road unc Mrs Hulert llutcninson 13J fhat ham road all of Stouchursu 11cal 100 Stonphurst apartmciKs Ciarret road and West Whestpr plle South Ardmore Pr and Mrs Hoy Kerr ISldridse nnil two children left last week foi tiiej formerly of Indiana is Kpondlns soino lime with the family of 111 C Jaclt 1 son on Renedlct nvenuc iho xoniiiR ordinance Another read Jngr of tho proposed ordinance will nntl MrH Kerr I21driclcc be licld Monday July 0 nnd it is lwo IlHlren Ipft last week fo likely that chahsje of ihe lholr Camp Jarm near Pimh ordinance as read last night will be Icnvn Chester rounty where the announced nt thai time remain until fall Fosier Bniley of Jolumbus Ohlc avciuio Essington FrankSauers of Barlrnm avenvie has joined the ranks of the autoists a fourpassenger and purchased touring car Mrs George Kleeman who is suf fering from a severe attack of stom ach trouble is taking a two or tliree weehs vacation at Wildwood Moro than ordinary Interest ii be ing taken In the prospective Fourth of July demonstration in lower ISs sington and Ihe Indications are that the affair will be an interesting one company nro which will bo hold on tho lawn bv thn flro house mi the ovpnltigK July 1G 17 and IS The company has purchased a new La France lire engine and it Is expected to arrive the afternoon of July IS Mr and Mrs Nnrinun II lobb and Mr and Mrs Krank 11 iiave left their homes in Oakniont and arc now spending the summer in Ocean City N J Mrand Mrs Kriward Miller have niovod from their home in Ardniore Park to his new homo on Rulston avenue ownedby Fred Moore Great nxcltement is being aroused by local baseball fans over the com ing game of hall between iho mar ried and single men that will he player on the morning of July 4 on the Havortord high school field Llanerch Tho Delaplalne Mens Bible class of LJancrch had an Interesting moot Ing lost Sunday morning Mr Davlc Banks gave another mstnuuivu tnlk Thcro was a large nttendHnce at ihe The regular monthly meetings for July ami August will be in the form of outings and plcnlcs The executive meeting was helrl Tuesday evening nt the home of William Giienther Beverly road A large number of tho members at tended Soveral important matters concerning the class were discussed and the decisions reached Will bo ot great benefit Social Items ami news tidies of Eastern Delaware County mny he left nt the BhoR Repair Booth in th Sixtyninth Street Terminal and it suitable will bo printed tho follow ing day on he JSaslern Delaware County page of tile Chester Times The two principal orators of the evening who started the program with a display of n re works T at he very outset were Raymond Srhlosser mathemallcs Instructor at the Central lush school Philadelphia nnd a resident of Bon Air and Charles Ueisslnger commissionor from I2agle precinct Mr Schlosser dealt in per sonalities to a considerable extent ami Mr Wcissihger replied in similar lerms Mr Schlosser attempted to show that certain citizens mentioning Mr e ssinger in particular favored the Eonlng of Eagle road to Bon Air as a business section because rr nron erty1 they owned along the road Mr Schlosser also attempted to show tliat ihe residents of Kagle precinct could supply their needs at otner business sections which were already established and wfiich were moro accessible We dont want Eagle road to We have nearly enough Saving is constructive It Kelps you build for tte future and accomplish tlie things that make fife worth while This bank will help you save DELAWARE COUNTYTRUST COMPANY BankingTitle Insurance Trusts PLUMBERS HEAR WM J STEELE r Upper Darby Plumbing In spector Tells of Work in Township William J Steele plumbing In spector for Upper Darby township tho principal speukpr at the meeting of tho Master I lumbers As sociation of Delaware County held at tho Chester Club Chester Tuesday night Mr Suoto has developed u lepuuuion UirouRhout Uelnwnte nte county and tho city of Philadelphia as one of the niObl thoiouch and ex acting plumblnp inspectors in this part of tho country nnd Upper Oirby township la well Known for tho thor oughness of its plumbluK work Until a few weeks ago Mr Sloelo was head of tho hoard uf health us well as plumbing Inspector but with the appointment of a special health otllcer Miss Ionn Mnlsli Mi Hi coin vyns loft to devote nit hla time to tlio plumbing work The srcat build nj activity In tho township make Ills task no easy one House Drainase as Practiced In lppor Dnrhy was tho subject upon which ho mndo his remarks Tuesday evening Aside from tho tcohnknl side of his tnlk ho spoke about tho plpasnnt spirit of coopornlion which tln homd f TI UUCU 1 of Philadelphia and Hint of Upper U Is only natural thai plumbers who hnvo bean reproved for Inferior work in Philadelphia should get tho Idea that they could so to the suiimbs vhero regulations nvlsht not io so strict nor Inspections thor ough In Upper Diuby township they havo been disappointed how over for we contend to be oven moro strict than Philadelphia said M r Certified plumbers from Philadel phia arc permitted to como out here and reEistcr taking nn evnniliuitloii rim mcana that they havo hocn re commended by the Plilladelphld board as competent workers and in cases where1 they havo dono inferior work tho Philadelphia bonrd has been very severe with them Mr aioolo told ot a recent instance when he had demanded hat a orr taln plumber or Philadelphia tako up the floor for the Inspection of a job just completed lie delayed doing as T rcciuo ns required ly the plumbing code Mr Sioelo Mr Steclo npoko of Uio need for itv and humony in Iho plumbing cruu uuU that all plumloia to coopcvato tho Inspectois for tio general KOOC of tho publi ousiness c lor tho inevitable jfootl in tho OLD RESIDENT OF DREXEL HILL DIES One of the oldest residents of Ihll FMsir A Murphy 127 TO yours old for scicnicou joiis a i essdent of lhit community died ut his homo Tuesday evening Kunpiil services ill bft held fiom tho residence bnluidnv nt 2 p m Mi Murphy wns One if Iho most aoilvo momheis of tho Uariolliord uiiptlu thuich hnvlng served for us 1 doncon older lo has taken an actlvo part iiKiuu JIM UCLIVO part In community vvoik ami uas ono of Iho early boosters of iho Conununity club Alunit 11 year 1Bo ho rollreil irom jtctlvo business tlio licitd of tho AlurpUyPurltcr Company Tenth niul Arch streets He Is survlvod by his widow Marv Murphy u tor Mr5li l nnd two sons Murphy Uioxol Hill and K Murphy East Lansdowrie ami Mrs Diinwonh i of Miami riorida urn iho lines in Mr and Mrs II Osliorno 51 lewis nvpniio this wceli Mr nnd Mis Uunwurih on an extended trip tliroush tli0 northern socttons of Norlh Amprica vlslilnB1 Canada tho icnt Lakes anil touring west to The pljrhtli erado coiiunpncomont oxprolsps were lield at tlio linmanucl Tuesday ovenliiR IhlrlyKix you us jicoplo ro iltplomits Tho Uov lOmorson Mowclla simko nt iho coininoiuroinont It lias been Iho cuMtinu to n sold piece to tho pupil having tho marks nnd this was pre P lo Lee MntKdiMi rinra Reid tho next honttrs i Martlm Anderson ls tho prliui pa of HIM Kaxt ln nsdowno school Holy cnmmiinlon will bo observed In tbo Jnimanupl oliurrh hunday Xcw members will also bo pvpnlns siMviceii luivti hepn ipi on the Invvn of Iho chunh whlrh liavn bpfn very intended The Mlssilonnry Society or tho linntnniiol Ijiilhonni churoii will hold Iho llnal mnolliif of Ulla sension iit tho home or Mrs Henry ni j 1 ouch with tho PhllKj iiuelune an rho niombrrs C ivuiti LMt J Jl i III delphla board and notified bin o do as I had asked or hnvo his liconso revoked Several havo been arrested on chnryreM broiiRbt by Mr Steele during the past few weeks for worklnc In Upper Darby wiuuul registered i Inspectors idionld havo o avo no modesty about nrresthifr plumbers who work without permits orhclnc registered or vvho do not do work will meet n t tho church and lo nion to the homo of Mrs hharplcMs bv machines Alary I Davis Lewis avenue pxpects to join her diiiiKhtcr in Alliiml Morldji an NOOII is her hnmp Is Hold RiiHHPlt Suarerle formerly of ICaat luisdowno In vlslHnp it iho honin 01 Haxlelt for nfew weeks hns ciimiilelcd froiilimiin i 11 i t 111111111 ai tho Nort InvoHtnni University DrexelHill Mis K Morgan and KosoboiU onlortnlneil several guests at brldgo Tuesday evenlnjj Mr nnd Mrs Robert Wagner will entertain ut InIdgo Monday evening it tUctr homo on llupcr nnd High land avenues Tho Gruo lulhciin chuuh ntcnta be holil Satuidny nftoiuoon at tho Temple Isums on the Chohter pike Miss Cathorlna nvninn of Uethlo IIDIII la tho guest of Mrs JJ SKecloy Harpoj avonue for some limp Mis if Jacobs Tinner avenue ontovluljied sovoial ladlss at cards nils week Tha guests iiuludcd Mrs H o Komp MIS ciuronco Thomas Mis 1 H Shrador Mr SUCJnilh Mia Koboii Oilnton Mis Vivian llticnl and Mrs Wlnohnll Mr and Misi William K StoviiV founorly ot Droxpl JU1J me tMiioitutiilnu In honor of Mlny Wyhon Ihts Wilson will bo manled to Bcatty of West Virginia Saturday Mrs T K Rhrador ILO Mnrncr 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