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   Chester Times (Newspaper) - June 25, 1925, Chester, Pennsylvania                                 CHESTER TIMES—CHESTER. PA., THURSdA\ JUNE 25. 1925.  FIVE  EASTERN DELAWARE COUNTY NEWS  DISCUSS ZONING OF HAVERFORD  Argument Over Business Section On South Eagle Road  Eastern Delaware County Office of the Chester Times is located at 6836 Market street, Upper Darby, Pa. Telephone Boulevard 422.  What Anally reached into discussion of whether residents of Eagle precinct had purchased land in Haverford township for investment purposes or for the establishment of homes took place at the open meeting held Tuesday evening at the high school to consider the preliminary report of tile Haverford zoning commission. The argument ended in a draw, pith the residents of Bon Air strongly opposed and most of tile other residents of Eagle precinct strongly favoring the zoning of Eagle road from the West Chester pike south to tho Bon Air tract as a business section. There was no argument about restriction in the other sections of tile township more than a few objections by individuals who declared that tile zones as laid out at present would decrease the value of their land.  Throughout .-iii Eastern Delaware county tile subject of zoning is of great interest. Lansdowne has been working on ti zoning ordinance for the past three months; Upper Darby has approved tile appointment of a zoning commission to prepare an ordinance; and tile completion of the ordinance in Haverford township has been followed with considerable interest.  One of the best points made at the meeting last night was by George "VV. Deeves who said that tile town- , ship could not expect added improvements if building was restricted too closely.  "Several years ago, Upper Darby township was not in a very strong financial condition, but at present they have mono to give the taxpayers the improvements the' need simply because they have encouraged building." Mr. Deeves declared. "If we make the restrictions so .severe here as to discourage building, taxes i will be trebled within the next few yea rs."  In the discussion whether Eagle road should he encouraged as a business thoroughfare or kept a residential street, personalities were freely indulged in and the speakers on the two sides of tile question were greeted with hisses and applause on several occasions.  The discussion had progressed past the most fiery part when a large prominent appearing man arose and in a convincing voice spoke of Hie advantages of developing Ute road as a business thoroughfare.  "In ten years I predict that Eagle road and the West Chester pike w ill be a centre of as much activity as Sixty-ninth street.’’ he declared. ‘Property owners anywhere within Hie vicinity will Increase their investment many times.’’  He sit down amid applause no. ticeable by its absence and a littl" woman arose immediately and cried In a thin, shrill voice, "Well thank goodness, there's something in the world for some of us besides money." Applause halted tile meeting for a few minutes.  The root at the bottom of the objections of tile lion Air folk seems to b*» that the business zone on Eagle road extends only to Bon Air so that if the section now mapped out is ewer built up with stores it will destroy the value of Bon Air as. n residential section and yet it w'iil riot be available for further construction of business houses.  "My property is just outside the boundary of the business section.” : one woman said. Bo if a store is I built on Hie property adjoining mine. my lot will be worth nothing as a residential site and I will not be: permitted to sell it for a business ' s ie "If the e Is to be any business se tion on ingle road, I want it to include my property down in Bon Air."  Several other persons lold of their property being similarly located inst outside of business .sections One man war complaining bitterly of his fate when Dewitt Robinson.  is it man of Hie meeting, interrupted him.  I rn in the same fix.” h© told the  objector.  "You are?" The man brightened perceptibly. ‘'Well if Im not the ■ nly on© n that kind of a fix I guess 111 just have to stand for it."  Mr Robinson explained that the zoning bill as passed bv tile logia lature provided for a board of nd-jjstment to exceptions to the terms of the ordinance arui to re. imburse property owners whose property 'alue was Injured by the restrictions.  The two principal orators of the evening who started the program with a. display of fireworks at tile v erv outset were Raymond s< Mosser mathematics nstrurtor at the Central  git school, Philadelphia, and %■ :esid*nt of Bon Air. and Charles Weissinger commissioner from Eagle precinct Mr. Schlusser dealt in per (tonalities to a considerable extent and Mr. We!" r inger replied in similar terms.  Mr. Sc'’Josser attempted to snow •hat certain citizens, mentioning Mr We ssinger in particular, favored the zoning of Eagle road to Bon Air as a business section because of nrop-©tty thew owned along the road  Mr. Schlosser also attempted to show that Hie residents of Eagle precinct oo.jhj supply their needs at other bu- joss section© which were already established and which were more accessible  "We don t want* Eagle road to  grow up to be a business centre. Thats what we let: Philadelphia to Set away from," Hie streaker de dared. "The only ones who want a business section along Manna road are those who have not yet learned to provide for lit hours  Mr. Weissmger spoke of tile value which the development of a business section along Eagle road would have for the rest of the vicinity and denied that lie had any selfish wishes in advocating Hie zoning as proposed, was greeted with hisses when in j  ATLANTIC CITY TRIP  PLUMBERS HEAR WM. J.  as required h\ the plumbing code," Mr. Steel© said.  Mr. Steele spoke of unity and harmony in craft and asked that try to co-operate with I for the general good  Drexel Hill  and for the  business.  tho need for the plumbing all plumbers tho Inspectors of tho public  inevitable good of Hic  FOR HOSPITAL BENEFIT  Upper Dar J? 11  plu  f  m ',’ inK  1   ln '   __spcctor    Tells    of    ork    in  DREXEL HILL DIES  He was greeted w ith losses when meeting Mr. Schlusser s remarks about the beauty of Bon Air as a residential section lie sank ’’You've been living up there a bout two Nears now and I don't see that jeu vc done much to beautify tile surroundings except to plant a little grass.’’ The Eagle commissioner said that the township should be allowed to follow its natural growth and pointed to the development of certain sections of Philadelphia and \\ ashing* ton where building had been encouraged.    ,  “Tile people liv ing a mile or more from the proposed business section of Eagle road have nothing to kick about.’ Mr. Weissinger said. "The question should be settled by those who live in the section concerned" After each classification of the eight districts had been discussed. Mr. Robinson, Hie chairman, read tim legislative act which provided fur th© zoning ordinance. Another leading of the proposed ordinance will be held Monday, July 20, and it is likelv that some change of Hie ordinance as read last night will be announced at that time.  The ways and means committee of toe Btonehurst Auxillary of the Delaware County Hospital wk.I have a special outing to Atlantic city, by wav of the Pennsylvania. Railroad, W ednesday, July 15.  A special tram will leave Philadelphia, .Market ©treet vviiaif, at 7 'JR ta. in. returning, leaving Atlantic City, South Carolina avenue, at 5 p. rn.  Information about the trip may be obtained from .Mrs, ll C. Ramsbet-ger, 77 Hampden road, Stonehurst, chairman. Mrs. C K McClellan, 60 Richfield road Mrs. W . It. Recs, to Richfield road Mrs. W. Wells. 50 Hampden road Mrs Their. I-ran/., 109 Ashby road; Mrs. VY. Metcalf, 41 Ashby road. Mrs. J. K. Kulp. BIS Melrose avenue, Sharon lull. Mrs. ll. c. Alford, 163 Chatham road; Mrs. J. It. Cushing, 13J Heather road; Mrs. A. E. Nichols, lls I leather road; Mrs. I’. I. Bone. 49 Copley road; Mrs. II. C. Avery, 16 .Marlborough road. and Mrs. Robert Hutchinson. 132 Chatham road, all of Stonehurst, or call IOO Stonehurst apartments, Garrett road and NY est Chester tulip.  South Ardmore  Township  e I  Bywood  At the meetings lipid bv the Junior Club of By wood tills week it was reporled that Hie carnival held lethe club Friday and Saturday, cve-nlnge, June 12 and 13 was a great success both financially and socially.  Tile Junior Club will go on a picnic Saturday Ju!> ll. They hope to have every member go with them to enjoy Hie fun. There has not been any definite place set for Hie picnic, but they will roam around until a suitable place Is found.  Miss Helen Rockery, Bonnock avenue, is spending the summer enjoying til© ocean breeze at Hie Bitore  Mr. and Mrs. Amos Coath. 7201 Sellers avenue, entertained at bridge Tuesday evening in honor of Mr. and Mrs. diaries Duke who will Irate for the shore Saturday where they w ill spend Ho* remainder of thei the summer. Tile guests included Mr  1  and Mrs. Charles Duke, Mr. and Mrs.  ' John Stevenson, Mr and Mrs. William Reid, Mr and Mrs. Percy Rich- • unison, of Roxborough, and Mr and Mrs. Hallie Ralston.  Miss Dagmar Johnson. 7213 Wayne avenue, will sail for Europe, accompanied by Miss Evelyn Trout of  1  Pottstown. They will leave Saturday on I he ( ’amania to be gone the re ; mainder of Hie Bummer.  Pr. and Mr Roy Kerr Eldridge and two children left last week for their Bovs’ Camp Farm near Pugh-town. Chester county, where they will remain until fall  Foster Bailey, of Columbus, ''bio, formerly of Indiana is spending some time with the family of lh C. Jackson, on Benedict avenue  The Oakmont Fire company are making plans for their annual fair, which will be lipid on the lawn by tile fire house on the evenings of July 16. 17 and IS. The company lins purchased a new Ha France tire engine, and it is expected to arrive the afternoon of July IS.  Mr and Mrs Norman ll Cobb, and Mr. and Mrs Frank ll Wilson, have loft their homes in Oakmont, and are now spending the summer In Ocean city. N. J.  Mr. and Mrs. Edward Miller, have moved from their home in Ardmore Bark. to his new home on Ralston avenue, owned by I red Moore.  Great excitement is being aroused by local baseball fans over the coming game of ball between the married and single men that w ill be pl.iv cd on the morning of July I. on Haverford high s lined field.  Llanerch  Essington  Frank Hauers, of Bartram avenue, has joined the ranks of tile autoist© and purchased a four-passenger touring car.  Mrs. George Kleeman, who is suffering from a severe attack of stomach trouble, is taking a two nj- titre© weeks’ vacation at Wildwood.  Mote than ordinary Interest is he. big taken In the prospective Fourth of July demonstration in lower Essington and the indications are that j the affair will he an interesting one.  The Deliplaine Mens Bible class of lJancrch had a ii Interesting meeting last Sunday morning Mr David \V. Banks gave another instructive talk. There was a large attendance at the meeting  The regular monthly meetings for July and August will be in the form of outings and picnics  The executive meeting was held Tuesday evening ar tile horn© of William Guenther, Beverly road A large number of the members attended Several important matters concerning the class were discussed and tim decisions reached will be of great benefit.  VV illiam J. Steele. plumbing inspector for Upper Darby township, was the principal speaker at the meeting of the Master Plumbers Association of Delaware Bounty held at tho Chester Club, Chester. Tuesday night Mr. Steele has developed » reputation throughout D e I a vv are county and the city of Philadelphia as one of the most thorough and ex - , acting plumbing inspectors in this part of the country, and Upper Darby township is well known for the thoroughness of its plumbing work  Until a few weeks ago Mr. Steele was head of Hie bourd of health as well as plumbing inspector but with the appointment of a special health officer. Miss .loan Walsh Mr. Steele ■was left to devote all his time to Hie plumbing work The great building activity in the township make his task no easy one.  "House Drainage as Practiced in Upper Darby" was the subject upon which he made his remarks Tuesday evening. Aside from the technical side (if his talk he spoke about Hic pleasant spirit of co-operation which existed between tile plumbing board of Philadelphia and that of Upper I >a rby.  "It is only natural that plumbers w ho have been reproved for inferior : work in Philadelphia should get the ; idea that they could go to the suburbs iv here regulations might not fie so strict nor inspections so tlmr-i "Ugh. In Upper Darby township they have been disappointed however for we contend to be oven more strict than Philadelphia," said Mr. Steele.  "Certified plumbers from Philadelphia are permitted to come out here and register, taking an examination. This means that they have been recommended by the Philadelphia board as competent workers and in cases where thee have done inferior work the Philadelphia board has been very severe with them '  -Mr. Steele told of a recent instance when h© liH<1 demanded that a certain plumber of Philadelphia take up the floor for the Inspection of a job just completed.  "He delayed doing as I requested until I got in touch with Hie Philadelphia board and they notified him to do as I had asked or have his license revoked."  Several Philadelphia plumbers have been arrested on < harp oh brought by Mr. Steele during the past few weeks for working In Upper Darby without. being registered  “Plumbing inspectors should have no modesty about arresting plumbers who work without permits or being registered or who do not do work  Or© of the oldest residents of Drexel Hill, Edgar A Murphy. 427 Runnymeud avenue. VO Nears old. and for seventeen veils a resident of that community, died at his home Tuesday evening Funeral will he Iv el rf from th©  Saturday at 2 p in.  Murphy  services residence  Mr  act Iv Bapt sev cr  was one of members of tho G -I church having ' years as a deacon ,  the most arrettford lived for mil cider. Ile has always taken an active part in community work aud was one of the t-u Iv boosters of live Community club A ■ ut a year ago he retired from active business at the head of the Murphy Barker Company, lentil and Arch streets.  He c survived bv his widow, Mary Murphy, a daughter, Mis. ll. I Mallory,. BcUfonlc and two sons Mullion Murphy. Drexel HUI, and Feign R. Murphy. Chicago.  East Lansdowne  Mi and Mrs Mililani Dunworth of .Miami, Florida are the guests <>l Mr. and Mrs. VY, It. Osborne, al Hew i i  avenue, this week Mr. and Mrs. Dunworth are on an ©Gentled trip th: nigh the northern se. lions of North Noter iou. visiting Canada, the (I eat I ikes, and touring west to California  Tile eighth grade commencement exercises were held at the Immanuel Euthcran church, Tuesdav evening, w lo • thine:- \ young people received diplomas The Rev. Emerson Howells -.poke at the commencement, j It has been tho custom to give a J gobi piece to the pupil having tho lligiie: t marks, and tilts was pre sen ted to Bec Ma: den. Clara Bold lea,veil tin' next highest honors. Ma s Martha Anderson is Ute principal of ti Hast I.iutsdow tic school.  Holy communion will bo observed in t!a' Immanuel Eutherau church i Sundae New members will also bo | reeelvcd  The evening services have been held on Hie lawn of th** church, which have bern very well attended I The Woman's Missionary Society , ! («f til© Immanuel Euthcran church j I vv ill hold tho final meeting of this  1  season at the home of Mis Henry Sharpie*- 63 West Plumbstrad av© Hue, June 22 'rho members of the soc!et vv ill meet at th*- church and will be taken to the home <>J Mi c Sharpies* bv machines  Mrs Mary t *. Davis, I .ow is avenue, expects to join low daughter iii Miami. Florida, as soon as lier home | is sold  ! Russell Sea cg Ie, funnel ’N' Of East I.‘tnednw ae, is visiting .,t Hic horn© of Warner Ha/.lett for a few weeks.  I ll© bas completed lpm freshman year at the Northwestern University.  Mi- M th SchNtmacher, Morgan and Rosebotu avenues, entertained several guests at bridge Tuesday  ev ©iiitig.  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wagner will entertain at bridge Monday evening at their home on Harper and Highland avenues.  Th© Grace l utheran church picnic w id he held Saturday afternoon at the Temple, barms on th© Chester pike.  Mljs Catherine flyman, of Bethlehem is ti'.© sliest cf Mr© ll. K  Skeeley, Harper avenue, for some  t inie,  Mr- J ll. Jacobs, Turner avenue, e tort,'lined several ladies at carib-irs week The guests included Mrs Ii O Kemp Mrs. Clarence 'Vilonia Mis. J H Shrader, Mrs. McGrath M * Roboit Brillion, Mrs. Vivian I l"od, i ml Mrs. Winched.  Mr and Mrs. William E. Stevenson, formerly of Drexel Hill n"c entertaining In honor of Nits Evanot Wilton this evening. Mis-Wi! on w ll fie married to Dr. J. I! Beatty (if West Virginia Saturday June 27  Mr* ,t H Shrader. 120 Harp© avenue vv ll lentertain et bridge iii  evening.  TWO WOMEN JAILED; REFUSED TO PAY TAXES  ( ARDISIA:    ba. June 23.—Be  cause they refused to pay their personal taxes for a two-year period and refused to let. their husbands pay Mrs Kila Rote. and Mrs. Rho©!a Rot.*., Misters - in - la vv’, of bhlppens-luirg. Ba, were committed to the Cumberland county tail yesterday.  The taxes amount to $5.75 and $2.91 respectively.  Under the state law* women as well as men may be jailerl for nonpayment of their local taxes. Having no property they were arrested although their husbands offered to pay’.  They wilt bo held until taxes and Hie penalty a e paid, it was announced by Tax Collector C. A. Goodhart.  A municipal school for laborers bal been st art ©©I in Tokyo.  -making every Penny do its work!  Lemon Juice Whitens Skin  Tile only barmie, s vv, yr to bleach tim s ii white is to mix the Juice of two lemma vv itll three ounces of Orchard White, which any druggist will supply for © fcvv cents. Shake well iii a bott. ©, and yut. Iiav ©aw hide quai -ter-pint of the most wonderful skin v Intern-: , .softener and beautifier.  Massa..© tins \« eetly fragrant I omm bleach Into tho five, nock, arms and finds. 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